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Control - Chapter Three

Get Set

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

See fanart and link to fanart by @juustozzi and @ibev at the bottom! 

Kyouka Jirou nodded her head to the rhythm of her guitar strums, tapping her foot to imagined drum beats. She paused, sliding her music sheet paper toward herself, and jotted down a few new notes.


The sound was faint, Kyouka almost missed it.


She stopped writing, but the scratching sound continued. She pulled her earjack from her guitar and set the instrument carefully aside. Furrowing her brows, she closed her eyes and stuck her earjack into the wall.

The scratching was coming from … below?

But isn’t that All Might-sensei’s - She jerked back, startled by a loud crash, and abruptly pulled her earjack from the wall. What -?!

The image of All Might falling on those unsteady legs of his popped into her mind. Seized by alarm, she bolted out of her room and into the elevator.

Be okay, she thought, repeatedly pressing at the close door button, Don’t be hurt.

Dashing between the slowly opening doors, Kyouka ran to All Might’s room. She paused and knocked, “All Might-sensei? Is everything-?

A soft groan came from the other side, and she pressed closer to the door.

“Hold on! I’ll be right there!” She twisted the handle and shoved, willing the door to open. Opening a fraction, the door halted with a loud thud. Through the crack Kyouka saw an overturned wooden dresser blocking the way. Grinding her teeth, she ran down the hall and banged on her homeroom teacher’s door, “Aizawa-sensei! Aizawa-sensei, are you there?!”


He was out.

She looked around, heart pounding in her ears. Her quirk was a no-go - too risky in such a small space.

She twisted around and bolted, calling out as she passed All Might’s room, “All Might-sensei, I’ll be right back with help!”

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pro-snape  asked:

Squeels, HOW about!!! UT and uf bros with an so who is very music like. They write music and play alot of instruments but when they mess up they trash songs. One day the skelly finds a balled up sheet of music paper and sees lyrics about buying the skelly a star but at the end the rest of the lyrics are scratched out and a note at the bottom it writes I'm so nervous to sing for him. Idk it sounds good in my head, I bet you'll make it sound better though!

I think I get it. It’s a cute prompt! ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He liked looking at your trashed songs and compositions, because, to be simple, it’s fun to look at what you fudge up on. He doesn’t share them with anyone else, but only sometimes will bring them up with you to mess with you. So when he found this one he was shocked and flustered. As he reads it, he finds it not too poorly written. Not extremely good, mind you, but not bad either. He takes a different approach to this one by attaching his own notes to it and attaching it to your workspace. The notes give you more of a proper rhyme scheme in the few areas and ends with a “finish it and record a performance for me to hear. love all stars, especially you.”

UT Papyrus

He always looked at your work as he cleaned because sometimes he helps you get the motivation needed to rework it instead of trashing it completely. When he reads this one he’s amazed. He doesn’t quite get why someone as talented as you would be so nervous about singing to him. He’ll approach you the same way he did on other ones, except with a light orange dusting on his cheekbones.

UF Sans

He doesn’t usually look through your stuff, but something about the way this one was balled was different. Unique. He had his curiosity take over, which was rare for him, and he uncrumpled it and read it. It wasn’t your best work, that’s for sure, but he could almost feel the heart and soul poured into it. He was going to shrug it off, the almost gross romantic madness you wrote, until he read the last little note. He flushed red and recrumpled it. He thought he’d try and make you even more comfortable around you, but rest assured he’s not gonna share why.

UF Papyrus

He hated your workspace. You were terrible at keeping it clean, and he always, always had to clean it himself. He would unball random works for entertainment as he went, so when he opened one so sickenly sweet and yet amazingly romantic, he had to read the full thing in proper order, even straining his eyes in order to get some of the words scratched out. When he read the final bit, the note to self, he finished the cleaning and approached you directly, demanding you step out of your comfort zone and sing to him anyway.

Hello Detective (Sherlock) Chapter 30

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A few months had passed with nothing going on. You had returned to work and still not figured out why your uncle was here. You assumed Mycroft had deduced why you hated him so much, but you hadn’t told Sherlock. You didn’t plan on telling him either.

It was now Christmas time and Sherlock and John had thrown a party, with the help of Mrs. Hudson of course. Greg came and John brought his current girlfriend who you didn’t remember the name of. You wore a tasteful knee length red dress and Sherlock was in his usual suit. Mrs. Hudson was enjoying herself and taking pictures of everyone. She had taken the best picture of you and Sherlock, who was wearing antlers and actually smiling.

