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170530 SBS MTV The Show Official Twitter Update:

자비없는 비주얼 #아스트로 ❤️ #더쇼 로 컴백한거 동네 사람들이 다 알아야되눈데!!! 발 동동💦심지어 최초 공개되는 컴백무대가 뮤직비디오급 영상미 팡팡 터지는 스페셜에디션으로!! 공개되눈데에!!! 기대 많이 많이 해주세욥❤️


No mercy visuals #ASTRO ❤️ The comeback on #TheShow that everyone in the town should know!!! Foot Dong Dong💦 Even the first comeback stage music video is a special edition!! The public needs to see this!!! Please look forward to it ❤️


Since October 2014 you had world tour for 11 months in 13 countries 18 cities mobilizing 80,000 people, so what do you usually do so you can relax?

JH: I relax when I am in bed while listening to music.
JM: I eat delicious snacks!
JK: Me too, music! I listen to new age group music.
RM: I relax while reading a book.
JN: I relax while playing TV games.
SG: Isn’t it eating good food for the body and sleeping a lot!
V: Me too, I relax while I play soccer game!

What does everyone want to do in winter?

JH: If there’s time, I’d like to go skiing with the members!
JM: Me too, I haven’t been to a ski resort, so I wanna go with everyone!
JK: I wanna spend time in an amusement park from morning til night alone!
RM: I want to try bungee jumping, so will there be such an opportunity?
JN: If it’s men, it has to be snowboarding…I want to go snowboarding with everyone.
SG: Me too, I haven’t been to a ski resort with the members, so I wanna go to a ski resort!
V: I want to go to a winter family vacation!

Tell us the song you want to listen to in winter!

SG: I want to listen to Sakamoto Ryuichi-san’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. I think such new age group music matches well with winter, so  I want everyone to listen to it by all means!
RM: I like Utada Hikaru-san’s song entitled “Apple and Cinnamon!” It’s really sad, a song that I listen to a lot when the snow falls. When you listen to this song, perhaps you will feel the same way as I do.

I just translated the interesting parts. The rest of the video are mainly for promo purposes.

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So, this year’s Children in Need single is pretty special.