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hey friends!! a lot of you ask me for tips on things all the time + this is just some really good advice i’ve learnt throughout my years of being a student shared with you:


  • study frequently so when exams/tests come by you only need to revise your shorter notes [you will thank yourself later]
  • i know it’s tedious but try to always do your homework [it’ll help you in the long run]
  • do your readings before class, this will help you understand better!!
  • use time wisely, for example study on the bus on the way to school [i really like doing this]
  • teach yourself material by giving lessons to soft toys or maybe using actual tools found in your household [i like using this method particularly for biology especially with water]
  • if you have to read to revise, read aloud
  • record yourself to be able to listen later when on the bus or something [i like doing this with poetry]
  • make sure to always get enough sleep, it’s not worth it losing sleep over studying! [also i find it better to wake up a little early to revise than sleep late]
  • incense works wonders if you’re trying to calm yourself down whilst studying
  • keep a hot beverage around when you’re studying + reward yourself by drinking a little bit of it when you want to
  • get rid of distractions while you’re studying, put your phone on flight mode or leave it to charge somewhere
  • if music doesn’t hinder your attention span, then listen to it whilst studying/doing homework [i suggest classical music/coffee shop noises/rain sounds] ~ [my spotify playlist // classical favourites // get ur studying on // flourishment]
  • watch videos on a particular topic before you cover it in class
  • if your syllabuses are available online, download them + print them out
  • have an organised desk, it helps you feel less stressed
  • use the pomodoro technique to study
  • make sure you have good lighting
  • work out past exam papers if they’re available to you, these are really good practice for your exam!
  • talk to your teachers during their office hours if you need to, that’s what they’re there for
  • if you’re too afraid to do the latter, send them an email when you need them!
  • have different files for every subject to keep you organised
  • don’t neglect any subject- just give them the time they need + prioritise
  • use a planner/bullet journal to help you plan your week

school stuff

  • smile at people, you have no idea how much it could brighten their day [plus your smile is great!!!]
  • always keep a water bottle handy
  • make your school lunch in the evening so you can sleep a bit more in the morning + not spend your money on school lunches
  • always take your headphones + charger to school [if they’re allowed]
  • keep some emergency money or something in your pencil case, you never know when you might need them!
  • if you menstruate make sure to keep a bag with stuff for when you’re menstruating [if not for you, maybe your friends may need something too]
  • take naps on the bus if the journey is long [make sure you don’t sleep + end up on the other side of the city/country]
  • if you have free lessons, utilise them! do your work at school if it can be done there so you are able to study/relax at home!
  • always take a book with you to school just in case you ever get bored
  • go to a guidance counselour if you need one [they can help with practically anything you may need!] 
  • go to private tutoring lessons if you need them/can afford them

personal life

  • take pictures, lots of them!!! not just for instagram or something, they’re actually a really great memory
  • don’t forget to visit your relatives every now and then
  • watch the news/read articles to help you stay in touch with the real world
  • don’t worry so much about social media honestly from experience, it’s trivial anyway. indulge yourself in the real world + spend time with family and friends!!
  • don’t compare yourself to others, you’re not them + they are not you!
  • try to get some exercise done, even if it’s just using the stairs instead of a lift or dancing around in your room
  • always keep yourself hydrated
  • remember to take a day off once a week, it’ll help you avoid burnout
  • eat fruits/nuts as a snack!! 

+ my masterposts

these are all practically all the tips i can remember!! i hope they help a lot of you out <3 good luck with school 

-helena xx

Can I just take a minute and say how proud I am of Green Day? I mean they’ve been around for like 5,000 years and they’re still making music and videos for their fans? I love how they manage to stay relevant and they fit right in with today’s bands, they have this amazing ability to stay forever young. That’s pure talent right there. In real life they’re not considered old by any means, but being that they’re in the music industry and it has this obsession with youth, once you start getting older people don’t pay attention as much. But not Green Day, they always capture everyone’s attention and they still sound better than the younger bands. It’s all about the music for them, that’s what makes them stand out. I applaud them for never changing who they are but also for being smart and knowing what younger fans like. That’s why there will always be new generations of Green Day fans. Thank you Green Day!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

hi there so after the OVERWHELMINGLY positive response to my last video (thank you for that by the way, it made me so happy), i decided to do another dear evan hansen song! so here’s a lil snippet of me singing and playing all the parts to “You Will Be Found” :) i hope ya like it

ps the app makes it sound better with headphones

How the mercury signs study

Fire sings understand by being physical and using their hands in the process of studying. They probably study standing and walking while explaining what they understood to themselves and using their hands to make expressions and ideas. They tend to be super hungry while studying and from time to time it’s needed for them to take a break or else they might lose it. Their studying strategy is random and it’s based on how they feel. if they are in a good mood then all is good but if their mood is bad they will be like “fuck it”. 

