Shut the Fuck Up
  • Shut the Fuck Up
  • SSV (Andrew Eldritch, Peter Bellendir, T. Schroeder)
  • Go Figure

One of Andrew Eldritch’s passive-aggressive jabs at his former record label, Warner Music. Purposely releases shite material to piss off his label, while telling em to shut the fuck up. 

After the label heard it, they quickly ended the contract between them and Mr. E. Classic Eldritch.


An animated teaser for the release of MAGNATRON (summer 2015)

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It’s rare enough these days to see labels operate with an ethos, and rarer still to see that ethos extended to how they conduct their non-creative affairs. So … time to start lobbing some (admittedly tiny) grenades into the lobby. Hopefully it’ll ruin someone’s brunch plans.
—  M'lady’s Records’ Brett Lyman on the label’s new policy to charge women 77 percent of list price for all of their mail orders