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What are your opinions on Team Rocket?

They were cool, and they do have SOME moments where their characters are fun, but for the most part, I feel they’re walking filler in the anime.

If anyone can find me a clear vocal of their motto without background music, that would be fantastic, cuz I wanted to do a song with it, and can’t find it for the life of me.

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A Shakira soundtrack would definitely make the movie I'm crying, you should make an actual playlist.

petition to remake the outsiders w/ my soundtrack lmao

  • the opening credits as ponyboy’s walking out of the theater: lose urself- eminem
  • when the socs chase ponyboy: whenever, wherever- shakira 
  • @ the drive in: dj got us falling in love- usher
  • when the socs show up at the park: apologize- timbaland & one republic
  • when johnny stabs bob: sorry- beyonce 
  • background music @ bucks: hips don’t lie- shakira
  • when they run away: we are young- fun
  • dallas driving to dairy queen: hollaback girl- gwen stefani
  • inside the church when it’s on fire: burning up- jonas brothers
  • close up of johnny during nothing gold can stay poem: the “hoe shut the fck up” part big sean says in all me by drake
  • rumble scene: hit me baby one more time- britney spears
  • johnny’s death: halo- beyonce
  • dallas’s death: bring me to life- evanescene
  • cherry when she sees ponyboy at school: oops!… i did it again- britney spears
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1. Books
2. Coffee
3. Conversation (esp with my Discord Deviants <3)
4. Did I mention books?
5. Lazing in a comfortable chair, feet warmed by sunlight, in a clean living room with a cigarette, a cup of good coffee, music in the background, a cat visible and a book in hand. 

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