Sherlock was now playing We Wish You a Merry Christmas on his violin. Outside there was snow on the ground and inside you had helped Mrs. Hudson hang some lights.

“Lovely, Sherlock. That was lovely.” Mrs. Hudson said when he was done playing.

“Mm, marvelous.” John said as he brought his girlfriend a drink.

“That was very good.” Greg said, he thanked you as you handed him a beer.

“I wish you could have worn the antlers.” You laughed.

“Some things are best left to the imagination, Y/N.” He smirked as he put his violin down and wrapped his arm around your waist, placing a kiss on your lips. You both turned to the door where Molly was just entering.

“Oh, dear Lord.” Sherlock whispered to you and you giggled.

Molly had on bright red lipstick and large sparkly hoop earrings. In her hands she had two big bags of presents.

“Hello, everyone. Sorry, hello. Uh, it said on the door just come up.” She said.

“Hello, Molly.” Everyone said.

“Everybody saying hello to each other, how wonderful!” Sherlock said sarcastically.

“Be nice, or I’m not spending the night.” You teased.

“That’s not fair.” Sherlock said, you raised your shoulders.

“Guess you’ll have to be nice then.” you said.

“But being nice is hard.” Sherlock said.

“Then that will be the only thing that’s hard tonight.” you teased and laughed at yourself.

You looked up to Molly who was taking her coat off to reveal a long black dress with sparkly beading across the top. She clearly was wearing a push up bra and trying to impress someone.

“So we’re having a Christmas drinkies, then?” She asked, smiling.

“No stopping them, apparently.” Sherlock said, sitting down at this desk as you leaned against the front of it.

“It’s the one day of the year where the boys have to be nice to me so it’s almost worth it.” Mrs. Hudson said and everyone laughed.

“John the counter on your blog it still says 1,895.” Sherlock said to John as Greg asked Molly if she wanted a drink.

“Oh, no, Christmas is cancelled!” John said sarcastically.

“And you’ve got a photograph of me wearing that hat!” Sherlock said, pointing at a picture of you and him taken from a crime scene.

“People like the hat.” John said, walking away.

“No, they don’t. What people?” Me muttered to himself.

“How’s the hip?” Molly asked Mrs. Hudson.

“Oh, it’s atrocious, but thanks for asking.” Mrs. Hudson said smiling.

“I’ve seen much worse, but then I do post-mortems. Oh, God, sorry.” Molly said.

“Don’t make jokes, Molly.” Sherlock said, and you looked back to him with a ‘be nice’ face.

“Thank you.” Molly said as Greg handed her a glass of wine. “I wasn’t expecting to see you. I thought you were going to be in Dorset for Christmas.”

“That’s first thing in the morning, me and the wife, we’re back together, it’s all sorted.” Greg said with a smile.

“No, she’s sleeping with a PE teacher.” Sherlock said.

You turned around to him. “That wasn’t nice.” You fake frowned.

“Oh, I’m sorry, how can I make it up to you?” Sherlock whispered. You turned around and crossed your arms over your chest.

“I’m sure I can think of something.” You smirked.

“And John, I hear you’re off to your sister’s is that right?” Molly asked.

“Yeah.” John answered.

“Sherlock was complaining. Saying.” she corrected herself.

“First time ever, she’s cleaned-up her act, she’s off the booze.” John said.

“Nope.” Sherlock said.

“Shut up, Sherlock!” John said.

“Take a day off.” You pleaded.

You saw Sherlock eyeing a present on the mantle, after his phone made that God awful noise but thankfully everyone was talking and no one heard it. He stood, took it in his hand and began walking back to his bedroom.

“Excuse me.” He said, leaving the room. You and John shared a suspicious look. He silently motioned for you to go check on him. You nodded and walked over to his bedroom door that was slightly open.

“You okay?” You asked from the doorway. He was sitting on his bed opening the box which seemed to hold a phone. Last time he was sent a phone it was Moriarty and you grew worried.

“Yes.” He said, closing the door on you. You turned back to John who had witnessed the whole thing.

After a few minutes Molly got called into work and Sherlock soon left afterwards. You tried asking where he was going but he didn’t answer. Mycroft texted you letting you know that Irene Adler’s body was found and Sherlock was coming to identify it. He also asked you to search his room for any drugs.

