how to make your blog theme accessible

these are just some tips. I probably forgot some things. for info on specifics like why these things are important and details on how to write image descriptions, please do your own research. (or send me an ask I guess if you are having trouble finding good info)


  • have a large (at LEAST 16 pt) font
  • use a font that isn’t super fancy (fancy fonts are generally okay for titles, but keep them big)
  • keep text color in high contrast to the background color (I am a fan of using themes that have a white box around each post, and allow me to choose a pattern or solid color for the background)
  • provide image descriptions (just add them onto posts without them when you reblog! super simple)
  • provide audio descriptions for videos without captions (for the short videos that tend to go around tumblr this is usually easy)


  • Have music that automatically plays when your blog is opened (wigits that have a button you need to play to start the music are fine)

why this matters

10 Tips For New Kpop Fans

1.) Find some underrated groups! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with loving the most popular groups such as EXO, BigBang, BTS, etc. I love them, too! But I have found my greatest loves in some of the smaller groups. They seem to have greater fan interaction, and not to mention, it’s just fun to watch them grow. There’s nothing better than finding a newly debuting group and watching them grow.

2.) Girl groups, girl groups, girl groups! While it’s easy to get caught up in the fever of loving boy groups, don’t be afraid to branch out and listen to some of the talented girl groups out there. Their concepts can range from adorable to powerful, with everything in between.

3.) Don’t forget about solo artists. And I don’t just mean the solo albums put out by members of existing groups! There’s Ailee, Crush, Zion.t, and so many more talented soloists. Not to mention, that makes it easier to pick a bias ;)

4.) Shipping is okay! But… don’t be rude about it. There are some idols that are uncomfortable being shipped with others, and don’t like to hear about it. Write all the fanfiction you want, run a blog about your otp, but don’t annoy the idols themselves. There’s nothing worse than seeing comments on SNS and livestreams asking if they are dating someone, or if the other member is there with them.

5.) Try not to over-sexualize them. Of course, we all get a little thirsty when it comes to the sexy concepts a group can have, but you have to keep it within reason. There is so much more to them than the subject matter of their songs or the way that they dance. There’s a fine line between enjoying a sexy concept and fetishizing their every move.

6.) Don’t start fan-wars or compare artists. There’s nothing worse to me than hearing someone say that their fav is better than someone else’s. Truthfully, each and every artist works so hard to get where they are, and we as a fandom need to recognize that. For example, I am not a fan of BTS, but I respect them and recognize that they work incredibly hard to do the things they do. They deserve every moment they have recieved in the spotlight. It’s okay to dislike someone, but don’t try to make it into a contest. We are all just here to listen to good music. :)

7.) It’s okay to be a casual fan. Not everyone needs to get swept up in the obsession over kpop. One can listen to the music without knowing a single member’s name and still be a kpop fan! If you want to run a blog and watch every interview and memorize blood types and heights, you can. But if you simply want to listen to a few songs every now and again, you’re still a fan. Welcome to the kpoppin’ world.

8.) Don’t be embarrassed! It’s easy to think you’re weird for liking kpop if you live in a small town like me, but in truth, you’re never alone. And even when you feel like the only one on the planet that likes it, you’re allowed to rock it. Wear your merch, listen to your music, and scroll through your blog in front of others. There’s nothing wrong with loving what you love. (If you are being bullied already for your interests, please reach out for help.)

9.) Whitewashing is a no-no. I love me a good kpop edit, and kudos to those who make them, but please do NOT whitewash them. Melanin is a good thing, and their natural skin is something they should be proud of. Some photos are posted by them already over exposed, but the edits are different. If you think their skin is too dark, perhaps you should choose a different picture to edit.

10.) Unless you are actively learning Korean, please do not use random Korean words while you are speaking. Not only is it slightly annoying, it’s offensive. If you don’t know or understand where it comes from, you just happen to know it, it’s disrespectful. If you are interested, there are many online courses you can take and apps you can download on ios for free to learn the language properly.

