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a/n: oh god, schools been killing me - about one coffee away from a nervous breakdown, so sorry for not being as active. here’s a gift, i love you! 

synopsis: a love sick fool - a love sick, lust sick puppy dog Shawn is. He’s gonna call you, nothing like drunk calling your ex.

warnings: nsfw.- slight smut at one part

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“Crawling back to you
Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few? 
‘Cause I always do 
Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through” - arctic monkeys, do i wanna know? 

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-Jenna comes from a HUGE family, I’m talking aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, etc.

-Her family is actually pretty wealthy, her father works around town but doesn’t explicitly say what he does but he brings in a lot of money; her mother and grandparents from both sides run 3 successful bakeries

-The reason they can have so many people living with them is because of they have several guest houses for them

-Jenna has 1 older sibling and 5 younger ones making her the second oldest Rolan child, because of this tho she’s outshined regularly by her older sibling and pushed aside to give attention to the younger kids

-This is part of the reason why she gossips, to get noticed and moved up the social ladder even at the expense of someone else’s reputation


-Jenna loves old people in general, she thinks their really sweet and endearing

-She bakes with her grandmother sometimes and she actually picked up gossiping from her, her Nanna would constantly talk about some of the things the other grannies she knew would do or what they said

-Jenna didn’t actually gossip all that much, it was more of a “I’m the quiet kid in class and I just listen in on other people’s conversations by accident sometimes” hence why she gets insanely detailed stories to tell and spread

-it was completely unintentional at first but when she realized she was getting noticed more and moving up the food chain she became gossip central

-Jenna works at a bookstore café and within a few months was promoted to manager

-Jenna is also insanely smart?? Like she’s a human dictionary slapped with a calculator it’s kind of intimidating; she takes all AP and Duel Credit classes

-the girl is always kept up to date on politics and actually really wants to hold a political office in the future

-(not to mention with the dirt she can dig up she’d murder her political rivals’ campaigns)

-cares about her younger siblings a lot but when they don’t get their way when she’s baby sitting they are literal ankle biters

-Jenna has two cats named Coco and Snails

-Jenna is the “I dress really nice for show but if you give me the chance I will wear sweats and a baggy comfy t-shirt for comfort factor”

-Jenna’s relationship with Brooke and Chloe is interesting

-Brooke is actually really nice to her and she stops by the house often to hang out but she’s rather oblivious to how Jenna feels sometimes

-Chloe is a whole other ball park; Jenna has so much dirt on her but mostly out of fear of losing her standing she stays quiet and deals with Chloe’s attitude towards her for now

-jenna tries to stay in touch with her older sibling but they don’t always respond and they claim they’re busy but she knows that’s just an excuse to not speak with her as often as she’d like

-Jenna is a savory kinda person rather than preferring sour or sweets or salty tasting things

-Jenna still plays Pokémon go and after the Squipcident she goes out with Michael and Jeremy to play at the park


-with the exception of Chess and Checkers

-Jenna has sunspots!!!!!

-Jenna’s family is all Italian with the exception of her great grandmother on her father’s side who is Spanish, and her grandfather on her mom’s side being Caucasian

-Family parties are WILD, other relatives show up, food is prepared, music is blaring, everyone’s having a good time!


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The night before was wild. Drinks were tossed back, and lips spoke little nothing into the barely empty space between them. Hair was pulled and low moans rang throughout the room that night while a burning desire mingled into the air.

Though in the morning everything was just a mere blur, nothing but soft lips and drowning within each other was remembered.

The morning after was nothing to romanticize, if anything he felt like hell. His head was throbbing and his hair was more than just a simple mess, he could feel where it was yanked last night. Even so he could feel his arms wrapped around his waist, holding him in his place. Alexander let out a small huff of breath against the back of his neck, wrapping a leg around Thomas in his sleep. 

“Let go of me Hamilton,” he mumbles quietly, moving his legs first, trying to pull away. Alexander groans quietly and slowly lets go, blinking his tired eyes. Thomas takes it the moment Alexander lets go and sits up, pulling the blanket away from Alexander and covering his torso. 

“What the fuck?” Alexander rubs his eyes and first sees the mass of kinky black hair, matted down from sleep. He frowns for a moment before his eyes went wide, a little shriek escaping his mouth. 

