music soup

The Rolling Stones pose for Goats Head Soup , 1973

Do you ever just stop for a second when you’re listening to a song and like all of a sudden the music is describing your life and your feelings and it’s so weird because you’ve listened to that song so many times but it’s only now that you’re actually really paying attention to the words and they just relate so much to you that you feel a little emotional? And it’s like in that second you really connect with the band or the singer because you just know that they’ve been through what you’ve been through and they’re singing about it and they’ve turned out great and it just kind of gives you a little bit of hope.

I’ll be the silver lining around your fence you use to protect yourself from all the world and it’s sharp teeth ❄️



Happy Halloween!  I decided to celebrate by doing a cover of the Pumpkin Hill music from Sonic Adventure 2.

Special thanks to @zedrin-maybe for help with editing the video!