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1. Notability

Notability is like my digital notebook. I take down notes with it and I can also put marks and highlights on them. Highlighting on pdf is also made possible on Notability in which iBooks doesn’t do. When I review lessons, I can put highlights and marks in different colors in which I find more effective in retaining the information. I can also make illustrations.

2. Spotify

Spotify is my favorite music streaming app. Premium subscription is very affordable and what I like about this is that there are various playlist available so I can just choose whatever I feel like listening to. I sometimes just find playlist that is best suited for my mood while studying or I listen to my own playlist. (I will have another detailed post about how I use Spotify for school.)

3. Coffitivity

I know that when things got really serious (when I am cramming) or whenever I am not in the mood to listen to music, I use Coffitivity instead. Coffitivity is an app that generates “enough noise” for me to get things done. I can choose from morning murmur, lunchtime lounge and university undertones noises. I just choose whatever fits my mood. I usually use this when I am studying around 2AM because this hour is so quiet and I find it too noisy if I listen to music so I just use Coffitivity instead. There are also times that I feel like listening to music with some noises, so I can actually play a music while Coffitivity app is on.

4. Quizlet

I use quizlet if I find writing down my practice questions on a paper very time consuming. I believe typing is way faster than writing. My technique with Quizlet is that I type my practice questions using my laptop and sync them on my iPhone or iPad. With Quizlet, I can have my practice questions in flashcard type, game type or simply with the term on the left and its description on the right. I find this very useful because my practice questions are more handy.

5. 30/30

This app is best for time management and it helps you not to waste time. I use this if I study by block which means that I study for 25 minutes and having a 5-minute break afterwards. After my 5-minute break, I study again for 25 minutes but this time my break lasts for 10 minutes. Another way is that I study for 25 minutes following a 5-minute break doing this twice and my third 25-minute study time now has 15-minute break.


So these are my essential apps for school in which I believe that they sure help me a lot in school. I hope you guys would find these apps very useful, too! Let me know if there are apps I might also need. 


Some awesome apps i have for stimming. Most are free, I believe Shadowmatic and Monument valley aren’t free anymore.

Heat pad is really nice and colorful. Its super cool, i’d check it out… And you earn new color schemes by playing the app! No purchase necessary!

Fluid Monkey is the second app and it’s a liquid paint stim game where you drag your finger across the screen to make pretty colors swirl everywhere.

Thisissand is a really calming game in which you draw with colored sand. There are some in-app purchases that only enhance your experience. They’re not necessary.

Relax melodies is a really nice app that has calming sounds. Some purchase necessary to have a full library of sounds and to import your own music to mix with the sounds.

Magic piano is a rhythm game in which little glowing orbs go across the screen and you then tap them to create pleasant piano music. Subscription required to have access to songs labeled “VIP”

Twist is a Ketchapp game (i mention that because there’s a few ketchapp games on here) thats really good for taking out your frustrations. Its a simple “tap at the right time” game, and i got really good at it! My high score is 118! If you get good enough at it, it’s mindless!

Smash hit is a game that can be frustrating, but hear me out. Its so satisfying to hear the glass shatter when you hit it with the metal marbles. This is by far the most frustrating game on this list, but i think the frustration is worth it.

Flutter and Flutter: Starlight are two very calming games in which you take care of butterflies and moths (respectively). If you turn on notifications for these apps, beware, they send you at least one a day (if that bugs you (pun!))

Stack is another game by Ketchapp that is very satisfying to play and it’s actually very pretty. The blocks/bricks are in gradient and its nice to look at.

Shadowmatic is a relaxing (paid) game in which you rotate objects to make the shadows look like easily identifiable silhouettes.

Zen koi is similar to flutter, but instead you play as the fish. You breed them and upgrade them and try to collect rare fish.

Pigment is a very calming coloring book app that’s ios only (sadly :

Monument valley is a paid puzzle game. I consider it an anti-physics game, if that makes sense? Its kinda trippy.

imago is similar to 2048 but with colors!

bridges is basically the same as flow, where you connect two dots of the same color. I love getting all the stars by completing the puzzles in the least amount of moves possible!

some apps that are helpful but not pictured are:


pocket frogs

listen on repeat (i have this in another folder actually)

neko atsume

you can send me any that work for you!

if im gonna keep paying $9.99 every month for a damn apple music subscription u can bet ur ass im downloading every song that has a remotely good beat bc im getting my moneys worth

remember this time last year when 80% of y'all were absolute assholes to taylor swift i hate all of u bitches u can CHOKE on my apple music subscription which provides me an enormous catalogue of music and hundreds of exclusives at only 11.99 a month

You have to surround yourself with people who make you better, people who understand there is more that you can possibly be and that you can do. When you look at Hov and you look at what he stands on as a brand, you really are in awe from the business decisions that he’s making. And when I sit back as a friend and as a fan and I watch that, my conversations [with him] are about ‘How can I make moves similar to [his]?’

