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ID #88368

Name: Jenna
Age: 17
Country: Canada

Hello I’m Jenna! A 17 year old gay girl from Canada. I’m looking for someone to exchange cool snail mail with (art, pictures, candies, stickers, zines, mix CDs, and other things like that) I love thrifting, music, cats, and collecting pins and patches. A few of my favourite artists are Marina and the Diamonds, Grimes, Charli XCX, Børns, The Aquadolls (the list goes on…) and am always looking for music recommendations. I’m super friendly and easy to talk to.

Preferences: Ages 15-25

bullet journal pages you could start in 2015

(or at any time, really, but lots of people have new journals now and it’s nice to get something happening in them) 

  • books to read this year
  • books read this year (as a record) 
  • films to watch
  • a self-care and self-rewards masterlist so you have something to refer to when you need a break or something nice 
  • things to learn
  • things learnt 
  • music to listen to 
  • music discovered 
  • wishlist of things to find while thrift-shopping 
  • list of life reminders, to accumulate all the advice and good things you find this year
  • a list of dream aesthetics because why not, who said a bullet journal has to be practical and work-focused always
  • a list of resolutions, if that’s your kind of thing 
  • a list of road-trips to make 
  • a list of charities or causes to donate to (to return to and work through whenever you have extra money) 
  • a list of friends’ birthdays and important dates to remember 
  • a list of the names of new people you meet
  • a list of the things that comprise the person you would like to be
  • a list of things you want to do that are not about school or work, just about what you would like
  • a list of ideas you find difficult but important
  • a list of simple things you have every right to be proud about, be that getting out of bed one more time a week, or surviving all the small things. 
  • a list of small and large things that have happened to you this year, so at the end you look back and see, condensed, some of the things that changed you.
  • whatever you want 
decade aesthetics

1920s: dusty rose, maroon lipstick, sequins

1930s: black tights, cigarette smoke, peacock feathers

1940s: dark hair, old movie posters, red wine

1950s: fancy milkshakes, high ponytails, record players

1960s: bright sweaters, neon lights, daisies

1970s: wild flowers, freckles, denim

1980s: leather jackets, loud music, chipped nail polish

1990s: grey eyes, thrift shops, combat boots

2000s: smeared makeup, roller skates, emojis

2010s: video games, fireworks, long nails

Beautiful things to look forward to:
  • People you haven’t met yet who will come to love you
  • New flavors of ice cream
  • Summer 2016 memories 
  • Your favorite bands releasing new music 
  • Finding a book that speaks to you 
  • Thrift store finds that make you feel beautiful
  • Noticing that you are drifting down the path you want to go in life
  • Finding the courage to be who you are no matter who is with you

Lots of megabytes of data is waiting to be released during the coming days. Music things, video things, animation things…

VIDEO: Music setup from last two nights, with thrift store finds Yamaha PSR-47, PSR-60, Casio SA-65 and a bunch of other stuff. The self-built acoustic elements also make for good desks and equipment stands.

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10 Songs, coming right up! Consider all of these recommended, okay?

1. Silhouette -Owl City

2. Thrift Shop (Bart & Baker Electro Swing Club Remix)

3. Kill the Lights -Set it Off (Nightcore)

4. Houkago Stride - JubyPhonic english cover

5. The Rift Whip -The Fold (from Ninjago)

6. Ghost -Mystery Skulls

7. Afraid -The Neighborhood

8. Fading -Decyfer Down

9. Gives You Hell -All American Rejects

10. O-Zone -Dragostea Din Tei

  • <p> <b>Me, on a date:</b> How do you feel about Macklemore?<p/><b>Date:</b> I think he's an underrated artist who was popularized for one of his more freeform songs instead of his inspirational music.<p/><b>Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:</b> Great, this date will continue swimmingly.<p/><b>Date:</b> Then why are you shoving breadsticks into your purse?<p/><b>Me:</b> For later...<p/></p>