Kerli made a welcomed return to the world of music with her stunning new video for her latest single “Feral Hearts.”

The video – directed by CJ Task with creative direction by Kerli – premiered today on who described the video as “spellbinding,” signifies Kerli’s show-stopping return with this breathtaking new single, available now on all digital platforms worldwide.

“(Feral Hearts) isn’t like anything I have ever created before. It comes from deep within the core of my land and my bloodline,” the young Estonian artist explains of her new single, taken from her forthcoming album due out later this year. “It captures that idea of going back into the wild, reconnecting with nature and embracing that beauty and delicacy.” Which is exactly what Kerli did last year.

In 2015, she packed her bags, left Los Angeles (where she had resided since 2008) and returned to her birthplace of Estonia. In search of inspiration, she sought a certain solitude and mythical tranquility that could only be found amongst the lush forested landscapes of her homeland. Back amongst the wildlife and trees and beneath the Eastern European moon and stars is where she first found inspiration as a child and where “Feral Hearts” was born.

“Feral Hearts” is taken from her forthcoming yet-to-be-titled full-length album and is available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify. Details on her full-length still to come.


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