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Come on, let’s go!

A new electronic project named Mellon appeared out of thin air to drop a couple of tunes in our inbox yesterday, and we’re digging both those jams. All we know about them is that they wrote their songs while “backpacking through Cambodia”. It boggles my mind how anyone could create sweet music while on the road backpacking, much less beatific electronic music as opposed to acoustic tunes with a guitar or a ukulele that you can just sling over your shoulder while you’re climbing through the jungle. But here they are, Mellon, with this ravishing drum and bass piece named Highs That Never Last, and a breezy tropical anthem named Turquoise Haze, which can be found below. I had the fortune of visiting Cambodia briefly last fall, and I would love to go back to that gorgeous country and do some extensive exploring with Mellon’s music in tow. Their music fills me with a youthful new sense of wanderlust and much bright eyed wonder.

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