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Influential horror filmmaker Tobe Hooper passed away yesterday at the age of 74. The cause of death is currently unknown.

He is best known for crafting one of the most effective genre films of all time with 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He’s also credited as the director of Poltergeist, although there is debate as to how involved Steven Spielberg was with the production.

Hooper’s other films include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Salem’s Lot, Lifeforce, The Funhouse, Toolbox Murders, The Mangler, Invaders from Mars, Eaten Alive, and a segment in Body Bags, among others.

A fun fact you may not have known about Hooper: he directed the music video for Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” music video.

Rest in piece to another master of horror.

Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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Remembering THE CROW (’94) by Susan Doll

As super hero films clean up at the multiplexes, I cringe at how such uninspired, colorless CGI-fests could do so well at the box office. But, don’t get me wrong. Despite this remark, and others I have made in the past, I don’t dislike the comic book genre. I dislike what it has become under the iron grips of Marvel and DC and their devotion to a single demographic.

I can single out favorites in the genre going all the way back to THE BAT (’26), a silent film directed by Roland West that was likely an influence on Batman creator Bill Kane. Speaking of Batman, I greatly admire Tim Burton’s interpretations of the brooding, cowled superhero in BATMAN (’89) and BATMAN RETURNS (’92). I also like Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the Batman character, though I prefer Burton’s. One of my all-time favorite comic book films, THE CROW (’94), is currently streaming on FilmStruck. What all these films share in common is an understanding of the artistic aesthetic of the original source material—a stripped-down, graphic quality that exploits angles, lighting and composition. These films are dependent on mise-en-scène, a traditional cinematic technique referring to the look and feel of a film controlled by the director, production designer and cinematographer. Further, the directors of these older comic book films knew and appreciated the visual language and symbolism of cinematic mise-en-scène, which is based in German Expressionism. On the other hand, the most recent examples are awash in computer-generated imagery (CGI), giving them a brassy, hollow look that makes many of them indistinguishable from each other.

THE CROW was based on James O’Barr’s graphic novel, a darkly romantic tale of violence, poetry and rock ‘n’ roll. Brandon Lee, son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, stars as Eric Draven, lead singer in a rock band. Eric and his girlfriend, Shelly (Sofia Shinas), plan to marry on Halloween, but on the night before—called Devil’s Night in the Midwest—they are brutally murdered by a gang of thugs working for Top Dollar (Michael Wincott). A year later, a crow ferries Eric from the land of the dead to seek vengeance on the men who perpetrated the double homicide.

Director Alex Proyas amplified the novel’s melancholy tone with one of the darkest visual designs I have ever seen. Every scene is shot in high-contrast or low-key lighting; there isn’t one shot rendered in high-key lighting. The lack of gray scale recalls the graphic nature of comic books and graphic novels but also gives depth and richness to the images. The darks are not merely negative space but pools of shadows that seem to sculpt the buildings and alleyways that make up Proyas’s version of Detroit. THE CROW was cinematographer Dariusz Wolski’s second feature film after a decade of music videos and commercials. Born in Poland, he attended the renowned National Film School in Lodz, which specializes in acting, directing and cinematography. His talent for expressive lighting and striking imagery is evident in the films of directors who have consistently sought out his skills, including Gore Verbinski in his PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (’03, ’06, ’07) trilogy and Ridley Scott.

Web commentators have compared the visual style to film noir, a valid comparison because THE CROW is a dystopic interpretation of the big city. The corruption associated with the urban world in noir is magnified tenfold in THE CROW: Nothing is left in the city but decay, decadence, and drugs. There is no art, no culture, no refinement. The large Gothic church that anchors the neighborhood is empty of both priests and parishioners. Only a hot-dog stand frequented by the last good cop in Detroit looks inviting, with its warm interior lighting and rich colors. THE CROW was produced and released in the early 1990s. By this time, the inner-city decay that had begun in the 1970s had turned into urban blight. The film reflects a widespread negative view of the big city just before a return to urban centers began to restore neighborhoods and focus attention on urban growth and renewal. No city was more affected by urban blight than Detroit; it’s very name was synonymous with a dystopic view of the inner city. Proyas and production designer Alex McDowell played on that reputation by offering a hellish interpretation of Detroit, where burning buildings constantly lit up the night sky.