That is all I can think of! Enjoy your stay in this wild fandom. :)

peachystorm  asked:

hi! im a new simblr, can you give me any advice to start off? i love your page and theme, by the way. :)

Sandy’s Masterpost for starting a new Simblr! 👍

Welcome to the community! I’m so glad you like my blog! Just a few months ago I was also new to the community so I know how daunting it can be! Below I’ve put together a bunch of helpful tips and links that I’ve either used in the past or believe will be useful to you, and any other new/aspiring simblrs! Obviously, everything is subjective- what works for me might not work for everyone else!

🎁 The Basics:

  • Make your tumblr a seperate tumblr, not a sideblog under your main/personal blog. It will make everything easier in the long run, trust me!
  • Use your description to advertise to others what you and your blog are all about. Also having either your URL or your avatar sim related will quickly advertise to others that you’re a simblr! 
  • Enable replies and asks in your blogs settings, if you want people to be able to interact with you and your posts! Bare in mind an interactive simblr is much more approachable!!
  • Keep it sim related! A few personal posts every once and a while is perfectly fine, but post a lot of unrelated stuff you could lose followers. 
  • Network! Follow other simblr’s, like their posts, leave friendly and encouraging comments! Making friends in this community is a sure-fire way to get started. I would be nowhere without my simblr friends!
  • Don’t become disheartened if it takes you a while to take off! Every simblr grows at a different rate.
  • Don’t mistag your posts! Failing to tag your NSFW content or tagging posts that aren’t cc posts as ts4cc will make you very unpopular.
  • Keep your blog atleast 80% original content! It’s much easier for a blog that tries to be original to gain traction in this community! 
  • Don’t get caught up in how many followers/notes you have! Just post what you post because you love it! Don’t worry what other people think.
  • Everyone at some point or another will recieve anon hate. It’s sad that there’s so many negative people out there, but my advice is just to delete it. If you do want to post it, handle it with grace and dignity! (think of Audrey Hepburn!)
  • This is more a personal one but: try your best to avoid the drama!!
  • Finally, treasure your followers & always stay humble!

🎁 Common Simblr Terms Explained:

  • NSFW: Not safe for work. This is used for any posts that contain nudity of adult themes! It’s very important to tag these posts.
  • WIP: Work In Progress. This can refer to any sim related project that is unfinished. 
  • WCIF: Where Can I Find? If someone sees a peice of CC in one of your posts that they like they may send you a ‘WCIF’ through your ask box, they’re simply asking where they can find that certain peice of cc. Not all simblrs agree to answer WCIF’s but it’s certainly very nice to!
  • MM: Maxis Match. Refering to custom content that matches the general aesthetic of the game.
  • Alpha:  Refers to hairstyles that don’t fit the aesthetic of the game, as they have alpha layers which allow certain parts of the mesh to be transparent. This is what makes alpha hairstyles more realistic looking.
  • Clayified: Refers to Alpha hairstyles that have been retextured to look more maxis match. 

🎁 Tagging Posts:

🎁 Queues, Drafts, & Scheduling:

🎁 Setting Up Your Theme:

🎁 Editing:

🎁Screenshot Tips:

🎁Helpful Tutorials & Guides:

🎁 Managing Your CC:

🎁 Places To Upload your CC for download:

🎁 X-Kit (optional):

🎁 Reshade (optional):

This is everything I could think of! I hope something here helps you get started! If you’re hoping to be a story based blog I’d reccomend checking out my storytelling masterpost! Otherwise, good luck love!! 💖


Do not ever, ever, ever, let anyone tell you that what you love is stupid. Your passions are beautiful, you are talented and that should never be restrained in order to please another person. Write and read your fan-fiction, draw your fan art, make your music, write your blogs, take your photographs. Whatever you love, do it. If someone cannot support you or makes comments to make you question yourself because they do not like the same things you do, please reevaluate why that person is in your life.

