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Hi! I started a phan blog called hazeleyedhowell and I want to find a cool phan related theme but I can't find any t and make the blog more like yours with the music and all the little features that you have that make your blog amazing. I'm not that good with codes and editing things on tumblr so I was wondering if you have any advice for me. Thank you so much and I love your account!

 ahh good luck!!! and thank you ahh. basically i googled everything!! i googled how to change fonts and my mum used to work in html type things which is how i worked out how to add the block quotes (this theme was a bit :// before i edited it) and i googled the html for a line (which is how i separate posts) and there are codes for music players, scrolling headers and so on!!! honestly i don’t know it at all really i just learned the basics by searching for how to’s and editing things which look promising and viewing a preview to see what it does!! i would rec a different theme tho tbh, mine wasn’t good and still isn’t! you can google themes or go on blogs you like and go to the person who made their theme and find one you like, etc!! tbh i keep meaning to change mine but it takes too much effort and a few times the theme change hasn’t worked. idk why. and idk why the text is purple on mobile browser or other themes lmao. but yeah there’s no secret to it, and there’s not much i can say because of how i searched everything!! hope this helped <3333

Music tag

I was tagged by psthebirdbites-sirius omg thanks! I love your blog sooo much!

*You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.*

1. All Star by Smash Mouth 
2. The A Team by Ed Sheeran
3. Knocking on Heavens Door by Raign 
4. This is Hardcore by Pulp
5. Lock Me Up by The Cab
6. Dead Inside by Muse
7. Mercy by One Republic
8. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
9. Demons by Imagine Dragons
10. Elastic Heart by Sia

Idk why I feel everyone has a thing with my music here on tumblr, I got ask a lot about my music…..

I tag toomanyshowsnotenoughtime buckywinter-barnes disgracedean sehunyoulittlebrat troylerhugsss winchesterwhisky ellacassidy134 sassening fanqueen14 lileanagenevieve (this time mi favs/last messages)

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What is your favorite musical instrument? :)

*Octavius reads the question aloud as Jedediah finishes the rest of their ice cream*

Jedediah: *mumbles* Outta modern instruments?

Octavius: Any instrument that is our favorite, I suppose.

Jedediah: I reckon the guitar would be my choice.

Octavius: A simple choice, yes. I believe I would choose the Buccina.

Jedediah: The uh…what?

Octavius: *smiles* It is a brass instrument used in the army to give orders and such.

Jedediah: Huh. Interestin’.

Octavius: I suppose so, yes. But nevertheless, that is my choice.

Jedediah: Alright! No need to ‘xplain anymore! Thanks for the question!

scm music player skins

hey guys, if any of you use the scm music player on your blog and wanted to try some different skins for it, I have a whole bunch on my blog at  :)


Need more blogs to follow

My dash is very inactive at the moment so I’m looking for new blogs to follow.
If you post about the stuff below, please reblog and I’ll check your blog out and maybe follow you.


-Bands (fob, tøp, mcr, 30stm, sws, ptv, bmth, omam, bvb, atl and more - I’m always open for new music)

-Teen Wolf

-The Walking Dead





Kill Your Attitude

Music video for Darwin Deez track by Caviar Content was put together using the Unity game engine and Leap Motion sensor for a video game look:

From the Leap Motion blog:

As director Dent de Cuir … explained: “We thought it was interesting to design an FPS video game and use it as a narrative canvas to speak about little wars which occur during the lifespan of a relationship. Our original idea was to use video game footage and mash it up with in-camera footage, but very early on in the research phase we had a conversation with the lovely team at Ruffian – our post house for the project, who suggested Unity, a cross-platform game engine.

… “We had all these first-person hand movements that we needed to achieve. So we were like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we could use Leap Motion to do it?’” said Christopher Watson-Wood, Ruffian’s Head of CG and ECD. “We played around with it and it worked. Without Leap Motion, we probably would have had to hand-animate every first-person hand, and as a result there probably wouldn’t have been as many.”

More Here



undertonic asked:

I just broke up with my boyfriend, and I need a good breakup song, and you always have wonderful music on your blog, so my question is: what song do you listen to when you know you've broken someone's heart?

woof, mon petite cabbage. i’m sorry that you are going through a tough time. there isn’t any way to navigate being alive without ever, sometimes, having to make people sad. the best we can aim for is to be honest and kind, which is not the same thing as never hurting anybody. 

i have, to the very best of my knowledge, never broken anybody’s heart, so i don’t have any PERSONAL go-tos for you–but here are some SOLID OPTIONS:

  1. ain’t gonna drown - elle king: FOR FEELING GUILTY. you’re not garbage. you’re not. but sometimes the only way to remind yourself that you’re not garbage is to just commit to it. “ain’t gonna drown,” is about being garbage but like, committed garbage. sexy garbage. garbage that loves itself.
  2. cactus tree - joni mitchell: FOR A REMINDER. what would joni say? “it’s not your fault he was in love with you, and it’s not your fault you weren’t in love with him. buy an appalachian dulcimer and go to spain or something–of course everyone loves you. you’re amazing. by the way, how fuckin cool are cacti?”
  3. dance yrself clean - LCD soundsystem: FOR CATHARSIS. this song is great for like turning off all the lights in your apartment and listening to it in headphones (it’s important that you can’t hear anything else) and turning it up to that volume that would make your mom go, “YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN YOUR EARS LIKE THAT.” dance it out. the instruction’s in the title.
  4. pierre - ryn weaver: FOR MOVING ON. look, you’re gonna fall down sometimes, okay buddy? the end of one thing doesn’t mean there won’t ever be the chance for another. he’s gonna be fine, and you’re gonna be fine. we’re all gonna be fine.

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hiii, i'm a new fan do you know where should i start to get to know them a little more (variety shows, videos, etc)?? btw, i love the music in your blog :)


ok I’m just gonna make a list for you :) 


  • rookie king (SUBS, RAW) (start off with this) 
  • american hustle life (SUBS, RAW)
  • american hustle life unreleased cuts (SUBS)


weekly idol 

naver starcast 

after school club 

pops in seoul 

Yinyuetai China Job Documentary

mnet open studio

  • 140213 (1,2)

more variety, etc 

*basically all of the videos are subbed