music to my ears


I feel full of life, I feel alive. There is music pounding in my ears, there is plants and books full of words around me. There is nice friends and pictures in my phone.


I am going somewhere, somewhere new, walking with confident steps, going higher and higher, breathless laughs. I feel alive. There is probably sunshine on my cheeks. I am simply high on life. I am vibrating with life.


I am flying down the street, the hill, on my bike. My ginger hair blows backwards, everything is green around me. My body is full of adrenalin, slightly scared, slightly high. I feel like I am in a movie. Laughing, breathing, music in my ears, going faster and faster. I am free.

Feelings, the art of being alive, of feeling free.

love, sara x

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i want to take the train and just go. go to another city and explore it by myself with music playing in my ears. sit in a cafe, sip some coffee while reading a book and watch other people. take pictures of famous attractions. talk with the people who live there and learn what they think about life. i always have this strong desire to go and explore. a never ending wanderlust for life.

For a year, my favourite song was the same. Then I met you, a music enthusiast, and I fell in love. So now, it’s not my favourite song anymore, because every time I listen, I think of the time I first made you listen to it, sat on your kitchen top eating noodles. And now that you’ve broken my heart, you seem to have broken my ears too.
—  blue-eyes-xoDear music enthusiast