Earth signs understand through facts, studies and charts. They are good at memorizing stuff. They keep repeating the information over and over again in their head and will take quizzes to see how well they understood. Perfectionist to a fault as they will study every information in front of them and they will make charts to make it easier for them to study. Will keep having anxiety and stress over the exams to the point of making themselves sick. Will need their family’s and friends support 24h non stop and  might start crying due to the pressure. 

Air signs understands through reading lots of information at once and then deciding what information is worth studying and what isn’t. They are blessed with a memory that catches up on every detail to the point they might look at something once and it will stuck with them forever. However they do zone out from time to time but once they set their mind on studying they are unstoppable. you will hear them mumbling and making weird sounds, don’t worry it means they are super focused and it’s actually super cute.

Water signs understand through images, videos and music. Studying through power points is the best for them as the colors and sounds will up lift their desire for studying. They like anything that is pleasing to look at and they have their own rules which they follow during studying. One minute they would be studying and the next they would be dancing and singing out of nowhere or sleeping. water signs hates studying and find it boring and the minute they read something they start feeling sleepy and that’s why anything with pictures, videos or music will be better for them.  Also from time to time you will hear them say “What the hell does this mean??? omg i’m fucked”     

My Life In 13 Random Songs

I’m taking a break from our usual programming to answer some questions courtesy of @positivedisplacement (via @chaunceyandchumleysdad), but I’m going to bend the rules just a bit. Instead of putting my music collection on shuffle and answering each question based on the song that pops up, I’m going to cheat and answer based on songs from my record collection. It’s not quite as random, but I hope you enjoy the list below just as much.

1. This song describes your personality: “Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but if I don’t, I wouldn’t mind working at an orchard, either.

2. This song describes what you want/wish from your life: “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. The title says it all.

3. This song describes how other people perceive you: “Buddy Holly” by Weezer. People say I do kind of look like Buddy Holly. And I’m always losing my shoe.

4. This song describes the love of your life: “True Love Waits” by Radiohead. She’s very patient with me.

5. This song describes your life at the moment: “Once in a Lifetime” by Talking Heads. How did I get here?

6. This song to make love to: “Adore” by Prince. Or any Prince song, really.

7. This song to dance your heart out: “Modern Love” by David Bowie. I mean it’s the first song off an album called Let’s Dance so how could this not be the right answer.

8. The song that will make you cry: “Two-Headed Boy, Part Two” by Neutral Milk Hotel. Such a sad song made even sadder when you hear Jeff put his guitar down when he gets up to leave at the end and knowing we may never hear another new NHM song again.

9. The song about your future: “Can’t Hardly Wait” by the Replacements. I can’t wait. Hardly wait.

10. The last song you will ever hear in your life: “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel. Double dipping in the NMH well, but how strange it is to be anything at all, indeed.

11. This song describes your next life: “I’ll Believe in Anything” by Wolf Parade. Hopefully it’ll be a place where nobody knows me and nobody gives a damn.

12. The song that makes you feel better: “Stuck Between Stations” by the Hold Steady. Craig Finn always makes me feel better, and this is one of their best.

13. You end up listening to just one song for the rest of your life: “Sound and Vision” by David Bowie. It’s gotta be Bowie, and it’s gotta be his finest.

Let me know what you think of the list!

And tagging some more vinyl friends to join in on the fun, too (if you want!): @ihavelistenedto @reviewthistune @secretsharklover @mikeelikesmusic @flipbin @recordhoarder @ohgodamibored @vinylsocialclub @melvinomusic @mshiphop @thevinylhours @fixedantlers

Finally listening to Lemonade sober...

…and without visuals.

Beyonce is a trickster who makes you think the music is better than it is when she couples it with visuals.  On one hand, that’s just fine, because Beyonce stopped being just a singer a long time ago.  She’s an artist who puts out complete visions much the way Madonna changed her image for every album cycle or how Michael and Janet pushed music videos into an artform that made it almost impossible to divorce the sound from the accompanying visual.

But I’m a grumpy old queen who still needs the music to hold up separately from the visual, so I just had my first sober listen to Lemonade and I am just completely and simultaneously devastated and elated.  Emotionally drained.  Stunned.  I cried twice (not really, but I felt super-emotional) and I just feel blessed by this art.  This art is existing in the world y'all.  Divorced from the Hype that is the Beyonce Machine, Lemonade still manages to hold up under intense scrutiny.  

More than that:  I thought her last album was the best Beyonce could do.  Who else in music is one-upping themselves these days?  Who else is a better artist every time they come out?  I Am… was pretty good, 4 was great, Beyonce was absolutely fantastic, and Lemonade is damn near earth-shattering.

