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Let's be more than friends?
Let's be more than friends?

H-H-H-HERE IT IS…the song I wrote for Michael (or rather, that Michael wrote for Jeremy) in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets!

The lyrics aren’t exact since I sorta messed up at one part but wHATEVER

Also please ignore the horrible quality I recorded this in my basement and with my phone so it’s nOT THE BEST
And yeah it’s all acapella since I can’t play an instrument to save my life there’s some clapping in there to give it a nice beat but thas about it frens

Please keep in mind that I am in no way a professional songwriter or anything remotely like that;; I just did this for fun? And I came up with this randomly I didn’t really plan it or anything lol

Now please excuse me while I go and scream into the void


Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Lightning Gameplay - E3 2017

In case u forgot or didn’t know: when particular understudies go on in dear evan hansen the design team has to change the visuals for the projections to match whichever actor is going on that night (ex: olivia puckett’s photos are projected when zoe’s instagram is shown in “waving through a window”/ youtube clips of colton ryan giving evan’s speech are projected during “you will be found”)

The setting and lighting design in deh is truly amazing y'all !!!

Is it just me, or did Rich speak with a lisp during the hospital scene? I think it’s a really cool detail showing us who Rich really is now that his squip is gone.

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RFA + Saeran/V reacting to an s/o who is a new artist who is becoming a bit popular because they write their own songs and are good at singing/dancing? like~ they're just walking together and someone asks for an autograph and s/o is shook because that's the first time that's happened? [Anon!Chuuni]

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist Hello again! This was interesting. Hope you like this! :) 


  • Zen liked to do impromptu shows in the park or on a random street
  • Since you sang and danced a little too, you often joined him
  • It became a sort of tradition
  • On days when he couldn’t make it, you still went and sang some of your own songs
  • Turns out they started circulating around the internet
  • One day you and Zen were walking together and someone screeched
  • They started to come up to you both
  • Zen takes a step forward, as this usually happens when he encounters a fan for an autograph
  • But….the person actually wanted your autograph
  • While Zen is really embarrassed for his assumption, he was super proud of you
  • Won’t stop talking about the incident
  • You guys become a super cool music duo


  • You only sang in the house
  • He loved your voice and he really thought you had potential
  • When you showed him some songs you had written, he knew you would be a hit
  • So he finally convinced you to upload them to youtube
  • You both forgot about it for awhile
  • Until one day you’re walking in the mall and someone squeals really loudly
  • When a group of kids come up to you for an autograph, he’s so proud
  • He stands off to the side, watching you get the attention you deserve
  • But also gets super tense when a group of guys get a bit too friendly with you
  • Bodyguard Yoosung lolol


  • She’s trying to come up with new ideas to liven up the cafe
  • When you mention that you sing and dance, she asks if you’d do some live shows
  • You agree, and you come every week
  • You start building up quite an audience in the cafe
  • You don’t know how big until regular customers start asking you for an autograph when you’re just visiting
  • Jaehee is super thankful to you since her business is going up
  • But more so, she’s really happy that she was able to give you the opportunity
  • It was a small way to repay you for all the kindness you showered on her


  • Music and dance was a sort of hobby for you
  • You weren’t that serious about it as a career
  • So you just post a few videos on social media
  • Jumin hears you around the house and offers to connect you with an agent, but you refuse
  • You’re on one of your dates in a fancy restaurant
  • Everything is going well, until the waiter starts fangirling
  • They ask you for your autograph
  • Both you and Jumin are stunned for awhile after the ordeal
  • But then Jumin starts showering you with compliments
  • “See, I’m not the only one who sees how talented you are.”
  • He supports you either way, but still leaves the offer open for getting you into the music business


  • You had only just started singing in front of him
  • He usually doesn’t react other than the usual compliment
  • But when you’re not looking, he’ll record you singing your own songs
  • He uses his skills and gets them viral on social media without you knowing
  • Nothing happens until he takes you out to an aquarium for your weekly date
  • A bunch of people keep coming up to you for autographs
  • You turn to him and ask how this happened
  • He shrugs innocently and says the neighbors must’ve recorded you or something
  • “You live in a soundproof bunk in the middle of nowhere!”
  • He never admits to getting you famous, but is really happy whenever people compliment you on your talent


