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Kinda Outta Luck
  • Kinda Outta Luck
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Kinda Outta Luck

I really want him back, but i’m kinda outta luck.

I’ve drawn @thatsthat24 many times so I thought it was time to paint him!! He’s just so beautiful, I can’t stop turning him into art, I mean he already is art but you know what I mean. I’m very pleased with how this turned out. His musical and this song in particular are very special to me. Meeting him and seeing his show was one of the best days I’ve ever had! The writing is sloppy, but I think that’s the beauty of it. Anyway, Thomas, if you’re reading this, I love you and miss you SO MUCH!! And I hope I get another chance to give you the art I made for you someday!!!

Three gems and a baby: Analysis (long post)

(yay, it’s here! in this post, i’ll mostly be talking about key points that i thought stood out the most and may give us hints to the over all plot and personalities of the gems and other characters)

first note- “ don’t forget out… arrangement”  “that’s what you get for raising me to love music” 

we find out, that steven does in fact: demand a song at every flashback/story from his father. 10/10 . I love the lil inside jokes of steven universe

through the song, we hear that greg was probably not educated in how to raise a child at all, just like most adults in real life. and if there’s anything i love about steven universe, it’s how realistic they are. greg loves steven but that doesn’t make his a perfect parent, if there even is one. and i really like that. also, linked to this-

how greg looks at vidalia, yellow-tail and sour-cream. it looks as tho he is reminded of rose and how he would have liked to raise steven with her. and of course, this episode is very much about the transition of everything being about rose, to being about steven, as you will notice, most, if not, all of the flashbacks are about rose or have a lot on rose in them. at this point in time, is where that changes and is more about steven, with occasional moments of the gems and greg missing rose and crying and probably singing about it. 

what’s up with steven and rose’s gem?? does it actually need to breathe? it could make sense if it did, 14 year old steven wears a shirt and jeans, the shirt would still be breathable but the lil baby jumpsuit onsie thing he has on, not so much. 

“lil rose”. ouch. the feels. 

LOOK AT PEARL. M Y  L O V E  P L E A S E. (funfact, i love pearl, she is my fav and i have never doubted her once) 

aside from jokes- notice that amethyst seems to be dealing with this ok, pearl… definitely not so much, from her prospective, rose is basically dead. and garnet is garnet. she is now the leader of the crystal gems pretty much and has to keep calm and rational. she has to be strong and keep everyone together.

her maturity to the situation shown when explaining that steven is NOT just a little rose, he is just steven the baby with rose’s gem. or at least that’s basically what she said, i imagine from here, they didn’t see steven as a friend or person, just as rose. or maybe like, an illiterate and uneducated version of rose? which is shown in their gifts. but not garnet’s. she has future vision. she doesn’t count here.

again. pearl. people are gonna be calling her salty again for this. but, every time i see her face like this, i just know how much it must hurt for her.

i’d like to prove my point on how the gems had thought of steven being a gem. amethyst thought that steven could just shape shift into them. a gem thing. the gems don’t have understanding of how babies work at all, they’re gems, and have never been babies, they just weren’t then were. which is expressed later in the episode. so they think of steven like an uneducated gem that has just been born, he can read, think and do as he pleases with his own rational understanding. BUT NO. HE CAN’T HE HUMAN. AND GEM. 

another side note, “it’s just a box, made to look like it was carefully wrapped” 14 years later - connie: “ It’s just a box made to look like I spent a lot of time wrapping it. “ again with the inside jokes

from here, the gems think that steven really is rose. and proceed to kidnap him, after a stranger things style communication from pearl 

 “steven, is a fusion” (called it)

1- change in styles 2- pearl driving 3- “he’ll thank us later” did they think that they could get steven and rose apart?? apparently so, since they try to get steven to ‘unfuse’ later.

now, it becomes very clear after this what they gems thing about steven. they all think he is a gem. amethyst thinks it’s shape shifting (also, she was a toilet for almost a month apparently.)

, garnet thinks it’s fusion

and btw, what happens with steven here, is exactly how a baby would react. since at tthis age, babies only know what is in front of them, for example, if you hind under a blanket, even tho it’s obvious you’re still there, to a baby, it’s like you’re not there at all. so another realistic scene from the show. i love it so much. also garnet’s small voice crack when she says “ i don’t understand”

and finally, pearl. who thinks rose is just stuck with a baby around her gem. not seeing steven as part of her at all. or rose as part of him. she is just stuck in him.

and honestly, this is so sad. all she wants is the one she loves back. but she can’t do it. she knows it would be selfish to end what rose wanted so much. 