For the past several months I was in a relationship where I was made to feel that my writing was a waste of time and that it was a juvenile thing to spend time doing. My love for the “nerdier” things was constantly called into question and I felt that I had to stop doing much of what I loved to make my significant other happy. Even my love for something as simple and harmless as a four-leaf clover or my taste in music were criticized constantly. I felt attacked almost daily because someone believed different things than me and as a result I slowly fell into a dark place. I am not a person to easily change for someone else. I am not one to give in, and yet somehow I fell into that trap. Never compromise.

Do what you love and it will carry you far. If someone cuts you down for doing so, please remember that they only have the relevance you give them in your life. As for myself, I have now removed myself from that situation and want to raise awareness among others who may fall prey to this twisting of the mind. You are precious, beautiful, valuable, and talented. You were made to do whatever it is you feel called to do. Never, ever let anyone take that away from you.

I’m not one to ask for things to be shared, but if you read this please spread the word. Someone else out there may be going through what I went through in some way, and I want to make sure everyone remembers that they need only please themselves and their creator. It is not your responsibility to make others happy when it makes you miserable.

Summer Bucket List Ideas

• Go wind surfing
• Make a new friend
• Have fun alone
• Learn a new skill
• Be internet famous
• Pull an all nighter
• Kiss a guy
• Have a movie marathon
• Get a sun tattoo
• Redecorate your room
• Get a six pack
• Be tumblr
• Go on a road trip
• Have a water fight
• Throw an epic party
• Tie dye something
• Dip dye your hair
• Get a henna tattoo
• Have a budget less shopping trip
• Learn to cook/bake
• Jump off a pier
• Have a photo shoot
• Send a message in a bottle
• Build a treehouse
• Swing off a rope swing into the water
• Keep a journal
• Surprise someone with a random act of kindness
• Read a ton of books
• Go to a concert/music festival
• Face your fears
• Blog/vlog every day
• Go to a new country
• Perfect eyeliner
• Go zip lining
• Play truth or dare
• Write a book
• Take a selfie with a stranger
• Eat ice cream
• Watch fireworks
• Buy something from Victoria Secret
• Have a bonfire
• Breathe in helium
• Go bungee jumping
• Go thrift shopping
• DIY something
• Play hide and seek
• Have a paint fight
• Have a summer romance
• Watch the sun rise
• Meet your internet friends
• Stand in a busy area holding up a free hugs sign
• Get a penny board
• Sleep on the beach
• Do something illegal
• Go camping
• Sleep on a trampoline
• Get a piercing
• Have a signature scent
• Learn a new language
• Go paddle boarding
• Visit Hawaii
• Make friendship bracelets
• Have a bonfire
• Dance in the rain
• Leave a note in a library book
• Get a pedicure
• Make a difference
• Own a Polaroid camera
• Start a collection

Ok that’s it, I’ll probably post more later. Sorry if there are any duplicates!

follower milestone♥

I can’t believe it!

Today I woke up to 40.000 followers. So many wonderful people interested in my content, thank you all so much! You can’t imagine how much you all positively influenced my life and motivated me in all aspects. Still can’t understand how I have deserved this.

Of course, I want to give something back to you! You get to choose between music/book recommendations based on your blog, text aesthetics based on your name or a collage/mood board based on your blog, interest, etc!


  1. must be following me
  2. send me an ask with the following info:
  • book/music rec, OR name aesthetics, OR collage
  • if book/music rec: preferred genre if you have one
  • if name aesthetics: your name, obvs
  • if collage: MBTI type, zodiac, Hogwarts house, colors, anything you’d like me to consider really
  • please add a [40k] so I’ll know it’s for this special! 

Please notice that I will be preferring non-anon requests!


Thank you all for your support!

