music to my ears

Bucky Barnes continues to be front and center in Civil War marketing. The conflict revolves around him, and I’ve heard that depending on how the editing shakes out, Sebastian Stan might end up with a bigger part than Chris Evans. Even if it doesn’t break that way, Stan is in a LOT of this movie. Spider-Man 3.0 is going to be a big deal because he’s one of the most recognizable superheroes on the planet, and Ant-Man is going to be a scene-stealer for sure, but Bucky Barnes is the one poised to break out. The movie is engineered to show off the Winter Soldier’s capability—he’s got a melee sequence that is f*cking unbelievable—and just how ruthless he is. Team Iron Man is a total flop in the comics, but I think the movie solved it. And he’s not wrong—Bucky Barnes is too dangerous to go unchecked.

Who else is always down to fuck shit up and pull off a good heist?

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