music shots

first week of school: I am young, scrappy and hungry and I’m not throwing away my shot!

second week of school: I imagined death so much it feels more like a memory

You know the part in hamilton where alex goes “I am not throwin’ away my shot” and the ensemble goes “just you wait” like i die a little every time i hear that because it’s the most brilliant subtle piece of foreshadowing that is also relatively obvious but you won’t understand until your 3rd or 4th listening

I have no idea where this whole Heathers spike is coming from but it seems everywhere there’s a Hamilton obsession there’s a Heathers obsession holding its hand and I fucking love it.


NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT! The third installment is out! (Get ready for crazy boys and an alcoholic Burr)

This is Why You Should Shut Up Sometimes, Hamilton
  • Hamilton: Burr, check what we got: Mister Lafayette, hard rock like Lancelot.
  • Hamilton: [to himself] Crap! Too gay, abort! Okay, they’ll probably think you’re simply kidding around. Just don’t screw up again.
  • Hamilton: I think your pants look hot!
  • Hamilton: [to himself] Dammit! Quickly, say something witty and make them forget this...
  • Hamilton: Laurens I like you a lot!
  • Hamilton: [to himself] Well fu—