“everything should grow and everything should change. and isn’t it so wonderful that it comes so naturally for humans.. but it’s not natural for us. it’s not natural for me…” 

that right there. almost got me in tears. 

then this scene. this is where everything changes. it really is all about steven now, it may be hard for them, the gems especially. but they just made a change. accepting that this is rose and gregs child and that he is what is left now. 

another side note- 

buck and jenny as kids

now back to sad stuff-

“just a bunch of small ideas that never came together.”

which is basically everything i explained before. with what the gems thought steven was and how they should deal with it. 

and let’s just appreciate this lil family moment. all steven has all together.

and then steven telling everyone about how wrong they were and pearl saying “well, that was a really long time ago”

yeah, no. she has a different sense of time. 14 years is next to nothing to a gem. let’s be honest. this is just pearl trying to cover for herself and the others by extent. only to hear from steven, that he meant they were wrong about changing.

we see pearl giving amethyst the tea bag from greg’s tea, which is something she wouldn’t have done in season one for sure. 

pearl giving greg the tea in a caring manner, rather than the usual cold way she does. (i know this is a bad inbetween like screenshot. it’s hard to get good ones all the time, ok??)

and… i’d like to ask. is anyone gonna talk about how the gems threw a jungle gym at steven’s baby sitter?

Tag thing!

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Height: 5ft 2

Hogwarts House: HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!!!!!

Fictional Character I’d love to have dinner with: This one is super hard, but I’d have to say Newt Scamander

Favorite Band Or Artist: Fall Out Boy

How Many Blogs Do I Follow: Haha… only 

Do I Get Asks On A Regular Basis: no

Aesthetic: Punk rock all the way! But also space and nature

Favorite Greeting: Hey

Pets: 1 dog, 6 cats, 2 frogs

Last Song I Listened To: Does the pokemon theme music count? If not, then probably a FOB song

Favorite TV Show: Steven Universe

First Fandom: Doctor Who!!! Man, those were the good days… I need to catch up on Doctor Who, I’m really behind

Hobbies: Reading

Books I Am Currently Reading: I’m not reading anything rn, but I’m going to re-read The Deathly Hallows pretty soon


I still have nightmares about it…

Favorite Place: Austin, Texas. It’s so pretty! That and San Antonio

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How they really defeat Bill

Okay so this is a really trashy idea @mistrel-fox and I had. We talked about what if Bill told Ford about his true motives in song, like a lot of Disney villains did, and then Stan and the kids come to save Ford, who can’t take the singing anymore and tell him that the  only way to defeat Bill is by singing a song about friendship XD So they sing and Bill is gone. yay.

Also, omg that’s the fist from the trailer. Lol

Excuse the shitty songwriting and coloring XDDD

nal-ka  asked:

I love Sleeping At Last! I found his songs a few years ago and have loved them ever since!!!

Yay! more people who knows his songs! I’ve try to get my friends but they don’t like his music :(

His songs are amazing! The instruments he use and the way it all comes together <3 I can’t wait for more


I was tagged by @thedoorintosummer to post some songs I’ve been listening to lately. I love being tagged in stuff so yay! Prepare yourselves, I’ve got quite a few here. Also, I wasn’t able to screenshot the songs as they were playing or whatever so here’s some album covers for you kids. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell which one is which.

1. Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone
2. Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
3. Electric Light Orchestra - Telephone Line
4. Men I Trust - Stay True (ft. Helena)
5. Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
6. Mac Demarco - Freaking Out the Neighborhood
7. Porches - Glow
8. The Smiths - Ask
9. School ‘94 - Head Over Here
10. Fthrsn - What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up
11. Haircut 100 - Nobody’s Fool
12. Pete Townshend - Pure And Easy
13. The Smiths - Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
14. Woman’s Hour - Conversations

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Kpop URL Tag

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m - mistake - CLC

i - I’m fine - VROMANCE (OK BUT THE MODULATIONS IN THIS SONG ARE AMAZING PLEASE LISTEN (for you non-musical people, modulation is basically changing from one key to another in a song))

n - Not today - BTS (

i - I don’t know well - Seventeen

w - Who are you - Sam Kim

o - Oh NaNa - K.A.R.D

o - One Day - Infinite

s - Spring Day - BTS

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song shuffle tag game

alrighty, ‘bout time i get around to doing some of these tag games. tumblr is no longer blocked at school (yay) and i’ve got time to kill before the day is over so here we go.

i was tagged by the very lovely @deanandbaby to press shuffle on your playlist and list the first 10 songs. thanks!

