Update 2/9/2016

Hello, everyone!  @chibisubaru here with another update!  First I would like to say Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year for those that celebrate it.  I hope you all the very best of luck this year!

A lot has been going on behind the scenes here at Naive Sprites. Planning, planning, planning and working, working, working!

Rewards and Illustrations

Darkenmarr has been working on something special for our Patreon for the Lunar (Chinese) New Year.  We’re thinking of making them into charms, buttons, and/or posters that patrons or donors on Patreon and GoFundMe can receive.  Patrons at the $5+ reward level will get to see the full image of the Lunar New Year illustrations first and the $15+ reward level can vote what kind of items we’ll use them for, if we make them into something.  After that, and if we make the items themselves, we will place them where we feel appropriate in our reward tiers based on their manufacturing costs, postage, and artist fees.  We’ll be using the money we raise between the two sites to pay our team (minus Justin and ChibiSubaru) and marketing expenses.

Here’s a preview of Sven’s Lunar (Chinese) New Year Illustration:

Besides the illustrations, Darkenmarr and @furude are working on a cover art style poster for our GoFundMe and Patreon.

Game Logo

Darkenmarr and Justin had teamed up together to make our game’s logo.  Darkenmarr did the concept while Justin used Illustrator to make it for the team.  Thank you both for working so hard!


Darkenmarr and ChibiSubaru have been working on a timeline for the sprite and CG production, so they can get a better idea of when things will be done and to keep themselves on track.  Right now the main goal is to get the main sprite of each character done so not only the programmer has things to work with, but also so we can start using the official art in promoting ourselves.  I’m sure people want to know what everyone will finally look like.

As of right now, Darkenmarr has Gwyn’s sprite mostly finished.  He’s still lacks his extra emotions and his hat’s and hair’s shadows, but he’s roughly 95% finished.  Sven’s main sprite is almost done as well, just need some more shadow and highlighting work.  We hope to see these two done soon and then she can start of Emil’s sprite sketches.


Justin has been working hard on our GUI.  Now that he has finished the Story Information screens for each character’s main story, he’s currently working on our Gallery Screen.  We’re getting closer and closer to completing the GUI!


Some friends of ours are working on music for us.  They are currently working on finishing our theme song which will play on the menu screens.  Justin, ChibiSubaru, and Darkenmarr have all listened to the WIP and really like it a lot.  From what we’ve heard so far, we can’t wait to hear more from them.

With that we end our rather long update post.  We’ll make another post with an ask or an update here soon so be on the look out!


Some recent work from a project that was not used in the end. The project involved creating a poster for a music festival, ‘Gardenia’.  I really like the custom typography I created incorporating flowers with the lettering in GARDENIA.  I also enjoyed creating fun characters to add some life to the poster design.  I was a good project to work on despite not working out in the end. 

Matt Pike prints are on sale now.

Link is also in my profile.

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