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Old Hollywood Movie references in La La Land (2016)

Happy Birthday, Demi

Happy 25th birthday, Demetria Devonne Lovato! It’s been 25 years since you first saw light of this universe ✨ Ans it’s been 25 years since you bless us with your existence ✨ These 25 years were filled with different things: happiness and struggles, joyful moments and sad moments. But they all made you who are you today. Inspiring, gorgeous and powerful lady. 7 years of your 25 year lifetime I have been by your side and I have to confess that these years are the best in my lifetime. I have been able and I’m able to follow your incredible journey. The things that you do to make this world better are countless. The fact that you were brave enough and had courage to speak up and share your story with the whole world made others not to be afraid and to speak and the results are astounding. Millions were saved mentally from being destroyed and from losing their lives. I just wanna let you know that you are the person who helped them through this journey. And i am always happy to read Lovatics stories in which they tell and write about your impact on their lives. I feel so honored to be able to strand by your side. “Stay Strong” are the two words which go with your name forever cause we all remember that no matter how hard our journey is we can get through it and we will be able to fight our demons. And I just wanna let you know that you are the one who believes in your Lovatics and help us to fight our daily battles and make us believe that we worth live and we are loved. I always know that you believe in me when no one does. Thank you, Demi. In your 25 year life time you have made huge impact on this world: speaking about mental health issues and proving that being mentally ill does not mean that you are mad or crazy, but that it means that you can live full and great life even if you have health problems and most importantly you stressed that there’s always treatment for it and that recovery is real. Also you weren’t afraid to raise that question to government and stressed one more time that it’s important. You remind us every day that we worth our lives. One of the most beautiful and great quotes of yours “you worth more than harming yourself”. It never gets out of my mind.
The fact that you use your voice not just for singing great songs but to raise awareness in so many spheres is so breathtaking, not everyone is able to do it. Thank you for speaking up for people, I will mention that again, with mental illness, thank you for not ignoring the things that are happening in the world, thank you for being open hearted and care for animals, thank you for being part of many charity organizations 🙏🏼 Thank you for being Demi Lovato and not letting the fame to change you. Thank you for staying human no matter what 💗 You have a huge talent, I will never stop saying that. You are an actress, you are a singer, you are a writer and you are a great speaker(your speeches are always getting deep into my heart, and you always stress on important matters) and also you are fashion icon 😜 Now Demi, tell us what is it like to be a star ✨✨( la la Land music video reference haha). Your music blesses this world, for real. We have been in so many eras in music, starting with your first album Don’t forget and we are loving into D6 era. SO EXCITING. (I hope Monday news are somehow connected with D6) 😂✨. My favorite song of yours is forever Skyscraper it means so much to me and we know that it means so much to you. This song is connected with a start of new lifetime in your life ❤️And every time I feel down and really really sad I jus turn on this song and just take time to listen to every word in it. And believe me, I get chills every single time. Every song of yours means the world, cause it doesn’t matter it’s for fun or it’s soulful it always got great message ✨👏🏼 I’m so excited for new era and for your next album. 💗 You go, girl 💪🏼 On this special day, on your 25th birthday I want to wish you all the best that ever exists in the world💚 I hope D6 era will bring to you your first Grammy🙏🏼🙏🏼 We got the nomination already so here we come Grammy AWARD!😜 I wish you all the best in your career, more nominations and awards( you deserve it), more loyal and true Lovatics and I wish that your friends to be with you forever and also I wish you more and more supportive people in your life 💙💪🏼💚
Thank you Demi Lovato for being yourself and for blessing this world with your existence. You are my inspiration, idol and role model for 7 years already. You was there for me when no one did, your music helped me through tough times and your quotes helped me to rise when I was down. You was the person who gave me a hand when I needed to. And I believe that you forever will be❤️ There are not enough words to describe how much you mean to me and how much you have done to me ✨❤️ I love you with all my heart ✨💗 Happy 25th birthday, Demi. I still hope that one day I would be able to thank you in person ✨💗 Love, Elvira 💕