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Hi! Any new fic where they are music or art majors? Tysm your blog is my life 💙

I found a few^^

i don’t want you to go (but i want you so) by jjkkth - ‘sometimes the universe makes mistakes’ or ‘you come to the restaurant i work at and choose me as your waiter every time just to annoy me and i can’t do anything in retribution or i’ll get fired’ au

a symphony of the world gone wild by suncheol - When Kim Taehyung, art major on a scholarship, is forced to collaborate with Jeon Jungkook, obnoxious photography major, he expects the worst. Which is exactly what he gets, and then some. That one taekook college au you never asked for.

and for you, i’d paint the stars gold by karesama - Taehyung lived in a world of vibrancy. Everything was bright and cheerful, optimistic to the end. He’d never known any different. And Taehyung was golden, inside and out. (aka college au featuring artist!taehyung and notsoartist!jeongguk.)

King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye - Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails.

(this was actually posted like two years ago but it wasn’t in our tags so I’m rec’cing it lol)

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^

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Okay so I've been noticing this for a while now.... Are the titles of your music in your blog some kinds of traits of a certain someone???

THEY’RE PRETTY RANDOM BUT I’M HAVING FUN I like to relate the comyet blog musics to Ink, though.


No particular order just my 10 faves. I love you all and your blogs

1- @archearter : He is such an amazing guy and has been my best tumblr friend for quite a while now. He is always so sweet and fun to talk to! HE also has a kickass blog! 

2- @majesticfit : He is SOOO nice and always reblogs my selfies and couple pics and is so nice abut them! He’s so awesome! Again, GREAT blog too! 

3- @allaboutdane : We were close tumblr friends a while ago but don’t message really anymore! Still love his blog and he’s awesome. Also, his selfies are pretty easy on the eyes 😁

4- @hauntingheralds : I really love his blog and we usually have very similar tastes in posts and reblog and like each other’s stuff all the time!

5- @iwasacommunistforthefbi : we have been internet friends FOREVER! He is SOOOOOOO nice and cool plus his blog is awesome

6- @minityleroakley : Never spoken to him, I just fucking love his blog so much.

7- @andrewkneels : THE. DEFINITION. OF. MY. ASTHETIC. I LOVE his blog so much! The pictures he reblogs are just gorgeous

8- @zodiacmind : I like zodiac stuff and everything is always so accurate 😅♈

9- @darthroxas : Again just an amazing blog filled with posts I love

10- @frootparadise : Preeeeetttyyyy sure we have literally identical music taste. I love your blog

la-que-te-dio-todo  asked:

what does 2D and Murdoc would think of a s/o who listen to their music all day? Love your blog 😍

Hey, thank you! 

Stuart Pot (2D): 

  • He wouldn’t know what to do, to be honest. He would find it endearing but kind of embarrassing. 
  • If he noticed you were listening to a specific song, he would know to sing you that song a little more. 
  • He couldn’t help but feel good about himself. Knowing that you supported his music, it made him feel like you were his number one fan. 
  • He would even call you his number one fan on several occasions. 

Murdoc Niccals: 

  • You’re giving him a bigger head than you need to be. He’s growing a bigger ego. 
  • He would also do the same thing that 2D would do and play the song you liked the most when your around. 
  • Sometimes on stage while doing a concert, if they were playing your favorite song, he would dedicate to you in front of everyone. 
  • He couldn’t help to hum along with the songs you played when you were blasting it all over the house. 

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You are literally my favorite blog to check on tumblr, your gifs and posts always make me smile. Thank you for all your hard work.

Anonymous said:Omg, without your gifs, i wouldn’t be able to look at the boys doing the same cute face over and over again, your gifs are a blessing to everyone, and i am eternally grateful for you (and them)! Please never stop making them!