When you look at what he did with TIDAL—I’m gonna show you how these things mirror, and how this can be on any level, it doesn’t just have to be on the level we’re on, it can be on any level. You should soak up information and put it of use if you are around somebody who has it. TIDAL is a subscription-based music network where they’re artist friendly. [Jay Z] wants to give artists a chance to have some stake in their work and ownership in what they do. [TIDAL is] for the artists and [they] are gonna give you a different quality of music. Like, 'My name is Jay Z, this is what I’m creating, and this is how I"m gonna separate myself from Apple … and Spotify. This is why [TIDAL] is the best.’ So that is what he did. I said, 'Well, I could do that for comedy. I can do something that is artist-friendly for comedy. So that is what I created the [Laugh Out Loud Network] … We’re creating a multi-cultural platform for comedy …

I realized I could do this by watching my old head. I watched the moves he made, and then in our conversations I could see what he does. And I don’t want to compete with Hov in no way, shape or form—I wanna be inspired and follow the blueprint that he’s giving me … I’m surrounded by people who are not selfish [with their jewels].

—  Kevin Hart, speaking to Sway Calloway on how Jay Z has inspired him to create his own video-on-demand service, the soon-to-be-launched Laugh Out Loud Network. Hart will give comedians and actors autonomy over their created content—as exampled to him by Hov’s TIDAL venture.
Taylor Swift Returns To Spotify, Amends Her Relationship To Streaming

June 9, 201712:17 PM ET

Judging by the headlines Friday morning, Taylor Swift’s music has finally returned to streaming services. But that’s not exactly the case.

Taylor Nation, an official arm of the Swift machine, posted mid-evening on Thursday that, in celebration of her 2014 album 1989 selling 10 million albums globally and a 100-million song “certification” from the Recording Industry Association of America, Swift and her management would make her entire back catalog available on streaming services. As of this morning, a Spotify playlist of her greatest hits had drawn nearly 30,000 subscribers.

In truth, her back catalog was available in piecemeal or in full on various services well before early this morning. Subscription-only services all had her previous pre-2014 albums, and Apple Music, in a very public coup for the company following a very public act of contrition, also had 1989. And because of the legal structure of song licensing in the states, listeners on Pandora’s radio service also could hear tracks from her catalog. The one conspicuous place you couldn’t hear Swift’s work was Spotify.

That was because of Spotify’s industry-polarizing dedication to its “free tier,” which lets listeners hear music without a subscription in exchange for regular interruptions from ads. “It’s my opinion that music should not be free,” Swift wrote in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal in 2014. Adding to the acrimony, Spotify had also maintained a no-exceptions policy on “windowing,” wherein certain albums would be available to paid subscribers for a certain period of time. (“Windowing” should not to be confused with “exclusives,” where an artist makes their work available only on a specific service, a strategy Apple Music has prolifically chased.) Both policies were taken as affronts by Swift and her team — on the latter point, as robbing artists and their labels of control. That’s in large part why Swift pulled her entire catalog from Spotify in 2014.

A year later, an entirely different dispute, this time with Apple and its new-at-the-time Apple Music service, ended much differently. Swift pointedly criticized the company for not paying royalties on music streamed during a three-month free trial of the service it was offering to customers, drawing an apology (and a phone call) from a top executive at the company, which pledged to pay royalties on those streams. Swift "happily" made 1989 available on Apple Music afterwards, at a time when the album was still (relatively) fresh. Some months later Apple announced an exclusive concert film, ‘1989 World Tour Live,’ for its music streaming service. Less than a year after that, she was starring in commercials for the service listening to Drake, while Drake was starring in commercials for the service listening to Swift. (Drake's More Life was an Apple Music exclusive, too.) It’s an open question as to whether Apple’s public contrition was enough to sway Swift.

So the question this morning is, why are Taylor Swift’s albums now on Spotify? A request for clarification on that question by Swift’s management and record label was not immediately returned. But it’s worth noting that Spotify recently softened its stance on windowing — in return for paying lowered fees to labels — according to a report from the Financial Times in March. Streaming has also become the dominant revenue driver for the recording industry since the release of 1989. Spotify’s anodyne statement on the news simply confirms “that Taylor Swift’s entire back catalogue is now available on Spotify for her millions of fans to enjoy.”

