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happy sapphic music videos masterpost

(or: a list of music videos that arent horrifically tragic or angsty) (let me know if u have any to add that arent on here!!)

shura - whats it gonna be
child actor - against the night
see - potions
BETS - jenny 
human life - wherever we are
hayley kiyoko - girls like girls  / cliffs edge 
the happy mess - backyard girl 
beatrice eli - girls
gia - only a girl
mary lambert - she keeps me warm
garden city movement - move on 
cri - chemin
luna blake - horizon
goldroom ft. chela - fifteen 
honebone - sausage 
radical something - pure 
to kill a king - love is coal 
pillar point - dove
studio killers - jenny
mary lambert - hang out with you 
delenn jadzia - for you

Music in Magic: the Gathering

I’d like to post something before I forget to, so here goes.

One thing that I believe the MtG community can always use more of is music. Truly, the only mtg-related music producer that is on here that I know of is the truly amazing @visiblespectrummusic. Check out his music here if you haven’t already, his works are all really awesome and they cover different genres so it’s almost a given that you’ll adore at least some, if not all of them.

For example: his song for Eldritch Moon is positively beautiful, and I listen to his Spectrums album on my mp3 player constantly.

But, that said, Cody is one guy (or, in some occasions, one band, but you get the idea), and cannot supply an infinite amount of music.

So I’m making this post to ask people to reblog it and add onto it anyone else that makes any sort of music related to Magic, because it’s, I feel, really underappreciated.

And, if you can’t, do consider rebloging this just to get the word around. Thank you! I, and the artists that will be on this, appreciate this very much.

Tagging some big names like @flavoracle @sarkhan-volkswagen @sarpadianempiresvol-viii @sketchydoodles @sarpadianempiresvol-viii @elspethsunschampion @hopelessly-vorthosian @odric-master-swagtician @bace-jeleren and, of course, @wizardsmagic

I will go first: there’s a youtube channel called Falconshield: The Band. Now, admittedly, their channel is dedicated mostly to music about League of Legends. Which is why I was very pleasantly surprised when, a while ago, they released two awesome tracks: “Khanfall”, a very upbeat rock (it’s rock, right?) song about Tarkir, and “Ignite the Spark” (in collaboration with Julia Westlin), a very emotional and powerful song about Chandra. Do check them out.

ENFJs I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

What I noticed and observed about them: (3 FEMALES & 3 MALES)

  1. Almost all of the ENFJs I know are extremely approachable and friendly. They’re like a breath of fresh air. Their vibes are just so nice and infectious. 
  2. However, two of the ENFJ females I know may seem snobbish at first–probably due to their second dominant function; Ni (which causes them to overthink and not be aware of their face). I highly doubt they mean it though–their caring actions say otherwise, anyway. 
  3. When you converse with them, you’ll notice that they have this glow in their face that just makes you want to keep talking. They have the ability to make people feel comfortable and special.
  4. They mold themselves as they talk to people. They know what the other person is into or what the other person is going through–and they will use their interpersonal skills to know exactly what to talk about. And how to act. They are the ultimate chameleons.
  5. They hold onto what they feel is right and wrong, and will feel insulted/disgusted if they see other people not behaving in a way that they don’t believe in–but will keep it to themselves to avoid conflict (unless they are the more assertive ENFJs).
  6. Almost all of the ones I know are musically-inclined and love using their music abilities to gather people together and jam with them; or well, to impress their crushes. 
  7.  The ENFJ guys I know are the “larger-than-life” type of guys. They really stand out because of their lively, childish, yet determined personality.
  8. Most of the ENFJs I know are charismatic. When they talk, people quiet down because they know that they have something meaningful to say. Or derpy. There is no in-between.
  9. These are the peacemakers. Sure, they have strong opinions– but they’re mostly focused on what’s good for everyone. They don’t like taking sides because they want to be fair; and want to take the time to understand both.
  10. Some of the ENFJs I know don’t really know themselves. They aren’t the most introspective individuals since they focus more on others–so sometimes this may lead to them not knowing much about what they truly like. I remember one of my ENFJ friends was asked what her favorite music genre was by an acquaintance– and she didn’t know how to answer; like she was afraid that she’d end up saying the wrong genre.
  11. They actually rant a lot to their close friends about how they truly feel about certain people–but when they are faced with the people they were ranting about–they act as if they hadn’t said anything bad about them behind their back…and what more is that they act like they’re best friends with them. Their chameleon skills are impressive.
  12. They aren’t as organized as ESFJs, but they have their own way of being organized. They’re just much more chill than ESFJs. And forgetful.
  13. Seeing them in action is so entertaining. Organizing events, talking to people, helping people, reciting in class. It’s like they were born to make the world a much easier place.
  14. Some of the ENFJs I know had a difficult time getting out of toxic relationships. They wouldn’t give up on their significant other even if the bad outweighed the good in the relationship. They really do focus on the good of people.
  15. Some of the ENFJs I know could be mistaken for being flirty because they don’t ever turn off their charm (even when they’re uninterested). And this could lead the trouble if they aren’t single.
  16. ENFJs are softies at heart. I swear, they have a lot of love to share. Even if they don’t show it–you’ll notice it eventually. They love romantic movies! (Even the guys) Such a giveaway. 

Well, what do you guys think? Agree or disagree? :)

P.S. I created an “About Me” page on my blog so check it out if you’d like to know a bit more about the girl behind this blog :)

Me at family gatherings
  • Grandparents: Oh so what is this Twenty One Pilots band you speak of? What kind of music do they play
  • Me: Um well that's a good question
  • Me: *sits for a while trying to think of how to explain it*
  • Family: *looks at me in disappointment*
  • Me: I-i dont really know to be completely honest
  • Family: *is confused and thinks i need help*
  • Mum: How do you not know what genre they are
  • Me: *is silent*
Homestuck Sound Test

Hey kids, remember the Homestuck Sound Test? That collection of otherwise un-albumed Homestuck music, gathered into one place for your listening pleasure? That collection of files Niklink compiled, and then updated, and then I started managing it instead of him through some bizarre chain of events, and I haven’t updated it since August 2015?

I am pleased to announce that the next edition of the Homestuck Sound Test will be released, barring major complications, on 4/13/2017!

Get hype, and get ready for a delirious amount* of sicknasty beats n’ beeps!

and of course, the sound test will be intronducing, the new friend PENUMDRA PHATNTASM, recently unearthed from the depths of toby hell by archaelogists

*I estimate about 970 songs at the moment for the whole thing, but editing is still in process so we’ll see what the final amount is


Forgotten Woods - “In My Darkest Visions” from As the Wolves Gather (1994)

Submerged in wretchedness
At war with the self
At war with the universe
A forlorn destiny
Beheld with eyes of the night


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Keeping in touch with high school friends was hard enough. It was almost expected to drift apart after graduation. People moved away, started new lives. And as much as no one wanted to admit it, it was all a part of growing up.

Hyuk, however, was a part of that one percent.

He actively made the decision that his high school friends weren’t just high school friends. They were the people he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And even though he saw Seunghyun, and Hyoseob almost every day while working on music they still gathered with the rest of their circle of friends at least once a month.

“Looks like Noona, Dahye, and Jiho are all gonna be late.” Seunghyun frowned looking at his phone. “Jiho texted me saying his schedule is running over and Dahye is stuck in traffic. Any word on Noona?”

Hyuk glanced at his watch and sighed. “She’s on her way” You were running late…Again. He was pretty used to it, which is why he even got in the habit of telling you that the meetings were about twenty minutes earlier. He sadly made the mistake of telling you the real time.

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