Who else has gotten better and better and better over the past decade?  Nobody can touch Beyonce right now and I’m just so impressed with her ability to keep growing and giving justification for the hype.

I need to sit with this album bout three more times, then I can put myself back together and get on with my day.

Interview: Aurora for FAULT magazine (January 19, 2017)

Norwegian singer Aurora has been making quite a fuss with her music on the UK scene. She’s only just released her debut album and is already starting to spread towards the American market as well. We caught up with the 20 year old just ahead of her biggest headline London show yet at O2 Shepherd’s Bush and here’s her take on touring, Leonard Cohen and living live on the cusp of breakthrough.

Your latest album “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend” has been out for a while now. How were the past few months for you?

I’ve had some very strange few months. We’ve been travelling a lot around; we did some festivals in the states and some in Europe.It’s been a very educating year because I’ve learned a lot about myself.

Is there something in particular that you’d like your fans to pick up from your music?

It’s important for me that my music makes people feel something.  And I know that the people that I sing for, that I make music for are the people who understand them at a deeper level. Like people who haven’t got anyone to talk to about things. Sometimes a song can feel like a very good friend when you need it. So I guess that’s the most important thing for me.

Where did it all begin for you? When do you feel that you’ve found your sound?

Well that hasn’t come yet. I’ve got many songs that mean a lot to me, but there are many things that I could’ve done differently or better. I’m very hard to please, especially when it comes to my own music. So I’m still hunting for it, I’m hunting for the right sound.Getting closer now.

Let’s have a chat about your visuals as well. They’re quite complex, from the music videos to the album’s artwork. Do you usually go and have a say in that thing as well?

For me, it’s just important that the artwork is a bit differnt. It’s a mirror to how my mind works. It’s very important to me that my visuals are in contact with the colours I like. And I love moths and butterflies, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s nice to show people beautiful places in my music videos and beautiful things in my artwork. It’s lovely to be able to integrate so many different types of artwork. Because I feel that people deserve to see all beautiful places that I’ve been to.

Some of your influences include Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan - how does that reflect into your own songwriting?

I think they reflect more than I know because I’ve listened to their songs so many times. When I wrote, I keep the way they write in the back of my mind and try to be as open and mystical as they were.It’s important also to me to leave room to people to find different meanings in my work.

Who would you like to collaborate further down the line with?
I love Massive Attack and classical music, so who knows what’s going to happen down the line. I’m just keeping my mind open to any collaborations and the right ones will come at the right time.

You’ve had one of your biggest headline shows in London at O2 Shepherd’s Bush. What was that like?
Well it was my band and me and we brought all the energy and enthusiasm we had. We tried to bring both the happiness and the sadness in each song to the audience and I think we’ve done a good job.

What else do you have lined up?
Lots of things. We’re in the UK now and then we’re going to go tour a bit Europe. After that, it’s going to be America. But mostly. lots of traveling.

What’s your FAULT?
I don’t listen to my own thoughts enough.


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Alphabeat - Boyfriend
Alphabeat - Fascination
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
Black Eyed Peas - Gotta Feeling
Britney Spears - …Baby One More Time
Capsule - Can I Have A Word
Chromeo - Momma’s Boy
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
Daft Punk - Around The World
Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)
Deadmau5 - Right This Second
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
ELO - Mr. Blue Sky
Girls Aloud - Biology
Gorillaz - Dare
Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
Gwen Stefani - What You Waitin For (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
Housse de Racket - Oh Yeah
Justice - DVNO
Justice - Phantom Part II
Katy Perry - One Of The Boys
Ke$ha - Take It Off
Kylie Minogue - Wow
Lady Gaga - Alejandro
Linkin Park - Crawling
Madonna - Hung Up
Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette - Boys and Girls
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Nero - Me and You
One Republic - All The Right Moves (Danger Remix)
One-T - Magic Key
Ratatat - Shempi
Solange - I Decided (Freemasons Remix)
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
The Killers - Losing Touch
The Who - Baba O'Riley (SebastiAn Remix)
Yelle - Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)

Happy Birthday Thomas!!

