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The Lumberjack Singularity, with @starfoozle and @suzirya (left and center). The song is ‘Beast’ by Nico Vega.


We did a small Graves thing. 



Weather its real or not, who cares. We got to see something that we’ve only witnessed in fanarts, or fanfics, enjoy this, I know I am.


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look I love when girls cover ‘take me to church’ and don’t change the pronouns, but can we PLEASE stop saying that it somehow 'makes’ the song gay???? The song is about institutionalized homophobia. 'Take me to church’ has ALWAYS been gay, regardless of the gender of the singer. Saying that a female singer makes it gay completely erases the fact that it was never straight in the first place.

Milo’s fans are freaking out because Snoop Dogg put out a music video where he “shoots Trump”.

Even though if you watch the video, he doesn’t even shoot him

Remember how Milo’s fans got angry when feminists criticized games because they “probably hadn’t even played them”?

These are 11K people who were all too lazy to watch a four minute video before being outraged about it.

Biker Gang AU

Stanley, I know you got a thing for Jimmy Snakes, but if you’d just take a moment to notice this other punk asshole, you could have a hot biker boyfriend who would actually treat you right.

This whole Jimmy Snakes thing has got me headcanoning so much gay love triangle trash. Help me.


Daniel Caesar - Get You ft. Kali Uchis 

Where are there shows like this? I feel like this would be my crowd. The song is on point.

My current happy place is that part near the end of the “Still Want You” music video where the lady doing the voguing behind Brandon Flowers lowkey flips him off in one of the poses and you can see the exact moment he sees it in the camera and just starts busting up

Mr. Kim (charliesfairy)

Paring: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Schoolgirl kink, spanking, fingering


You had been teasing Jin all day.  You sent him dirty texts and pictures, and you even went as far as calling him just to moan his name.  You hoped this behavior would get you exactly what you wanted, and you couldn’t wait for him to get home.  Soon, you heard his keys in the door.  You immediately jumped off the couch and ran into his studio.  His ‘studio’ was basically a room with a few guitars and such and a desk with some speakers and a camera for video logs where he worked on music, but you had replaced his laptop with some notebooks you were basically just doodling in while waiting for him to find you.  Although, some of the doodles turned into you actually writing and getting lost in it resulting in Jin’s voice startling you.

“What are you doing in here, babe?”

He laughed when you jumped, and he raised his eyebrow when you responded with, “Just writing.  Do you think you could help me, sir?”

You turned your head slightly to look at him.

“I’m having trouble placing this line in smoothly.”

“Sir?” he asked, obviously confused.

You turned the chair around to reveal your clothing to him.  You were in a skimpy school girl outfit complete with lacy socks and undergarments along with black garters.  This was the first time you had tried something like this with him, but judging by how much your innocent looks and gestures turned him on in the past, the bulge currently in his jeans, and the way gulped when he saw your outfit, you were confident that this would end well.  Although Jin was gentle and rather vanilla in bed, he was no stranger to being roughly dominate, and there was no denying that he had fantasies like this about you.  He just couldn’t believe that you had figured it out, and you were actually doing it.

“Could you please help me?” you asked innocently while pouting, instantly flipping a switch in Jin.

He walked to you and grabbed the back of the chair behind your head, making you jump again.  You could feel his hot breath on your ear as he whispered, “Only if you help me first.”

    He leaned back with a smirk.

    “What do you need help with, Mr. Kim?” you gulped.

    “Well, you need an A, and I need some attention.  So if you drop to those pretty knees of yours for me, I might think about bumping your grade up just a little.”

    You obeyed the request with a quiet “Yes, sir.” and pushed yourself out of the chair.  Your knees hit the cold, hardwood floor, and your hands started fumbling with his jeans to get them opened and pulled down.  He kicked them behind them, leaving him in only his boxers.  You palmed him gently through the fabric which earned you a stern “Don’t” through gritted teeth.  You pulled the clothing down his legs, letting his erection hit his stomach.  You secretly loved giving Jin blowjobs, but you couldn’t tell if he knew or not.  You loved tasting him and having him melt under your touch, and, oh, how you loved it when he fucked your mouth until tears fell from your eyes and you were gagging.

    You used the precum leaking from the tip as lubricant as you pumped your hand down his length before you put your lips around the tip making Jin draw in a sharp breath.  You took him in your mouth until you couldn’t fit anymore and started bobbing your head.  Low groans escaped his lips as yours were wrapped around him, and your hand pumped what you couldn’t fit in your mouth.

    “Look at me.” he ordered.

    You looked up at him, batted your eyes and hollowed out your cheeks as you continued, earning a deep moan from Jin.

    “Baby, stop,” Jin groaned, “I’m gonna cum.”

    You didn’t listen.  Instead, you moaned around his cock, sending vibrations through his body, and sped up your movements.

    Jin pushed you off him, making your back hit the chair by accident.

    “I told you to stop.” he panted.

    “I’m sorry, Mr. Kim.”

    He grabbed you wrist and jerked you off the ground.  Your legs struggled to keep up with him as he angrily pulled you down the hallway and slammed the bedroom door behind you, pushing you against it harshly.  He stared at you with dark eyes and licked his lips.  