After about an hour you got a phone call from him.

“He’s on his way. Have you found anything?” Mycroft asked you.

“No. Did he take the cigarette?” You asked. Mycroft had planned to offer him one and knew if he took it that something was wrong.

     “Yes.” Mycroft answered, disappointingly.

“Shit.” You muttered. “It looks like he’s clean. We’ve tried all the usual places. I don’t know why this case has had such an affect on him. Are you sure tonight’s a danger night?” You asked.

“No, but then I never am. You have to stay with him, Y/N.” Mycroft said.

“Alright.” You agreed.

John had left with his girlfriend who you found out her name was Jeanette. Greg also left so he could pack for his trip tomorrow. Mrs. Hudson had gone back down to her room. You were sitting on the couch, nearly asleep, when Sherlock came back up the stairs.

“Oh, hi.” You said, standing up.

“I hope you didn’t mess up my sock index this time.” Sherlock said rudely, but you let it go with a sigh.

After a couple minutes of sitting in the living room alone, thinking Sherlock wanted some space, you heard him call out to you.

“Are you coming to bed or not?” He asked.

You got up and slowly shuffled into the bedroom, where Sherlock was already in the bed. You crawled in next to him and soon felt his arm wrap around your waist.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” Sherlock said in a sleepy voice.

“It’s okay, Sherlock.” you said as you nuzzled into his side.

“Oh! I almost forgot your gift.” Sherlock said, suddenly jumping out of his bed and rushing to his dresser.

“My gift?” you asked, surprised.

“Well it is Christmas, you didn’t think I wouldn’t get you a gift did you? After all, you did get me a quite perfect gift actually.” Sherlock said, and you smiled. You noticed how much of a mess he would make with all his sheet music and paper when he was composing, so you had gotten him a leather composing book engraved with his name. It was full of new paper for his brilliant works, and a storage space for his old ones that usually litter the floor or the desk.

“Here,” He said, handing you a box. “I saw it and I thought of how perfect it would look on you.”

You took the neatly wrapped box and began slowly peeling away the paper. It was nice to know that Sherlock thought about you.

You finally removed the paper, only to see a dark blue box with a gold HW on it. Your breath caught in your throat.

“Sherlock… this isn’t?” You asked, looking up to him. He was smiling like a fool.

“Go on, open it.” He smiled.

You pried open the blue box, only to reveal the most beautiful diamond necklace you have ever seen in your life. You slapped your hand over your mouth in shock.

“Sherlock! This is a Harry Winston necklace! It must have cost you thousands, I can’t accept this!” You cried.

“You can, and you will.” He said, slipping the necklace onto you. “Besides, Mr. Winston owed me a favor.”

“What did you do for him? Get him of a murder charge, find a diamond thief, uncover the truth of some huge scandal?” You smirked, as Sherlock slipped the necklace onto you.

“Something like that.” He smirked.

“I love you, and I don’t deserve you.” You smiled, hugging him.

“Oh no, I think I’m the one that doesn’t deserve you.” He kissed you.

“Mr. Holmes, I think you’re very wrong.” You whispered.

“Mr. Holmes huh? I like that.” He smirked.

“That’s not all you’re going to like tonight.” You smirked, straddling Sherlock and pressing your lips to his.

You soon fell asleep after a few rounds of bliss and in the morning you woke up to Sherlock playing the violin. You crawled out of bed and walked out into the kitchen where Mrs. Hudson and John were.

“Lovely tune, Sherlock. Haven’t heard that one before.” Mrs. Hudson said.

“You’re composing?” John asked Sherlock.

“Helps me to think.” Sherlock said.

“Good morning, dear.” Mrs. Hudson said to you.

“Morning.” You smiled. Sherlock looked back to you and started playing again.

“What are you thinking about?” You asked him curiously as you walked into the living room.

“The count on John’s blog is still stuck at 1,895.” He said, pointing to the computer.

“Yes. Faulty, can’t seem to fix it.” John said.

“Faulty or you’ve been hacked and it’s a message.” Sherlock said, pulling out a phone and typing in 1895, looking displeased when it didn’t unlock.

“Is that the camera phone from the safe?” You asked. You looked over his shoulder and the screen said ‘I am locked.” But the spot for the code was in the middle of am and locked. He didn’t answer you, instead he began playing the violin again.

