Compilation album “Rascal Beach” now released!

The AUDMONSTERS welcome you to Rascal Beach, where the waves are choice and monsters rejoice! Bask on the sun-kissed shores with our high-energy tracks, explore the dense rascal groves through our intense ballads, or take a break as the sun sets with a vibey tune. Whatever you’re listening to, we hope you have a great vacation with us at Rascal Beach!

Our new compilation is now released for everybody to take joy in and listen to for this Summer season!~ As with our past compilation we’ve got a bunch of the AUDMONSTERS members submitting a track for the group album. See if your favorite is on this release!

In full we’ve got the following members/personas in this one: Mazza, Milk Puzzle, JellyBear, Ditzy Doe, Nayte The Hermit, bあshfu, K.O., Us and Dusk, Sgt-Whip, Whitetail, Dwn Cx, Silque Shadow, Sinyk, and Trent Sinclaire.

With some really amazing artwork from the always great gronos!

And some really tight mastering from Mazza.

We all hope you enjoy!~ (✘‿  )

anonymous asked:

Wow, record label and music management company actually do a good job with music. Know why? It's their job! However - It is NOT their job to manage the relationship of two band members. It is NOT their job to influence anyone in their opinion on the relationship. It is NOT their job to present clues about the relationship. It is NOT their job to care about the reality or fiction of a relationship. You know why they do a lousy job with Larry? ITS NOT THEIR JOB!! THEY DON'T CARE!!

Exactly. I find it hilarious when Larries actually praise Modest! and/or 1DHQ for their jobs because it’s like they’re calling out themselves. It’s true that they’ve done a lousy job with music before, not always promoting singles and/or albums in the most efficient ways possible, but they have given us proof that they know what they’re doing most of the time. I mean, Drag Me Down was actually well-launched, with radio stations playing it pretty much the moment after it was announced. They’re not amateurs, they know what they’re doing. If they truly were out to hide Larry (and if it were their job, which it isn’t), they would be way better at it and they sure wouldn’t be dropping hints for the most attentive fans to catch on. 


An animated teaser for the release of MAGNATRON (summer 2015)

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