“Jefferson! What are you doing in my- holy shit.” Thomas just faced the wall, his muscles tensing up as Alexander looked down at his own naked form.

“I’m leaving.” His voice was brutally cold, leaving Alexander in shock. He was expecting, well it was Jefferson after all. He was expecting something different.

“Wait-” He reaches out and places a hand on Thomas’ shoulder before he was shrugged off. Thomas stood up, collecting his clothes quickly, refusing to say anything else. He quick sweep through the room and Thomas had his clothes in his arms and he was in the bathroom, the door slammed shut and locked.

“Jefferson come out right this instant!” He yelled, stumbling out of bed and snatching up his boxers and throwing them on quickly. 

“Fuck you!” Was yelled through the door and Alexander sighed, hitting his head against the closed door.

“Jefferson seriously, please…” 

“Go away Alexander. I’m getting dress you pervert.”

“I seriously saw you naked last night, I’m not a pervert.”

“So you were staring.”

“We had sex together! We both saw each other naked!”

“Alexander Hamilton, just move out of the way of the door, I’m leaving.” Alex checked the doorknob again, seeing only that it was still locked.

“I’m not leaving until we talk.”

“We are never talking again. Not at work, not at functions, not even at meetings. Never, this is not even allowed.”

“Still, we can talk…” There was just a silent response and Alexander sighed. “Jefferson, what happened last night might’ve been a mistake-”

“It was a mistake.”

“But we should still talk about it and figure out what we’re gonna do.”

“I already figured out what we’re gonna do. Ignore each other.”

“Thomas Jefferson, get your ass out here right now!” There was some grumbling but the door was unlocked and swung up, revealing Thomas. Alexander felt a slight smile creep onto his face and he backed up.

“Good, now, let’s talk.” Alexander sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to him. Though Thomas stood there, crossing his arms and leaning against the door frame. 

“I don’t want to be anywhere near you.”


“Because you’re toxic. You’ll use this against me Alexander. I’m not innocent to your schemes.” Alexander scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“I am not toxic…” Alexander’s gaze traveled down to Thomas’ neck, eyeing the harsh red spots that covered him. 

“My eyes are up here,” Thomas growled and clenched his jaw. 

“Sorry, just was looking.”

“Alexander, Jesus, you don’t know how hard this is for me.”

“Explain it to me then.”

“I just don’t understand you.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean Jefferson?”

“Nothing Alexander, nothing at all.” Thomas turned his heel, heading for the door and picking up his jacket as he left.

“Is that my shirt?” Alexander asked and Thomas stopped, looking down before pulling it over his head and tossing it back at Alexander.

“Yes it is, and I don’t ever want to see it again.” And with that Thomas was out the door and gone.

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Lipstick or chapstick: neither. but if i could pull off lipstick damn son, i’d be wearing the best fucking lipstick on this earth

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Top 3 shows: okay i’m gonna cheat here cause I have four. Danny Phantom, The Flash, Prison Break, and Teen Wolf

Top three characters: cheating again Jean Kirschtein (Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan. my son), Dash Baxter (Danny Phantom. also my son), Barry Allen (The Flash. my son to the max), and Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

Top 3 ships: gotta go with my baes. jeanmarco (jean kirschtein/marco bodt) swagger bishie (dash baxter/danny fenton), and 

Tag 9 people I wanna get to know better: @astrophantompines @lexosaurus @shimmering-sunset @gangqueer @haunt-the-stars @hydro-kanan and anyone else that wants to do this

