music set you free

Meant to be Yours
Ryan McCartan (J.D.)
Meant to be Yours

You chucked me out like I was trash,
For that you should be dead—
But! But! But!
Then it hit me like a flash,
What if High School went away instead’
Those assholes are the key!
They’re keeping you away from me!
They made you blind, messed up your mind
But I can set you free!


On this day in music history: June 1, 1985 - “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles”, the debut solo album by Sting is released. Produced by Sting and Pete Smith, it is recorded at Blue Wave Studios in St. Philip, Barbados and Le Studio in Morin Heights, Montreal, Quebec, Canada from Late 1984 - Early 1985. Without making an official announcement, The Police part company in the Spring of 1984 after the highly successful “Synchronicity” album and world tour. Looking to stretch musically beyond the confines of his former band, Sting puts together a band featuring jazz musicians. The band features Branford Marsalis (saxophones), Darryl Jones (bass), Kenny Kirkland (keyboards), Omar Hakim (drums), Dolette McDonald and Janice Pendarvis (background vocals). Recording mostly at musician Eddy Grant’s recording studio in Barbados, the title of the album is inspired by a dream that Sting has about “giant blue turtles” invading the garden of his Hampstead home. When word about the project becomes public knowledge, many critics and fans are skeptical about the album prior its release, especially Sting’s record label, A&M Records feeling that he is taking a big risk by moving away from his tried and true musical formula. That skepticism disappears once the public hears it. A seamless blend of jazz and pop, the songs are inspired by a number of subjects including concerns over the looming threat of nuclear war (“Russians” #16 Pop), workers rights, (“We Work The Black Seam”), the welfare of young children (“Children’s Crusade”), to healing relationships after they end acrimoniously (“Fortress Around Your Heart” #8 Pop). The album is a major critical and commercial success, spinning off four singles (five in the UK). The first single “If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free” (#3 Pop), is written a thematic sequel to The Police classic “Every Breath You Take”. Many people misconstrue “Every Breath” as a love song, when it actually is the complete opposite, being about obsession, jealousy and control. “If You Love Somebody” is written as “an antidote” to the previous song. “Blue Turtles” also receives four Grammy nominations including Album Of The Year" in 1986. Out of print on vinyl since the late 80’s, it is reissued by Simply Vinyl in 1999, as part of Universal’s “Back To Black” series in 2008. A new vinyl remastering pressed on 180 gram vinyl is reissued in 2016. “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles” peaks at number three on the UK album chart, spending six weeks at number two (behind Dire Straits’ “Brothers In Arms”) on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast:

🌹 The soundtrack omfg Alan Menken did it again, i love the new versions and the new songs. 

🌹 Evermore is my new favourite Disney song.

🌹 The Belle’s Village is called  Villeneuve as the Author from the original book.

🌹 Emma Watson.

🌹 Dan Stevens.

🌹 Luke Evans stole the movie.

🌹 The scene in the tavern is amazing, Josh Gad is the perfect LeFou and a great performer.

🌹 Gaston’s choreography

🌹 Be Our Guest it’s a masterpiece.

🌹 Lumiere by Ewan McGregor.

🌹 LeFou and Stanley.

🌹 The Beast’s library.

🌹 Belle teaching the little girl to read.

🌹 Belle escaping through the dog door.

🌹 Beast hits Belle’s face with a snowball.

🌹 Belle’s dresses.

🌹 “You came back”

🌹 “You’re library makes our small corner of the world seem big”

🌹 The little chatting of LeFou and Mrs Potts.

🌹 The coat rack is my hero.

🌹 Madame Garderobe with Maestro Cadenza and Lumiere and Plumette.

🌹 The little Chip.

🌹 The castle and the rose are a two more characters in the movie, very important

🌹 I need that music box.

🌹 “I had an expensive education.”

🌹 “Why did you set her free?” “Because I love her.”

🌹 “I’m not a beast”

🌹 “Have you ever thought about growing a beard?”

I saw the movie two times, once in spanish and after in english and i love the movie in his two versions, Disney did a great and amazing job with their songs, characters, history. The actors and actresses are amazing and perfect in their roles and performances. THANKS DISNEY.

Eternal Love: Chapter Five

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Bts Vampire AU! Bts Prince AU! Smut in upcoming chapters! Overall Sexy!

(Yoongi’s chapter)

If you are new to the story please read chapter one first to understand what is happening!

Being sold into an arranged marriage was the norm in every kingdom known to man. It was never meant for a man to simply love his wife. A “relationship” was merely a source to increase the population. A ridiculous agreement made centuries ago in order to keep a kingdom stronger than others.

