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This Day in 1D History - August 16


  • Niall puts in the tea orders for himself and the boys <33
  • the boys hit that wild ‘n’ crazy Manchester radio circuit (lmao), including Mercia
  • Louis has a night out at Tiger Tiger in Leeds 


  • Liam defends and reassures fans after BBC documentary Crazy About One Direction airs <33


  • Where We Are Tour concert – Detroit, USA (including the first time Louis’ skull tat was seen!)


  • 1D win an unbelievable EIGHT Teen Choice Awards– Choice Music Group: Male, Choice Music Single: Group (SMG), Choice Music: Love Song (Night Changes), Choice Summer Music Star (Group), Choice Summer Tour, Choice Music: Party Song (No Control), Choice Male Hottie, and Choice Selfie Taker!! 


  • Niall makes a black tee look so damn good in LA

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Normani is definitely coming back to DWTS, whether as a surprise trio dancer, a judge, or a performance. In a live video of her and Val, she said we'll see her. She commented on Val's page recently. Also, she was shown in ABC's commercial about new fall seasons.

👀 the star of last season is coming back to show white america what they missed
- Rach

This Day in 1D History - July 22


  • Day 3 of bootcamp, feat. Harry and Liam singing “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”


  • ot5 do a Ustream to celebrate their first anniversary together <33


  • the boys put their heads together to accept their Teen Choice Awards for Best Love Song (’WMYB’), Summer Music Star: Group, and Breakout Group


  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Dallas, USA
  • Louis digs through the local gas station bargain bin to sort out his post-concert movie night (bc WHY NOT)


  • Gemma and Anne join in the lovefest for #HarryAppreciationDay
  • Great to have you at the park tonight, @/NiallOfficial!” (via the Chicago White Sox)
  • Harry jumps the gun a bit to thank everyone for five years of 1D <33


  • snippy snappy boy <3

I am getting serious flashbacks to high school musical right now

Pretty Cure Memory New Stage Ver.
Youko Honna, Orie Kimoto, Yuuko Sanpei, Kanae Oki, Nana Mizuki, Ami Koshimizu, Misato Fukuen, Hitomi Nabatame, & Megumi Nakajima
Pretty Cure Memory New Stage Ver.

Pretty Cure Memory New Stage Ver. - Youko Honna, Orie Kimoto, Yuuko Sanpei, Kanae Oki, Nana Mizuki, Ami Koshimizu, Misato Fukuen, Hitomi Nabatame, & Megumi Nakajima - Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3 ~Eien no Tomodachi~

171020 “‘The Unit’, male group song ‘빛(Last One)’ will release sound sources· and music video today in the afternoon ~

빛(Last One) is a song about the start of a long way. It has a powerful sound with confident lyrics and splendid EDM sounds that makes it addictive to the audience.

You’ll the chance to watch the synchronized dance of the male group. Completing their first stage ‘My Turn’ with hard work, you’ll be able to see a heads up of b njnj j desires and dreams.

The Idol rebooting project 'The Unit’ will have the first broadcast on October 28 at 9:15 hours, through KBS

Cr: sports chosun | tenasia | Trans by me youngmar4💖-💖

  • Hoshitani: Look at the stars. They're beautiful!
  • Nayuki: Yes, they are.
  • Hoshitani: Do you know what's more beautiful than all the stars in the sky?
  • Nayuki: *blushes* No, what?
  • Nayuki: Hoshitani-kun! Are you okay?!
  • Tengenji: *high-fives Kuga*


Character Songs
「星のストライド」by Yuta Hoshiya (CV: Natsuki Hanae) 
「MY FRIEND ~僕でよければ~」by Toru Nayuki (CV: Kensho Ono) 
「Limited Sky」by Kaito Tsukisumeragi (CV: Arthur Lounsbery) 
「天下の花」by Sho Tengeji (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya) 
「RADIANT MIND」by Shuu Koga (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) 