tag yourself — tumblr pop
  • Halsey: reckless nights, driving around the illuminated city of L.A. / sneaking into old, abandoned motels with your friends that you’re probably never going to talk to again after high school, but you still say the term BFF all night / cigarette filters in tiny liquor bottles, stained with lipstick / chopping off your hair in a bathroom that isn't yours and not cleaning up afterwards / young love and genuinely believing it’s the end of the world when it ends after a week, finally believing the people who warned you / burning an american flag and throwing your more-than-half-full bottle of jack daniels into the flames
  • Melanie Martinez: alphabet blocks spelling ‘go fuck yourself’ / your stuffed animals showing up in places you don’t remember placing them / pastel nail polish that messily gets all over your fingers and hands / old photos of babydolls with a lazy eye and bashed-in faces / finally realizing the grim, origin-meanings of the nursery rhymes your parents read you as a kid / watching tom and jerry on drugs / knee-high socks with lacy tops and rip all along the fabric / getting the big-kid swing all to yourself because no one wanted to go to the park with you / tearing the heads off of your animal crackers and gummy bears
  • The Neighbourhood: standing at the beach at 5 pm, shallow waves crashing onto your feet / burning money you know you need and using it to roll blunts because you want that rich-illusion / driving through california in a white convertible, with palm trees all around you and a girl you just met sitting next to you, while holding her shawl over her head before letting it fly off into the wind / hawaiian shirts and faded, ripped jeans / leaving a small party early and coming home to your expensive suburban condo, falling asleep alone / the ghost of nicotine on your tongue after brushing your teeth
  • Twenty One Pilots: colder weather and leaves fallen off every tree / painting vent-quotes on your walls with black and red paint when you can’t sleep / sitting in the school cafeteria with your childhood best friend, jamming on a ukelele / dark thoughts at night that you turn into poetry / secret handshakes that only you and your soulmate know / scribbling out your monsters with a black pen on a three-hole-punch notebook
  • Lorde: demolishing stereotypes, the popular girls kissing the nerd girls, jocks showing up at theatre class / games of spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven / throwing on your drugstore lipstick and fishnets and catching a bus to a sketchy, glow-blog-material club that doesn't require ID / sinking under chlourine-plagued water with your best friend and yelling something, floating up and trying to guess what the other said / going to a house party on a saturday while sticking to white wine and your friend that dragged you there, but ending up actually having a really good time / not giving a shit about sports but going to a highschool football game to get out of the house
  • Lana Del Rey: marilyn-liner and fake lashes / oldies movies playing in the background / emotionlessly breaking expensive jewelry that your ex bought you / loitering at liquor stores until you're asked to leave / getting into a stranger's car solely because they're cute / getting drunk off moonshine and dancing on the pole in the center of the T even though you have no experience
  • Marina And The Diamonds: purposely popping your bubblegum as hard as you can when someone asks you to stop chewing so loud / poisoning a milkshake at a 50's style diner / the sound of pouring a handful of diamonds against a mahogany floor / pastel pink leather jackets with a number of feminism pins all over it / a beautiful bouquet of flowers from all the lovers you met with, 1-5 for each day of the week.

which one fits ur aesthetic ? (insp) (insp)

it’s 1978 nd ur chillin w ur vampire byf in his basement nd he rly likes the taste of boxed wine even tho it makes him puke

u nd ur friends r following an abandoned train track cause an old man told u there’s a werewolf cave at the end of it nd all u have on u r a couple of flashlights, a broken compass, nd a packet of gummy worms

its 3 days before the end of the world so ur sitting in the middle of the highway in a fur coat getting high with ur dog

its 11:11 nd ur sitting at the edge of a dock drinking peach tea staring down at the black waves of the ocean nd ur head kinda hurts nd ur heart feels heavy

you didn’t ask for playlists but here

all are from { my spotify }

dancing around the room with wet hair and mismatched socks

these songs give me unrealistic expectations for my first date and I’m kinda okay with that

rain is when the clouds cry and my soul wants to sing

that one person who sits in the corner brooding listens to this as they stare at everyone

let’s sneak out on the roof just to stare at the stars while the wind blows around us

you really don’t want to talk to me if this is playing

it’s dark and we’re running through dimly lit streets, sitting and staring and not caring and feeling too much

when everyone leaves and it’s just me alone at night on my bed with my laptop

never been in a relationship but I made a breakup playlist anyway

there’s a stillness about the night that’s extremely calming 

“Maybe I was meant to be alone.