THE CROW makes effective use of German Expressionist symbolism, adding considerably to a film in which dialogue is minimal and characters speak in melancholy phrases of portent or despair. The first image of Eric Draven is a bird’s-eye view of his dead body splayed on the sidewalk, a hint that fate or God is looking down and has something else in store for him. Visual clues of Draven’s doppelganger status are in most of his scenes. A doppelganger means a character has two sides to him; in this case, Draven is both living and dead. His large shadow is cast on the alley wall as he stumbles through the streets after rising from the grave; it is a literal depiction of his “dark side.” Close-ups reveal his face half lit and half in shadow. Most telling is the shot when Eric looks into a mirror, seeing his dark side for the first time. He cracks the mirror with his fist, distorting his reflected image. Draven’s abandoned, dilapidated apartment, which he shared with Shelly, looks like a set straight out of THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (’19). Bars and bar shadows tell us that Eric is trapped in his fate; collapsed beams and destroyed furniture created a set design filled with diagonals and sharp shapes, reflect the chaos and instability of Eric’s twisted mind. That kind of direct connection between set design and narrative is missing from many contemporary superhero films, in which producers are more concerned with the bells and whistles of CGI than effective visual storytelling.

Older readers will recall that THE CROW was notorious because of the accidental death of Brandon Lee on set. The exact account of what happened is available to read in detail online: The short version is that a prop gun with a partial live round was accidentally used in the scene in which Eric Draven is shot. In a horrible version of art imitating life, Brandon Lee was shot dead in the scene in which his fictional character was shot dead. The film was near completion, with only a few production days left on the schedule. The producers decided to complete and release the film, using an early version of CGI to meld Lee’s face onto a stunt double’s body for the one scene that could not be rewritten. Lee was just beginning his career in action-driven films, revealing the charm and charisma of a bona fide movie star. THE CROW would have likely propelled him into superstardom and elevated him out of the shadow of his famous father. If ever a film was haunted by the performance of its star, THE CROW is it.

But, that was decades ago. Younger viewers are likely unfamiliar with Brandon Lee and the circumstances of his death. Ultimately, that tragic event does not weigh as heavily on the film like it once did. THE CROW stands on its own as a beautifully crafted comic book film with a heavy atmosphere, moody mise-en-scène and a serious treatment of the material.

Tokyo Ghoul Movie World Premiere + Special Guests at Anime Expo 2017

In the recent Japanese press event for the Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie, it was announced that the world premiere would take place at this year’s Anime Expo. We’re extremely excited to share those details – and announce the special guests!

Director Kentaro Hagiwara and actor Masataka Kubota who plays the role of  Kaneki (and previously Light Yagami in the live-action Death Note drama) will give a Q&A at the world premiere screening! Details:

Masataka Kubota

Kentaro Hagiwara

Tokyo Ghoul - Live Action Movie Premiere at Anime Expo 2017 

  • Location: JW Marriott, Diamond Ballroom 
  • Date: July 3, 2017 
  • Time: 7:30p - 10:00p

About Kentaro Hagiwara

Kentaro Hagiwara was born in 1980 and is from Tokyo. After graduating from the film program at the ArtCenter College of Design in Los Angeles in 2007, he returned to Japan. He participated in THE DIRECTORS FARM and has directed many TV commercials for companies such as SoftBank, Toyota, and Coca-Cola, as well as music videos and short films. In 2012, he became a member of THE DIRECTORS GUILD.

 At the Sundance Film Festival in the U.S., he was the first Japanese person to receive the Sundance Institute / NHK Award which he received for his first feature-length film screenplay, Spectacled Tiger

In March 2017, he directed the Premium Night Drama Uso Nante Hitotsu mo nai no (There Is No Lie) which aired on NHK BS, an NHK satellite channel. 

Tokyo Ghoul is the first feature-length film that he has directed.   

About Masataka Kubota

Masataka Kubota was born in 1988 and is from Kanagawa Prefecture. He played the leading role in Check It Out, Yo! in Tokyo (Fuji TV, 2006), his very first drama and screen debut. He also played the leading role in Naniwa no Hana: Ogata Koan Jikencho (2009), a drama that aired on the NHK General TV channel, and performed in many other TV dramas and films. 

 In 2014, his acting in Hanako to Anne, an NHK morning drama serial, and in the TBS drama N no Tame ni was widely talked about, and he became quite popular. 

 Major films that he has appeared in include The Liar and His Lover (2013), Prophecy (2015), Hero Mania: Seikatsu (2016), 64: Part I and 64: Part II (2016), and Mars: Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru (2016). He also appears in Last Cop: The Movie, which opened in theaters in May of 2017.

If the rumors of Eddie playing Fagin in Oliver remake will be confirmed,  we could listen again his beautiful tenor voice !

Above Eddie in Life’s A Pitch.

