Kerli made a welcomed return to the world of music with her stunning new video for her latest single “Feral Hearts.”

The video – directed by CJ Task with creative direction by Kerli – premiered today on who described the video as “spellbinding,” signifies Kerli’s show-stopping return with this breathtaking new single, available now on all digital platforms worldwide.

“(Feral Hearts) isn’t like anything I have ever created before. It comes from deep within the core of my land and my bloodline,” the young Estonian artist explains of her new single, taken from her forthcoming album due out later this year. “It captures that idea of going back into the wild, reconnecting with nature and embracing that beauty and delicacy.” Which is exactly what Kerli did last year.

In 2015, she packed her bags, left Los Angeles (where she had resided since 2008) and returned to her birthplace of Estonia. In search of inspiration, she sought a certain solitude and mythical tranquility that could only be found amongst the lush forested landscapes of her homeland. Back amongst the wildlife and trees and beneath the Eastern European moon and stars is where she first found inspiration as a child and where “Feral Hearts” was born.

“Feral Hearts” is taken from her forthcoming yet-to-be-titled full-length album and is available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify. Details on her full-length still to come.

Hello everybody! Since I listen to a LOT of music (all genres, new and old, popular and not) and I haven’t found the right outlet to share all my new finds, making this came to mind. 

Every Saturday I’ll be talking about my top 10 “finds” of the past week and spreading the love!

  1. Teenage Wrist - Slide Away: I get a lot of 90s vibes from this song, and thus got really addicted to the band. Their EP comes out in a few days (May 19th) and no doubt I’m pumped for it.
  2. Nate Ruess - Nothing Without Love: I love Nate and him going solo is pretty great (although I am missing fun. more by the day). Out of the three released singles from his new album this one is still my favorite. 
  3. The Offspring - Come Out and Play
  4. Sia - California Dreamin’: I was already a fan of the Mama and Papas’ original version when I heard Sia’s for the San Andreas film. Being a fan of both the song and Sia, automatically I love this cover. It’s haunting and beautiful.
  5. Rich White Ladies - 1%: I checked this group out on just their name alone, and i’m pretty damn glad I did. This track is my favorite off of their self-titled debut EP. It bumps. 
  6. Five For Fighting - 100 Years: I love the piano in this and it has been stuck in my head for the better part of the past week.
  7. Blondie - Sunday Girl
  8. Hutch and Kathy - On the Way to Work: Super catchy folk song by 2/3 of the punk band The Thermals. The whole album is pretty damn good and was specially released on vinyl for record store day this year!
  9. In Deepest Sleep - Sorry 2 Bitch: Came across this one by accident on Facebook. So many 90s singer/songwriter vibes from her. 
  10. Tumbleweed - God

That’s it for this week (5/16/2015)! Thank you for reading, I hope you find something you like.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or music recommendations tweet me on twitter, or message me on here


Father John Misty covered Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”, and recreated the song that might be one of the greatest songs written in the last decade or so. (Our opinion). However, never in our lives did we think there would come  cover that would even compare to what Mr. Little Jeans did to that song, but now it looks like we have some fierce competition.

Experimental post-hardcore 5-piece Dance Gavin Dance will release Tree City Sessions on May 13 via Rise Records.

A collection of 12 fan favorites, recorded live in the band’s hometown of Sacramento, CA, Tree City Sessions is now available for pre-order on MerchNow and iTunes.

Dance Gavin Dance will be performing at So What?! Music Festival in Grand Prarie, TX on March 20th and at Extreme Thing in Las Vegas, NV on April 2.

Formed in 2005, the groundbreaking act recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The band has gone on to release six LP’s with Rise Records, the last five of which charted on the Billboard Top 200.

Track Listing:

1. Alex English (Tree City Sessions)

2. The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 4 (Tree City Sessions)

3. Tree Village (Tree City Sessions)

4. Lemon Meringue Tie (Tree City Sessions)

5. We Own The Night (Tree City Sessions)

6. Thug City (Tree City Sessions)

7. Carl Barker (Tree City Sessions)

8. Death Of A Strawberry (Tree City Sessions)

9. The Jiggler (Tree City Sessions)

10. Me and Zoloft Get Along Just Fine (Tree City Sessions)

11. Spooks (Tree City Sessions)

12. And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman (Tree City Sessions)

Hello everyone! Here is the second installment of my Top 10 series. Old, New, Known, Unknown, and everything in between that I enjoyed in the last week.

This week I mainly went through a lot of drafts I had saved up from the past year (this blog has almost 100! and my side blog has 2000) and here is what I liked the most:

  1. Courtney Love - Miss Narcissist: I have been waiting for Courtney Love to release another single for a long time. Shes been touring with Lana Del Rey (is that not the best duo?) for a little while for her summer tour too. 
  2. The Sword - The Veil of Isis: I found this one by watching one of Dan Avidan’s vines (or was it an instagram video?) and found myself watching it a few times over because of the song. 
  3. Kate Faust - Never Felt So Lonely: This one was a “free on iTunes” pick for this week. I never check iTunes much or their free sections so I’m half convinced it was destiny that I came across this. It’s a catchy little pop song about sacrificing love.
  4. Studio Killers - All Men Are Pigs: I had to listen to this one because of the title. It was almost too much to resist. I was far from disappointed. 
  5. The Uncanny Valley - Sometimes Takes the Shadow People: Interesting thing about this song, besides it being good, is that there is literally no trace of it on the internet. I found it from a audio post on tumblr (not the band’s tumblr, which they do not have) and when I was researching the band and the song the only thing that came up was a thread asking for opinions and linking a now defunct/deleted Facebook page and Youtube video. It looks like it was from an indie band back in 2012 that have broken up since. (Since this is the case, I’ve uploaded the song for you!) It sounds very rough, but that is part of the charm.
  6. Travi$ Scott - Drugs You Should Try
  7. JONGHYUN - 할렐루야 Hallelujah
  8. Noun - Vicious Expert: A unreleased track from Screaming Females’ guitarist and front Marissa Paternoster’s solo project, Noun. I’m pretty sure I would buy anything that features Marissa, but the only thing that is better is that this track is free(*Pay what you want) from their bandcamp. This girl is truly a gift to the rock world.
  9. The Chills - Background Affair
  10. POWERS - Beat Of My Drum

That’s it for this week (5/23/2015)! Thank you for reading. I hope you can find something you like. 

Remember, if you have any comments, feedback, or recommendations message me here on Tumblr or shoot me a tweet at @hearttrend! I love hearing from you guys.

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Can’t stop listening to….

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