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New Music Taste Ep #36

Welcome to New Music Taste, a series of music recommendation for your listening pleasure. Uploaded every weekend, also on a weekday for a special episode (optional). My usual taste in music is pop music and pop punk scene, but I always explore for new music because that’s what “New Music Taste” is all about.

Monday, 21/08/2017

New Music Releases

  1. Modern Day Cain by I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME
  2. Future Me by Echosmith
  3. In Bloom by Neck Deep
  4. Unapologetically by Kelsea Ballerini
  5. Dive by MAIKA

Music Discovery

  1. Half A Heart by One Direction
  2. All My Friends by WRENN
  3. Anyways by Varsity Week
  4. The Anchor by Bastille
  5. Grown Ups by :PM

That’s all I got for this episode. I hope you listen to these songs and if you love it, share ‘em with your friends.

Spread music, spread love. - agirlwithsevenloadedpens
Music you (probably) haven't heard

Just made a playlist of songs that most people probably haven’t heard (or haven’t heard these versions).

Things this playlist is:
Songs that are by small/unpopular artists
Covers/remixes/acoustic versions of songs
Lesser known songs from bigger bands

Things this playlist isn’t:
Me saying these songs are the “best” the bands have to offer

There’s a lot of different style songs on here, from punk to rap to techno to indie and more, so this playlist is not for everyone, but you’ll probably find some stuff you like


Sabrina Claudio - Confidently Lost (Official Video)

I need new bands to listen to!

Hey, guys. So, I’m a big fan of pop punk/punk/alternative music, but I’ve begun to hit a bit of a wall and started to listen to the same 6-8 band’s entire discography. I would like to explore new bands. If you have any similar to the ones below, please add them in a comment or message me any recommendations you may have!

If the band is listed, I’ve already listened to enough of them:

- blink-182

- Fall Out Boy

- Paramore

- All Time Low

- My Chemical Romance

- New Politics

- Panic! At The Disco

- +44

- Box Car Racer

- New Found Glory

- A Day To Remember

- Simple Plan

- twenty one pilots

- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

- Three Days Grace

- Mayday Parade

- Gerard Way

- frnkiero andthe cellabration

- Tonight Alive 

- The Killers

- All American Rejects

- Imagine Dragons

Thanks, everyone!



“The Japanese House is an indie pop act from Buckinghamshire consisting of solo artist Amber Bain.“ {-Wikipedia} Recently I have been loving indie pop and Amber’ s music found me at the right time. I would describe the Japanese House as dreamy and almost psychedelic.

songs I recommend ( with my favorite lyrics)

saw you in a dream

“I saw you in a dream
You came to me
You were the sweetest apparition, such a pretty vision
There was no reason, no explanation
The perfect hallucination”


“heard she’s running love again
I know you’re over that
I know that look you didn’t want
You’re all I’ve got”

cool blue

“I was up every night
A phantom of myself, beside
She rattled my bones
(Do you think I fit the part?)
I’ll never grow
It’s all that I know”

If we’re being honest I love all of the song from the Japanese house but, I couldn’t put every one. There you go, now that you have this information you are free to keep going about your day.


(Amy Winehouse) vs (Lauryn Hill) “He Can Only Hold Her” vs “Doo-Wop That Thing” by @AndraDayMusic (by AndraDayMusic)

Bad at Love // Halsey (Autograf Remix)

You know the original hit song by Halsey, and it’s about to get about 100 times more complex with this utterly mindboggling remix by Autograf - a masterful piece that simply reworks the story into one that’s lived and experienced as a tumultuous relationship.

The myriad elements of this song are in the liminal space between water and the top of a pool cover, wafting in and out of a tricky back-and-forth with the deep house bass line, trappy beats and tinkering countermelodies. This rework gives Halsey a struggling quality; it’s like she’s gulping for air trying to walk away from bad decisions, but getting sucked in where the adrenaline rush of the instrumental drowns her out. While Halsey has come to terms with her string of lovers as a series of bad decisions, this remix casts doubt on that self-awareness - she’s not found a way out, and remains trapped in this bubble of jealousy. That is not at all comforting to her person of interest she’s singing to “I know that you’re afraid I’m gonna walk away / Each time the feeling fades”.

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all my indie alt rock  homedogs out there I would like to bring your attention to Brisbane band Last Dinosaurs

they’ve got funky basslines. they’re tropical. they’re cute as pie. Languid-outer space-nostalgic-summery and bouncy grooves with a japanese touch. AND they sing about girls all the time so you can listen and be like ‘omg they’re singing about meeee’