music was my first gay lover

Being a lesbian means I love me some gay ass music

Please enjoy a few of my favorites. 

Cliffs Edge - Hayley Kiyoko  

Girls like girls - Hayley Kiyoko 

Addicted to you - Avicii 

Gravel to Tempo - Hayley Kiyoko 

Arrest me - Bria and Chrissy 

Take me to Heaven - Bria and Chrissy 

Ghost - Halsey 

Coming Out - Ally Hills

Her Lover - Ally Hills 

First Position - Kehlani 

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hi karma I'm trying to get into musicals (especially lgbt ones), do you have any recs? I know u always talk about them but for some reason i can't find names ajhsdghxh

Oh girl I have tons of recs!!! I’m gonna just list some of my faves and if any1 needs a bootleg for anything message me

Rent - 1996 rock musical about a group of struggling artists in the east village of new york city at the tail end of the aids crisis. It’s p good as far as representation goes with a lot of people of color and lgbt characters, including a black lesbian and a latina trans girl. A little disclaimer is that one character dies of aids and it can be rlly upsetting, but in general it’s a rlly good musical. There’s a movie version with not toooo many changes from the stage musical and there’s good some good bootlegs and a proshot or two

Spring Awakening - 2006 rock musical based off of Frank Wedekind’s 1892 play, Frühlings Erwachen, about a group of young teenagers in Germany who have a sexual awakening amidst an era where sex ed is withheld from kids, especially girls, in the name of modesty and the awful consequences when adults refuse to hear young people. There are two canon gay characters and there’s like… A ridiculous amount of gay subtext with other characters. It also deals with mental illness and a whole slew of other issues and it’s just really good. I would suggest watching the original broadway cast first, and if u like it watch the deaf west revival which was directed by Michael Arden and has an amaaazing cast, about half of it consisting of deaf and hard of hearing actors. They took the original concept and took it one step further to tell the story of how deaf people were misunderstood and treated badly throughout history and in that time period especially. There are two character deaths but neither of the gay characters die. Content warning for rape and suicide !!!!!!!!!! Be safe y'all

Fun Home - 2013 musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s (iconique lesbian cartoonist prolly most well known for creating the Bechdel test) autobiographical graphic novel about growing up a lesbian with a closeted gay father in a small Pennsylvania town in the 70s in the funeral home her family ran. Content warnings.. Her father’s suicide is a big theme and there are brief mentions of him having affairs with teenage boys in the past

Waitress - absolutely one of my favorite musicals!!! No explicit when lgbt rep but Jenna can def be interpreted as a lesbian and I am Passionate abt it. Written by queen Sara Bareilles and originally starring Jessie Mueller, Drew Gehling, Kimiko Glenn, and Keala Settle, Waitress is about a waitress/amazing baker named Jenna in a small Ambiguously Southern town who accidentally gets pregnant by her abusive husband and has an affair with her married doctor while trying to win a pie baking contest so she can get the prize money and escape with her baby. I saw it on Broadway with most of the original cast (all except for Kimiko Glenn, when I saw it Jenna Ushkowitz was her replacement) and it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I also accidentally almost knocked Drew Gehling on his ass in the streets of Manhattan and was MORITFIED and I kno for a fact he recognized me later when he signed my playbill. Content warning for lots of mentions and depictions of abusive relationships (no graphic violence tho).

Falsettos - 1992 musical with an amazing 2016 revival. Comprised of two of the three one act musicals William Finn wrote from 1979 to 1990, following the story of Marvin, a Jewish married man who realizes he’s gay. The first act of the musical is the second installment of the original trilogy of one act off beoadway shwos, March of the Falsettos, which introduces Marvin, Whizzer (his lover), Trina (his ex-wife), Jason (his son), and Mendel (his psychiatrist/friend). March of the Falsettos shows Marvin attempting to create a tight knit family with his ex wife and his son with the addition of Whizzer and Mendel (who hangs around more and more as relationship with Trina progresses). Act 2 is called Falsettoland and picks up after the events of March of the Falsettos in the year 1980 and introduces two new characters, Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia, Marvin’s lesbian best friends next door. Content warning for a character death.

I have endless more musical recs where that came from so literally just hmu for more

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Can I get a ship (x-men)? I'm a 16 year old gay boy, I'm a Pisces and really like art and drawing. I like a variety of music, mostly alternative and rock & I love food and sleep. I'm quiet at first but when I get to know someone I get really loud and weird around them. I'm chill unless someone threatens my friends/someone I love then I get angry and wanna beat their ass. I love cuddles and all that cute relationship stuff. Basically that cute hipster kid that can fight. I also occasionally drink

Lover: Warren Worthington III (Angel)

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You and Warren would come across as the type of couple to live on the edge, but you two would no otherwise behind closed doors. That’s not to say you both wouldn’t love your adventures, and having fun. It’s just that you’re a lot more affectionate than you let on. You and Warren are also alike in that you wouldn’t hesitate to step in when someone else crosses the line. I don’t know what to say, I think this is an obvious choice for me.