Perhaps most importantly (intimations of dueling pop queen pettiness notwithstanding and not worth repeating), Swift hasn’t released a record in some time. The downtime means she’s largely been absent from the mainstream conversation outside of precisely tailored Instagram posts, most of which are screenshots of her using… Apple Music. (Apple also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.) This is just a guess, but Swift’s Spotify announcement feels like the first volley of a long publicity campaign behind a new album to come later this year.

One thing is for sure: If and when that record arrives, you’ll have to pay to hear it.

thepinkhalbum  asked:

i don't have apple music and i'm listening to beats radio right now – it's free as long as you have an itunes/apple account, which is separate from an apple music subscription

there ya go anon! and anyone else who needs to know! 

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noone uses 8track they killed the site n removed all soundtrack songs from playlists n u can only listen to an hour of music without paying subscription or some bullshit n unless u live in america u just cant use the app

Omfg. Wow.

My dad has started using my Apple Music subscription while he’s at work to listen to Hamilton, and today he told me he listened to some of my playlists. He apparently didn’t appreciate the “foul language” in that song that always talked about “opening the goddamn door” and just. How do I explain a meme to my 52 year old father

Zayn & Taylor Swift Debut in Top 10

Zayn and Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)” debuts at No. 6, marking Swift’s 20th Hot 100 top 10

Zayn and Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)” launches at No. 6 on the Hot 100 following its first full week of tracking. It bows as the week’s best-selling song, entering Digital Song Sales at No. 1 with 188,000 sold in the week ending Dec. 15 (thus, encompassing all the song’s first-week sales following its Dec. 9 release). Swift scores her 11th Digital Song Sales No. 1, tying Katy Perry for the second-most in the chart’s history; Rihanna leads with 14.

“Live” also debuts at No. 26 on Radio Songs (39 million), drawing 3.5 million domestic streams for the week. Notably, the track, while available on Apple Music, Tidal and other subscription-only streaming services, was withheld from Spotify during the tracking week; however, it was made available on Spotify as of Dec. 16. Plus, the lack of an official video for “Live” kept it from bowing even higher on the Hot 100 (as YouTube clicks are often a major driver for songs’ streaming totals).

With the debut, Swift earns her 20th Hot 100 top 10, and Zayn, his second as a soloist (after four with 1D). She’s the 16th artist in the Hot 100’s archives to tally at least 20 top 10s, and the sixth woman; Madonna leads all acts with 38 top 10s. The other women to have reached the milestone: Rihanna, with 29; Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, 27 each; and Whitney Houston, with 23. (Now with 20 top 10s, Swift matches the totals of Chicago and The Supremes.) “Live” is also Swift’s record-extending 13th top 10 Hot 100 debut.

The Power Of Apple Music's New Ad Starring Taylor Swift

If you ever wanted to gauge Taylor Swift’s clout in the music industry, look no further than the new Apple Music ad that she stars in.

The funny commercial shows the pop star being so engaged rapping along to the lyrics of Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” while running the treadmill that she takes a nasty, hard fall off the machine.

While the ad, which ends with the tag line “distractingly good,” was released last Friday on April Fool’s Day, neither Swift nor Apple Music are playing the role of the fool at all.

Billboard reported Thursday that after Swift posted the spot on her social media accounts last week, iTunes sales of “Jumpman” have shot up a ridiculous 431 percent worldwide. Within that, Billboard additionally reports that the plays for Apple Music’s curated “#gymflow” playlist, which was also shown in the ad, have jumped 325 percent, making it the fifth-rated playlist in terms of popularity this week.

The astonishing thing about this is “Jumpman” was a song featured on Drake and Future’s joint album, What a Time To Be Alive, released last fall on Sept. 20. That means Swift rapping along to its infectious lyrics breathed life into a song nearly seven months old, possibly bringing it to ears that have never heard it, resulting in the roaring sales leap on iTunes. Pretty impressive.

Altogether, the Swift-starring Apple Music ad has received upwards of 20 million likes on Facebook and Instagram with the tech company more than accomplishing its goal in getting it seen by the masses. Billboard additionally reports that Swift’s initial tweet with the embedded clip has amassed 66,960 retweets and 119,000 likes since being posted on Twitter last week.

“To really get an idea that was simple, informative and funny with hooks is really like writing a song,” Larry Jackson, Apple Music’s head of content, told Adweek. “With an artist that’s got 73 million followers on Instagram, that’s bigger than NBC, CBS and Fox and the viewership of prime time combined.”

It remains to be seen how many new Apple Music subscriptions have been signed up since Taylor fell off that treadmill rapping.

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can you do cute for djwifi??? ps love your writing!!!

thank you, anon xx!!!

Send me an adjective + a ship for a drabble!

“We’ve got to test your music,” Alya declared, skimming through the playlist. “Especially the remixes.” She squinted, scrolling all the way to the bottom and then shooting back up to the top. “I see you’re a firm believer in no shuffle?”

