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just saying but most iconic front women from rock/music history have had lesbian relationships. janis joplin? joan jett? josephine baker? debbie harry? amy winehouse? the godmother, the QUEEN, of all rock music sister rosetta tharpe? ALL have expressed in public (or private) their attraction for women as well as men. lesley gore, the 60s pop artist who gave us “you don’t own me”? a lesbian. ma rainey, a blues artist who gave us one of the first recordings of actual, non-subtextual lesbian content in “prove it on my blues”. and these are just the women who are, for the most part, well-known for their music and image. women who love women have done so much for music, and this is most likely only scratching the surface

Leave out all the rest
Linkin Park
Leave out all the rest

I dreamed I was missing 
You were so scared 
But no one would listen 
‘Cause no one else cared 

After my dreaming 
I woke with this fear 
What am I leaving 
When I’m done here? 

So if you’re asking me 
I want you to know 

When my time comes 
Forget the wrong that I’ve done 
Help me leave behind some 
Reasons to be missed 
And don’t resent me 

And when you’re feeling empty 
Keep me in your memory 
Leave out all the rest, 
leave out all the rest 

haven’t drawn a night sky in a while so now the boys are stargazing


the complications that goes through when you ask main vocal to rap + wonho’s reactions ♡[cr]


if you expected a serious fanart from me, im sorry

i cant believe michael mell killed everyone by just existing 

im love him 


“if you love them go get them! What are you waiting for?”

loosely based on a idea where burr sees john drunk ass after talking to hamilton, john apparently heard parts of their conversation. A huge thanks to  @i-am-mysterical ;)


Legally Blonde the Musical
  ↳ Legally Blonde; Elle and Emmett [ part i | part ii ]


the couples of falsettos wallpapers/lockscreens

why don’t you feel alright for the rest of your life? everything will be alright!

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