music video: heart attack


Josh Hutcherson and Kiersey Clemons on the set of DJ Snake’s latest music video in L.A. (25th of February 2016)

anonymous asked:

favorite monsta x moments? why do you stan changkyun?

i have sooooo many omg but i think my all time favourites come from their fan heart attack video where they were doing the musical chairs and the broken telephone that was literally the video that made me officially stan them lmaoooooo and also when they were in this show talking about men’s sexual part and changkyun was like ‘why do you think we’re called monsta x?’ or smth like that and i was dying omfg

and why i stan changkyun? i think it’s because he’s just so entertaining to me and he really thinks outside the box a lot and his style of thinking is so different from the other too??? like i don’t even know how to explain it but it’s just how he is as a person really intrigues me

Umbrella Beach

“There’s an underwater Ferris wheel, where I found the missing link to our island chain…”

Despite a kinda downer music video and the heart attacks it gave to many a hootowl shuffling their Owl Citys and Port Blues, Umbrella Beach really is a lovely song about chasing dreams, as I tried to capture in this drawing.