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Lots of sweet stock footage in this video clip for “Mighty,” a cut from Lord Huron.

I especially like the ocelot (or is it a leopard?) kitten “playing” with a king cobra. Whoa!

Very cool arrangements, musically and visually. 

All rights with the artist.


Bloodsuckers and energy stealers can go to heck in a handbasket. Or worse, a “murse,” the much reviled masculinized satchel, or “man purse.”

The Mountain Goats, “Damn These Vampires!" 

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This is the time in the season where everyone is wandering around zombie-like, unsure of what to make of the impending spring conditions.  Do you retire your puffy for the season, or still beat it down into your back-country pack in the event of an unforeseen, last blast of winter?  

One thing is for certain, it’s time to raze those female-repellent neck-beards off, boys.  Spring-time is mating season, and getting the thatch over top of your Adam’s apple caught in your zipper while trying disrobe is not cool.

The Zombies, “Time of the Season,” some music to get-down to…  Or cruise Field of Dreams in some Springy mush-pow… or shave to.  Death to the neck-beard.


Donora, “The World Is Ours." 

Dig the pinata. And the deck. Jumped off one just like it a couple weeks ago… 

Hm. Buddy shouldn’t have interrupted her Karaoke song. Total jerk move. 

All rights with the artists. And I was most happy to repost this. No punch-outs at this party.


I love these Take Away Shows. Awesome.

Here’s Hanni El Khatib shredding Come Alive live.

All rights with whomever has a claim to them. 

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“Winter Solstice,” by Cold Specks. On the summer solstice.


An A-1 quality, tasteless video from Wavves.

Wow. Equal parts “Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels” and any one of a dozen drug-fest flicks. Even a little 9mm exploitation-film flavour stirred in. Hmm.

Wavves, “Bug.”

All rights with the artistes.


James Blake and Bon Iver getting synthed, mixed and mastered. But never auto-tuned.

Fall Creek Boys Choir.


Atoms For Peace, “Before Your Very Eyes.”

Topo maps and landscapes come to life. Nice!

Thanks to Andrew Thomas Huang or putting this vid together, and to Jeff Hamada for posting.


I must have been sleeping when this came out… I have dreams like this. Or nightmares. This video of Yoann Lemoine’s (Woodkid) is very Little Nemo, Where the Wild Things Are, Le Petit Prince… and just friggin’ cool.

Run Boy Run. 


I am not much of one for scrapping, whether it be scrap-booking or straight-up pugilism.

Therefore, I find this video by Woodhands speaks to me.

“I Wasn’t Made For Fighting.”


There’s a generation gap forming between those that actually recall the eighties and how awful they were, and those that are pumped on the ‘fashion’ and colour scheme and schemata of that awful, awful era.

This video is like the 1980s barfing up a dinner that consisted of The Violent Femmes, The Cars, Robert Palmer, and leftover Miami Vice colour swatches… with some old stock footage from the 40s, 50s and 60s mixed in like Bitters, elder parental influences… I do like the giraffe on the jet-ski, though.

Despite the eighties puke, I can overlook the uncomfortable eighties hangover, keep the chack down and still conclude that this is a very cool song, and it 'works.’  Generationals, “Ten-Twenty-Ten.”


Arctic Monkeys are to Yetis what penguins are to puffins; inferior in almost every respect.

That said, Arctic Monkeys can rock out (the abominable snowman and his Yeti relations, in addition to having bad teeth, lack good hand-eye coordination).

This song is “Brick by Brick,” a sunny precursor to an upcoming new album(?)  Boys?