Here entire video 


“Ever wondered how some musicals make it on to the London stage? In our latest short film Life’s A Pitch, Eddie Redmayne, Jane Horrocks, Rory Kinnear and Hattie Morahan pitch some awfully unusual musical ideas to our very own artistic director, David Lan. Written by The Thick of It’s Olivia Poulet, directed by Natalie Abrahami, music composed by Alex Silverman, made in association with Totally Theatre/Quarantine Productions and featuring some very special Young Vic supporters.”

...Ready For It? Chapter One- Dynasties

Hellooooo peeps this is my first multy-chapter Jonerys fic, leave comments, i have no idea how many chapters I’ll write, so let’s see how this is gonna go

-Mr. Snow! Mr. Snow! Please, get on your spot! - Shouted the director of his newest music video, Jorah Mormont. Jon smiled nodded, getting up from his makeup chair. He was dressed in black slacks and a white button up, his curly hair dishevelled. He and his bend, The Night’s Watch, were a Grammy-winning act and it consisted of him, Theon Greyjoy, Tormund Giantsbane and Gendry Baratheon. Theon and Tormund were party animals and had the habit of dragging him in their shenanigans. Gendry was a bit more serious, but still loved to have fun.

Jon Snow had an odd childhood. He was the illegitimate son of legendary actor Eddard “Ned” Stark, and thus changed his last name from Stark to Snow in order to avoid association with the entire scandal when he was born. He had half-siblings, Robb, an aspiring director, Sansa a model, Arya, an aspiring DJ, and little Bran and Rickon who were kids. His father’s wife, Westeros’ sweetheart and daughter of billionaire Hoster Tully, Catelyn, despised him. His mother was a silver-screen siren, Ashara Dayne, who was infamous for her sexy and seductive roles back in the 80s and 90s. That’s how she met his freshly married father, in a film directed by Gendry’s father, Robert Baratheon, they had what people called, off-the charts chemistry, and there he was.

Today, he was shooting a music video for their song called falling for you, with none other than another child of an entertainment dynasty, Daenerys Targaryen.

Daenerys was the daughter of legendary director Aerys Targaryen, and her mother Rhaella was a jazz singer, her grandfather was also an acting legend, Jaeherys Targaryen and her grandmother Alyssa Velaryon was the first female producer, and her great-grandfather Aegon Targaryen was a prominent film critic. Her older brother, Rhaegar, already scored an Academy Award for his directing and was married to Elia Martell, heiress to Martell Oils, and her brother Viserys, a.k.a. DJ Viz threw the best parties. Daenerys was an actress, and a talented one at that. She appeared as a baby in her father’s film and ever since then she’d been acting. All he knew of her was that she was pretty and it would be good publicity to have her in his music video as she was popular.  

He never met her, which was odd, as he knew everyone. He felt a push on the shoulder and turned his head to see what is going on. There she was, clad in some high-fashion gown. Daenerys was petite, but her body was perfect in her thin garment. Her hair was curled and pulled away from her face, the colour stunningly silver, her eyes were a rather dark blue colour. She was waiting for the makeup girl to finish putting on her lipstick, when they eyes locked. Her breath hitched, heart beating faster. Oh.

Jon was almost hypnotised by her face. Jorah Mormont instructed her to get into the bathtub filled with pink water. The set they were shooting right now was all white, only the tub was filled with pink water and the lights were rosy, almost like his face now. Jorah walked him over, explaining what he will do.

-You will try to kiss her, but like your noses will touch, almost on the verge of a kiss but you won’t kiss her. Don’t worry about Dany, she’s as professional as they come.-

“Dany” was now sitting in the tub, where he was supposed to get in. There was enough space, so he climbed and sat across her.

-No, this looks odd. Off with his shirt. Daenerys, do you mind just lowering the straps of your dress? And can someone please dishevel her hair? It looks too perfect!—

Jon took off his shirt, almost blushing. What in the world was wrong with him? She bit her lip. Oh, he looked nice.

-Um, hi, my name is Jon.-

-And I’m Daenerys.-

She giggled and he smiled back at her.

-And action!-

The song was played in the back ground and Jon leaned over and started nuzzling Daenerys was Jorah instructed. He cupped her face gently, his pupils blown. She returned by slightly brushing her lips against his upper lip, making him shudder. They pressed their foreheads against each other, eyes still locked before closing them. He could hear her breathing and his own heart thumping against his chest.

-And cut! – Shouted Jorah after an eternity.

-One more time!-


-Tomorrow we’re shooting the scene on the streets. It’s a night scene, so make sure you are here at 6 PM sharp, to get hair and makeup ready. Again, some romantic dancing, throwing around, frolicking in the streets, you’ll get the drill.-

-Thank you, and see you tomorrow! – Smiled the blonde beauty. They walked out together, in their robes, in order to change.