Nino shrugged. “Hey, I like variety, but I wanna know what’s coming next,” he said.

Alya shook her head. “That’s not gonna work,” she declared, going to ‘Settings’ in his player and fiddling with some things before hitting the play button.

For a moment, Nino frowned. “How do you ‘test’ music anyway?” He paused, not recognizing the song. And he knew his songs— he could identify all 562 of them with only the first few chords. So yes, he may have been a little obsessive with his tunes.

But that was understandable, wasn’t it?

Judging from his raised eyebrow, Alya caught the second unspoken question.

“I may or may not use you for your premium music subscription,” she said. “And therefore, hack into your playlist sometimes.”

She pushed her chair away from the desk, tapping her foot to the beat of the electro-pop tune for a moment before she got up and laughed. Alya took Nino by the hands, yanking him up and leading him away from the computer, shuffling to the music.

“What?” he chuckled. “This how you ‘test’ music?”

Alya winked at him, letting him go and beginning to sway her hips. “If it’s not danceable, it’s useless,” she retorted.

And did she dance. The song definitely wasn’t Nino’s cup of tea— something that had a sound reminiscent to disco, but with the fusion of modern pop. He was more of an electric wave and rock-n-roll guy…

…but Alya seemed to be having fun. She grooved to the beat; hips swaying, popping and locking, legs sliding and shimmying, her arms doing whatever they wanted. Her glasses were askew, hair flying from side to side — Nino yelped when she yanked him forward, trying to get him to dance with her.

“Uh, Alya, babe, I don’t really,” He stammered, and apparently, there was no need to finish his sentence.

Because once the chorus was repeated for the umpteenth time, Nino tripped over his own two feet and began to fall— about to land face first in the carpet if not for Alya clumsily catching him. She was blushing now, grunting a little as she tried to lift him a little.

Nino, however, noticed the situation and smirked. “So forward, my lady,” he swooned.

It was then a smirk appeared on Alya’s face, and she held onto her boyfriend. “Perhaps I should have chosen tango music?” she teased.

how to subscribe to apple music 3 month free trial

(this is a step by step on how to subscribe to apple music for the 3 month free trial then how to cancel the renewal (unsubscribe) so you don’t have to pay a thing and still be able to watch 1989 tour live within those 3 months)

step 1: select the individual plan and follow the instructions  

step 2: when you’re all signed up go to the right hand corner and click on your profile then click “account info”

step 3: after you’ve entered your password scroll down to the bottom and under setting find “subscriptions” then click “manage”

step 4: under “apple music subscription” turn off “automatic renewal”

Now you are all set to watch 1989 Tour Live when it comes out and won’t have to pay a thing. If you have any questions or are confused about anything feel free to message!


How to create a melon ID & Stream for iKONICS or anyone interested!!! requested by anon
> I recommend using a mobile device to sign up for an ID. Also, for gmail, check your spam for the confirmation. 
>I can’t post pictures of a step by step streaming method because I recently got a 9 month apple music subscription, and if you have this, you cannot change your region unless you cancel it, but this is basically what I did for Winner just a few months ago. Feel free to ask anything, and I’ll try my best to answer <333

Spotify Pull A Day To Remember, Streetlight Manifesto, Bayside & More Amid Victory Records Royalty Dispute


Yesterday it was revealed that Spotify had pulled a significant portion of the Victory Records catalogue from their streaming service, due to an unprecedented request from the label for payments on 53 million streams, without hard data to back up the numbers. You can read more on the dispute courtesy of the Wall Street Journal by clicking “read more” below.

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Independent artists could disappear from YouTube “in a matter of days” after the Google video service confirmed it was dropping content from independent labels that have not signed up for its upcoming subscription music service.

YouTube is about to begin testing the new service – which will charge people to watch and listen to music without ads, and download songs to their mobile devices – within the next few days, initially within Google.

The company has signed lucrative licensing deals with major labels Universal, Warner and Sony, while demanding that independent labels sign up to inferior terms or face having their videos blocked from YouTube’s free service.

Artists including Adele, Arctic Monkeys and Jack White could see their videos taken down. The site has become a key promotional outlet for independent labels of all sizes in recent years.

The move comes as Amazon too has begun to flex its muscles in ways that limit the content its customers can receive. Amazon is delaying shipments and refused pre-orders for some titles from Hachette, publisher of Harry Potter author JK Rowling, and home to David Baldacci, Stephen Colbert, David Foster Wallace and others.

It has also pulled pre-orders for forthcoming Warner Home Video features, including international blockbuster The Lego Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, Winter’s Tale and Transcendence.