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Bts react when you confesses your love to them while drunk thinking you're talking to another memeber that your close friends with

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Rap Monster 

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He had called you to make sure you were okay, seeing that you had left the party early (and had been slightly drunk). However, his phone was dead so he called using Jin’s. When you answered, he could hear a quivering in your voice. He asked about it, but since he hadn’t stated that he wasn’t in fact Jin, you spread out all of your emotions about Namjoon’s actions at the party (and his lack of flirting with you) made you whole day seem pointless. He was speech less and didn’t know what to say, even though a thousand of butterflies were arising in his stomach. He was going to reply, but you quickly hung up - stating that you had to go to bed. The rest of the night he felt airy and light, unsure how to handle the situation and suppressing the thoughts to run to your house and just kiss you right then. He decided to bring up in the morning the next day, hoping that you would be free from dinner.   


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Jin was driving you home. You had gotten a bit too excited when you had gone clubbing with your friends that you had gotten overly drunk. They had called your closest friends to pick you up, and had shoveled you into the car - even though you was already passed out by that point. For some reason, you had expect Jimin to be driving - seeing that he was always the one picking you up. In your drunken rampage, you started to cry about how Jin had been talking about the girl he liked when you had come over to the dorm the other day, and she was nothing like you, even though you had tried so hard to sway his feelings towards you. You then, with all energy spent in those last few minutes, passed out in the passenger’s seat. Jin, still driving, stared straight ahead with wide eyes. He didn’t know what to say, or what to do. All he knew was that he dream had come true, and some how you had fallen for him rather than the expected Jimin. He continued to drive, opting that he could spend the night at your place to make sure you had been okay, and then discuss the whole situation the following morning. 


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You stumbled into Suga’s studio late a night, stumbling over to the couch and nearly scaring the crap out of the working Suga. You had been drinking earlier with Jungkook and V and you had had too many drinks, and they thought it better you stay at the dorm to make sure no harm came to you. You drunkingly mistook Suga’s room for Jungkook’s and mumbled away about how much you liked and cared for Suga, and that he would never return the feelings. You continued on for a few minutes before you passed out, leaving a surprised Suga staring at you. He draped a blanket over you lightly and returned to his computer. However, no matter what he did, he couldn’t get the thought that you could and did like him back. He decided that rather than finish the song he was currently working on, he would write one that expressed his feelings. So he spent the night working, and when you awoke the next morning (with a burning hangover) you found Suga asleep next to you with a CD wrapped in his hand with your name on it. 


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The night was coming to an end and J-Hope had already brought you home and had tucked you into bed. He was getting up to leave when he felt you hand on his wrist. 

“Namjoon, I want to tell J-Hope that I like him,” You said quietly, and slightly slurred. “I can’t stand watching him flirt with people.” 

J-Hope was silent for moment, staring down at your closed eyes and smiling brightly. He leaned down and kissed your forehead lightly. 

“He can’t stand seeing you flirting with other people either,” He mumbled against your forehead. 


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You had left the party in a crying mess, receiving several odd looks as you stormed out the front door. You had then gotten lost in the unfamiliar neighborhood and had called up Suga, whose phone had been confiscated by Jimin after Suga had started a rap battle with Rap Monster. You had simply just let everything out after explaining you were lost, and Jimin felt a smile cross his face as you let out your feelings unknowably to him. As he got into the car to come get you, he wondered how he would confess his own feelings to you. 


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V was sitting next to you in a quieter corner of the roof, watching the dark sky with you. The rest of the party was farther away, dancing crazily to old songs. Out of everyone there, V was the least intoxicated. You on the other hand, where slightly more intoxicated and were reaching the point in the night where you passed out. You were laying down and near sleep, when you had turned to V - mistaking him as J-Hope in the dark, and had confessed you deep desires to kiss V out of the blue, then had passed out. He watched you sleep with a smile plastered on his face, trying very hard to restrain himself from kissing your lips right then. He opted for just a kiss on the forehead before he lifted you into the air and carried you back to the dorm - laying you down next to him. As he laid next to you and felt sleep come over him as well, he thought about how he would explain it all to you in the morning. 


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He could hardly stop smiling as he half carried you, half walked you home following the party. Being this close to you always made him nervous. You were stumbling around, humming a random song very off key. 

“You know what, V?” You said suddenly. 

“Y/N, I’m not V,” Jungkook said for what seemed like the 10th time that night. You had already called him a bunch of random other name. 

“Jungkook is cute, and I like him so much,” You said anyway. You stumbled a little and giggled. “He actually took notice of me today.” 

Jungkook stared at you in shock, partially in awe at how you couldn’t recognize him, but also partially in awe that you could be reciprocating his feelings. You said nothing more on the subject, and soon the two of you reached your apartment. He made sure you got to bed alright, then left. The entire way back to his dorm, his heart was beating fast and he kept contemplating the future he may have with you.

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I am getting serious flashbacks to high school musical right now

Pretty Cure Memory New Stage Ver.
Youko Honna, Orie Kimoto, Yuuko Sanpei, Kanae Oki, Nana Mizuki, Ami Koshimizu, Misato Fukuen, Hitomi Nabatame, & Megumi Nakajima
Pretty Cure Memory New Stage Ver.