Best Friend: Ororo Munroe (Storm)

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Again, I think you and Ororo would be quite alike. She is both strong and tough, and kind and affectionate. She is loyal to her friends, and force to be reckoned with to her enemies. You could always count on her to have your back.

Secret Admirer: Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

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Remy pushes the boundaries, and people’s buttons. He’s a charmer, and can come across as over-confident. I think he’d be drawn to your loyalty, and the fact that you’re affectionate; not to mention, he’s a sucker for the “tough-but-has-heart-of-gold” types. Though his reasons could be questionable because he’s a notorious flirt. I think it’d be easy for you to attain him but the problem would be keeping him. If you value relationships, then I don’t think you’d be too appreciative of his flirtatious ways.

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: A Benefit for Community Member's Immigration Legal Fees

SATURDAY March 2nd, 2013


at Witch Beach - 1414 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, NY 11213


With the recent executive order, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), thousands of DREAMers are applying for relief from deportation and work authorization. In addition to the cost of the application itself (almost $500), many are accruing additional legal fees for lawyer visits and court appearances.

One of our dear friends and community members is among those with mounting legal fees, and we are turning to our community to ask for support for someone who has given us so much. Please come out and join us for a fundraiser to help our friend pay their legal fees. All proceeds will be used to help pay our friend’s legal fees.

Musicians/Bands Include:

  • Music was my First Gay Lover
  • Tijuana Bibles
  • Shady Hawkins
  • World’s Fair

$5-$20 Sliding Scale (Additional donations are welcome!)

Cheap drinks! Raffle prizes!

**Witch Beach is a safer space. All benefit attendees will be expected to adhere to Witch Beach’s safer space rules. Specifically, no misogyny, no racism, no homophobia/trans*phobia, no ableism and practice active consent at all times. If you violate the the safer space policies, you will be asked to leave.**

¾ to Crown Heights/Utica Ave

(BBS does not know the fund recipient directly but this looks like a rad show. See you there!)

Those of you who have been following this blog for a long while may remember li/or, a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter who made incredibly sweet and heartbreaking music. Well, he’s finally released some new music under the name Music Was My First, and it’s all just as amazing as you would expect. They are acoustic tunes reminiscent of Jose Gonzalez and Paul Baribeau, beautifully simple guitar and voice (with a bit of banjo or violin on a couple of them!) songs. If you’ve never listened to Music Was My First Gay Lover, now is a perfect time, as this new EP and a collection of older material are both available as pay what you want on his bandcamp.

My girl ❤️😳😘😍

I am in a long distance relationship with my partner, we’ve been together over two months and we’ve had numbers off ppl saying tht our relationship isn’t real, we can’t love each other… Tht were dating screens and tht were lying to ourselves.. I just want to say this..

1: when I Skype her, talk to her, I actually feel beautiful, and at peace with myself..

2: She believes in me and I believe in her

3: Even at my worsts moments she can make me smile or burst out laughing she can turn tears of sadness into tears of joy..

4: She never stops making me blush, every time she says I love you or something cute, I go bright red

5: the gap in my chest tht hurt so much, tht makes me feel lost and alone even in the busiest places is gone when I’m laughing with her or on the phone to her

6: She treats me like an angel and is proud of me and I’ve never been treated like that before…

7: nothing in the world is more beautiful than her laugh, her eyes or her voice I get lost in them I even just think of her and lose track of where I am, what I’m doing…

8: every day she makes special by doing something new or letting me into another part of her life…

9: she’s on my mind 24/7 in my dreams, when I’m at uni, with family, out with friend, even on the bloody loo she’s all I can think about

10: just the idea of meeting her (which is happening June 25th-1st July) gives me butterflies and makes me tear up from excitement…

11: knowing that she believes in me makes me feel like I can do anything…

12: she’s the only person close to me I’ve never lied to… I’ve never meant to lie to some ppl but I did… Her I just don’t need to…

13: she’s actually opened up to me and trusts me with things which not many people do

14: we know what each other are thinking, we know when we are emotional and the first person to contact when we are…

15: when she’s in her worst moods when she punches walls or yells at people I can calm her down with just getting her to look me in the eyes and telling her I love her

16: she might get angry but I’m not scared of her anger, it makes her, who she is and I know she’d never take it out on me..

17: I trust her more than I trust myself she knows 100% of me when I only know 90%

18: I do nothing without her knowing, i can never lie to her or keep things from her cause it hurts me to much to do so

19: anyone or anyone tht has hurt her or says a bad word about her, my blood boils and I physically want them dead… And I’m not a violent person I’m just very, very protective

20: we accept each others flaws and love each other even more for them our likes are almost identical same with dislikes… we’ve both been used and been players but we’ve turned it around and found our hearts are with each other and always will be

I love her and I always will, I promise u when I lose her if thts cause of death or if she ever loses me I will never find another she is my world, my life and I now physically couldn’t live without her and I have no idea how I lived before knowing her… I feel whole and safe with her, I feel loved and I truly know she cares - love is an emotional connection - we will in June have a physical one when we first meet but the emotional connect tht makes us feel so happy so complete with each other isn’t something we could of ignored… Love is the greatest gift and I know I love her no matter what people think xxxxxx