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1. con temp po rary
existing or happening in the same time period; modern
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A/N: I honestly don’t know how to titled this scenario. I was in the middle of working on requests last night and was hit with the need to write something angsty, and JB came to mind. Regardless, I hope someone enjoys this 4 in the morning rambling.

Genre: JB x Reader

Words: 1560

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You remembered looking at him and thinking, “This is gonna hurt.”

The thought only becoming more dominant when outstretched hands interlocked on the same spine of a book. His smile devastating, like the rest of him: a hurricane shaped in the form of a man. Jaebum was all charm and brooding. His gaze always making your skin come to life, goosebumps of anticipation starting long before he’d touched you.

You could remember your first kiss: drenched and laughing under the weak shield of his soaked jacket. The both of you laughing as you struggled to wipe wet strands of your hair out of your face. It was when you’d looked to find his eyes dying of laughter that your smile wilted with your throat finding it so hard to swallow. If you closed your eyes you could still remember how he let his jacket go. The action exposing you both to the cool April rain, but you couldn’t tell the difference. Your body felt like it was enveloped by the sun, as Jaebum reached out to cup your cheek in his hand. His thumb running complacent over your cheek while his hooded eyes roamed your face for a sign of confirmation. A part of you wanted to scream at him for taking so long, but when he leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on your lips your world stopped. Your breath caught as you struggled to feel past how well they formed against yours; the way his hand delved into your wet hair or how your hands clasped tightly into his wet shirt.

You wondered if this was how new universes exploded into existence. The kiss deepening until all you could remember was a soft chill in your spine and the green hum of neon.

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Can you write something from Taemin family's POV in dozen AU about when he firsts debuts as Shinee. Like what are their reactions. You can either do each persons reaction or make it a whole story.

When Taemin first debuts, his oldest two siblings are couldn’t be any prouder. Both of them tell all their friends and co-workers all about how their little brother is in a boy band under SM Entertainment, and they may or may not constantly show off the music video for Replay, pointing out, “There he is! That’s my little brother! Look how great he is, isn’t he great? He’s the best little dancer on the planet, he always has been.” 

The three siblings between Taemin and the oldest two couldn’t really care less. They have their own things going on; the brother plays soccer, the third sister plays the clarinet, and the second sister is focused on starting at university. Their little brother is a dancer, wow, cool, no one cares because he’s still the same little idol wannabe he was before. 

The twin sisters who are two years younger than Taemin predict that his group will disband within five years, and they promptly tell him so the next time they see him. In response, Taemin shoves them both away from him and tells them to go be little nerd freaks somewhere else.

The little brother and sister who are between the two sets of twins think it’s really cool that Taemin is an idol now, and they tell him. It also helps that a lot of their friends also think this is really cool, and therefore, they become cooler at school because of their connection to an idol. The thrill wears off pretty quickly, though, and they eventually go back to not really caring what Taemin does if it doesn’t directly effect them.

The little twins are the most excited for the longest time, because Taemin is “the coolest big brother,” and they may or may not imitate his dance moves when they see him on TV. 

As for his parents, they’re excited and happy for him, but they also have other kids to take care of, and it’s sort of a relief that they now have one less kid on their hands since Taemin lives in the dorms. Basically, they’re too busy to really show any excitement, and that’s one of the reasons Taemin stays so upset at them for so long, because they never officially congratulated him on debuting, and that was the most important day in his 14 years of life at that point.


11 years ago on May 24th, Rihanna released her first single “Pon de Replay” from her debut studio album Music of the Sun (2005). The song was a commercial success, peaking at number one in New Zealand and on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. It also reached number two on both the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and the UK Singles Chart, whilst achieving top five positions in eight other countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and Switzerland. It was certified two times Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America denoting shipments of over 2,000,000 copies.


I did a cover of Sign of the times. I know I lost the backing track at some point, that’s because I couldn’t hear it anymore. But I hope you enjoy it anyway.


Let’s make them proud.


Rihanna - Pon de Replay 

9 years of Rihanna

how i'll need your help promoting little mix.
  • when they release a single, BUY IT. do NOT illegally download it. if you see any links to a download, report them and have the post removed
  • (only if you are able to) gift the single to as many people as you can. i know some people don’t have the means to do this, so don’t feel bad if you can’t.
  • PROMOTE THE SINGLE. this means, go to any social media you can think of and ask for people to buy it. push the single AND the girls new music to people who are new to them.
  • once they release a music video, watch it on replay. with that, you HAVE to refresh the page or it won’t count as another watch on the video. post the video on twitter and spam it out as much as you can.
  • the album being released is a bit trickier but also similar to the promotion we’ll need to do with the single. buy it, do not illegally download it unless you are also planning on buying it. report links so that it can not be illegally downloaded.
  • go to targets, walmart, best buy, amazon, wherever CDs are sold and buy at least one copy. if you have the means to, buy multiple and give them to friends. 


i know that with bands over seas, people in the states don’t always get their music right away. i personally live in california, therefore i don’t typically get the opportunity to download their music until a later date. i am guilty of downloading their singles off of tumblr along with their albums, but i also buy copies off of ebay before they’re out here. when they are released here i typically buy at least 2-3 copies. now, i’m not suggesting you go out and buy 100 copies off of ebay, i’m just suggesting that if you do plan on illegally downloading whatever music they release before we get it in the states, i strongly suggest you only do it with the intent of buying it legally upon release.

but on the real,

these girls need to have their music pushed to people in the states (as well as over seas obviously) because here is where they struggled with salute. they need us, just like we need them. we want to make them proud, so lets put in as much effort as we can. we all saw how much time and effort they put into this album. they deserve a proper outcome. it doesn’t only take money, it takes our word and our promotion on social media to help them. so do whatever you can and please, don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to put in as much as others may be able to. this isn’t about us, it’s about little mix. it’s about their music and their talent being showcased for the world to see. they deserve this.