John announced that he was going out and Sherlock didn’t seem to take any notice when he left. Sherlock seemed busy with his composing so you decided to leave too, not that he would noticed. You went to your flat and changed before leaving to go on a walk. When you stepped outside of your flat there was a woman in all black who looked like one of Mycroft’s assistants.

“Y/N.” She called out as a black car pulled up.

“Of course, God, if Mycroft didn’t have this bloody stupid power complex.” You said getting in the back of the car. It took you to some kind of abandoned factory.

“Couldn’t we just go to a cafe? Sherlock doesn’t follow me everywhere.” You said as you followed her into the building.

“Through there.” She said, pointing to a door with light coming out of it.

“Mycroft, for once in your life can you drop the dramatics and just talk on the phone like a normal person.” You said walking into the room, your heels clicking on the cement.

“But then again, you’re not normal, neither of you are.” you said, turning around, looking at the room. You could have sworn you heard heels clicking when your feet weren’t moving. You quickly turned around to see Irene Adler, dressed in all black.

“Hello, Sergeant Gregson.” She said, walking closer to you.

“Tell him you’re alive.” You said.

“He’d come after me.” She said, and he would at least for some sort of closure. He hasn’t been the same since he thought she died, possibly for the fact that he felt bad for her. That she didn’t deserve to be hunted down just for her work. Or he was desperate for the answer to her password and needed to know.

“I’ll come after you if you don’t.” you said.

“Hmm, I’ll let you. Love your shoes by the way.” She said, you looked down to your shoes. They were simple red pumps, though you thought it strange she complimented you every time you met her, and it didn’t seem her personality to do so.

“You were dead on a slab.” You yelled. “It was definitely you.”

“DNA tests are only as good as the records you keep.” Irene said cooly.

“I’m gonna bet you know the record keeper. Or better yet, you know what he likes.” You retorted.

“I needed to disappear.” She explained.

“Then how come I can see you and I don’t even want to?” You asked.

“Look I made a mistake. I sent something to Sherlock for safekeeping and now I need it back, so I need your help.” She said.

“No.” You said, immediately.

“It’s for his own safety.” She said. “And maybe yours… How did you know that CIA man that tried to kill us? Family? See I’ve done a bit of my own research into you Sergeant. So your uncle, the man that tried to kill us, this isn’t the first time he did something like this. He used to beat you unconscious. Was that before or after he would rape you?” She asked, making it seem like a joke. Making it seem like what happened to you could be used as leverage, you weren’t about to let that happen.

“Stop!” You cried out, a tear escaping and sliding down your cheek. “Fine, I’ll tell him you’re alive and I still won’t help you.”

“What do I say?” She asked as you were about to leave.

“What do you normally say? You’ve text him a lot!” You yelled back.

“Just the usual stuff.” She said casually.

“There is no usual in this case.” You said.

“Good morning. I like your funny hat. I’m sad tonight, let’s have dinner. You look sexy on Crimewatch let’s have dinner.” She read off from her phone.

“You flirted with Sherlock Holmes?” You asked, jealously.

“At him. He never replies.” She said.

“Well I should hope not!” you retorted.

“Are you jealous?” She asks.

“We’re not a couple.” You said, you weren’t really sure what to call you and Sherlock, you didn’t think he was one for titles.

“No, you just solve crimes together and have sex. Yes you are.” She said, typing into her phone.

“There…’I’m not dead, let’s have dinner’.” She said, sending the text.

“Why would you want to have dinner with him anyway, you’re…” you said, not finishing the sentence.

“Gay? I am, I have my reasons though.” She said.

Suddenly you heard an electronic moan coming from somewhere inside the room. Sherlock was here. Oh God, how long had he been here? Had he heard about what your uncle did to you? You didn’t want him to find out, you didn’t want him to think any differently of you.

You moved to follow the sound but Irene grabbed your arm, stopping you.

“I don’t think so, do you?” she said, and she was right. Sherlock needed some space.

Boo Night Fever
Various Artists
Boo Night Fever

Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Boo Night Fever (Piano Arrangement)

Composed by Saki Kurata, Shoh Muramaki, Yoshito Sekigawa, Yasuhisa Baba, Hiroki Morishita, Masanori Adachi, Kiyoshi Hazemoto, Tomoko Sano, Kosei Muraki, Hiroaki Hanaoka, & Yasumasa Yamada
Arranged by Shadoninja
Intelligent Systems, Vanpool, Nintendo © 2012

Get the sheet music for this song and more:

Erik headcannons round five

Round 5:

-          Erik has many things in his pockets. He has many pockets, to begin with. The things he carries with him constantly are: tuning fork, violin strings, some folded sheets of music paper, playing cards, handkerchief (don’t believe Kay, he DOES need them), the lasso, matches, small notebook, pocket watch, a fountain pen (it has caused unpleasant surprise for him when it leaked once, ruining one of his favorite waistcoats), pocket knife, his “keys” (some unknown objects that help him get in his home), smelling salts, small bottle of rum (to make Christine drink it and calm down a bit if she freaks out), envelopes.

