music symbol tattoo

Hello Tumblr~!
I just wanted to share with you this beautifull thing I have made by Fuki_ink 
It means world to me. Every single thing in this tattoo is important to me somehow. I dont have to say how much I love this piece of art!It’s gonna stay with me to the end of my days and I’m very happy about that. 

Not for a specific pop punk band, but all of them generally. Me and my bestfriend got these as a symbol of how our music gets us through life. Notice how there is no stop button, but instead a shuffle. My bestfriend and I both have struggled with self harm for a long time and both hit rock bottom. So our new saying is,  "why stop when you can shuffle". We are no longer trying to stop our lives, but change it. Shuffle is a surprise. You never know what good song is next on the play list :) 

When people asked me what/who Prince was to me, I boldface said:

“My everything.”

He was my introduction to music, artistry and self acceptance.

He was the closest being I ever had to a father because he guided me, musically, through the unimaginable and insurmountable.

I thought I would have the honor of bringing my children to one of his concerts. And I never had the audacity to say it out loud; but I foolishly dreamed as a little girl that someday, he’d hear my music.

I send a genuine and heartfelt thank you to the lost brothers who allowed me to witness his greatness. We may no longer share the bond of music making but I will never forget that gesture.

I didn’t think for a second that God expected me to live in a world where the Purple one no longer existed. But I thank Him for introducing me to the life changing experience that is Prince.

I promise to be a truer me. To be worthy of his musical legacy and be a fearless musician & take risks every day. 

Dearly Beloved,
Rest In Love, Power & Funk.

Photo Description: Hours after his passing I drew and got his Love Symbol tatted by the amazingly insightful, beautiful soul, fellow Purple daughter & Revolutionary WOC: J.. Please check out her work on IG: @thepeoplesink


the meanings of Kristen stewart tattoo’s since most of you are asking…. a lot!!!! 

  • Guernica - pablo picasso : right arm black ink 
  • infinity sign ( debatable because the sign is standing and its a link tattoo between all her closest friends who also have it straight. i believe its stands for the total of people who got the tattoo and the “forever meaning” behind the sig ) 
  • black flag:  its one of kristen’s favorite band’s. She’s normally spotted wearing the bands T’s and a lot of people that hear the band’s music eventually tattoo the symbol of the band. 

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT… the meaning … which is not that big of a deal … <3  i guess josh from MTV didn’t want to push it…