@thatsthat24 lol so I wanted to put a message, but I didn’t wanna be in the birthday video because *finger guns* social anxiety. So, here I am. OK so I think of birthday’s as, instead of the day you were born, I think of them as in “Hey, another revolution around the sun and you aren’t dead yet! What an achievement! It’s so easy to die, and look at you. You survived, you’re alive.” And you know what another revolution around the Sun means? It means that you traveled around the galaxy more. Thomas, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but you are stardust, literally and metaphorically. First of literally: As we cling to our tiny planet with the force of gravity keeping us stable as this rock hurtles through outer space around our Sun, and the sun hurtles around some more around the galaxy, and who knows what galaxy moves around, we are made by the light of dying stars. The elements from within them showered onto our planet, bringing us to existence. And because of the conservation mass, those elements are still there, within each and every one of us. But I believe the reason you are such a kind, wonderful person, is because you contain more stardust than the average person. And there’s proof of this, because everyone is literally stardust, but not everyone metaphorically. You wanna know why you’re stardust in my eyes? It’s because you are such a bright light of hope and happiness in the dark times of our world. You put out messages to make people smile and feel better, and wow, have they helped me, and I assume countless others, through bad days. Not gonna lie, I used to watch the battling anxiety video almost daily bc the tips really helped me and I would wake up and watch it and know what to do through the day. That video showed me, that my Anxiety was a part of me, and that I can control it which is something all those mental health websites fail to say. So, thank you so so much for that. More reasons you are stardust: Boy oh boy, don’t even get me started on how much I look up to you. Like it sounds kinda cheesy and kinda like a pretentious teenager thing to say, but man I really do. Like first of all, you do this whole video online thing to make people laugh and be better, and like you recognize all the fan stuff created in the little ever growing community. And and there’s other stuff like the fact you’re a music theater chemistry dude and im a music theater science girl(?) so like, yeah. Okay I’ve sent you an ask before with this better explaining why I look up to you, I can’t remember all my points right now (if you wanna read it, I bet you could CTRL-F “the-sanders-sides”) Anyway, You are stardust man. There are so many more things I haven’t listed here, but in my eyes, you will always be the brightest stardust out there. So thank you for helping me when times are rough, and thank you for existing, and thank you for being such an amazing person I can look up to.

Dark Pit Flight Theme Arrangement ( revamped a bit )
Original: Motoi Sakuraba / Arrange: me
Dark Pit Flight Theme Arrangement ( revamped a bit )

I took the previous arrangement I made and increased the tempo a bit as well as adjusting and changing the sound of some instruments; mainly changing the kind of piano used and volume control. Hopefully, this version sounds better than the previous one. Anyway, whoever listens to this, I hope you enjoy.

The art is by @darkened-angel-wings and I have permission to use it.

Also, if it can’t be read, the original composer is Motoi Sakuraba. I just wanted to give proper credit where it’s due.

He's Not Cute (Part 1)

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Disclaimer: I don’t really know a lot about the Hamilton cast, so ignore the mistakes. Also, this is my first fanfic/imagine.

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: This is really just an intro to a multiple part series! Also, I’m bad at titles. Please give me feedback, enjoy! (Sorry for the format, I’m new at this)

You’re phone rang. You smiled as you saw Groffsauce flash across the screen. Your phone calls with your best friend, Johnathon Groff, had become the highlight of your day after you moved hundreds of miles away from him.

“Hey, Y/N!” He screeched.

“Hey Groff! What’s up?” You quizzed.

“I’m gonna be King George III in a musical!” He exclaimed.

“That’s amazing, what’s the musical about?” You questioned.

“It’s about Alexander Hamilton.” He replied.

“Who?” You blurted.

He laughed and said, “The guy on the ten dollar bill. How did you even pass History?”

“Shut up.” You said playfully.

“Anyway, you should move to New York!” He suggested.

“What?!” You shouted.

“I already showed the creator of the musical a video of you singing and he would love to have you as an understudy for Peggy/Maria and ensemble! It pays better than the acting job you’re doing!” He insisted.

“Well, only if you send me the soundtrack for the musical,” You bargained.

“Okay, I’ll text it to you. Love you!” He sang.

“Love you too!” You sang back.

He hung up. A couple minutes later, he sent you a file titled Hamilton. You opened it and blasted the music. It didn’t sound like regular theatre because of…rapping? There was actual rapping in this musical! After listening to the songs, you immediately texted Groff “I’m taking the next flight to New York! See you in a few hours.”

You were wide awake despite it being 4:30 am and getting no sleep. You had always dreamed of being on Broadway and now that dream was finally a reality! You snatched up your purse and ran out of your apartment, into the windy night air of Chicago without a second thought. You called an Uber and were off to the airport. Once you got to security, you realized that you totally forgot to change out of your pajamas and pack your clothes and other essentials in all the excitement. Shit. You realized that it was too late to turn back now, and let out a sigh. At least you wore leggings. Once you boarded the plane, you forgot about that problem because you were anxious to see your best friend in person for the first time in a long time and excited to see New York for the first time in your life. You sent Groff a quick text telling him to pick you up at 7:00.

Throughout the whole flight you were full of nervous energy. Once you landed, the reality kicked in: you were moving to New York with only your phone and the pajamas that you were wearing. You were tremendously unprepared. Once you got to the front of the airport, you saw Groff and ran full speed to him for a hug, nearly knocking him over.