-          Erik has perfect pitch.

-          Because of his old age and various broken or fractured bones in his life that were caused by some kind of accident, Erik is often in some level of pain, but he handles pain quite well, and thinks it is something he deserves anyways.

-          He is often suffering of terrible migraines because of his childhood traumas haunting him and because of regular lack of eat and sleep.

-          Erik has three fingers that broke in his childhood and are sometimes in pain as they got healed the wrong way and some of the joints are a bit of deformed. He was playing the piano once, quite loudly to mute his mother’s crying, but his loud playing was bothering his mother and no matter how she yelled at him, he did not stop. Erik’s Mom got frustrated, rushed to the instrument and slammed the lid of the keyboard on his hands by full force. His middle and ring finger on the right and his left thumb broke instantly.

-          Erik tasted all types of alcohol he could during his journeys, as he was always open to new things and he is a gourmet anyways. His favorite is most certainly wine but he doesn’t mind a good champagne, rum or Russian vodka from time to time. He doesn’t like beer though. Only type of beer he would drink is Czech beer, but he is not too fond of that either. He had some when he visited Prague in his youth.

-          Erik knows folk music of many countries he visited in his life, and got to know how to play every instrument he could once touch. He is a virtuoso of harmonica and Russian type accordion for example besides the ones we already know about: piano, violin, organ and harp.

-          Despite of his obvious musical talent, I doubt Erik is a good dancer at all. He did not have anyone to practice with, and he is unused of social interactions, so he probably only knows the steps. He could be a good choreographer, but he can’t dance with a woman. He has good sense of balance and acrobatic skills, but he is very clumsy when it comes to dancing. Especially if he is embarrassed, he would never dare to touch Christine and is afraid he might fall in his own legs and make a fool of himself in front of the woman he loves.

-          When around Christine, Erik tends to cross his hands behind his back so he won’t even accidentally touch her as he knows Christine is repulsed by his touch, as he remembers back she cried out in horror when he offered her his hand to accompany her to show his room.

-          Even though he has sleeping problems, nightmares and he doesn’t want to sleep too much, Erik, if he finally falls asleep and by a chance, isn’t bothered by nightmares, sleeps like the dead. He is a heavy sleeper and can be woken up with very much effort, you can talk on normal volume next to him and no reaction. He only wakes if you shake him or startle him by some very loud and unexpected noise.

-          Erik snores a bit, and tosses and turns a lot, kicks in his sleep and sometimes talks or even sings. Of course this singing isn’t as beautiful as he was awake, but still better than most of the people do during the day. He also tends to sleepwalk sometimes if he is very tired and just nods off somewhere in his home other than the coffin, he will eventually walk to his room and lay down, or brush his teeth or go to the bathroom while sleeping.

Father's Day with Yoongi

It is now time for my highkey spirit animal, one half of the Daegu line, an amazing person with fantastic hands that look so holdable it’s almost ridiculous like sign me the fuck up pLZ, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka d-boy