-This was an interesting way to meet.-

-Couldn’t agree more.-

-I really like that movie, Stormborn, you deserved that Oscar.-

-Thank you, and I really like your song Robbers.-

He glanced back at her, she was smiling softly at him. He would never understand what had gotten over him that day.

-Can you give me your phone, please?-


He typed in his number and called himself, so he’d have hers.

-We’ll keep in touch, Daenerys. Maybe we can grab some coffee. Also, what are you doing on Sunday?-

-Uh, reading some scripts?-

-Come to my gig then. 9 PM, at the Globe. Bring a friend.-

She winked at him and left, swaying her hips. Jon licked his lips and turned around to pack and get to the beach house. That house was a clusterfuck. Each night, someone would throw a party, they tend to spend a lot of money on cleaning, but no one could deny they weren’t having fun.

Jon walked into the large mansion, which was surprisingly clean and neat, nothing was broken and their awards were neatly stacked everywhere. Tormund was sleeping on the couch, a pack of ice on his head. Gendry was eating a sandwich at the counter and Theon was making some tea. His dog, Ghost, was asleep on the stark white chair next to the couch.

-Oh hello boy, how was the shoot?-

-Good. Why is this place so clean?-

-My parents are coming over to visit, so it had to look proper. – Signed Gendry, as he finished eating.

-You know, everything has to be perfect for director Robert Baratheon and Madame Cersei Lannister-Baratheon, CEO of Lannister Industries. – Mocked Theon.

-At least Satan is staying home. – Continued Gendry, thinking of his younger brother.

-Can someone hand me some pain meds? – Shouted Tormund. Theon threw the pills at him and Tormund raised his thumb.

-And how was it to make out with Daenerys Targaryen?-

-I didn’t make out with her, I didn’t even kiss her, but she’s coming to out gig on Sunday.-

-Nice one, Jonny! –

-My dad has the habit of saying that the Targaryens sleep on enough money to buy us all.-

-Says the guy whose grandfather shits gold.-

-Hey! That’s an inside joke! And granddad Tywin shits like everyone else!-

-By the way, Arya and Sansa are staying over for the weekend, so we can throw a party after the concert.-

-Got it, Jonno! – Said Theon, writing down the supplies for their next grand blowout.

-And I swear to god if you hit on my sisters there will be blood.-

-It was an honest mistake! – Said Theon.

-Oh, while we’re talking about hitting, Ygritte called. 7 times. She sounded pissed.-

-Fuck! I’m going to take a nap, I don’t have the strength to deal with her. Although, I need to call mum.-

Jon went upstairs and plopped down on his bed, his mum answering in mere minutes.

-Hello baby! How are you?-

-I’m fine, mum, how are you?-

-Oh, I’m just having lunch with you won’t believe who!-


-Rhaella Targaryen! The singer!-

-Oh well, I met her daughter today.-


-Yes, she’s my co-star.-

-Oh, she’s so talented! Jonny, you are coming over on Saturday right?-

-Yes mum, always. Now, sorry for interrupting lunch, say hello to Mrs. Targaryen, talk to you later!-

-Love ya, bye!-

-Love you too.-

He fell asleep in a restless nap, dreaming of soft silvery hair against his body.

Daenerys climbed the stairs of her penthouse, Missandei Grey, her manager and Tyrion Lannister, her agent, already waiting for her.

-How was the shoot?-

-Better than expected!-

-Good! Now, you have been asked to audition for the upcoming Star Wars movie and for the remake of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Now, I’d recommend also landing something steady on TV…-

-Can I see the scripts?-

She sat down and Missandei next to her.

-I can do both, but I’m not I into TV now. I need some rest. Has anyone from my family called?-

-Yes, your father is expecting you for lunch tomorrow and your brother Viserys left you a voice mail.-

-Oh god.-

Missandei clicked the button.

-Aye, Dany! Hit me the fuck up on Friday, we got to talk!-

-Have I ever told you he’s the only one in our family who has never been to college?-

Tyrion laughed.

-This music video thing can introduce you to a new audience and to a different kind of directors, we have to see. By the way, what is Jon Snow like?-

-He’s really… nice.-

-I still remember the scandal around his birth. The tabloids didn’t want to shut up!-


-Yes, my sister was near the storm as she’s married to the man who introduced Ashara Dayne to Ned Stark. Ashara is very attractive, no one can deny it. But Ned was married, she wasn’t shit went down and here we are, 24 years later.-

-How was it published?-

-No one knew about the pregnancy until she was caught by a paparazzo 8 months pregnant. People were suspecting he was Ned’s, but it was confirmed when they were spotted hugging and kissing. It was a huge scandal. That’s what happens when people give into their temptations.-