    “You didn’t listen.” His eyes flickered down to your wet lips and back up to your eyes. “Do you know what happens to students that don’t listen, Ms. Y/L/N?”

    You blinked at him and swallowed, unable to speak.  You didn’t know about this side of Jin, and it scared you as much as it turned you on.

    “Are you going to answer me, little girl?” he growled.

    “They get paddled?” you answered, but it sounded more like a question.

    “That’s right.” he laughed and backed away from you, “They get spanked.”

    He pulled his shirt off and sat on the bed.

    “Over my knees.” he demanded, “Now.”

    You wasted no time in positioning yourself on your hands and knees across his lap, pushing your ass into the air.  He ran his hand up your thighs and across your ass and pushed the fabric of your skirt out of his way.  He squeezed one cheek and gave you instruction, “Count.” and let his hand come down on the soft skin, making you cry out.

    “What did I tell you?”

    “One.” you whimpered.

    Not letting you recover from the slap, his hand fell on the other cheek just as hard.


    He continued this pattern until tears fell onto the bedsheets.

    “Ten.” you choked out.

    He pulled you up and positioned you so you were straddling his lap.  He held your face in his hands and dried the tears from your face with his thumbs.  He pushed his lips to yours gently.

    “I’m sorry, princess.” he whispered against your lips.

    There was nothing to be sorry about.  Even though you happened to let some tears slip, you loved every second of it, and you knew he did, too.  He couldn’t hide that.  He couldn’t hide the fact that leaving your ass all red with his handprint made him harder than he’s ever been.  You kissed him again and it his bottom lip when you pulled away as a way of saying, “It’s okay.  Keep going.”

    He understood what you meant with the gesture.

    “How about we talk about those extra credit assignments, miss.” he smirked.

    He pushed you to your feet, making you stand in front of him.


    You did as you were told, bringing your hands up to the small, white button-up that hid your white lace bra and began undoing the buttons slowly.  A little too slowly than Jin liked.  He pulled you between his legs by your skirt and ripped the shirt open and pulled it off your torso.

    “If I have to do this for you, I’ll have to spank you again.”

    You took a step back, turned around and continued a bit faster than before.  You pulled your skirt down your legs, putting your lace-clad ass on full display once again for him.  Jin smirked, snapped the garters against your skin, making you jump and spring your body upright.

    He laughed at your reaction and pulled you into his lap, your butt rubbing against his member.  He used his legs to spread yours, giving him better access to your heat.  His hands traveled up your back, unclipping your bra and pulling it down your arms.  He began to massage your breasts, and, for a split second, the sweet Jin showed himself again.  He quickly was over-ruled by the Jin that wanted to control you, that wanted to fuck you senseless, that wanted to pound into you until you couldn’t walk properly.  His fingers rubbed at you clit through the fabric.  You fell into his chest with a gasp.

    “Does that feel good, baby?”

    You responded with a moan.

    “I asked you a question.” he rubbed harder, “Does this feel good?”

    “Yes, sir.” you moaned, “It feels so good.”

    “What about this?” He quickly pushed the fabric aside and shoved two fingers inside of you.

    Moaning loudly, your back arched as he scissored his fingers inside of you.

    “You like my fingers, don’t you” he whispered in your ear, “You like my fingers inside of your pussy?”

    He added a third finger, stretching you more, earning a loud gasp from you.

    “Yes, sir, oh god.”

    You felt a twisting feeling in your stomach.  You were close.  You clenched your walls around his fingers.  He yanked his fingers out and stood up, throwing you onto the bed and pulled your underwear off, unclipping the garters from the socks so they wouldn’t be pulled off as well.  He wanted to keep those on.  You couldn’t see much due to you being face-down, but you could imagine how his face scrunched up in pleasure as he pulled you to your knees and slammed himself into you.  He didn’t waste time going slow.  He pounded into you as his fingernails dug into your skin on your hips, making you scream.  

    “You like my cock, princess?  You like it when I make you scream?” he taunted as his pace got faster,  "Say my name.  Scream it.  Let everyone hear.“

    "Jin!  Oh god, Jin!” you obeyed.

    “Good girl.” He pulled you up and held you against his torso so he could bite and suck on your neck.  He was definitely going to leave marks for everyone to see-something he never did-, but neither of you cared. “I’m close, baby.”

    You were, too, but you couldn’t find the strength to answer him.  He wrapped his hand around your throat and squeezed slightly as he thrusted faster and harder.  You clenched your walls around his cock as you came.  Your body began shaking as your orgasm ripped through you.  This pushed Jin over the edge.  His juices mixing with yours inside of you.  He helped you both ride out your highs and pulled out, both of you falling onto the bed beside each other, breathing heavily.  Jin rolled you onto your back in his arms.  He kissed your neck sweetly.

    “I’m sorry if I hurt you at any time during that.” he apologized as he kissed up your jaw. “I never mean to hurt you.”

    “It’s okay, Jin, it’s okay.” you giggled. as he turned your head to face him.

    “Are you sure?” he was so worried and scared that he had somehow gone too far.

    “Yes, babe.” you kissed his lips, “It’s okay.”

    “Good because that was fun.” he smiled.


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I spent like four hours writing this, and I’m actually kinda proud of it so I hope you guys like it!