An animated teaser for the release of MAGNATRON (summer 2015)

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A thing about 5SOS

There’s so much 5SOS hate on my dash right now so I’m just going to throw my own 2 cents in here.

I’m not a huge fan of 5SOS. I’m not. I’m also really bothered by the fact that these guys are pop punk yet they’re mainstream. Because traditionally, those two things don’t mix. Punk bands aren’t supposed to be liked by the majority. Punk bands aren’t supposed to be stereotypical “pretty boys” (even though 5SOS can’t help their looks and we really need to stop judging them for being attractive because they can’t control any opinion of them). Punk bands aren’t supposed to be marketed the way 5SOS is being marketed.

But none of this is their fault. 5SOS did not choose to be your definition of attractive. 5SOS did not choose to have the amount of attention they got. They did not choose to fall out of the idea of a “punk band”. That’s what they wanted to be and that’s what they are.

Hating *any* artist for being mainstream or not fitting into “definition” of a genre is just wrong. It’s wrong to hate a country artist for not singing about getting drunk. It’s wrong to hate a Rockstar for not doing drugs. And it’s wrong to hate a punk band because they ended up getting way better reception than anyone imagined.

So yeah, I will admit, I was a little bothered by it at first too but only because with my experience, their fanbase didn’t match the punk attitude. I’ll admit, I was a little irritated that they didn’t seem to follow a lot about what 5SOS stands for. I have a friend that cares far too much about her reputation in school and how she looks for the day, and that’s the opposite of what punk rock stands for. But we need to get over this mentality. All of us. That’s just like saying someone can’t like metalcore because that’s “depression music” and they aren’t depressed. It’s ridiculous.

Not to mention that 5SOS give A LOT of credit. They are helping out other fellow punk bands. They’re introducing some people to 90’s pop punk with constant credits to classic pop punk like Green Day and blink-182. They help introduce new people to bands like MCR and All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. And sure, maybe it irritates you that “fake punk rockers are coming into my lane” but it’s music. And music is for everyone. And if that blonde - haired blue-eyed rich white girl likes blink-182, likes 5 Seconds Of Summer, yet is a sucker for Katy Perry at the same time, then she can freaking like blink, 5SOS, and Katy. Leave it alone. Music is perceived by everyone differently, and people can actually like what they hear without fitting into a certain sterotype.

So I don’t know how much sense that made or If I really helped anything but..I wanted to put my 2 cents in.

connorfranta has affected my life so much.
- his book was seriously life changing. it changed my entire outlook on life and brought so much light and happiness into my day when I read it.
- his positivity in his videos (which he always has, even when he’s having a bad day or going through a hard time) is admirable and honestly so awesome.
- he created his own music label? and is releasing content from it??? like how amazing is that????????
- everything he does he is passionate about
- his tweets are always SO adorable even when he’s ranting about American Airlines
- he recognizes that he’s not perfect, which he touched on in his book, and how none of us our perfect
- his instagram feed is everything I want my feed to be
- he is so supportive of his friends
- he loves his fans and I don’t think I’ve ever watched a video that I didn’t feel love behind

There are so many more reasons why I love Connor, but these are the few that really have truly changed my life. Happy Five Years on YouTube Connor. You deserve every view, like, and subscriber you get!

We’d like to welcome A Wolf in the City to the PRCO family! Stream/download “Stag” from their debut EP Heavy, out everywhere 9.18.15.

For Fans of Have Mercy, Mayday Parade, and early Citizen. 

Luhan’s First Album 《Reloaded》

Luhan’s First Album Concept Poster Has Been Released, New Songs Will Be Released on September 14

A while ago, Luhan had revealed he’s been preparing his first solo album 《Reloaded》. Today, the album’s concept poster was released. It is reported that the first single will be released in mini digital album form on September 14.

Album Concept Leads The Music Trends
Just like the album title 《Reloaded》 ’s meaning, after resting and adjusting, Luhan never forgets the original intention, he’s starting the music journey again, walking towards the future. It’s an evolution, and also an essential path to growth. Luhan will set out again, to evolve into a more courageous singer.

The concept poster that’s been published today was personally designed by Mike Jones, creative director from Mad Decent, one of the world’s top electronic music label. The poster is presented in a combination of 3 distinctive designs, full of futuristic colors and font design, a little deer’s image that matches well with Luhan’s personal characteristics. The poster has fully embodied the core meaning of this album concept. 《Reloaded》 is closely related to digital and technology territories, at the same time it’s also emerging the signature concept of “Future Culture”. The world’s most advance culture and music element will be incorported into Luhan’s music. “The future has come, it’s just not trending yet”, as China’s most influential young idol, Luhan will bravely explore and try out the new starting point of his music career, giving his first album’s attitude and meaning from a more advance cultural perspective.

《Reloaded》 as Luhan’s first solo album, has a significant meaning in Luhan’s music career. For this album, Luhan’s music production team has spent heavily for the production, they invited a top international production team. Djemba Djemba who has worked for Madonna, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and other international stars. He is a famous American producer. He personally came to the capital city to be in charge of producing the album for Luhan, along with Matthew Tishler, Santell , Squareloud, who also jointly work for Luhan’s album and singles. This is the first time for Djemba Djemba to produce album for Asian star.

When Djemba Djemba was interviewed, he said Luhan’s album incorporates various kinds of international latest and coolest music elements, it will be even more innovative and advance than any songs in the radio from other countries in the world. He believes that the music quality in Luhan’s new album is comparable to any international top stars’s album.

Source: 搜狐音乐 | Translation by: luking0420