-Well, nothing of it is Jon’s fault.-

-Of course it isn’t.-

-Oh, yes, Darrio called.-

-It can wait, I need a shower.-

-Don’t be late tomorrow for the shoot, Dany!-

-Trust me, I won’t.-

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On this day in music history: August 20, 1986 - “Fore!”, the fourth studio album by Huey Lewis And The News is released. Produced by Huey Lewis And The News, it is recorded at Studio D, The Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA and Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA from February - July 1986. Following the huge multi-Platinum success of their previous album “Sports” and chart topping single “Power Of Love” from the film “Back To The Future”, Huey Lewis And The News once again feel the pressure to match that success with their next full length release. Having toured almost non stop for nearly two years has left the band little time to write new material, and it proves not to be as easy as it had been the previous time around. Many of the songs are written in the six months spent in the studio recording the album, during the first half of 1986. The band augment their trademark sound with assistance from the Tower Of Power horn section (Stephen “Doc” Kupka, Emilio Castillo, Richard Elliott, Greg Adams, Lee Thornburg) who play on three tracks. Once released, the album is an immediate hit, spinning off five top ten singles including “Stuck With You” (#1 Pop, #1 AC), “Jacob’s Ladder” (#1 Pop, #17 AC), “Doing It All For My Baby” (#6 Pop, #2 AC), and “I Know What I Like” (#9 Pop, #30 AC). The second single “Hip To Be Square” (#3 Pop, #20 AC) also features background vocals from then San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark and Riki Ellison. Written as a tongue in cheek statement about 80’s excess and hedonism, the song is also memorable for its music video directed by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme (Herbie Hancock, Duran Duran, The Police). The directors film the clip using an arthroscopic camera normally used for invasive surgery, allowing the band to be shot in extreme close up, and letting the camera travel into very tight spaces that a normal one would be unable to go. “Square” is also referred to in the horror novel “American Psycho”, and is featured in the film adaptation starring Christian Bale and Jared Leto. The song is originally featured on the released soundtrack album, which is pulled from record stores after it is determined that Koch Records had not secured the rights for the song to appear on the album. In 2013, “Hip To Be Square” appears in a short film on the comedy website “Funny Or Die” featuring Huey Lewis and “Weird Al” Yankovic. The video is a comic parody of “Psycho” that ends with Lewis hacking Yankovic to death with an axe, while the singer berates the comedy parody artist for having spoofed the bands hit “I Want A New Drug”. “Square” is also used to great comic effect on the animated series “American Dad!”, in the episode “The Kidney Stays In The Picture”.  The song is also used on “Sesame Street” in an animated segment called “Hip To Be A Square”. “Fore!” spends one week at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Scream Queens: Asia Argento

Asia Argento was born into a family of actors and filmmakers, and she is one of the most sought-after actresses of the moment. She made her debut when she was only nine years old in Sergio Citti’s Sogni e bisogni (1985). In 1988 she had the leading role in Cristina Comencini’s first film, Zoo (1988), and was part of the cast of The Church (1989), directed by Michele Soavi. The following year she played Nanni Moretti’s daughter in Red Lob (1989) (also directed by Moretti).

It was with Close Friends (1992), written and directed by Michele Placido, that Asia’s career really took off and she was able to move on from playing very young girls to more mature, complex roles. The movie was well-received at the Cannes International Film Festival. In Trauma (1993), she worked for the first time with her father, famed Italian horror director Dario Argento (her mother is one of Argento’s favorite actresses, Daria Nicolodi, playing an anorexic girl in search of her parents’ killer. The Phantom of the Opera (1998) is the third film she has made with her father, the others being Trauma (1993) (filmed in the US) and The Stendhal Syndrome (1996).

Asia’s absorbed, intense style of acting was well-used in Giuseppe Piccioni’s Condannato a nozze (1993). In 1993 she co-starred in Carlo Verdone’s Perdiamoci di vista (1994) in which she played Arianna, a physically disabled girl–an intricate, difficult role that won her the David di Donatello for best actress (1993-1994). She also had a featured role in the international cast of Queen Margot (1994), directed by Patrice Chéreau. In 1995 she worked with Michel Piccoli in Peter Del Monte’s Traveling Companion (1996), which again won her a David di Donatello and a Grolla d'oro.

In 1994 Asia turned her hand to directing and turned out two short films: “Prospettive” (an episode of the film DeGenerazione (1994)) and “A ritroso”. In 1996 she directed a documentary on her father and, in 1998, one on cult director Abel Ferrara, Abel/Asia (1998), which won an award at the Rome Film Festival. In 1999 Asia made her feature-directing debut with Scarlet Diva (2000), in which she was the leading actress and author of the screenplay. The film was released in May 2000 in Italy and the rest of the world. It won an award at the Williamsburg Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York. In 2001, after directing a number of music videos, she gave birth to her first daughter, Anna Lou. In 2002 she starred in La sirène rouge (2002) by Olivier Megaton with Jean-Marc Barr and the action thriller xXx (2002), directed by Rob Cohen, with Vin Diesel.

