music video comparisons


glad to be here.


DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? (singing starts at 1:38)

Non più andrai, farfallone amoroso/You won’t go any more, amorous butterfly
Notte e giorno d'intorno girando/Fluttering around inside night and day

…Lestat knows this entire song. 

Tom does our beloved Lestat so much justice here. That he can be so joyous at such a bizarre moment, to the point of dancing w/ a corpse (especially considering how vampires have little tolerance for even being NEAR dead bodies), really shows how much sunshine he really does have bursting inside him. He’s elated that Louis is FINALLY GETTING IT.

Also, re: *~Butterflies~*

Those 2 dogs Louis kills instead of the gorgeous older lady? 

They’re papillons. French for “butterfly.” That lady even says that and translates for us: “My papillons, my butterflies, you killed them! Ohhh noooo…!” Butterflies go through metamorphosis; so does everyone who gets turned into a vampire in this movie.