Pretty Cure Memory New Stage Ver. - Youko Honna, Orie Kimoto, Yuuko Sanpei, Kanae Oki, Nana Mizuki, Ami Koshimizu, Misato Fukuen, Hitomi Nabatame, & Megumi Nakajima - Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3 ~Eien no Tomodachi~



Character Songs
「星のストライド」by Yuta Hoshiya (CV: Natsuki Hanae) 
「MY FRIEND ~僕でよければ~」by Toru Nayuki (CV: Kensho Ono) 
「Limited Sky」by Kaito Tsukisumeragi (CV: Arthur Lounsbery) 
「天下の花」by Sho Tengeji (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya) 
「RADIANT MIND」by Shuu Koga (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) 

Classic TV Shows AU Prompts
  • Bewitched: An AU where our muses are witches/wizards.
  • Bonanza: An AU about our muses in the old west.
  • Dark Shadows: An AU where one of our muses is a vampire.
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: A hospital AU about our muses.
  • Gilligan's Island: Our muses are in a shipwreck together.
  • I Dream of Jeannie: Our muses find a genie in a magic lamp.
  • I Love Lucy: A domestic AU about our muses.
  • The Jetsons: An AU of our muses in the future.
  • The Love Boat: A cruise ship AU about our muses.
  • The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: An AU of our muses in high school.
  • M*A*S*H: Our muses are in the military together.
  • Mission Impossible: A spy AU about our muses.
  • NYPD Blue: A police AU about our muses.
  • The Partridge Family: An AU where our muses are in a music group together.
  • Star Trek: Our muses are exploring outer space together.
  • The Twilight Zone: A horror AU about our muses.

They won:

  1. Choice Music Group: Male
  2. Choice Summer Music Star: Group
  3. Choice Song: Group - “Steal My Girl”
  4. Choice Summer Tour - On The Road Again
  5. Choice Party Song - “No Control”
  6. Choice Love Song - “Night Changes”
  7. Choice Selfie Taker
  8. Choice Male Hottie
This Day in 1D History - July 22


  • Day 3 of Boot Camp—Harry and Liam sing “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”


  • Louis jumps the gun a bit on Twitter


  • the boys accept Teen Choice Awards for Best Love Song (’WMYB’), Summer Music Star: Group, and Breakout Group
  • Party in the Park performance in Leeds


  • Louis makes a late-night stop at the local gas station to dig through the bargain DVD bin. Casual.
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Dallas, USA
Soompi Awards 2015 Voting
Vote for your favorites in K-pop and K-drama in the Soompi Awards 2015!

Let’s vote for Super Junior at Soompi Awards !! The vote ends on the 7th January 2016 so please vote a lot for our oppas !! They’re nominated in the following categories :

Music Categories :

-Best Male Solo : Kyuhyun

-Best Male Group : Super Junior

-Best Choreography : Devil [Super Junior]

-Album of The Year : Devil [Super Junior]

-Artist of The Year : Super Junior

Drama Categories :

-Best Idol Actor : Choi Siwon, Henry

-Best Variety Star : Kyuhyun

-Best Bromance : Park Seo Joon x Choi Siwon

-Second Lead Syndrome : Choi Siwon [She Was Pretty]

You can vote as many time as you want ! If you have any questions, ask them me HERE ! Let’s make Super Junior proud of us !

Votons pour Super Junior au Soompi Awards !! Le vote fini le 7 Janvier 2016 donc s’il vous plaît votez beaucoup pour nos oppas !! Ils sont nominés dans les catégories suivantes :

Catégories de la Musique :

-Best Male Solo : Kyuhyun

-Best Male Group : Super Junior

-Best Choreography : Devil [Super Junior]

-Album of The Year : Devil [Super Junior]

-Artist of The Year : Super Junior

Catégories du Drama :

-Best Idol Actor : Choi Siwon, Henry

-Best Variety Star : Kyuhyun

-Best Bromance : Park Seo Joon x Choi Siwon

-Second Lead Syndrome : Choi Siwon [She Was Pretty]

Vous pouvez votez autant de fois que vous le voulez ! Si vous avez des questions, posez-les moi ICI ! Faisons en sorte que Super Junior soient fiers de nous !

Teen Choice Awards

Here are some categories the girls can be nominated for:

-Choice Music Group Female tweet @LittleMix and #ChoiceMusicGroupFemale

-Choice Song Group tweet Hair @LittleMix and #ChoiceSonfGroup

-Choice Love Song tweet Secret Love Song @LittleMix and #ChoiceLoveSong

-Choice Break-Up Song tweet Hair @LittleMix and #ChoiceBreakupSong

-Choice Party Song tweet Black Magic @LittleMix and #ChoicePartySong

-Choice Summer Song tweet Hair @LittleMix and #ChoiceSummerSong

-Choice Summer Music Star Group tweet @LittleMix and #ChoiceSummerMusicGroup

And this last one is a stretch but….

-Choice Summer Tour tweet Get Weird Tour @LittleMix #ChoiceSummerTour

It would be really cool if the girls got nominated for one of these awards and even cooler if they won one….especially Choice Music Group Female, Break-Up Song, and Love Song because those categories are pretty popular. So don’t forget to tweet some of these and help our girls out!