Interview with Juliet

Today (7/28/15), I had the honor of speaking with the talented and ever so lovely Juliet Simms. In case you were wondering, I can honestly say that she is one of sweetest and most down to earth people I’ve ever spoken to.
We talked about making it through the music industry without a label, cyber bullying, her live shows, her favorite things, and more!

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An animated teaser for the release of MAGNATRON (summer 2015)

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It’s rare enough these days to see labels operate with an ethos, and rarer still to see that ethos extended to how they conduct their non-creative affairs. So … time to start lobbing some (admittedly tiny) grenades into the lobby. Hopefully it’ll ruin someone’s brunch plans.
—  M'lady’s Records’ Brett Lyman on the label’s new policy to charge women 77 percent of list price for all of their mail orders