Getting rid of net neutrality is a big fucking mistake no matter how you look at it and I can’t fucking believe there are people supporting it. Getting rid of net neutrality is getting rid of information for people who can’t afford their packages and not only that it’s gonna affect the music industry, art, businesses, and most importantly privacy.


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They definitely should stop schooling her on how she should run her business. She’s making more money than them and the artists on their platform.

I don’t think they are schooling her per se, it’s more that everyone is looking out for their interests. Problem with streaming is that, although it is reality of today’s music business, it is not bringing desired profit to the stakeholders. And whenever something is already on shaky legs there’s always additional fear that something else will replace it, because that’s how world works. So in ideal case for streaming companies, every artist would do as they are told and that would mean one problem less. Taylor, Adele, Beyonce… they have the power to shake up music industry and as that is happening you never know who might get inspired to create new music-business-model that would revolutionize whole industry. So basically they just want to have one less headache or, if you will, they are looking to save their own ass. This is all business, everyone is fighting for themselves and it’s fascinating to watch.

what the signs remind me of based off my friends

Aries: beer, bonfires, guitar hero, dad hats, skateboards

Taurus: glass bongs, horses, wine, beautiful curly hair, sunflowers

Gemini: crazy dance moves, impressions, honey whiskey, CBF but low key sweet, lotus flowers

Cancer: talking to animals, rolled joints, home cooked meals, the moon, a warm hug

Leo: big smiles, champagne, cameras, busy cities, music 

Virgo: the office, video games, debates, long drives, observing others

Libra: disney, music memorabilia, guitars, watching movies, flannels 

Scorpio: perverted jokes, dark eyes, playing pool, talking about life, converse 

Sagittarius: journals, paint, polaroids, drunk texts, long walks

Capricorn: edm, cats, sarcasm, netflix, dark sense of humor 

Aquarius: kissing girls, singing, acid tabs, poems, sleeping 

Pisces: day dreaming, listening to music in the shower, comic books, tequila, the best laugh
Paul McCartney Settles with Sony/ATV to Reclaim Beatles Copyright
Sony Music and McCartney settle suit filed in January to reclaim rights to over 260 songs. Case remains dismissed until conflict emerges.
By Reuters

Paul McCartney has reached a confidential settlement of his lawsuit against Sony/ATV Music Publishing in which he sought to reclaim copyrights to songs by the Beatles.

The accord disclosed on Thursday in filings with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan ends the 75-year-old McCartney’s pre-emptive effort to ensure that the copyrights, once owned by Michael Jackson, would go to him starting in October 2018.

U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos signed an order dismissing the case, but agreed to revisit it if a dispute arose.

The dismissal request had been made by Michael Jacobs, a lawyer for McCartney, on behalf of the singer and Sony/ATV.

It is unclear how the accord affects McCartney’s copyright claims. The singer’s representatives could not immediately be reached on Friday for comment.

McCartney had sued on Jan. 18 for a declaration that he could reclaim more than 260 copyrights, including for songs credited to him and John Lennon such as “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude.”

The registrations at issue also covered “Maybe I’m Amazed” and several other songs McCartney recorded as a solo artist.

They even covered such titles as “Scrambled Egg,” which is close to the working lyric “Scrambled Eggs” that McCartney once used for the song that became “Yesterday.”

McCartney had been outbid by Jackson in 1985 for the Beatles’ song rights, which were later rolled into Sony/ATV, a joint venture with Sony Corp.

The pop star’s estate sold its stake in that venture to Sony for $750 million last year.

McCartney sued 1-½ months after a British court said the pop group Duran Duran could not reclaim rights to their songs, in its case against Sony/ATV’s Gloucester Place Music unit.

Changes made in 1976 to U.S. copyright law let authors like McCartney reclaim song rights after periods of time elapsed.

In his lawsuit, McCartney said he could begin exercising his rights on Beatles songs, starting with “Love Me Do,” on Oct. 5, 2018.

The case is McCartney v Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 17-00363.

