music video: here we go again

Inside Young Forever: Part 1

I was debating whether I should make this now or after the other two music videos came out. But I need something to do while I wait to see if BTS release anything these upcoming days (lol). Feel free to make suggestions or add your own theories!

Setting: Cage

The music video takes place in a construction of wire which looks very much like a cage. The boys are seen wandering through this construction, like they’re trying to find a way out. What’s interesting is that you can easily see through the walls but the boys still struggle to escape. The setting also looks like a prison, with all the wired fences and metal poles. In a way, the boys are trapped in a prison of their own. 

Setting: Maze or Labyrinth?

The boys are trapped in what seems to be a maze or labyrinth. There’s a significant difference between the two. A maze, by its very nature, is deceitful. There are multiple choices to make, false turns, dead ends, etc. A labyrinth has only one path. I’m guessing this one is a maze considering the boys had a difficult time escaping it. It may also represent the experience of growing up, having to make difficult choices, and experiencing rejection (continuation in Birds).

White Cloth

White symbolises purity and innocence. It’s also common to find cloth tied to objects when hiking as it helps people follow the correct path. Maybe Namjoon followed the white cloth to the exit.


Birds have been present in BTS’ previous music videos. Like humans, they can walk and swim but they can also fly which is why they symbolise freedom. Many cultures believe that birds symbolise eternal life, and are the link between Heaven and Earth. This leads me to believe that all of BTS have died (previous music videos) but are not in Heaven just yet. The maze may represent Limbo, and because the boys died at different times, they are separated in the maze. The boys are looking for an exit because they want to enter Heaven/the after-life and be together.

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