the girl sitting next to me on the tube unlocked her iphone and i could see she was listening to just hold on, i unlocked it at the same time and she saw i was listening to it too, we just looked at each other and we smiled. i don’t know who she was and i will never see her again but I loved that we didn’t say a word, we just knew. 


oh hey kosuzus got a theme now

  • Just a reminder: it does get better.
  • 3 years ago I was about to break up with my girlfriend because of my religious grandparents. Year before that I was falling into one of the worst depressions of my life.
  • Now. I'm 19. Happily dating a transguy. And while not everything is great things are getting better. And I no longer look over my shoulder. I'm no longer running for my abuse. As hard as the holidays will be now that I'm out to my family, I'm out. I'm able to show off my boyfriend. I'm able to be open.
  • It gets better.
The signs as Heathers songs
  • Aries: Poor little Heather
  • Taurus: JD’s blown up
  • Gemini: Suicide note
  • Cancer: First funeral
  • Leo: Back to school
  • Virgo: Dorm party
  • Libra: You’re beautiful
  • Scorpio: The forest
  • Sagittarius: Croquet
  • Capricorn: Heather’s locker
  • Aquarius: Petition montage
  • Pisces: Veronica’s dream