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has one child, a lil girl
  • She’s honestly his entire world
  • Like he thought he loved music which he definitely does, he thought he knew all love could be once he met you but oh boy was he unprepared 
  • He’d been warned by the boys who did have kids that the second he hears that first cry, he’s gonna be gone
  • But he’s sitting there thinking they’re exaggerating like it took me how many months to fall in love the first time around lol I’ll be ight
  • But lol he isn’t
  • They were spot on tbh
  • The exact second he hears the first cry of his lil bby girl, when he hears the doctor telling him it’s a girl, he loses it
  • He does cry a bit when he first holds her and he just knows in that very moment, this child is gonna be running his life for the rest of it
  • Which she does spoiler alert
  • She gets him wrapped around her finger nice and tight from day one so she doesn’t really have to try hard
  • He gives up on insisting he isn’t under her command around the three month mark
  • Once he makes a trip to the store at three in the morning bc she would only wear a very specific material when it came to her pajamas, he knew he was a goner
  • And once she starts talking oh boy
  • Her lil voice makes him have to clutch at his heart bc how is something so simple as a voice so cute
  • Especially when she talks to him, he just melts right in front of her
  • There is no sight he treasures more than seeing his lil girl run up to him when he gets home, a lil “daddy!!” making him smile so wide his cheeks hurt once he climbs into bed
  • Her lil waddle makes him just want to squeal bc it isn’t fair she isn’t allowed to be this cute this is bullshit
  • She’s a staple at the studio
  • If Yoongi is there, there’s a 99.99% chance she’s with him
  • Whether she’s chilling out on his lap, using his arm as a pillow, using blank music sheets as drawing paper, she’s there
  • She really doesn’t like being away from him at all and he doesn’t like it either so she just becomes a studio buddy
  • The producers and writers all just accept that she’s now part of the team
  • If bby doesn’t like a song, it isn’t gonna be going anywhere near the album
  • If bby doesn’t like the way something is worded, it’s getting rewritten
  • He’s able to work surprisingly well with her there
  • Some people were worried he’d be too distracted to be able to focus on the music but she actually helps keep him on track
  • Bc she’s his lil walking muse, just about everything she does inspires him
  • Whenever she calls him any form of father, he has to smile he’s just gotta bc holy shit I’m a dad what is this sorcery
  • The first father’s day he has with her, it doesn’t really sink in
  • He’s so used to not being celebrated on that day that when he is told happy father’s day he’s kinda like what
  • And then when you give him a card that says it, he just about cries again bc ever since you’d told him you two would be having a lil goober, he’d been waiting for the moment he could be like yeah that’s my kid and now he has that moment he has a kid
  • “My kid’s cooler than you”
  • “Yoongi just bc she’s wearing a leather jacket doesn’t make her cooler”
  • “That sounds like something someone who was less cool than my daughter would say”
  • She lo v e s making him sweets for father’s day
  • He blames it on Jin and Tae who keep giving her chocolate every time they see her
  • Every single damn time
  • It’s gotten to the point where she just opens her mouth when they come around bc she knows once they see her, she’s getting some form of chocolate bar
  • It does change sometimes it’s plain chocolate, sometimes there’s a filling, sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s milk chocolate that’s just part of the fun she doesn’t know what kind it’s gonna be
  • She gets Jin to help her make some form of sweet, a cake some cookies maybe some brownies
  • She’s v v strict about no one stealing any bites though
  • If someone takes a piece or a cookie, she has no issues reminding them she’s a Min child and doesn’t put up with shit
  • But no one can truly take her seriously bc even though she’s got the Min glare down, she’s a lil pint sized yoon with pigtails and one of dad’s shirts on she looks way too adorable to be scary
  • They let her get away with it though bc they don’t truly want to see what happens when she gets really pissed off
  • She wakes him up at like 10 and just gives him this cute gummy smile and tells him happy father’s day
  • It’s honestly one of his favorite parts of being a dad, being woken up by his lil bby’s gummy smile and teeny tiny voice
  • They would stay inside for the most part, just lounging around and listening to music and watching movies bc he doesn’t get many days to just stay in and chill
  • Family would come visit, the boys would probably drop by just to say hey (and sneak her some more chocolate when yoon isn’t looking)
  • Father’s days with the Mins is laidback but v v loving

anonymous asked:

for college!5sos blurb night - do y/n and calum are both majoring in music and they live in neighboring dorms and they have to work on a project that brings them together (also I've spent like 45 mins on your blog today reading all your blurbs, you are amazing!)

You didn’t know why you were so nervous.

It was just Calum. Calum, who always lent you notes when you were sick. Calum, who since you’d been partners had become a good friend. Calum, who you’d spent days laughing with whilst trying to write a song, and spent nights giggling with as you spoke in hushed tones. Calum, who was not only a talented musician, which everyone knew, but was also one of the most incredible lyricists you’d ever encountered. Kind, funny, sweet, gorgeous Calum.

Right. Maybe that was why.

You knocked on the door hesitantly, Calum pulling it open with a grin.

“Hey!” You smile back, stepping in as he moves back. “No Ash?”

“Nah, he’s in a lecture.” He shrugs, kicking the door shut as you settle on his bed. “Just us today,”


There’s a silence then, both of you just smiling at each other. Calum’s laptop is playing an acoustic playlist that he must have been listening to earlier, and your eyes shift to his desk, where you can see sheet music and manuscript paper fanned out.

