Golden Bomber on MJP's first livestream!

“Dear Readers,
This is your musicJAPANplus editing team!

We are currently preparing the first volume of the musicJAPANplus GIG and we have good news for everyone who is not able to attend.
The whole performance will be streamed world wide and everyone interested is free to watch! We have spared no efforts for our readers to bring the event closer to your, so we hope a lot of you come to watch!

The streaming is available on Nico Nico Douga and on the top page of musicJAPANplus. Don’t miss it! Here are the details once again.

"musicJAPANplus GIG vol.1 supported by JOYSOUND x UGA”
Date: 2011/08/27(Sat)
START 18:00 (Japanese Standard Time)
Performing Artists: D / Golden Bomber / LOST ASH / Mix Speaker’s,Inc.
URL: (NicoNicoDouga)
* NicoNico Douga requires free of charge registration"


Akira Yamaoka presents single “Revolución”

The awesome Akira Yamaoka is due to perform in Mexico next month.

November 10th - Guadalajara

November 15th - DF

The tickets are on sale on this website

But one very interesting detail that has escaped to many is the fact that, with this live, he is presenting his new single “Revolución”.

This single, according to the concert site, contains 3 brand new songs in Spanish. This single can be acquired through special packs that include of course, the concert ticket too. Plus, this single also comes signed by him.

We already read some bits of the lyrics and also heard some of the recording of the new songs, all posted on his Facebook community page.

In these songs, with a classic Silent Hill style, take part Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker, who make together with Akira, the fan-named “Silent Hill band”.

More info about Yamaoka’s recent activities here

I am dying to get my hands on this single, and, as I can’t go, I am trying my best to get a Mexican friend to go in my place so that I can get this single…


[MUSIC JAPAN PLUS Valentine’s Day 2013] With Love from DIAURA.

Ahh, these boys made my day! LOVE DIAURA

Music JAPAN Plus
  • Host:Okay, continuing with a question from Lena, in Germany. When looking at the other members during a live performance, do you ever think "that member is really amazing"? If so who and when?
  • Takuma:Well, our drummer plays bits wrong sometimes so it's like....blurry! That's pretty cool.
  • Koichi:Oh that's great is it? In our new song, "Uso Jyanai", before the chorus, bass is off.
  • Ryuichi:Well in the song "Get Back", Yoshihiro runs out of energy and snaps.
  • Yoshihiro:Well, Ryuichi gets the lyrics of the new song wrong!
  • Ko-ichi:Isn't Guild great!