And I guess it is not a bad thing..

after all I held me for so long, why not a little longer? ”

which one’s a current mood ? (pt 1)

u live in an old abandoned church nd ur only friends r the 3-eyed deer who eat the dead leaves

ur buying prank supplies with ur friends in a haunted walmart nd u make a ghost pal

it’s 1954 nd ur plannin the the perfect heist w ur gf at the local dinner nd u can’t stop ordering strawberry milkshakes, it’s all v gay

it’s 3:45am nd ur on the roof of a 711 eatin hot cheetos thinkin bout mistakes u’ve made nd also star gazing

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Hey Hector. Sorry if this is a bother, but I'm new to the BMC fandom and just wanted to ask if there is anything I should know/keep in mind in case I start writing fics or creating fan art.

Hey Anon! It’s not a bother at all! Here are a few things you should know!! Welcome to the fandom!!


  • Christine is not white
  • Michael is not white
  • Lots of people like to draw Michael with a little mole above the left side of his mouth. This was started by @cryptidsp00n
  • Lots of people like to draw Rich with freckles, a tooth gap, and a red streak in his hair. None of these are canon in the musical, although Rich’s red streak is canon in the book. The freckles and tooth gap were started by @richardgoranski
  • these last two were honestly completely optional. its all up to you buddy!!
  • Lots of people like to draw Michael with a gay pride patch on the higher end of his left sleeve. This is essentially canon, and I would advise you most of all to not leave this out. George Salazar (the guy who played Michael) actually tweeted about it, which the fandom interprets to mean that it’s canon that Michael is gay. So honestly I’d advise against ignoring it, although it’s honestly cool if you leave it out m’dude. its your art. The gay pride patch was started by @gayradwhitedad
  • Don’t draw Jenna skinny!!! She’s played by Katie Ladner, who is not skinny!! 
  • Michael’s patches can be done completely canon, as shown in that link. however, everyone seems to have their own patch headcanons for him. ((hmu if you wanna see how i draw his sweatshirt lmao))
  • A lot of things are left up to interpretation!! Is Jeremy taller than Michael?? not canonically, but I love short Michael! Does Jake have frosted tips? Not canonically, but I love frosted Jakey D!
  • As long as you respect skin tones and body types, whatever you want to make is cool!!! Experiment, be free!!


  • Jeremy is Jewish!! Even if he celebrates Christmas, which some Jewish people do, just bear in mind that he is! not! christian!
  • Christine has ADD, but not ADHD!! she says she has ADD, which is related to ADHD, but not the same thing. ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder, which means she has a hard time focusing on one thing for an extended period of time. ADHD is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which means that someone has a hard time paying attention and/or sitting still for extended periods of time. yes, they’re similar, but not synonymous.   
  • Rich is bi!!
  • The girls have just as complex personalities as the boys. please give as much care to developing them as you do to the guys.
  • Chloe did a lot of fucked up things. look out for that. font make her a sweet baby. she doesn’t deserve that.
  • Friendships are just as important as romantic relationships, and can be just as good and interesting!!
  • Jake’s parents are not around, they’re on the run from the law! he has to look after himself, my dudes.
  • the squip is horrible and abusive. it makes Jeremy feel like shit. it tells him that they need to change everything about him because its all awful. it is both emotionally and physically abusive. Both Jeremy and Rich probably suffer from ptsd
  • try to branch out!! as great as boyf riends, richjake, and pinkberry are, also look into things like Jeremy’s relationship with his father, Chloe’s redemption arc (bc she needs redeeming lmao) and even other ships, like deere and expensive headphones :00 while they may not be the main ships of the fandom, they’re all super cute and (i cant find a link rip) Joe Tracz actually said that Rich and Michael would go to prom together!!
  • Michael is comfortable in his own skin!! Ye, he has social anxiety. But he doesn’t hate himself!! One of the defining factors of his personality is that he’s okay with who he is!! There are all kinds of anxiety, and don’t write him as self-hating!! its totally out of character for him :0
  • have fun, dude. be careful, and do your research if you’re writing about tricky topics like eating disorders, abuse, and anxiety. But most of all, just enjoy yourself. as long as you’re respectful, there should be no issues!! 

Feel free to shoot me an ask about any of this, or if you have any questions about if something’s cool to include in fanfic or not! I won’t tell you exactly what you can and cant write/draw, but I will try to nudge you in the right direction! Of course, only if you ask me to!! Anyone can message me about this stuff anytime, I love to help and suggest things!! I’m not scary I promise!!