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Rock Bottom

Contrary to the rather misleading title, this post is not about a personal disaster resulting in “hitting rock bottom” - it’s about the local summer music festival we attended yesterday evening.

It was a fitting way to end a ridiculous day really - I spent the morning combating the jungle at the end of the garden once more, before heading out to a picnic at our youngest’s school, before racing back, re-packing the leftovers of the food, and heading off on foot for the next village.

I love music - or what I would call “real music” - people performing live on stage. Not the over-produced rubbish that tends to fill the charts - the raw, spontaneous performances that happen in front of crowds. I guess that’s why I fell in love with the TV show “Roadies” last month - it’s about loving the experience of listening to talented musicians - not about the finished, polished, marketed article.

After drinking ever so slightly more alcohol than I might normally in the early evening, I thought it best to find something to eat - so wandered over to the array of stalls surrounding the field. After not too much searching I found an amazing Thai place making massaman curry, and doing a roaring trade. Two of our children copied me as soon as they saw what I had.

As darkness fell, the headline act for the evening took to the stage - an OASIS tribute band. I raced down to the front with our eldest daughter, who also seems to have bitten the live music bug, and we listened/danced/laughed our way through a huge chunk of the OASIS back catalogue. We wandered back with ears ringing, and huge smiles.

I think we finally reached home at about 11:30pm. For the first time in living memory the children all went to bed without complaint, and slept. When I got up at 8:30 this morning they were still all fast asleep. Our youngest arrived downstairs mid-morning with quite the most impressive explosive bed-head hair-style I have ever seen.

I think somehow today will be a quiet day.


(170625) SBS Inkigayo | MONSTA X ‘Shine Forever’


170625 ✧ sbs inkigayo - shine forever



bjorbeloni  asked:

i'm sorry if it's a stupid question but if Yixing is back in SK why can't he be in the comeback?😳

Okay so I think a lot of people misunderstood the articles about EXO’s comeback. I’ll try and explain:

As far as I’m aware Yixing’s back in South Korea to film the MV and record the song but I don’t think he’ll be taking part in the comeback promotions. Yixing not only promotes as a member of EXO, but he also has a studio in China where he promotes as a solo singer / actor / model. His schedule from his personal studio clashes with his schedule from SM and so he won’t be able to perform on music shows in SK because his activities in China were arranged first. I hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

I think that it must be really hard to go on tour like Justin does. I think that's emotionally exhausting and of course he must be tired like 110% of time without drugs

It is. I mean it’s fun to perform music and dance with the crowds but it’s also a job that happens almost every night. Imagine going to working every night and exerting that much energy. It doesn’t matter if you like your job, it still takes so much from you

Just some Viktor Analysis for you kids, because you know I love it:

Figure skating, in general, is a Much Bigger Deal in the YOIverse than it is in real life. To the point where Viktor gets name recognition from people who don’t know anything at all about figure skating. I say this because I’ve been interested in figure skating my whole life, unlike I think a lot of the fandom (I could absolutely be wrong here, but that’s my estimate of the situation) and I learned very early on that Nobody Knew Jack About Figure Skating. Like I can name a total of TWO figure skaters off the top of my head who generally get name recognition–Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan–when I talk about them to people who aren’t in the know. And even Kwan is a bit iffy. I can’t think of a single male figure skater whose name I could say in casual conversation and have someone say, “I totally know who that is.” I think this might be because the general population thinks figure skating is mostly just women, and also because figure skating really just isn’t on most people’s radar. This could be different in other countries, but even then I don’t think Viktor would have his International Celebrity status irl.

On the other hand, Viktor could just be one of those category-defying athletes who gain international attention because they are literally Just So Fucking Good at what they do. Think Michael Phelps or David Beckham. Nobody, in general, cares about swimming, but they sure do care about Michael Phelps. Everybody knows who David Beckham is, even in America, a country that doesn’t even have a real fanbase for the sport he plays. It’s entirely possible that at some point, someone realized that Viktor Nikiforov was Winning Everything and everyone got super curious over whether he would continue to do that–much like Phelps.

Also, Viktor is a very handsome European man, which probably helped a lot.

Either way, Viktor is an unusual celebrity who probably came up in the world very, very fast. As in, all attention was just on him suddenly one day. This probably happened somewhere around the 2010 Olympics, if you assume that Viktor probably hadn’t reached his full potential by his first Olympics, which was probably Turin 2006. I’m pretty sure Viktor Nikiforov stepped off the podium in Vancouver, suddenly a Russian household name and an international figure at an age where most people haven’t yet moved out of their parents’ house.

By the events of the anime, Viktor has been central in the public eye for over half a decade. He’s been TMZ’d and had a paparazzo follow him home, he’s done ads for sports drinks and athletic wear and shoes and cologne, he’s been put on diets–not Athlete Diets; Celebrity Diets; ‘eat four saltine crackers and a glass of coconut juice for two meals a day’ diets (Yakov put a stop to this quickly)–he’s had a publicist scream bloody murder at him over the phone because he did something stupid outside a club in Ibiza. One of my favorite ‘why Viktor cut his hair’ headcanons is that he had to cut it off because people kept pulling it in crowds, or trying to cut off pieces when he walked by.

These are not the typical experiences of a career athlete.

Viktor is a Celebrity Athlete, probably figure skating’s only celebrity athlete. There are probably a lot of people in the sport who don’t really even consider him an athlete, but at the same time he isn’t a movie star or a pop star, not One Of Us among the red carpet elite. Also, figure skating is unusual because it is an intersection of sport and performance. People get confused about where someone like Viktor lies on the athlete versus celebrity scale because he’s beautiful, he dresses up in costumes and performs to music. This isn’t football, or hockey or even track or swimming. Nobody is sure what Viktor Nikiforov is. He’s a creature unto himself.  His experiences are so drastically different from the experiences of everyone he knows that he literally has no one to relate to.

It creates distance. It makes him untouchable. 

And Viktor? Viktor is so fucking starved for genuine human contact and connection by the time he meets Yuuri that he’s willing to take himself halfway across the planet to get it.

With all of this known, can you imagine how powerful it was for Viktor to hear Yuuri say, “I just want you to be yourself, that’s all I need”?

It’s probably reason number one (of roughly ten thousand) for why Viktor fell in love with Yuuri.

i am honestly so grateful for the way sistar ended things

like leaving long heartfelt letters, recording new songs and filming an mv that really shows their bond, performing on music shows a medley of their post popular songs, having a vlive in order to thank the fans

this is the right way of saying goodbye imo i am so thankful for these four wonderful ladies and for everything they’ve done so far

Cast of The Lightning Thief Musical performing “Bring On The Monsters” at the Drama Desk Awards (June 4, 2017)

The presenter introduced them as “The Perry Jackson Musical” haha.