curiousdelights  asked:

Hello ~ let's spread some music around the world! tell us five songs you listened to last + 5 songs you listen to most and send this message (anon or not) to your 10 favorite blogs! have a musical day!~ ♡

oh ho ho:

  1. Vegas Lights- P!ATD
  2. She’s A Riot- The Jungle Giants
  3. Say It Like You Mean It- New Empire
  4. Give It To Me-Agust D
  5. I’m Not Sorry- DEAN & Eric Bellinger

songs I listen to the most !

  2. bapsae-BTS
  3. Lotto-EXO 
  4. AGUST D- Agust D
  5. Killer Whales-Smallpools

Got Some New Tatts Yesterday & Im So Happy With The Outcome! @blacklily-s As You Can See The Bar Is Coming Along Well Haha. Yes Guys I Will Be Opening A Bar Downtown! Ive Been Wanting To Do This For A While, Its Been Really Bugging Me That I Wasn’t Able To Do This Earlier But I Feel Like Now Is A Great Time To Bring It All Together. Im Really Grateful For The Support Of Sammie Bear Especially Haha Because Shes Been Able To Keep It A Secret For A While Now. Im Very Excited To Open Up Once Everything Is Complete & I Want To Say A Big Thanks To @itsmishamisha  @1-800-tanisha @cholepaige @imjasminetaylor @isaderoche @selenexbrunaxserafina @evelynxannexmayxxxx @amberphoenixx Because All Of You Have Inspired Me!

Thanks Guys & Hopefully You’ll Visit The Bar Soon!

💕 blogrates 💕

so i feel like i should be following more people and there are so so many blogs out there that i’m sure are just beautiful and i’d love to check you all out but i don’t really like rating people’s blogs, so i’m going to call this blog rates but it’s not really 

  • mf me (also check out/follow my instagram if you have it!) 
  • reblog this 
  • send me a message with like what u did with ur day or ur favourite place or what ur fave things about girls are idm 
  • unlimited or until im drowning 
  • format undercut 

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something kind of different, today.

it’s an anniversary today, of the hardest day of my life. three years and i am still here and alive and i know so many are not

so today i remember and am thankful, for the hundreds of people who have helped me then and since. you are all what makes it worth living. 

i cannot pay back everything all of you have given me; i can only pay it forward. you are all with me today, only if for a night.

if you’d like to participate, i’d like it if you set aside a moment in your day to listen to this song. think about people who have helped you, if you can.