  • play with fire | the rolling stones
  • same damn life | seethed
  • all along the watchtower | jimi hendrix
  • i own you | shinedown
  • untraveled road | thousand foot crutch
  • rise | sixx:am
  • high road | fort minor
  • call me | shinedown
  • gold | sir sly
  • lake of fire | nirvana

this was a good mini playlist. seriously though. all good songs. so a little older and so a little newer. tagging: @masterlynovak, @wetsammywinchester, @justanothersaltandburn, @purgatoan, @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @letstalkaboutwincest (i really don’t know how else to tag).

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Yes I saw it! I love the music video so much ❤️ and the song is very beautiful. I’ve been listening to it a lot and I can’t wait until my albums arrive yay!

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Directions: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, no skipping, then tag 10 people.

1. Rave On - M. Ward
2. Hold On I’m Coming - Mia Z
3. In My Life - Joshua Davis
4. We Are Waves - Beat!Beat!Beat!
5. Gold Digger ft Jamie Foxx - Kanye West
6. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time - Panic! At The Disco
7. Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay
8. Dopamine - BØRNS
9. The Beach - The Neighbourhood
10. Starlight ( 태연) ft. DEAN - TAEYEON

I’ve had this written down since yesterday but never grabbed my computer after and sorta forgot. The music lists and asks are like my fave ever. So i’m going to tag… @harrycarryme @freakassharry @four-teen-styles @stylesinthewild @nicegoodgolden @kasiwrites @canistay-haz

another tag game yay

much thanks to @citrusjedi you seem to know how much i love these!!!

thing: answer the questions and tag twenty blogs some bloggys you’d like to get to know better 

nicknames: smol one, the king

time right now: time is an illusion. you are an illusion. everything is an ill

last thing i googled: tumblr.hell (i wasnt sure if it was a domain or not)

fave music artist: rn its ed sheeran allll the wayyyy i cant fucking wait to get divide on friday

song stuck in my head: golden (fob)

last movie i watched: room (five out of five would recommend)

last tv show i watched: breakfast (lol i know that doesn’t count) 

what i’m wearing now: hahaha onesie

when i created this blog: october 201- oh wait time is an illusion

the kind of stuff i post: memes, harry potter, phan, pjo, mcga, the odd sad thing, any cute animal ever

do i have other blogs: nooooo sorry to disappoint all those people out there who i’m sure are super-super disappointed 

do i get asks regularly: pffft nah mate…. i’m not lonely at all…… *sob* all asks are appreciated! 

why did i choose my url: camisado is one of my favourite songs of all time and that lyric represents me emotionally 

hogwarts house: ravenclaw, caw caw motherfuckers

pokemon team: mystic articuno yaaaas

fave colours: purple, blue, yellow, anything in the right shade

average hours of sleep: pffft who knows probably five or six max

lucky number: seven (there’s a good story behind that one)

favourite characters: hermione granger, luna lovegood, samwise gamgee, yuuri and victor, few others 

dream job: not being asked what my dream job is ever again

number of blankets i sleep with: one duvet, assorted other quilts and crap

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I got tagged by two lovely people <3 @pinkjasmink and @kittyboo8015. Thank you and sorry it took me so long. I was moving to another city and just have internet since a few hours :D

Rules - put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that come up and tag ten people.

Since I listen to music ALL day and ALWAYS on shuffle thgis is easy :D

1. Medicine Man - Charlotte OC

2. Hunger of the Pine - alt-J

3. Ties - Years & Years

4. Toxic - Yael Naim

5. Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars

6. Need you tonight - Welshly Arms

7. This pleasure needs Pain -  ådå (der Zeitgeist)

8. Worhsip - Years & Years

9. Love Lockdown - Glass Animals

10. Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan

I was about to write a post for one of my Eruri RPGs so I was listening to my RPG playlist : >