“I missed you so much!” You shouted with glee.

“I missed you more!” He teased. You suddenly noticed a man standing next to Groff with a dorky smile on his face, his hands in his jean pockets, and dark hair brushing the tops of his shoulders, framing his face. He was cute.

“Who’s that?” You asked Groff.

“Why, you think he’s cute?” Groff teased. The mysterious man blushed furiously causing you to blush too. “OMG! It’s love at first sight! That’s Lin, he wrote the musical that I’m playing King George III in and he plays Alexander Hamilton.”

“Really? That’s super cool, I’m Y/N.” You said shaking his hand. You pulled Groff aside, far enough away from Lin that he couldn’t hear your conversation.

“What the hell Groff!” You whisper-shouted. “Why did you bring a cute guy here, I look like trash!”

“Well, I didn’t know that you weren’t wearing actual clothes… or makeup.” He argued, looking you up and down. “Also, you said that he’s cute,” He said that part a little too loud so that Lin hear it.

“Ugh, please don’t meddle in my love life, and I changed my mind, he’s NOT CUTE,” You informed Groff, regretting saying the last part so loudly. You glanced at Lin and he looked a little down, which confirmed that he had heard what you said. You dragged Groff back over to Lin and plastered a fake smile on your face, “We should probably go before anyone recognizes you two.” All three of you took a cab to Groff’s place and you changed out of your pajama shirt and into Groff’s smallest sweater in the bathroom. You heard them talking and decided to eavesdrop, being the nosy person that you are. You pressed an ear to the door so that you could hear them talking.

“So, what do you think of her?” Groff prodded.

“I’m not telling because no matter what I say, you’re gonna tell the whole cast, so my lips are sealed” Lin stated.

“Ugh, you’re no fun,” Groff pouted.

You decided that was enough eavesdropping and you left Groff’s bathroom. Lin’s eyes shot up to you, which you thought was a little weird.

“So, what’s the plan?” You asked enthusiastically.

“I was thinking that we could introduce you to the rest of the cast.” Groff explained.

“Cool!” You replied.

In the cab, on the way to Richard Rogers Theatre, you asked Lin about his musical. You were captivated by his passion and genius. Once you got to the stage, you saw that there were a ton of chairs on the stage and occupying those chairs were the people you assumed were the cast.

“Hola everyone, this is Y/N, she came here all the way from Chicago. She is ensemble and Jasmine’s understudy.” Lin announced with a heartwarming smile on his face. You smiled and waved. You were surprised that he knew where you came from, but then remembered that Groff probably told him. The cast then went around saying their names and invited you to next month’s Ham Fam bonding, which was something they did monthly to maintain their friendships. You happily agreed. The next month you shadowed Jazzy, learning the ropes of theatre life and became fast friends with the cast, and soon you were a family. Although you were painfully awkward when you were alone with Lin, life was great, as long as you ignored your hopeless crush on Lin.

The day of Ham Fam bonding you sat on a stool in Groff’s room for awhile, waiting for Groff and scrolling through twitter when you heard a knock at your door.

“Come in!” You shouted, not wanting to get up. It was Anthony and Daveed. They sat down on the couch across from you and started shooting you with questions, barely giving you time to answer them.

“What do you think of Lin?” Daveed asked.

“I- ” Before you could even answer Anthony asked you if you think Lin is cute. You were completely bewildered and grateful when Pippa walked in after hearing all the commotion and told the boys to get lost. They sulked out, over exaggerating their disappointment.

“Thanks.” you chuckled.

“No problem, they can be a little overwhelming at times, but they mean well.” She admitted.

“What’s up with them asking me about Lin?” You questioned. She just smirked and as she walked away you shouted “What’s that mean?”

“You’ll see.”

You moved the stool to Groff’s couch and drifted off with your mind swirling with your thoughts. This was the weirdest first month ever.

Let me corrupt you

Halloween special

“Neeeeeeeeerd!” Keith said making a dying noise while he was laying his forehead against his chemistry book “Keith you can’t absorb the information by slamming your head against the book” Lance said “C'mon is Halloween night and you have me studying I don’t even have classes next week” Keith said “do you ever stop whining?” Lance said “you’re being unfair is fucking Halloween” Keith whine “and what do you want to do huh?! Go out an party like a fucking animal?” Lance ask “YEAH!” Keith answer instantly “Yeah No! Shiro told me to stay over while he and Allura had a break and he told me to make you study” Lance said “oh c'mon he only wants to get you busy while he fucks your sister” Keith said “I DID NOT NEED THAT MENTAL IMAGE THANK YOU!” Lance yelled and cover his eyes.