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I agree with your ans from that Azoff anon. Bts Louis has always been outspoken about venturing to music production and some even describes him as a mini mogul because he has the capacity to be one. Just like how he produced JHO with Steve because he saw how well EDM is being received by GP nowadays would be beneficial to him putting out his first single and with the intention of bringing something new to the EDM side because he thought something was missing there, (1)

his keen sense on musicalities and the trend around him screams music producer to me. Like imagine what he could do with the network those “crusty old men” is gonna give him. I love artist!Louis as much as the next louie but he’s also interested in the business side and having his name associated with Irving and his social networks, not as a client but as a potential business partner, (2) heck even as an acquaintance so long as he’s seen as an individual and not a client, will bring the biggest buzz around him as an up and coming business-wise. And I believe that kid and his business-minded self will surely appreciate the boost if he wants to succeed in both singing and bts careers. Having him bts doesn’t automatically kill his singing career, it just broadens his game and touches all opportunities he could have with his skills and talent. (3)


I agree. You’re right that Louis has the “keen sense of musicality.”

JHO does not sound like a cookie-cutter EDM song because it’s unique in a few ways. Although it follows the structure of an EDM song in not having a repeated chorus (instead EDM has a loud synth middle section), JHO is more balladic and melody-based than the usual motific- or rhythmically-based EDM song. JHO’s lyrics use poetic metaphors. Louis saw the trend in EDM and knew that he could add something unique to it, rather than follow what everyone else was doing. JHO is like a Louis hug in EDM form.

You made the point very well. Louis can be both artist and businessman. Disagreements with management tear bands apart, cause tragedies. Louis has learned enough about bad management to fill a few books. A self-managed Louis Tomlinson, or even future reunited One Direction, is a satisfying thing to contemplate.

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Name: Elizabeth
Age: 18
Country: USA

Well, I’m currently going to college for music business. I enjoy art - even though I’m not the best at it. I have a small dream of becoming a writer, but I never finish any story that I start. Eating goldfish and reading books are my favorite ways to pass the time. Also, I’m so happy that it’s hot chocolate season now.
I recently moved to Philadelphia for college, and let me tell you, it’s one hell of an interesting place to live. I’d love to tell you about the fun and exciting city of Philadelphia.

Preferences: I guess 18+

If an artist comes on to your show and performs a song, you pay them (by them I mean their label/publishing/etc I always get confused about the backend stuff). 

You pay them extra if you want to put that performance online afterwards. 

Generally you pay X dollars to have it up for Y months. Then, when Y months is up, you have to pull it from your site (youtube/apps/web/etc, wherever you have paid to put their content on your show’s page, where you are making money).

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Louis just announced his artistic intentions. I truly wish his so-called fans would quit trying to shove him bts. The last thing he needs while in his prime is to join an old boy network with a bunch of creepy dinosaurs like Irv Azoff. "Just Us Boys" - even the name makes me shudder. And as if anyone would greet the news of Harry's album with a HC about him attending business meetings with crusty old men. And what has Azoff ever done for Louis? Why would he trade Simon Cowell for another demon?



I think it’s exciting to consider the possibilities for Louis’s multiple talents.

Obviously he is a wonderful performer and songwriter. He’s proven himself with One Direction and JHO. I don’t know exactly what genre his new songs will be, but based on experience, I will probably like them a lot.

Artists benefit from having as much financial and creative control as possible. At this point, Louis isn’t lacking for money. Like his band mates, he can afford to release music under his own label, with distribution rights through Sony/Syco. I don’t know if that’s what he will do, but so far all the solo material from Liam/ Niall/ Harry has been released this way.

We hear about Liam’s learning music production. It’s exciting to know that the boys may eventually produce not only their own music, but also other artists. As we see from songwriting credits, production itself is a creative endeavor, a huge part of music recording.

Louis has expressed interest in managing his own imprint in the past. Triple Strings was established for that purpose. The origins and future of the company are debatable, but being an artist doesn’t rule out being involved in other aspects of the music business. It’s been noted that Louis is great at networking, knows many people bts in the music industry, and is a great work partner.

It’s exciting to consider the possibilities for an artist who can bring forth his own music on his own terms, AND venture into the music business in other ways. Scooter Braun and Usher have a joint musical business venture, the Raymond-Braun Media Group. Another example is Jay Z. He bought Tidal in 2015 for $50 million. Tidal’s estimated valuation today is $600 million. His business ventures are too many to list, but he is a respected artist as well– 3 albums in RS’s best 500 of all time, 21 Grammys, etc. One doesn’t preclude the other.