Awards won


2013 Favorite Pop/Rock Album

2013 Favorite Pop/Rock Group


2012, 2013 Best International Artist


2012 Pop International

BBC Radio 1

2012 Best British Album

2012 Best British Music act

2012 Best British Single

2013 Best British group

2013 Best British single


2012 Best Album

2012 Best Group

2013 Best Group

2013 Best Fans

2013 Best Pop Song


2013 Top Group

2013 New Artist of the Year

2013 Top Pop Artist

2013 Breakthrough

Bravo Otto

2013 Super Band Pop/Rock


2012 British Single of the Year

2013 BRIT’S Global Success

2014 BRIT’S Global Success

2014 Best British Music Video


2012 Best Book

2012 Best Cover

2012 Best Video

2012 International Band

2012 International Hit

2013 Best Real Couple (Zerrie)

2013 International Band 

2013 International Cat (Liam)

2013 Years Fan Club


Fragrance of the Year: Consumers choice.

Demand Honours 

2011 Best Fans 

2011 Best group

2011 Best Guest

2011 Best Song

2011 Best Video

Japan Gold Disc 

2013 New Artist of the Year

2014 Artist of the Year

2014 Album of the Year

2014 One of the Best 3 Albums in Western Music


2012 Best Newcomer-International

2013 Best Group

2013 Best Pop

2014 Best Band International

Los Premios 

2012 Best New Artist

2012 Best International Artist

2012 Best New International Artist

2013 Best Album

2013 Best Group


2012 Artist of the Year

2012 Best New Act

2012 best UK & Ireland Act 

2012 Best New Artist

2012 Best Pop Video

2012 Most Share Worthy Video

2012 International Artist

2012 Biggest Fans 

2013 Best Song of the Summer

2013 Best Band

2013 Best Fans

2013 Best Look (Harry)

2013 Best Northern European Act 

2013 Best Pop

2013 Best UK & Ireland Act

2013 Hottest Summer Superstar

2014 Best Band


2013 Favorite International Video


2013 Foreign Import of the Year


2012 International Group (Argentina)

2012 Favorite Song (Argentina)

2012 Favorite International Artist (Brazil)

2012 Favorite Song (Mexico)

2012 International Artist (Mexico)

2012 Favorite Band (UK)

2012 Favorite Band (UK)

2013 Favorite International Song (Argentina)

2013 Favorite Music Act (Australia) 

2013 Favorite Song (Australia)

2013 Favorite Song (Mexico)

2013 Favorite Band (UK)

2014 Favorite Song (Australia)

2014 Favorite Music Group (Australia)

2014 Favorite Band (UK)

2014 Favorite Fan Family 


2013 International Group of the year

2014 Video of the Year

2014 International Group of the Year

Peoples Choice 

2013 Favorite Album

2013 Favorite Song

2014 Favorite Band

Pure Beauty

2013 Best Female Fragrance

Radio Disney 

2013 Fiercest Fans

2013 Best Music Group

Social Star 

2013 Most Popular Music Group

2013 Most Popular Artist  in West Europe 

2013 Most Popular Artist In UK

2013 Most Popular British Musicians


2012 Breakout Group

2012 Love Song

2012 Music Star Group

2013 Music Group

2013 Love Song 

2013 Single - Group

2013 Summer Tour


2012 Most Popular Artist in Telehit 

2012 Best International Pop Group

2012 Song of the Public

2013 Boyband of the Year

2013 Most Popular Video on Telehit

Sun Bizarre Readers

2011 Best Pop

2011 Shagger of the year

2012 Best Pop

UK Music Video 

2012 People’s Choice

We Love Pop

2012 Best Group in Pop

World Music Awards

2014 World’s Best Selling Group 

2014 World’s Best Selling British Act

2014 World’s Best Selling Recording Act 

2014 World’s Best Selling Pop Act

Youth Rock 

2011 Breakout Group of the Year

2011 Best Breakthough 

2011 Best Group 

2011 Best Video 

2012 Best Group

4Music Video Honours 

2011 Best Breakthrough

2011 Best Group

2011 Best Video

2012 Best Group

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