Keith laugh at that “But even if that’s true you’re still not going to party tonight you hear me?” Lance said “pffff yes mom” Keith said “now keep studying you have a test next month” Lance said *IS FUCKING NEXT MONTH?!“ Keith ask “FUCKING SHIRO HE TOLD ME IT WAS THE WEEK AFTERT NEXT WEEK!” Keith yelled “Ugh!!!! C'mon nerd at least let’s take a break I think my brain is burning” Keith said Lance sigh “I’ll give you 30 minutes” Lance said “Thanks not even enough to watch a movie!…” Keith said but pause “Buuuuuut….” Keith looked at Lance with a evil smile “It’s enough time to hear a creepypasta” Keith said and rushed to his TV “so what do you wanna see? I Have Sally Eyeless Jack Lulu Homicidal Liu oh I know let’s watch Jeff the killer” Keith start rambling and then he spot it the perfect history to watch on a halloween night “I know….we’re gonna watch Ticci Toby” Keith said and Lance snap stand “oh no no no no no and NO!” Lance said.

“What….you scare?” Keith ask “I heard his voice once in a video and I couldn’t sleep alone for the next five days” Lance said “But Toby is the most Amazing of all of the Creepypastas Lance” Keith said “Im not watching that” Lance said “hey if you do it I’ll promise I’ll cook garlic knots for you” Keith said “good try” Lance said and start to walk away “how about I get a 90 in my test” Keith said Lance stop walking “And I’ll take you to the aquarium” he continue “And I’ll buy those canelones you like from the store” he finished Lance sighed and turned around to sit beside Keith on the couch “I still want those garlic knots” Lance said “you got it nerd” Keith said and select the video Ticci Toby STORY-Drawing + Creepypasta the video was 34:41 minutes long Lance took a deep breath and nod then Keith play the story.

A creepy music box start playing with the video “ohh fuck mullet you better get a fucking 90 or I’m gonna kill you” Lance said the music stop and a man drawing someone was in the video with his deep voice with a creepy sound effect in the back ground as he tale the story “The long road home seem to go on and on the road continue to stretch in front of the vehicle” the man tale as Lance gulp Keith stand up from the couch without pausing the video “w-where are you going?” Lance ask “relax I’m gonna get popcorn” Keith said “aren’t you gonna pause it?” Lance ask “I’ve watch it like a thousand times you watch it I’ll be right back” Keith said Lance gulp again and turned at the screen while the man kept drawing what Lance already knew it was name as Ticci Toby “the surroundings was full of dead green trees forming a forest around the road” the man said.

The drawing was simple by now just a sketch being trace with a very very fine marker Lance imagine the road himself getting so concentrate into the story he imagine the night road with the dark street the full moon and the green trees “although the road seem like a nice one it lack every form of Nice…for both of the passengers” the man said “why?” Lance ask “why what?” Keith said sitting beside Lance who flinch “fuck you scare me” Lance said never getting his eyes off the screen “you seem very—” “Shhhh!!!” Lance interrupt Keith he wanted to know why that road wasn’t Nice he was curious Keith notice that as he chuckle and shook his head getting the popcorn bowl between his and Lance leg the man on the video describe the woman who was driving the car Lance imagine her brown hair green eyes dark eye bags sad gloomy look “nerd eat popcorn” Keith whisper Lance clumsily move his hand trying to find the popcorn bowl Keith grab and guide his hand to said bowl.

Lance continue hearing the story until he gasp when he heard why that nice road wasn’t nice at all the oldest daughter of the woman and the sister of the boy in the back died in a car crash “Keith this is not scary this is sad” Lance said looking at Keith “give it time it gets better” Keith said and Lance return his look at the screen Toby and his mother finally get to their home and Toby was mad because his dad was there “why…is he…here” the man said changing his voice to Toby’s “he’s your father Toby he’s here because he wants to see you his mother responded in a monotone voice” The man said said “Yet he couldn’t have driven up to the hospital to see Laura before she died” Toby said.

Lance frown when the story continue Toby’s father was a fucking alcoholic who wasn’t there when his daughter died because he was drunk “He’s 16 he can walk on his own” the dad said “younger than me” Lance mumble “he’s 17” the mom correct “never mind he’s my age” he mumble again as the story continue the drawing got bloody the man who was drawing Ticci Toby drew some pretty realistic bloody details on his face goggles and hoodie then some special effects make Lance jump and cling to Keith closing his eyes “hey now don’t do that you’re missing the drawing” Keith said and pause the video “it enough with the damn story” Lance said “hey c'mon or I won’t do anything of what I said” Keith said “Lance squish his hands and then let go but stay close to Keith "there you go” Keith said and play the video.

