That time I cried watching Dance Moms #TeamNia

I’m sure all of maybe three people will care about this post, but *even though you don’t* please watch this short little clip from the first season of Dance moms and at least part of the music video five years later.

Dance Moms Introducing Nia

Nia Sioux “Star In Your Own Life”

You can keep reading if you wanna know I’m so emotional right now.  I’ll keep it short, I promise.

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NEW VIDEO :: Jesse Boykins III - #TheWonderYears 

Created by Jesse Boykins III, Julian Schratter, Fans & Friends

Produced by ThroughWhose


Waster Join No Sleep Records & Announce ‘Skrwd’ out 9/4/15

We are beyond excited to announce the signing of Liverpool’s own Waster to the every growing and always changing No Sleep family. 

Waster will be releasing their debut EP Skrwd on September 4th via No Sleep Records. You can pre-order the record now at on Vinyl, CD or Digital formats. INTL Customers, be sure to checkout the shipping option UPS Mail Innovations at checkout for a super affordable shipping experience from us direct.

Check out the new music video for the track ‘Graveyard Shift’ taken from the new EP below. All pre-orders via No Sleep include an Instant Download of the song at checkout. You can also stream the new song via RDIO, or Spotify. The track is also currently available via the current issue of Rock Sound’s Covermount CD.

Also available to purchase alongside Skrwd is a new T-Shirt, Pullover Sweatshirt and Patch. Which can be purchased by themselves, or via a Package Deal found at

Sunset on the Golden Age music video ideas

Walk The Plank: Alestorm playing the song on a ship, at the same time they make Gavin (the original guitarist) walk the plank for playing out of time live.

Drink: video already exists.

Magnetic North: Chris is in prison, and is released. He gets in a shitty Ford Focus, and Elliot is sat there. Elliot and Chris drive through the desert, while Pete and and Gareth are sat in the back seats just having a nice time. They pull up to a diner and poison everyone, including people dressed as Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

1741: The Battle of Cartagena: The band perform on the battlements of Cartagena, as ships blow up and shit in the background. The band are also on the ships as the crew too.

Mead From Hell: An animated video, done in the style of The Little Mermaid.

Surf Squid Warfare: Should take place after Death Throes of the Terrorsquid. The band sail from the cold waters where they battled the Leviathan, to tropical waters. They enter a surfing contest against a man dressed as a squid. During the final chorus, Chris throws a burger at the squid, making him fall off his surfboard, ending with Alestorm winning.

Quest For Ships: The video should be dreadful amateur footage of them on various kinds of watercraft.

Wooden Leg!: Should be a parody of Unfit For Human Consumption by Carcass. They perform the song on a ship, and various limbs disappear from them as the song continues.

Hangover: Lyric video already exists, but a live video would be good. But it would need The Immobiliser in.

Sunset on the Golden Age: This needs to be up to par with movies. It needs to be dark as fuck. They need to be on a ship, and they look toward to the bow of the ship, and see the sun setting, so they chase the sunset. As they boat moves, everything behind them becomes modern. All the ships they pass become steamships, and the small ports grow into cities. And eventually the ships stop, and it freeze frames, and the camera zooms out, for the still image to become the album artwork.


Poke Your Screen While Watching This Video And Become Instantly Hypnotized

Entertained for hours on end.


Oliver and Felicity | season finale | 3x23

created by yourxavenger