  • Music was more than a hobby for you
  • You actually put effort into your songs and uploading them online frequently
  • You had a small audience, but not more than a few people
  • Saeran had noticed how much effort you put into it and how talented you were
  • Behind the scenes, he uses his hacking skills to spread you around a little more 
  • He leaves it at that though
  • A few months later, you two are walking in a grocery store
  • Someone in the aisle keeps staring at you strange
  • Saeran finally calls them out for it, but they admit they just want your autograph
  • You’re really shocked, but somehow manage to push through and greet them
  • Saeran watches from the side really happy that you’re finally making your way towards you ambitions


  • You found that his photographs really inspired you musically
  • You would often write songs based on them
  • He loved them so much that he asked you to sing them at his exhibits
  • This became a regular thing
  • One day he forgot his lunch
  • So you decide to bring it before he meets with some client or another
  • The client comes just as you’re leaving and stops you
  • He asks for you to autograph some of V’s photos (since they were your muse)
  • You’re really shocked and almost refuse as you don’t think you did much
  • V is grinning away on the side, happy that your talent is being seen by others 

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

Okay beautiful peoples, here’s whats up!

Lili’s gonna be on MTV total request tomorrow with Ed Sheeran as the special musical guest. 

Super cool because it’s been revamped and hasn’t been done since 2008 so really anything could happen lol. I personally hope that Ed and Lili are interviewed together. Also really cool because Lili’s gonna be the FIRST celeb they have on this show since it last aired in 2008. 

Also tomorrow: Lili’s gonna be doing a photoshoot and interview with Buzzfeed. 

I should also let y’all know that both of these are really new interview platforms so I won’t know any answers about them lol. The MTV thing has been revamped so it’s all up in the air and the Buzzfeed thing is also very unconventional I think. I mean I don’t follow many (or any lol) celebs so I don’t know if a buzzfeed interview & photoshoot has ever been done and if so what it entails? 

Also Lili will be doing these two things solo 

Also the Fallon interview will have a game…so interview plus a game between the cast 

Tomorrow’s gonna be a super exciting day!!

The Losers Club: High School (Modern AU)

- The Losers obsessively check everyone’s schedule’s to make sure all their classes have at least one other Loser in them. 

- When the seven of them are walking down the halls together they have to try really hard not to block the entire hall. 

- Richie was running late to class once and tried to make it before the bell but he tumbled right down the stairs. Mike was concerned until Richie gave him a thumbs up from the first floor and he was free to laugh his ass off.  

- Ben spends his lunch period in the library doing any favors the librarians ask him to do. So he delivers passes, shelves books, and gets free coffee. 

- Whenever Ben delivers a pass for one of the Loser’s, he writes a small note on the back to ask how their day is going or to say something nice. 

‘I’m sure you’re in trouble right now Richie but I hope you’re having a good day’ -Ben 

- Mike is a football star

- All the Loser’s come to his games and make signs to embarrass him with. They stand on the bleachers and cheer their asses off for him. 

- Stan and Bill join photography club. They have a small competitive streak to see who can impress the club leader more. 

- Stan usually wins because ‘How on earth does he get so close to birds and not get his eye pecked out????’

- Richie takes TV pro class and takes it very seriously. For the first short film assignment, Richie made a super cool music video parody using all the Losers.

- Richie claims he is now the best video editor because he edited a five second clip of Shrek saying ‘Hi, Welcome to Chili's’ and laughed for two hours. 

- Richie and Bev are the heroes of every play. Richie gets every comic relief role and Bev gets something new every time. Eddie joins stage crew just so he can hang around Richie after school. 

- Eddie goes to every show and brings Richie flowers because he knows he is a soft boy on the inside. 

- The Loser’s are everyone’s favorite at cast parties because they throw the best parties. (No one cares that most of them shouldn’t even be there because they love them so much)

- Bill pays for nearly every after school adventure. (Eddie is all spent from all the flowers he buys, Richie seems to always be mooching off of everyone else, Stan never likes spending money even when he has some, Ben and Bev use all their money for cute dates, Mike tries to pitch in where he can!!!) 

- Stan decides to try out for baseball and tries to get Eddie to come to tryouts with him (because he knows he’d love it and he doesn’t want to go alone).

