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 Check out our interview from Music Without Labels! The song in the video is Sergeant Jacuzzi. Lets get the notes up on this one, tumblr family! :) 

“We wanna make timeless music thats gonna- you know, when you’re 80, you’re still dancing to this shit. You’re still like, "okay, yeah. I feel where they’re coming from.” You know what I mean?“


Carina Round released her newest album Tigermending yesterday, we made it to the release show and asked her about the album! Watch it now! 

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Obviously I’ve been working out of Brooklyn but we’re bringing someone new on board as our Brooklyn/NYC ambassador. I’m off to San Diego on Tuesday to continue working with MWL and Beat Play on some video stuff. Looking forward to that! First show booked >>> Talkdemonic February 4, 2012 <<<<>>>>La Jolla, CA! 

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