カセット k a z z e t t e - 愛のほほえみ1984

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solar system au: earth, moon, sun, mercury, mars, venus, jupiter, saturn, neptune, uranus and pluto are a part of a famous musical group but their label record says pluto isn’t a real musician so they are booted out of the group. a year later, the record label spots pluto going on their solo career and becoming even more successful than the 8 eight members they were left with. nasa begins praising pluto again, giving them free promotion begging them to come back. pluto hasn’t contacted nasa in over year and might even sue them for stalking them. whether or not pluto decides to suit for a restraining order as well is uncertain.


An animated teaser for the release of MAGNATRON (summer 2015)

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It’s rare enough these days to see labels operate with an ethos, and rarer still to see that ethos extended to how they conduct their non-creative affairs. So … time to start lobbing some (admittedly tiny) grenades into the lobby. Hopefully it’ll ruin someone’s brunch plans.
—  M'lady’s Records’ Brett Lyman on the label’s new policy to charge women 77 percent of list price for all of their mail orders