Asia is also the author of a number of short stories published in many prestigious magazines such as “Dynamo,” “L'Espresso,” “Sette,” and “Village,” Her first novel, “I Love You, Kirk,” was published in Italy by Frassinelli Editrice in October 1999 and in France by Florent Massot in 2001.


Tron Uprising

Man, I wish this show hadn’t been cancelled… It was a beautiful visual feast!!! So cool.

Summary (source: Wikipedia):

Beck is a young program, who becomes the leader of a revolution inside the computer world of the Grid against the villainous Clu and his henchmen. Beck, a mechanic, is trained by Tron, the greatest warrior the Grid has ever known. Tron not only trains Beck in the fighting and light cycle skills to challenge the brutal military occupation of the city of Argon, but also guides and mentors him to grows beyond his youthful, impulsive nature into a courageous and powerful leader. Beck adopts Tron’s persona and becomes the enemy of General Tesler and his oppressive forces

Director Charlie Bean explained ‘the idea was to create a distinct style for the CG show not seen elsewhere on television or in film. He worked closely with art director Alberto Mielgo, character designer Rob Valley (animation artist for the Gorillaz music videos) and lead vehicle designer Daniel Simon, who was previously responsible for many vehicle designs in the Tron: Legacy feature film, including the light cycles. Mielgo won the Primetime Emmy Award for his art direction in 2013.


Kite, known as A Kite in Japan, is a Japanese anime OVA written and directed by Yasuomi Umetsu.

Note the actual photographs in the picture frames.


In December of 1990 I directed this music video for the band “Alice in Chains” while I was based in Los Angeles at Propaganda Films.

I had seen the band play one of their first shows in New York City the previous October at the legendary Cat Club, which is now defunct like so many other great clubs in New York.  I was so inspired by the band at  that show that I personally called Kris P. who was the music video commissioner at Columbia records and told her that I wanted to direct their next video.

A few months later I was in discussions with the band and the label about their forthcoming single “Man in the Box”.  This song was written by the late Layne Staley and he was the one I was discussing the concept of the video with.  After a very brief phone conversation with him while he was on tour, I received a “Fax” from Layne with 3 words scribbled on it. “A drippy dark barn”, “farm animals” and “a baby with eyes sewn shut”.  With that for inspiration from the songwriter I wrote the treatment for the :Man in the Box” video and was awarded the gig by the band and the Columbia records. The budget was less than $50K, keep in mind this was several months before Nirvana changed the world of alternative music.

I found an old barn in the Santa Monica mountains, owned by a park ranger, just 45 minutes out of downtown Hollywood.  I remember driving to the set the morning of the shoot and thinking to myself: ” I’m about to film a very cool rock band on a dirty farm with a bunch of cows and pigs!”. “What the fuck is wrong with me!”.  Once the cameras started rolling those thoughts and feelings were history.  We shot for 14 hours on black and white 16mm film which I later color corrected to sepia and also shot with my hand cranked Bolex, ( which I still own and use incidently), as second camera which I loaded with color film.

The video ended up breaking the band, was in the MTV Buzz bin and was nominated for an MTV Award in 1991 which we lost to that Aerosmith that had Alicia Silverstone in it.

This is definitely one of my favorite music videos that I directed. I remain very proud of it. RIP Layne Staley. - Paul Rachman

The Gift: Music That Inspired the Film

Friedrich Nietzsche said it well, Without music, life would be a mistake. As filmmakers, we understand that music can play an important role in cinematic storytelling. It can emphasize emotions and experiences, shed light on directorial choices, and add layers to the world within a film when rightfully used. Music can even further the careers of filmmakers. Directors such as Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, and David Fincher are a few of the directors featured in Filmmakers Directing Music Videos whose ventures in music videos are highlights in their directing careers. Music plays a key role in The Gift (watch trailer), as well. Not only does it further the film story, it also factored in the making of the film by creating the right atmosphere for the script and the edit. From Joy Division to The Kills, here are five songs that inspired The Gift. Enjoy.

Joy Division: “New Dawn Fades” from Unknown Pleasures

Foals: “Electric Bloom” from Antidotes

Interpol: “Untitled” from Turn on the Bright Lights

The Black Angels: “Manipulation” from Passover

The Kills: “Black Balloon” from Midnight Boom

6 reasons Iceland is the coolest team in Euro 2016

1. Their goalkeeper is a film director, he only decided to play football on full time 4 years ago. He directed the music video for Iceland’s 2012 Eurovision contestant.

