Air for a Wise Celtic Fool :: Killian Donnelly, Gigging 4 Good, October 2012

  • The Confrontation
  • Killian Donnelly and Hans Peter Janssens

On the heels of that recent re-appreciation of the Donnelly/Lewis Confrontation of Awesome, here is a slightly different take; obviously Hans Peter Janssens is quite a different Javert, but Killian’s Valjean is calmer, more lyrical—listen to that gorgeous before you say another word, Javert—less angry and more sure of himself, but still absolutely soaring on the back-and-forth and, even after my race getting a bit caught in his throat, still nailing a killer (no pun intended) is not yet run. Different, but still pretty damn glorious.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate trying to sing John Barrowman's new album
  • David:Can't take my eyes off of youuuu
  • David and Catherine:Dada dada da da da da da
  • Catherine:We don't need John Barrowman!
  • David:No! 'You'll Think Of Me', 'I Made It Through The Rain'?
  • Catherine:That's a Barry Manilow song!
  • David:Give us a blast.
  • Catherine:I made it throuuugh the rain, I kept myself protected- he had an umbrella, that's all that was! Don't boast about that!
  • David and Catherine:You don't have to say you love me-
  • Catherine:Just be good in bed.... or something.

Ten Lovely Things, in case of need (or simply want)

• rob and anton’s harmony in the third verse of Hallelujah
• gblags’ sweetly bitter take a fall, take a shot for you in Apologize
• hugh’s charming and terrible find. out. as Toby to Dorian
• gabriel’s sweetly tender everything in A Jerk Like Me
• killian’s vow I promise you I will learn from my mistakes in Fix You
• na-young jeon’s devastatingly beautiful Winter with rob and anton
• brammer’s matured but still gentle everything in A Heart Full of Love
• thaxton’s epic I warned you I would not give in in The Sewers
• ramin’s blasting, teeth-bared everything in White Blank Page
• iwan’s soaring and I’ll make the choice at the end of Chance



I noticed the Fairytale of New York post received a bunch of reblogs over last night and today, so I thought I’d just toss this handful of Killian songs up as mp3 downloads, in case anyone needs/wants them. I’ve cut the ~banter~ and/or most of the applause before and after songs where I could, as when I listen to songs, I’d rather listen just to actual songs, so. Anyway. Please enjoy.

Agony (with Nadim Naaman)
Air for a Wise Celtic Fool (Live) 
Air for a Wise Celtic Fool (Studio) 
Fairytale of New York
I Heard it Through the Grapevine
Mustang Sally

As Jean Valjean

Prologue / On Parole
Soliloquy (Spring 2010)
Soliloquy (Fall 2010)
Who Am I
The Confrontation (with Norm Lewis)
One Day More
Bring Him Home
Finale / Epilogue

As Javert

Javert’s Intervention / Stars
Stars (same version as above, just without the Intervention)
Javert’s Suicide (with Valjean [Alfie Boe] at the sewers beforehand)