I need new bands to listen to!

Hey, guys. So, I’m a big fan of pop punk/punk/alternative music, but I’ve begun to hit a bit of a wall and started to listen to the same 6-8 band’s entire discography. I would like to explore new bands. If you have any similar to the ones below, please add them in a comment or message me any recommendations you may have!

If the band is listed, I’ve already listened to enough of them:

- blink-182

- Fall Out Boy

- Paramore

- All Time Low

- My Chemical Romance

- New Politics

- Panic! At The Disco

- +44

- Box Car Racer

- New Found Glory

- A Day To Remember

- Simple Plan

- twenty one pilots

- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

- Three Days Grace

- Mayday Parade

- Gerard Way

- frnkiero andthe cellabration

- Tonight Alive 

- The Killers

- All American Rejects

- Imagine Dragons

Thanks, everyone!


Sabrina Claudio - Confidently Lost (Official Video)

New Music Taste Ep #17

Welcome to New Music Taste, a series of music recommendation for your listening pleasure. Uploaded every weekend, also on Wednesday for a special episode (optional). My usual taste in music is pop music and pop punk scene, but I always explore for new music because that’s what “New Music Taste” is all about.

Sunday, 07/05/2017

New Music Releases

  1. Sweet Creature by Harry Styles
  2. Slow Hands by Niall Horan
  3. Told You So by Paramore
  4. Young For The Summer by DALES
  5. New Religion by The Heydaze

Music Discovery

  1. Puzzle Pieces by Broadside
  2. Text Me? by The Wldlfe
  3. Get It Right by Oh, Weatherly
  4. Van Nuys by Hotel Books
  5. I Don’t Want To Know by Charlie Brennan

Both Harry Styles and Niall Horan released their second solo song following the hiatus of One Direction. I can definitely say that they are making a difference music than when they were as One Direction. Their solo songs make me miss One Direction’s music even more. But I’m so happy and proud of them to make music on their own taste. And we have a newcomer, DALES, is The Summer Set’s vocalist, Brian Dales’ new project. Also, both State Champs and Grayscale dropped their new albums on 05/05/2017 and I’m gonna put them on special episode!

That’s all I got for this week’s episode, I hope you listen to these songs and if you love it, share ‘em with your friends.

Spread music, spread love. - agirlwithsevenloadedpens


This is what I live for // Baby, you’re my open road // You can take me anywhere the wind blows

Love this song from American Authors! I love their sound, and how it evolved from Oh What a Life to this album. The lyrics are fun and sweet, and the music accompanies it perfectly!