2. Their assistant coach are a dentist

3. They are tougher than all of you, they play football in storm,hail,snow,rain.

4. They make non star players play like stars

5. Ten percent of the population are going to France to cheer them on

6. They have only 20.000 football players in the entire country.


One of the most interesting announcements out of this year’s Cannes is Together Now, an upcoming collection of seven short films directed by and starring women. A series of huge names are already on board to direct.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robin Wright is set to direct a short, as is Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first Twilight, Patricia Riggen, who made Chilean mining drama The 33, Melina Matsoukas, who directed the music video for Beyoncé’s “Formation,” Kátia Lund, who co-directed City of God, as well as Polish director Małgorzata Szumowska and Saudi director Haifaa al-Mansour. Juliette Binoche and Freida Pinto will both star in shorts. Together, the seven films will make up a feature-length movie.

Together Now is the first film from the non-profit production company We Do It Together, which was founded to finance films, documentaries, and TV shows focused on empowering women. The film industry — not just in Hollywood, but globally — has done a horrible job of putting women at the head of movies, so a project like this is both exciting and important. “We believe that we can create a movement, with women and men, with actions behind words, that will change the utterly outdated and discriminatory paradigm that we see in media, and its marginalization of women worldwide,” We Do It Together writes on its website. [x]


Last month, Dosnoventa Crew was shooting his last video: DSNV RUNS JAPAN. An amazing experience through the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

We want to send a special thanks to Naoya Himashiro, Yudai Fukui, all the Brotures staff and to our sponsors, without your support this wouldn’t have been possible!

This video is dedicated to mr. Steve Hed, R.I.P.

- SERGI CASTELLÀ (film & direction)
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- XAVI TRILLA (edit & additional filming)
- DANI MELO (artwork)

- JUANMA POZO (founder)
- DANI MELO (art director)
- URI BORDES (ceo)
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Poster from 1999 play by underground writer / director David N. Donihue

Below is a collection of works and hard to find memorabilia taken from 20 years of Donihue’s writing and directing of poems, plays, films and music videos. Below is taken from a series of articles and a couple photos from Donihue’s own private collection.

Donihue was born in rural Eastern Washington and raised near the Green River Killer in Auburn, Washington. He started writing plays that were performed for 45 cents in his back yard and local parks when he was as young as seven. His first film was made when he was eleven, utilizing a rented video camera and two borrowed VCR’s with stereo cables. His father was a pastor. His mother, a well known Christian Devotional author. 

The controversial writer got his first negative reviews at the age of 15, when he was nearly expelled from his conservative town’s high school for writing the below story -

MR. CLOWN (1990, Age 15)

Mr. Clown was a happy clown.
He loved making children happy.
And they were happy and the parents were happy.
And everyone was happy.

Until Mr. Clown realized he could no longer please children.

They wanted to be transformers and deformers and things with no form whatsoever.
And so then the children were unhappy and the parents were unhappy.

Until Mr. Clown decided to blow himself up into many little pieces and then
the children were happy and the parents were happy and Mr. Clown never had to be sad again.

The End.

Donihue handled the rejection of his early art well yet refused to take another writing course again. It should be noted, he was later nominated for a Film Fare Award for his writing on Parzania, the highest honors in India and one of the largest international awards one can receive. The film, was an anti-religious violence piece.

By his mid teens, Donihue was writing feature length plays. During these years, Donihue began to work graveyard shifts at a local college radio station, KGRG-FM, as an overnight DJ.

There, he became obsessed with experimental music and film, and directed a series of student films. These included Anthony’s Apocalypse and Inside Anthony’s World. During this era, at age 18, he wrote Hold My Hand & Tell Me I’m Not Insane, a comedy-drama about a young playwright whose scripts follow his life, yet later dictate it. The play was produced in Seattle with its premiere at the Scottish Rite Hall on Capitol Hill.

During his early twenties, Donihue wrote, directed, acted in and produced a string of independent plays within the northwest including Hey Baby Do Ya Wanna Come Back To My Place and Justify My Existence, and another pop psychology comedy Brain Aches And The Quest For Redemption Of A Telephone Psychic as well as the forty-minute short film Love Me Tender, Pay Me Well.

