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Control - Chapter Three

Get Set

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

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Kyouka Jirou nodded her head to the rhythm of her guitar strums, tapping her foot to imagined drum beats. She paused, sliding her music sheet paper toward herself, and jotted down a few new notes.


The sound was faint, Kyouka almost missed it.


She stopped writing, but the scratching sound continued. She pulled her earjack from her guitar and set the instrument carefully aside. Furrowing her brows, she closed her eyes and stuck her earjack into the wall.

The scratching was coming from … below?

But isn’t that All Might-sensei’s - She jerked back, startled by a loud crash, and abruptly pulled her earjack from the wall. What -?!

The image of All Might falling on those unsteady legs of his popped into her mind. Seized by alarm, she bolted out of her room and into the elevator.

Be okay, she thought, repeatedly pressing at the close door button, Don’t be hurt.

Dashing between the slowly opening doors, Kyouka ran to All Might’s room. She paused and knocked, “All Might-sensei? Is everything-?

A soft groan came from the other side, and she pressed closer to the door.

“Hold on! I’ll be right there!” She twisted the handle and shoved, willing the door to open. Opening a fraction, the door halted with a loud thud. Through the crack Kyouka saw an overturned wooden dresser blocking the way. Grinding her teeth, she ran down the hall and banged on her homeroom teacher’s door, “Aizawa-sensei! Aizawa-sensei, are you there?!”


He was out.

She looked around, heart pounding in her ears. Her quirk was a no-go - too risky in such a small space.

She twisted around and bolted, calling out as she passed All Might’s room, “All Might-sensei, I’ll be right back with help!”

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Erik headcannons round five

Round 5:

-          Erik has many things in his pockets. He has many pockets, to begin with. The things he carries with him constantly are: tuning fork, violin strings, some folded sheets of music paper, playing cards, handkerchief (don’t believe Kay, he DOES need them), the lasso, matches, small notebook, pocket watch, a fountain pen (it has caused unpleasant surprise for him when it leaked once, ruining one of his favorite waistcoats), pocket knife, his “keys” (some unknown objects that help him get in his home), smelling salts, small bottle of rum (to make Christine drink it and calm down a bit if she freaks out), envelopes.

-          Erik has perfect pitch.

-          Because of his old age and various broken or fractured bones in his life that were caused by some kind of accident, Erik is often in some level of pain, but he handles pain quite well, and thinks it is something he deserves anyways.

-          He is often suffering of terrible migraines because of his childhood traumas haunting him and because of regular lack of eat and sleep.

-          Erik has three fingers that broke in his childhood and are sometimes in pain as they got healed the wrong way and some of the joints are a bit of deformed. He was playing the piano once, quite loudly to mute his mother’s crying, but his loud playing was bothering his mother and no matter how she yelled at him, he did not stop. Erik’s Mom got frustrated, rushed to the instrument and slammed the lid of the keyboard on his hands by full force. His middle and ring finger on the right and his left thumb broke instantly.

-          Erik tasted all types of alcohol he could during his journeys, as he was always open to new things and he is a gourmet anyways. His favorite is most certainly wine but he doesn’t mind a good champagne, rum or Russian vodka from time to time. He doesn’t like beer though. Only type of beer he would drink is Czech beer, but he is not too fond of that either. He had some when he visited Prague in his youth.

-          Erik knows folk music of many countries he visited in his life, and got to know how to play every instrument he could once touch. He is a virtuoso of harmonica and Russian type accordion for example besides the ones we already know about: piano, violin, organ and harp.

-          Despite of his obvious musical talent, I doubt Erik is a good dancer at all. He did not have anyone to practice with, and he is unused of social interactions, so he probably only knows the steps. He could be a good choreographer, but he can’t dance with a woman. He has good sense of balance and acrobatic skills, but he is very clumsy when it comes to dancing. Especially if he is embarrassed, he would never dare to touch Christine and is afraid he might fall in his own legs and make a fool of himself in front of the woman he loves.

-          When around Christine, Erik tends to cross his hands behind his back so he won’t even accidentally touch her as he knows Christine is repulsed by his touch, as he remembers back she cried out in horror when he offered her his hand to accompany her to show his room.

-          Even though he has sleeping problems, nightmares and he doesn’t want to sleep too much, Erik, if he finally falls asleep and by a chance, isn’t bothered by nightmares, sleeps like the dead. He is a heavy sleeper and can be woken up with very much effort, you can talk on normal volume next to him and no reaction. He only wakes if you shake him or startle him by some very loud and unexpected noise.

-          Erik snores a bit, and tosses and turns a lot, kicks in his sleep and sometimes talks or even sings. Of course this singing isn’t as beautiful as he was awake, but still better than most of the people do during the day. He also tends to sleepwalk sometimes if he is very tired and just nods off somewhere in his home other than the coffin, he will eventually walk to his room and lay down, or brush his teeth or go to the bathroom while sleeping.

Boo Night Fever
  • Boo Night Fever
  • Various Artists
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Boo Night Fever (Piano Arrangement)

Composed by Saki Kurata, Shoh Muramaki, Yoshito Sekigawa, Yasuhisa Baba, Hiroki Morishita, Masanori Adachi, Kiyoshi Hazemoto, Tomoko Sano, Kosei Muraki, Hiroaki Hanaoka, & Yasumasa Yamada
Arranged by Shadoninja
Intelligent Systems, Vanpool, Nintendo © 2012

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im crying my guitar teacher is a lesbian and married to one of the counsellors at my school and today she was taping some sheet music papers together and did it wrong and she muttered “that’s not straight” and a girl responded with “neither are you” and my teacher just stared at her for about ten seconds before saying “yeah… good point”