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Leonard Nimoy aka ‘Spock’ dies at the age of 83 (VIDEO)

Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Spock, the pointy-eared, half-human, half-Vulcan, on “Star Trek,” died at his Los Angeles home Friday morning, following a hospital stay earlier this week. His death, which was confirmed by his wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, was due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which Nimoy said was caused by years of smoking. Nimoy lived a long life and prospered for 83 years, enjoying a life filled with poetry and photography alongside his acting and directing career. He also delighted in music and wrote two autobiographies – “I Am Not Spock” in 1975 and “I Am Spock” in 1995 – in which he revealed the fascinating influence that the character had on his own personal life. Outside of working on the starship Enterprise, Nimoy liked flying in real life, was a pilot and owned his own plane. After the “Star Trek” series, Nimoy, who revealed he had turned into an alcoholic but later recovered, also remained close friends with co-star William Shatner. Nimoy was survived by his wife, Susan, of 26 years and two children, Adam and Julie, and was said to still have the last pair of pointy ears he wore while working on the show. [The New York Times] The post Leonard Nimoy aka ‘Spock’ dies at the age of 83 (VIDEO) appeared first on

  • Name: Michael
  • Age: 29
  • Location: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Last thing I googled: 'pounds to euros' - I'm going to Dublin next week!
  • Nickname: B
  • Sexual orientation: Queer
  • Favorite color: Green and purple
  • Place that makes you happy: My flat
  • Favorite movie: Mean Girls and The Little Mermaid
  • What I’m wearing: Tighty whities from Primark
  • Last book I read: Currently reading Nesting, David Almond’s book of short stories; and Woman in the Making, Panti’s autobiography
  • Last music you bought: I know she’s problematic, but I bought a bunch of Amanda Palmer tracks on iTunes
My Funny Valentine - An Unmasked Story

My Funny Valentine – An Unmasked Story

The very first Valentine’s day I spent with my new wife, we were separated by a terrible snowstorm. I was living in a town in upstate New York, upon which I’ve based a lot of the geography and economic observations of Arcadia. I had a house there, empty except for myself and a couple of Maine Coon cats named Marvin K Mooney, named after the first Dr. Seuss book I ever loved, and Riff Raff, after…

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#music Willie Nelson Autobiography Will Tell 'Long Story' of Highs and Lows: From his small-tow... #news #hotnews BruteGeek

#music Willie Nelson Autobiography Will Tell ‘Long Story’ of Highs and Lows: From his small-tow… #news #hotnews

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February 13, 2015

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February 13, 2015 at 04:55PM
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Books Read in 2015 0 8. Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys by Viv Albertine

Books Read in 2015 0 8. Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys by Viv Albertine

Genre: Autobiography, Music

Narrative Style: First Person Narration

Rating: 4/5

Published: 2014

Format: Paperback

Synopsis: Viv Albertine used to be in The Slits. This charts her life before, during and after, looking specifically at the three things mentioned in the title. It is an honest and at times emotional journey through one woman’s life. 

I love The Slits. They are one of my favourite…

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i just might - songs of possibility, opportunity, and chance

untitled opening number - title of show // picture show - bonnie and clyde // all i need is the girl - gypsy // purpose - avenue q // what if - the addams family // and - a chorus line // nothing short of wonderful - dogfight // i just might - 9 to 5: the musical // run away with me - the unauthorized autobiography of samantha brown // real life - tick, tick… BOOM! // another hundred people - company // if i could’ve been - working // nothing stops another day - ghost: the musical // turning into beautiful - murder ballad // could i leave you? - follies // there will be a miracle - see what i wanna see // she meets him/one minute in a lift - lift // 96000 - in the heights


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Ashlee Simpson - Undiscovered

"Touch me now, how I wanna feel something so real. Please remind me, my love. And take me back. ‘Cause I’m so in love with what we were. I’m not breathing I’m suffocating without you. Do you feel it too?”

Every day is silent and grey in Morrisseyland, and, although we know that this cannot be true, we appreciate the darkness of his perspective, for it makes ours seem lighter. Yes, we’re painfully aware that we should always look on the brighter side of life, but for those times when there’s nothing more depressing than an optimist, Morrissey’s our man.

— Barry Walters on Morrissey’s ridiculously cruel, yet bighearted Autobiography