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This is a video for my song, “So Long (Need Someone Now)”

This is a man in the midst of heartbreak. He is soul-drenched in whiskey on a wanderlust journey. He is vacationing on the island of cosmic loneliness where palm trees weep and scream from silver moons of magesty to stars they will know. What begins as casual conversation with a stranger at a bar evolves into fire and 3 Suns are born in a dreamland of their own making….but how did this man arrive here? —–———————————-–— Skipping through the channels of my memories, I find a very special collection: The one’s of her and I. We once thought we were escaping the world together …only to find we were creating a world of our very own. Her eyes were the backdoor to my reality. I thought I had found an exit. What I had truly found was and entrance to the kingdom of love. This video depicts what I felt like when I walked through that entrance. In the time as we know it, it happened over the course of a year. In liminal time, it all happens in an instant…not necessarily in a linear format but more like a dream.