“So I finished the powerpoint.” Calum coughs, recapturing your attention. “We just have to practise delivering it and our performance now. And um, then we’re ready I guess.”

“Cool.” You reply, inwardly cringing. “Can I…um see?”

“Yeah. Right. Would be helpful.” He mutters, crossing the room to grab his laptop and sit beside you. “So, if you want to change anything, let me know.”

You sit in silence as he flicks through it, but whilst your eyes are on the screen, explaining the influence of Britpop on modern music, you can feel his on your face. Calum watched you the whole time, and you were pretty sure it was out of fear of your judgement.

“Perfect.” You nod as you finish, turning to look at him. Calum’s eyes are still trained on you, causing your lips to be almost touching. “It’s perfect.”

“Good.” Calum’s response comes out in a breath, and his eyes scan yours before darting to your lips and back up. He swallows thickly before speaking again. “I’m glad you’re my partner.”

“Me too.”

His eyes scan yours once more before looking at you hesitantly. You nod your head slightly, giving Calum the permission he wanted to close the distance between your lips. His lips taste faintly of nicotine but mainly of coffee, and you don’t think you’d ever get bored of them. He pulls away after a moment, eyes moving back to yours before he grins at you.

“I’ve wanted to do that since we got partnered.”

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BTS As Your Campus Buddies

Touring guide Namjoon:

Namjoon is that one student that invests a lot of time into studying, since he’s in the biochemistry departement. He’s the one who will give you a tour around campus and make sure you don’t get lost.He will give you all the necessary information that you need in order to survive this first year of university.He’s quite seductive with his intelligence as he claculates each thing he says to a girl and you almost fell for it.

Beauty Jin:

Jin is that one guy in social science that makes all the girls weak to their knees , with his perfect complexion. He’s beautiful and that’s a fact , his hair and outfit are on point and you feel like shit when you need to sit beside him in that psychology class you’re taking with him. Being the sweetheart he is, he will make sure to tell you you’re beautiful if you feel like trash….but deep within him, he knows he’s prettier than you’ll ever be

Dorm partner Taehyung :

You live with this thing , yet you don’t know how he functions. He was weird on your first encounter, but as the time passed by, you got used to his tendencies to try making a spaceship fly on the roof of the building. He’s in the environmental studies departement and the main reason was because he wanted to make an environement specifically able to welcome his family from outerspace .The way he grins is the most precious thing and he’s very emmotionnal to talk about how his family left him on earth.In other words you grew very fond of him ♡

Greasy Jimin :

Jimin is that normal looking guy majoring in leisure studies. At first he looks quite decent and nice, but once he smiles , he has that pervert vibe around him.He’s the pervert of perverts.It didn’t took you long to unveil his true self, the moment you find out all the viruses on his computer.He begs you to find him a date or else he threatens to date you.This guy is in despair to the point where he seems to have taken quite a liking to campus boy Jeon Jungkook,which worries you

Campus Boy Jungkook :

Jeon jungkook is that boy-next-door who’s in the Music department .He often passes by your room to play games with Taehyung since his room is neighbor to yours.You spoke a few times and you clicked quite well, but everytime you seem to be left alone with him in a restricted space or in your room,there’s this weird sexual tension that is felt for no particular reason. He’s a full package who’s good at dancing, singing , sports. He is a masterpiece; his silky black hair ,baby face, his toned body….do I need to say more ?

Party Man Hoseok :

Hoseok is that one guy who lives three floors up and you can still feel the ground shaking because of all the parties he throws in a week. He says that life is short and needs to be enjoyed ,so he always drags you to his parties even if you don’t want to. He’s in the Arts departement and he’s graduating in a year. He’s part of the campus team that makes events and he probably knows all the students on campus by now, There’s no individual you’re friends with that he doesn’t know about! He knows each and every other person around you.

Music Prodigy Min Yoongi :

Min Yoongi is that guy who writes music on a sheet of paper no matter where he is. You met at the school’s bookstore when he refused to get off the shelf since he was sleeping there. He’s in the Contemporary Music departement and has some hard core passion for Kumamon. He often uses you as a pillow or complain because your breathing distracts him from writing his masterpieces. You can find him on the rooftop sleeping like a rock while taehyung tries to make his spaceship fly.