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Wow eunji sang so well! I didn't know she had such a voice, her voice suits such mature songs, I love it.

i’m glad you’ve seen the light anon! :D i agree 100% that her voice is meant for mature songs. you should watch these too if you haven’t yet c:


[ENG] 130607 KBS2 Music Bank (Taemin Cuts)
Watch/Download: Interview - ver.1 / ver.2 | ‘Trap’ Performance

Ready to Perform Niamey Night Shift Niger Photo Hugh Ardoin

Suddenly the day is gone

Night lies on a wooden bench under the flickering and crackling neons

The sounds of night unfurl and soon will fill the air

The great show is about to start

It will start here under this wall and the two neon tubes

You can hear the comedians laughing and chanting, they are coming

They will take the stage that the just vacated by the day

They are coming in shining costumes, to tell endless stories and play music

This is about your sleepwalking into someone else’s dream

Hugh Ardoin Niamey The Night Shift Gallery


Arabella Steinbacher & Akiko Suwanai - J. S. Bach : Concerto for Two Violins

I get to play the first movement of this in my local orchestra (I’m Principal Second, not a soloist, though!) & thought I’d share with you guys. It’s fun to play & I’m finding I’m fond of Bach in general. :3

And fun fact! I’ve actually seen Akiko Suwanai perform in person. It was a long time ago, but I did get to see her. :D


Lauryn Hill | Ex-Factor (Live in Japan - 1999)


[ENG] 130614 KBS2 Music Bank (Taemin Cuts)
Watch/Download: ver.1 / ver.2 | MC Cut | ‘Trap’ Performance
Credit: airyarielle, EXOTICSUBS, KBS World

Playing music by professional musicians activates genes for learning and memory

Music performance is known to induce structural and functional changes to the human brain and enhance cognition. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying music performance have been so far unexplored. A Finnish research group has now investigated the effect of music performance (in a 2 hr concert) on the gene expression profiles of professional musicians from Tapiola Sinfonietta (a professional orchestra) and Sibelius-Academy (a music university).  

Playing music enhanced the activity of genes involved in dopaminergic neurotransmission, motor function, learning and memory. Some of the up-regulated genes like SNCA, FOS and DUSP1 are known to contribute to song perception and production in songbirds suggesting a potential evolutionary conservation in molecular mechanisms related to sound production across species.

In addition, several of the up-regulated genes are known to be involved in biological pathways like calcium ion homeostasis and iron ion homeostasis that are essential for neuronal function, survival and neuroprotection.  

“The findings provide a valuable background for molecular studies of music perception and evolution, and music therapy”, says the leader of the study, Dr. Irma Järvelä from the University of Helsinki.

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