Once the history ended Lance let out a long deep sigh “see it wasn’t that bad was it?” Keith ask “I’m never sleeping again” Lance said “pfff and you haven’t even seen Jeff yet” Keith laugh “that was so creepy Keith how can you like this just imagine that guy gives me agh!” Lance said and shake a little “ohhh you look like you’re twitching” Keith said “are you gonna turn into Ticci Toby now?” Keith said and start to twitch intentionally “Keith stop” Lance said “why you scare I’ll get him mad? TICCI TOBY TICCI TOBY TICCI TOBY” Keith said while twitching “Keith stop you’re scaring me” Lance said and Keith laugh…then Keith smile drop and he till his head to the kitchen “Keith?” Lance ask “did you hear that?” Keith ask “hear what?” Lance ask “that” Keith said “Keith stop it” Lance said “shhhh” Keith said “I think someone’s here” Keith said “what? Keith no…stop this isn’t fun” Lance said “how can this be fun nerd I think someone’s here” Keith whisper “stay here” Keith said and start to walk to the kitchen.

Once Keith was in the kitchen Lance stared at the kitchen door “Keith?” Lance whisper “Ahhh!!!” Keith yelled “Keith?!” Lance yelled back “don’t come in!!” Keith yelled “GET OFF ME!” He yelled “LANCE CALL THE COPS!!!” Keith yelled he kept hearing things falling to the ground on the kitchen he went to grab his phone that was on his backpack but before he went he heard how everything in the kitchen got silence Lance stare at the kitchen door waiting for Keith to come out “ Keith?” Lance ask and walked to the kitchen slowly “Keith are you alright?” Lance ask then he saw blood coming out of the kitchen floor “oh my god KEITH?!” Lance ask and then someone came out it was him it was Ticci Toby cover on blood…Keith’s blood he was holding an axe Lance stepped back the floor creak and Toby turned at him his head twitch he till his head to his right side and then he suddenly rushed at Lance “AHHH!!” Lance scream and tried to run but Toby was already on top of him he held his axe with one hand ready to chop Lance and then he start laughing.

Toby stand up and drop the axe behind the goggles the hoodie and the mask it was actually Keith he took off the brown hair wig while laughing “oh my god” Keith said “you should’ve seen your face that was priceless” Keith said between laughs Lance stand up “w-what?” Lance said between pants “happy Halloween nerd you got tricked by me” Keith said still laughing “oh god my stomach hurts that was so good” Keith said then he looked at Lance fuck he was crying “you ASSHOLE!” Lance yelled “hey calm down it was a prank” Keith said “YOU FUCKING SCARE ME THAT WASNT FUNNY!” Lance yelled Keith walked to Lance and hugged him “awww im sorry” Keith said ‘I’m so not sorry he’s so fucking adorable right now…wait did I really just thought that?’ Keith thought “YOU’RE GONNA GET A 100 ON THAT TEST BECAUSE OF THIS!"Lance yelled against his chest "pfff alright alright I will” Keith said but Lance continue crying

“Hey here” Keith said pull alway from Lance and kiss him it was a tender kiss Keith continue until Lance calmed down “how did you do that?” Lance ask “do what?” Keith reply “all those sound and the blood on the floor that you’re gonna clean” Lance said “well I intentionally tripped against everything on the kitchen while I got into the costume and that’s fake blood Shiro had a full galón for halloween surprises like this and it was kinda Pidge and Hunk’s idea” Keith said “you scare the living shit out of me” Lance said “you have to admit it was a good prank” Keith said Lance hold back a smile “admit it you think it was cool” Keith said “well…it was kinda…”

“Oh c'mon it was a good one”

“Maybe if you…”

“Lance don’t be like that”

Lance laugh and nod “yes it was a good one” he said “you still have to get a 100 on that test you know” Lance said and Keith laugh “fuck” Keith said “and I’m sleeping with you there’s no fucking way I’ll sleep alone after that” Lance said “pfff what are you 8?” Keith ask “HEY! Who scare the living shit out of me?!” Lance ask looking at Keith “ok ok you can sleep with me” Keith said and kiss Lance again “sorry for giving you a heart attack” Keith said Lance chuckle “no you’re not” he said but smile Best.Halloween.Prank

(HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 🖤💜🖤💜 so here’s the Let me corrupt you Halloween special chapter this episode came Thanks to the best sister in the universe Montse my Internet sisters that’s how we call each other and the marathon will start probably this Monday because tomorrow I’m going out with my family to a Festival if you haven’t heard Ticc Toby’s Story SHAME ON YOU!! Nah just kidding but if you wish to see the video Lance and Keith where watching here it is so I hope you all enjoy this Halloween episode and keep reading after this to see an ending a little more spooky BYE BYE 💜💜💜)