- Richie is happily strolling to play rehearsals when Eddie comes bursting down the hall and jumps right into his arms with the biggest grin on his face. ‘I made the team! I made the team!’ 

- Stan calmly follows after Eddie and Richie gives him an expectant glance and Stan just nods with a small smile. 

- Richie tries to hug him to congratulate him for the rest of the day but Stan escapes every time. 

- Eddie’s mom doesn’t support Eddie’s sports decision but allows him to play. 

- Eddie is a little heartbroken when she doesn’t come to the first game but is quickly cheered up when he spots the Losers in the bleachers. 

- The Loser’s don’t care if the Baseball crowd isn’t as loud as the Football crowd, they are all shouting for their Baseball boys. 

- Richie wears Eddie’s baseball cap whenever he doesn’t need it. 

In an alternate universe they’re a super cool music duo and do interdimensional tours

It has been a long time since I drew Marco X,D I really wanted to draw this two dorks together  

The outfit Star is using is from the poster of the episode “Face the music”, totally loved it, looks really cool. Marco is using a “light” version of the clothes he used as his older self.

I used some references from Google because I suck at drawing people singing or playing instruments X,D, bear with me please

Okay, so Bitty is procrastinating by scrolling through Youtube and today it starts with husky puppies playing in the snow for the first time, but he ends up watching this contouring video where it starts off with this super cool music riff and shots of the mountains? It’s a really nice shot, but the voiceover sounds really familiar. Like, really familiar.

He spends the next couple seconds racking his brain until Derek Nurse’s Doppelganger’s face shows up “without makeup” and Bitty is transfixed for 6:43 minutes as Totally Not Nursey, Right puts a timer on and does a five minute face in real time. Five minute contouring. It’s mesmerizing, honestly

Then, the guy finally talks on screen and holy mother of the baby lord

So, he watches more as this guy who he’s pretty sure is Nursey combs and fills his brows and gets rid of dark circles and blemishes, uses a dark brown shadow as eyeliner and a pale pink shade in his inner socket and on the bow of his lip for an every day look. There are costume tutorials and filling in spare patches in facial hair, skin care routines, and reviews of products. Bitty’s like !!!!!! because he’s 100% sure this is Nursey but, like Nursey might not want the team to know about his tutorials and outfit videos because Bitty gets it, it’s the Hannah Montana glamour of it all and also yeah…….:/// and it might just be an open secret like his own vlog is???? 

He scrolls through Nursey’s instagram–well, his makeup instagram. It’s not the account that Bitty already follows, it’s his Youtube username, finelines, and it’s kinda…….ridiculously…popular??? It was featured on Buzzfeed apparently??? There’s those flat lays of Nursey’s outfits, lines of poetry, swatches of eye shadow and lip products and screencaps from videos, etc…. 

And while Bitty’s sure that someone in the Haus has seen his own videos, no one ever confronts him about it, so he’s just gonna let Nursey do his own thing while Bitty himself spends the rest of the afternoon watching dozens of videos in bed and maybe orders….some brow product online….like Bitty has blond brows and he would like some definition, thanks Derek

And then Nursey compliments Bitty’s brows once the product’s come in and Bitty’s had a few tries and watched a few videos and !!!! everything is goodt in the Haus

Lost Plance AU

There was this amazing Plance post where the Holt family was involved in a ghost hunting project. Matt, his Dad and Shiro go missing, and Pidge starts asking questions, she also has to disappear. She decides to Live with Lance and learns Spanish and stuff with them. (Also Keith is a half demon so that’s pretty cool) But it’s lost so help me please!!! Edit: Please share so people can see this!!!!!

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cover by rebecca

cover of 楽・園 (rakuen) by me

probably should’ve waited properly until 10.14 for angel’s bday but i’m not exactly renowned for my patience sooo…

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Game of… Mario

I made an animatic kindof??? its only like 20 seconds long and super crappy but afdgfhjgj. Only a wip, dont know if I’ll finish it tbh, just really had the urge to draw this part, take it or leave it. The song is Dead Girl Walking (reprise) from Heathers, with AJ as Veronica and Rarity as J.D. (super cool musical I love with all my heart and yall should definitely listen to)

Also I have zero experience doing animatics??? lol anyway free rarijack amirite 


The weather forecast predicts a 150% chance that this blog is a very big FHQ! AU fan hello