A young Jay Z probably couldn’t imagine being 2017 Jay Z, but he was ambitious, creative, & willing to take risks, and he didn’t close any doors. I’m not saying Louis should pursue these things– of course, he can do whatever he wants to do. But he’s talked about his interest before, and he certainly has the work ethic and the talent.

I am very excited to hear his new music. I think it will surprise us in a lot of good ways. Louis’s partnership with Steve on JHO was unexpected (it was unexpected, to me, that Louis put out an EDM single) but so, so lovely– both their friendship and the music itself. Louis and Harry both have the ability to put their distinct signatures on various genres of music, so it still sounds like them, be it EDM or blues. This is a rare talent for artists so young.

So, I am excited to hear his music, and watch Louis’s career in other ways too.
The Future of Music: Playing for $30,000 in Tips
More up-and-coming bands and musicians are using apps like YouNow and to live-stream acts, connect with audiences—and rake in virtual-currency tips
By Hannah Karp

Vlive should add tip jars. Kpop groups already release so much non-music video content on their Vlive channels and the entertainment agencies need to find new revenue (cough Cube cough TS cough). And Amber and Henry can finally get work.

I love it when people say ‘oh, it’s just the stupid Swifties who are spending all their money buying multiple copies of the album, just feeding the hype machine, that’s the only reason she’s so successful. no one actually likes her, and the people that do just don’t see how fake she is.’

do…. do you HEAR yourself?! 

like… this woman writes all of her songs, if not by herself, then she at least has a hand in every. single. song. she has the most control over her career of any pop star on the planet. 

her image is nearly flawless. somehow this makes her ‘fake’, but never a good role model. how convenient. 

not to mention all the things she has done for her fans. to name a few, but not limited to:

-going to the back of the building while on tour to make the worst seats in the house the best seats

-inviting fans backstage that DIDN’T have backstage passes at nearly every show (a lot of people don’t think about the fact that at this point, she’s had to do vocal warm ups, probably physical warm ups, hair and makeup, hyping up her dancers and singers, performing the whole show flawlessly, etc) after performing. then she takes pictures with them all

-as of the 1989 era she has begun inviting hundreds of fans INTO HER HOME, allows them to listen to her album months before it’s released all while pumping them full of delicious baked goods, presents, love and genuine affection that literally EVERY. SINGLE. SECRET. SESSIONER. raves about. this woman actually trusts HUNDREDS of people to listen to her album and not leak information. and they fucking don’t, with the exception of the .4% asshole 

-sits up for hours on the internet to interact with her fans 

-has her team seek out the biggest Swifties addresses so that she can send them (personalized? from what I’ve heard?) Christmas presents to thank them for all they’ve done for her

-thanks her fans and reminds the world and us on a regular basis that she would not be anywhere without us, during awards shows, performances, interviews

.…..and even if there was the slightest, smallest chance that all of that was fake….

so? then what a business TYCOON. if all of that love and mutual adoration that Taylor Alison Swift shares with her fans isn’t real, if that sweet and wonderful angel is fake, then she is the BADDEST motherfucker on the planet. she has come up with a business model so flawless that she has an army at her command, and yes motherfuckers, we are Taylor’s Army. 

because guess what? 

in the event that Taylor Alison Swift is the angel we all know and love her to be, I obviously stan that woman until the day that I die.

and in the event that she’s a cold-hearted, money-grubbing, stuck up, fake rich-girl popstar who loves drama to fuel her music career and merchandise and her brand? 

if she literally decided ‘yeah I’m gunna ruin my friendship with “rap genius” Kanye West and then put an album out on the 10 year anniversary of his mama’s death’, if she is that hard…

I stan that too. no woman has ever done for women in the music industry and for her fans what Taylor Alison Swift has done either way you look at it. she is not only a musical genius, but a LEGENDARY business woman. 

you are goddamn right I’m buying multiple copies of her album and spending $15 for popsockets. TAKE MY MONEY TAYLOR, YOU EARNED IT BABE.


(ps. I know you are a sweet loving vanilla bean but I’m just saying if you weren’t I’d love you anyway because besides that you’re an incredibly musically, poetically, artistically talented, business woman who I look up to more than you’ll ever know.)



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