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It’s been a long time since I uploaded a song cover (with all that “tumblr will delete your blog if you have copyrighted music in it), but I decided to take a chance here. It’s a really crappy, not serious recording I did yesterday on my phone. Instrumental can be found here. One day I’ll be able to sing this in french.

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Please please tell me you have some music to work to! I'm reading your interview and your blog and you're so inspiring! I have a 4000 word essay to go through and honestly I wasn't feeling pumped until I came to your blog and was just inspired (not the word I'm looking for) by your work ethic!

I actually have a playlist on my Spotify called “//:” which is all the songs I like to have playing while I’m working :) it’s a lot of ambient chill positive shit you can follow me on Spotify my username is my whole name: Sarah Nicole François, the playlist is public so feel free to listen! thanks for the love yo! 

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I just realized that I've seen you in Seattle before. Like, before I saw your blog and your music and everything, I live a bit sways from Seattle but I'm there a lot and I knew I've seen a cool cat like you before.

oh cool! Say hi next time :)

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hi - so I was looking at your blog & listening to music earlier, and there was a lyric that really made me think of you. "i'm little but i'm coming for the crown, i'm little but i'm coming for you." and just, you know, you are a physically small person but you do all these awesome badass things! even when other people try to stop you. i'm so sorry, i hope this isn't weird, i just think you're super cool & wanted you to know!

yes this is me!!!  i’m so ready to fight everyone 100% of the time

my mom always tries to make fun of me and be like “theres too much angry and loud in such a small person” 

like!  it’s because i have a lot of like passion in me!  but thank you i appreciate it!  <33333

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What's the name to the music on your blog it's so amazing!


It is from soundtrack of Romeo and Juliet! Film is horrible but music asnfjdnfjdsnfss -> Beep <- ♥

sending everyone good vibes today! hope you all have a kick ass day :)

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