Except… you never expected not only to be sold off to the most powerful household in the kingdom, but sold off to marry not one man… but seven. Whom also just so happen to be vampires.


Previously on “ Eternal Love”

“Hello?”, you called out, slightly peeking through the door, only to see a spiral staircase leading down. “ Is anyone down there?”, you called again as you stepped through the door, it shutting behind you with a loud thud, scaring the shit out of you.

You jumped at the door closing behind you, reaching out for the doorknob, only realizing that the side of the door you were on had no nob.

An echo of shuffling caught your attention from the bottom of the staircase, the only source of light you had was the fire torch that hung behind you.  You quickly grabbed the torch, holding it out in front of you as you gripped the handle bar of the staircase.

“Hello?”, you said once again, “Is anyone down there?”, you repeated. The shuffling sound now halting.

“This day is just full of surprised”, you mumbled to yourself as you began to slowly descend the stairs.

With a torch as your guide, a rusty staircase, and your slight courage, you slowly began to descend the stairway. Unsure where you were going to end up… or what type of monster you would meet.



As you read the beginning of this chapter I would like to paint an imagine in the reader’s mind of the whistle sounds and the music that follows it. As you read, picture in your mind, the lead descending the flight of stairs; the whistle sound being the same whistle that is played in suga’s short film/jungkook’s short film.

As the lead begins to hear the piano begin to play, it mimics the whistle sound as suga did in the short film when he first meets the piano once again.  The tune will then  slowly transition to the piano version of Suga’s song in the wing’s album, “ First Love”.


The air surrounding you felt ice cold. The walls dark walls had slight cracks in them, allowing   the wind outside to enter ever so slightly, causing a spine tingling whistle to enter the dark pathway. The tune was definitely creepy to you; a bird call of some sort, a glint of darkness in its sound, that was almost beautiful to you.  As you descended the stairway, the whistle sound became more faint, at slower pace , putting you in a more uneased state.

Suddenly the rusty railing of the staircase turned into a golden handle as a glint of light appeared towards the end of the stairway. The once damaged and dark walls turned into strong, golden bricks, the atmosphere turning from its once freezing temperature to a more welcoming/warm temperature.

The sound of a piano caught your attention as it played the whistling tone the walls once did as you first entered the stairway. You stilled for a moment, listening  to the tune as it slowly transitioned to a different melody. The music filled you with an emotion you never experienced before; while the tune was beautiful a calming, you couldn’t fight the tears that threatened to escape your eyes. You didn’t understand why the tune had made you feel sad, it confused you greatly; the tune slowly taking over your mind and soul. Your breaths became heavier as you grabbed your chest as if someone had just hurt you dearly. A wave of mourning, fear, heartbreak, and grief overcoming your body.

You slowly continued down the stairs, entering a room that resembled a cabin of some sort. A fireplace rested on the left side of the room, shining brightly, its heat radiating off the big flames.

Above you rested a large chandelier, its candles lit, giving the room a touch of elegance. Your eyes then focused on a large black piano that rested at the opposite side of the room; a man playing the melody that made you feel so much sorrow, not yet acknowledging your presence as he was too draw into the music that flowed from his finger tips.

You slowly approached the man as the melody intensed, igniting a flame within your soul, the atmosphere changing greatly as you stepped closer to the pianist. The warmth of the room enhanced, the flames of the fireplace growing in size as well as the flames of the chandelier.


You could only see the backside of the man who was before you, his dark black hair shined slightly through the light of the room. His body moved to the music, his back widening as he reached for one side of the piano then the other. He wore a black jeans that seemed to kling nicely to his figure, his jacket suit being white with a black floral pattern. He wore a thick black choker around his pale neck, the accessory tightening against his throat as he fell deeper into the melody.

You stood behind the man, the melody slowly coming to an ending, him still not noticing you were present. The man dipped his head down as the melody stopped, his breathing coming to a slower pace; a slight pain entering your heart at the sight.

“ That was beautiful”, you spoke up in a saddened tone. Startling the prince ever so slightly, him refusing to show any sign of being surprised by your presence. You placed a hand on the prince’s shoulder as a form of comfort, something you both needed in that very moment. He lifted his head, as his hand raised slowly to the hand that rested on his shoulder.

He didn’t speak a word in that moment, remembering the words his hyung told him before he escaped to his room of sanctuary, “ don’t become too attached”, he replayed in his mind as he slowly removed your hand from his shoulder, standing up from his spot.

You watched him as he made his way over to the fireplace, slightly taken back by his cold appearance after you had witnessed a sight that clearly had shown a sign of his weakness.

“ Who said you could come into this room”, he said with a slight tone of annoyance. Not yet looking in your direction, knowing that once he did, he would melt into your gaze as a few of his brothers have already done.

