An animated teaser for the release of MAGNATRON (summer 2015)

youtube link :

lmao people have always hated taylor swift though they’re just relishing in having a legitimate response for when people ask them why now. tbh there’s wrong on both sides but it’ll never cease to amaze me how the media and celebrities alike are calling for the death of taylor swift’s career all of a sudden whilst kanye can put a woman’s lookalike next to a lookalike of her abuser in a music video and label it #art™ like where were y'all with your torches and pitchforks when that was going down smh

Artist: Warpaint
Title: “Heads Up”
Release date: September 23, 2016
Label: Universal Music Group (!)

Two months, guys. Only two months. 😭🌸💜

PS: Still waiting for an official announcement, of course, but it really feels good to be THIS excited about something. We’re just getting closer and closer.


Noted! Thank you for letting us know, Olya. 💜