In 1998 Donihue began performing under the stage name Punko and released an indie album titled The Day Bob Went Electric. The comedicly performed yet earnest album garnered regional radio and Donihue continued to perform the sad and sweet parody like tunes until his final show at sxsw in 2007.


projections (1997)
you expect me to become what you project

my eyes are drifting to the clouds once again

I see the colorless planet and am ashamed

I see the vibrant vivid crashing rain

crashing down with sincerity

why does it take pain to 

transcend us a bit of honesty 

in this day and age

and all of my daydreams come crashing in

singing dum dee da lum dum dum dee lumm dum

and all of your projections threaten to transend

screaming dum de da lum dumand 

all of my daydreams function once again
run in the sunshinelike 

your drift in the daydream light

like that colorless drifting look in your eyes

I’m still the same no matter what you bring to my life

I’m still the same I can drift inside

on account (1997)
on account that your strung out and

there’s no doubt I lost my mind

I’m a tripper & a spinner & I’m stuck on overdrive

I’m a preacher and a seeker 

like watching Jimmy kiss the sky

And all about that day & how you sat me down 

& changed my life

There’s no reason to be seasoned 

if you’ve seen the world flash by

Look at what’s going on

Yet they are strong

He’s my brother like a summer like a daydream whitworth time

He’s a prisoner and I miss him wonder who he’ll be next time

He’s a liver & a giver & I’m sorta trapped inside

Look at what’s going on

Yet they are strong

I’ve seen all the young idealist turn into what they despise

I’ve seen all my daydreams take me right on through this daylight life

I’ve seen people try to heal me just so they could feel alive

Donihue during this era directed the little seen feature The Humanity Experiment.

In 2005, Donihue wrote and produced the first “non-trippy” film of his career, Parzania. It was directed by Rahul Dholakia.

The internationally acclaimed feature was nominated for the eastern hemispheres Oscars, the film fare award for Best Picture and Best Screenplay and Best Story. Leads Sarkia and Naseeruddin took home Best Actor Nominations. The film is considered by many accounts, to be one of the most controversial films in the eastern hemisphere.[8]

The English language thriller, based on the true story of the Gujarat Riots of 2002, was initially banned in India, caused a storm of protests and bomb threats, and later garnered praise from the New York Times, Variety, Indiewire and many others.[9] It was shown in New York as part of the Museum of Modern Arts’ India Now film exhibition.[10] Donihue was nominated for Filmfare Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Story for Parzania. The film won the Screen Gem Award for Best Picture.

While at the same time, he was developing something revolutionary -

In 2010 Donihue’s epic four and a half hour interactive choose your own adventure film The Weathered Underground was released by Indican starring Heroes Brea Grant. The comic book inspired picture went on to become a small cult classic and is now shown as part of curriculum at many of the worlds best film schools. Considered one of the most daring voices to come out of the independent underground film scene, 

in 2014 Donihue directed another socially driven action comedy, The Bang Brokers, which is currently headed for distribution.

Mr. Donihue’s love for music driven short films continues, having recently directed over 30 music videos / short films in the last two years for EDM acts such as Moguai, Mark Sixma, Thomas Gold and EDM legend John Dahlback.

Below is a collection of poems and stills from the music videos from the last two years.

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Business Idea!

Hey guys :D

So some of you know I started a venture a few years ago called NEXUS which was supposed to be gamestore type place that sadly never reached the light of day due to lack of funding and management.

And while the idea is still very near and dear to me, it may take a while for the idea to manifest into reality. 

However, my good friend and I started brainstorming OTHER ideas, and came up with one that we feel is a great idea and benefits a ton of people.

The idea is simple: a video and audio studio where people could go into, use the studio space for making YouTube videos, film Music videos, use top-of-the-line camera and audio equipment, and hire video directors, editors, animators, and musicians to make their projects as professionally done as possible.

The idea came to me from a question I hear on a daily basis from my fans: “I want to make videos, but don’t know how. How can I do it?” From that, I realized that if people had a place they could go to do it, a lot more people might feel comfortable with making videos and pursuing their passion that lie dormant because they don’t have the TOOLS to do so. 

However, in addition to helping CREATORS and MUSIC ARTISTS, we would also provide a space where we could hire people passionate in video editing, directing, etc who maybe lack the experience they crave in these fields, and would be helping THEM establish their names in the market as well.

So let’s say someone came in to the studio and wanted to make a music video for their band. They tell the consultant at the front “we want to make a video with crazy animations happening in the background while we sing”

So we say: “Okay, it looks like you’ll need to rent the green screen studio, you’ll need to hire one of our directors, and you’ll need to rent the equipment to film. You’ll also need one of our editors to put the end result together” and then give them a price quote. :D

So obviously at this point, it’s only an IDEA. that said, we hope to get the ball rolling soon with it, and could use your guys’s help with suggestions and feedback that you may have. Also let me know what you think about the idea! Thanks :D