Anonymous said:I found your blog because of your BV videos BUT I stayed for the quality blog ^^ You’re one of the blogs that made me decide to make a blog and I’m not even jimin/taehyung biased haha. I’ll follow you forever because your blog is quality everything, and you’re an amazing person for doing so much for this fandom. Thank you! We don’t deserve you ;;

Anonymous said:Also I remember I really loved that you had smyang on your music playlist on your blog back when you used to have music on your blog :’)

oh yeah i miss the music :(

and you guys are so nice i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve such amazing followers but thank you all! all of this really keeps me motivated to continue to run this blog and be active in the fandom <333

Originally posted by yoonmin

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my fave is probably @ daeum. she's very lovely and answers a lot of asks from her followers which is nice that she took the time to do that and very helpful for those who are in troubled situations, whether big or small. she's got an odd obsession for bread which is really funny and posts good music. what's your fave blog?

@daeum this person loves u 💘💘💘

o i have so so many favourite blogs 💞 @kimd-ok @4lisa @ilovepcy @kaisheaux @goldpoc @shesababymv @88gf @lee-jaejins @4jimn @starlightkai @kihyunswife @lovbhobi @lovelovelovesus @99lee @happybywjsn @iloveredvelvet @taeyyongs @emokai @milkbyfx @1suho @jiminnsgf @taipoca @demonzday n so many more that i’m sure i’m forgetting!!!

send me your favourite tumblr users and why you love them! ✨

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Hi Rachelle, I was reading through some of your posts and in one of them you mentioned that you were an undergrad but also in your mid-twenties. Is music a second degree for you, or did you choose to wait before going to college? This is coming from someone in their early twenties who is wondering if it is a good idea to go for a second undergrad and major in music! Love your blog xxx

Hey! This is such a great question. I’ve had a very unconventional career path and so I’ve put a lot of thought into music degrees and how to be a pro musician.

My story: I started working (teaching piano lessons to my parents’ friends’ kids and playing for my voice teacher’s middle school choir) as a high school sophomore. By the time I graduated, I had a pretty full work load of teaching and accompanying so I decided to take time off before college.

I worked as a teacher and freelance collaborative pianist in San Diego until I was twenty-four and then I went to San Diego State for a year. The teacher wasn’t the right fit for me, plus my partner and I wanted to try living somewhere else, so I transferred to Colorado University at Boulder in 2013.

After a year at CU I had some major health problems. I withdrew from classes and wasn’t able work or even practice for about two years. In 2015 we moved back home to San Diego and as I got healthier I got in touch with my old network and started working again. This 2016/2017 school year marks my first season back to teaching, freelance performing, and regular practicing.

So to get back to your original question, I have ¾ of a piano performance degree, 1/3 of a French minor, and around twelve years of work experience. I’m telling my very long story because I want people to know you don’t need perfect credentials, or a traditional career path, to be a successful professional musician.

Should you get a second undergrad in music? That depends on your work experience, your network, your career goals, your personality, your instrument, and where you want to live.

For instance, every single job I have right now came through the network of musicians I studied with at SDSU; San Diego has many opportunities for young classical musicians, particularly singers. By contrast, CU Boulder has a significantly better reputation as a music school (definitely a conservatory level department) but I couldn’t hope to get a classical music job in Boulder. The local piano teaching companies hire DMA candidates for 1/3 of what I make in San Diego as a private teacher with no degree.

In other words - have a clear, specific set of goals *first* and then decide whether school is right for those goals.

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Can I please get a The Vampire Diaries and The Originals ship? I'm 5'10, female, I have brown hair and brown eyes, I like to help people and make them happy, I'm usually shy but I can get comfortable around some people, I'm an introvert and I love reading and rock music. Thanks, btw love your blog!

I love you, thanks nonnie!

The Vampire Diaries:
I’d ship you with Damon!
The Originals:
I ship you with Kol.

anonymous asked:

not to pry or be pushy or anything but your music blog hasn't updated in 5 days... you okay?


The queue ran out… I uh… Oops…

I mean I’m not really okay, I’m in a pretty bad funk right now but the queue running out isn’t really related, I honestly just didn’t notice. I’ll fill it after 3pm so the uploads will start again tomorrow. Get some of those requests taken care of.