Alternative ending

Keith walked to Lance still wearing his costume and pulled him into a hug “YOU SCARE ME!!” Lance yelled and Keith continue laughing “here let’s sit down” Keith said and kept hugging Lance not letting him go even after Lance was calm he hit Keith chest “that was not funny” Lance said “and how did you do that?” Lance ask “do what?” Keith ask “those sounds and the blood and where did you get the axe?” Lance ask “just Halloween special effects” Keith said Lance sigh and close his eyes for a second then he open them a little horror in them “Keith?…” Lance ask “yeah?” Keith answer “d-did you just…Twitch?” Lance ask “l…an…ce” a fainted voice sound from the kitchen “r…un” that was Keith voice…Lance pull away from the hug and saw Keith smiling really creepy at him “guess he’s still alive” Keith said and grab Lance again this time choking him “I guess I haven’t introduce myself correctly” Keith said and looked at Lance taking off his goggles “My name…Is Toby” Toby said.

Bad ending

The Studio: Miss Lo we love your music but we feel like you should tone down the sex and drug references. Perhaps make your music more approachable for younger fans so it will sell better

Tove Lo: I guess I can include a Muppet in my next video

The Studio: This sounds great. We can make it fun and playful like Katy Perry!

Tove Lo: I think I am gonna fuck the Muppet

The Studio:.….what?

Tove Lo: Yeah I am gonna have the Muppet go down on me while singing about my hard nipples

The Studio:….you are joking right?

Tove Lo: I am also gonna have the Muppet call me a bitch and I am going to punch him in the face

The Studio: *weeping softly in the corner*



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Can’t Rely On You - Paloma Faith (x)

Everybody leaves
People come and go
Don’t worry
Love is loss and loss is love
The space that was you wll be filled
Your lines will be read by someone else
They just might not sound as good
But when the curtain rises
I‘ll be standing there facing the crowd

Sometimes it snows in April.

“You can split music into two groups: before Prince & after Prince”

I feel numb. I haven’t had coffee in a few months & this morning I’m having one. I think the tears are done. Just to think two months ago I was in the presence of this beautiful soul.

Read this if you wanna learn something real about the man, I need to remind everyone who he was to the world because many people don’t actually know what he was past being a ‘singer’ & also how he affected my life.

Prince wasn’t just a musician. He was music. Every word he sung, he composed. Every instrument he played was self taught. Every song he produced & arranged himself, & he even sung his own back-up vocals.

He left a legacy of music, over 30 albums & 30 tours to his name with a yearly output since the late 70’s, not to mention thousands of unreleased songs, documentaries, pro-shot gigs & movies in that fucking vault at his 55,000 sq ft recording studio. Who’s gonna break in?

On top of his own career, he had more musical proteges than you can count that represented different facets of his personality & were used as a musical outlet so he didn’t overload the industry. He indulged in EVERY SINGLE GENRE of music created & ended up conquering it better than those who stayed primarily in that certain lane, not to mention being the pioneer of a genre (the ‘minneapolis sound’) of music that changed the music industry forever.

He broke not only racial barriers (‘Little Red Corvette’ was the first black video to play on MTV alongside Michael Jackson, Warner Bros. said they’d pull every single video off air if MTV didn’t play them & as to the significance of the artists on their label at the time, they abided) but also gender lines by having a multi-cultural male & female band (which included the hottest lesbian couple ever) while rocking crop-tops, high heels, panties, thigh-highs & eyeliner better than your girl.

He was also very controversial. Once he landed the LARGEST deal in recording/music publishing history then, soon after, rejected it by changing his entire identity/name to an unpronounceable symbol & started recording music under a new persona as a big FUCK YOU to the record companies.

He was the FIRST EVER to have a #1 album, #1 film & #1 single consecutively in the U.S.

Also. He inspired Al Gore’s wife to start the ‘parental music resource center’, the reason why music is censored & we have ‘explicit’ labels on album artwork!

So no. He wasn’t just a singer. He was the most prolific musician to walk this earth.

For me myself, he shaped me as the person I am today.

He taught me what it means to be a woman & how to own my sensuality, emotion & desire.
He taught me to never assume & preconceive, just to be in the present moment & run with it.
He taught me to open my mind, things are never as they appear.
He taught me that limitations & restrictions are man-made theories & that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
He taught me different is beautiful.
He taught me that sexuality & spirituality go hand-in-hand.
He taught me to believe in myself & stand for what I deserve.
He taught me there’s nothing wrong with being a little freaky.
He taught me to widen my music taste & indulge in genres I wouldn’t think twice of listening to without his influence.
He taught me how to accept, respect & love my entire divine being.

It’s scary to think who I’d be if I never found him.

Rest in peace my love.