I suck with tagging so please feel free to share you music. I love to discover new artists and music <3
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Nickname: Mandee Pandee. Although technically Mandee is a nickname too! My name is Amanda, but no one ever calls me that. I’ve always just been Mandee. Fun Fact! I didn’t even know my name was Amanda until I was 6!
Star Sign: Sagittarius ♐️✌🏻
Height: 5'9" or 175cm
Time Right Now: 9:15pm
Favorite Musical Artist: Ahhhhh don’t make me choose! I love music!
Song Stuck in your head: Forever Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake-The Sugar Plum Fairy. It never ever stops playing in my head!!! Send help!!! Although recently I’ve had Disney’s the Little Mermaid- Part of That World 😅
Last Movie Watched: Miss Pereguin’s Home For Peculiar Children
Last TV Show Watched: Friends! I just started watching it from the beginning! 😂😂😂
What Are You Wearing Right Now: Snoopy summer top and shorts pyjamas!
When Did You Create Your Blog: Hmm May??? 2014. It took me about a year to use it and make my first post though! 
Do You Get Asks Regularly: Semi-regularly, although recently I’ve been starting to get them almost daily.
Why Did I Choose My URL: Okay bit of a long story! So! I’ve been playing AC since Game Cube’s Population Growing. I was pretty young then and had no idea what to call my town and just wanted to play! Very originally I decided it was a town and that game’s are toys so I called it Toytown. For Wild Wild I thought it would be “funny” to call it Toyville (little play on words of my first town). By City Folk and New Leaf starting my town with Toy had become a tradition so all my towns had to begin with toy! I wanted to name my blog after something personal to me but I didn’t wan’t to name it after my New Leaf town, because one day I would be playing a new game. At that time It was my intention to name them all beginning with Toy (broke the rule in Faewilds though), so I began my blog name with Toy to represent my current and future towns, crossing for Animal Crossing of course, and adventures because I wanted my blog to be a diary of sorts of all my adventures!!!
Hogwarts House: Kind of a long story but I’m griffinclaw! Hahaha
Gender: Female
Pokémon Team: Ahhh what even is this??? I’ve only just started playing Pokemon for the first time with Sun and Moon and I’m still completely the main story!
Favourite Colour: Ahhh making me choose a again! I love all colours but I do love purple best!
Average Hours of Sleep: 2-5 hours :/
Dream Job: I’d love to be an author! It’s also a really big dream of mine to get a capture card for my 3DS and make gaming YouTube videos especially of Animal Crossing and Dream Addresses! 
Cutest Baby Animals: They’re all cute!!!
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Nicknames: none

Star sign: taurus

Height: 157 cm

Time right now: 22:17 cet

Last thing I googled: “map of italian regions”

Favourite music artist: only one? girl i can’t do that. but love antell is up high

Song stuck in my head: none atm

Last movie I watched: the princess diaries 2 probably

Last TV show I watched: scrubs

What I am wearing right now: t-shirt and panties

When I created my blog: 16/1-2012

What kind of stuff I post: it’s in my description but: eurovision, skam, sense8, the beatles, a little bit of food & fun stuff & important stuff & nature & music &…… 

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff

Pokémon team: i don’t play

Favourite colour: i believe they all have potential to be beautiful in the right situation

Average hours of sleep: like 7?

Lucky number: 6 & 26

Favourite characters: sun bak (sense8)

Dream job: something involving food & development

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The Signs as Collide With The Sky songs

Aries: Hell Above
Taurus: The First Punch
Gemini: Bulls In The Bronx
Cancer: I’m Low On Gas & You Need A Jacket
Leo: King For A Day
Virgo: Props & Mayhem
Libra: May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep
Scorpio: One Hundred Sleepless Nights
Sagittarius: A Match Into Water
Capricorn: Tangled In The Great Escape
Aquarius: Hold On ‘Til May
Pisces: Stained Glass Eyes & Colorful Tears

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a - age: 22

b - biggest fear: my future

c - current time: 10:56 PM

d - drink you last had: water

e - every day starts with: crying

f - favorite song: tech noir by gunship, at the moment

g - ghosts, are they real: i’ll believe when i see it

h - hometown: forest, ontario

i - in love with: my heart is a cold dead thing

j - jealous of: cats

k - killed someone: what

l - last time you cried: this morning lmao

m - middle name: kyung-a

n - number of siblings: 2, yay

o - one wish: better mental and physical health?

p - person you last called/texted: my doctor (i have no social life)

q - questions you’re always asked: how are you?

r - reasons to smile: ??

s - song last sang: tried to sing along with beyonce, didn’t work *cries*

t - time you woke up: 8:30 AM

u - underwear color: why

v - vacation destination: just launch me into the sun

w - worst habit: voluntary sleep deprivation

x - x-rays you’ve had: my entire skull (it was weird to see), and my left arm

y - your favorite food: seolleongtang

z - zodiac sign: leo. rawr

sorry, but i’m waaay too tired to tag.. i’m getting serious eye bags lately 😬

so try this out if you feel like it