You were a bit thrown off by the man’s blunt/rude comment. “ What a rude way to address a princess”, you thought to yourself; the thought making you feel uneasy at not only being a princess all of a sudden but already becoming comfortable with the situation you were in. Without noticing, you had become comfortable with the situation you were put in, only hours ago.

You were happy with the people you have already met, the people you had fell in love with, and the amount of courage you managed to show this morning, now afternoon. The courage getting the best of you in the statement you were about to make.

“Is that any way to address a princess?”, you questiond the man before you, a bit annoyed with his sudden rudeness, wanting a reaction out of him.

He chuckled darkly at your statement, turning towards you, a threatening look in his eye as he stepped closer to you. “ Is that any way to address your prince?”, he retorted back, challenging your sudden words of confidence.

You stood there with an equally threatening glare, not wanting to coward away from the man before you. You took a step closer, your arms crossing together in front of your chest. Ready to challenge the prince as he tried with you.

“ I don’t care what rank you are in this kingdom sir”, you said sweetly, your voice betraying your actions as it squeaked slightly. Earning a dark/amused smirk from the prince. “That is no way to talk to a lady”, you whispered, your confidence slowly drifting away. “ Especially to someone who is to be your wife”, you whispered to yourself as you looked down to the floor.

“ Wife?”, he said, knowing what he was to say next would ruin any type of relationship between you two. “There is no way I will be marrying a dirty farm girl as yourself”, he growled, knowing this was his best option for not only his sake but yours.

You sighed in defeat; you knew that there would be someone who wouldn’t accept you, it was almost to good to be true to have two prince’s fall in love with you. You looked over to the piano, ignoring the statement the harsh prince had made. Slowly making your way over to it, the prince stiffening as you approached his piano.

“Then I don’t have to be your wife”, you said, a hint of sadness in your voice that pained the prince more than he wanted. You sat down at the piano, your fingers delicately hovering over the keys. “ But since i am here, and it seems that you will have to deal with me”, you continued as you pressed down on the keys, playing the whistle tune you had heard before. “We can just be friends”, you said as you attempted to play the melody that you had felt… connected too.

The prince watched you in awe as you remembered the tunes he was playing, slowly approaching his two greatest weaknesses. You… and his mother’s piano

He sat beside you listening to you slowly play the tune he created in memory of his beloved mother. He sighed, wanting to see if the story was true. “ If it is meant to be, her music will set you free”, his mother said to him on her deathbed, a quote from. Meaning , to him, the one he would spend the rest of his days with would be the one who could equally feel the song he wrote for his mother.

You continued to play the tune, your fingers dancing against the keys as the tune came back to your memory. Before you knew it , you were as drawn into the melody as the prince was when you first walked into the room. As the tune intensified, your breathing once again turned heavy, the same pain that took over your soul only minutes ago entering your body once again. The rooms atmosphere became warmer, the fireplaces flame burning brightly as bright orbs appeared around you and the prince, your eyes closed, not experiencing the same thing the prince was.

“How is this possible…”, the prince thought to himself, as the spirits of the royal vampire lineage appeared before him. He looked at the orbs surrounding him, one being different from the others, it’s size being larger and its color being a bright pink rather than blue as the others were. The prince smiled at the orb as it came between you and the prince, a tear falling from his eyes as the orb circled you, you continued to play the moldy.

“ It’s always a pleasure to see you mother”, he thought to himself as he sighed, nodding his head as understanding that he would  finally able to fulfill his mother’s last dying wishes of him. To find a queen who would only bring more victory and happiness to the kingdom as she once did, and that queen was you.

As the melody came to an end, the prince took one more look at his mother’s spirit before it vanished into thin air as the chords stopped.

Instant regret taking over the prince’s heart at his harsh comments, suddenly persuaded by his mother’s appearance due to your playing of his song. You looked at the prince with a smile, completely unaware of the event that just occurred before his eyes.

“I don’t believe I learned your name yet”, you said softly as the prince looked you in the eyes like a lost puppy, yet full of wonder and now… somewhat intrigued by you.

“Yoongi, Min Yoongi”, he said, once again putting on his facade. You seeing right through his act. You turned towards him slightly, looking closer at his features to read him, something you’ve always done to people when you felt like they weren’t giving you a genuine personality of theirs.

There was something he was obviously hiding, but you decided not to push it, he seemed to have a temper you didn’t feel like battling, being that you are kind hearted and forgiving towards people’s actions.

“Who did you make this melody for?”, you asked, hoping to get any reaction or answer from him. You watched as his body stiffened slightly; realization hitting your clever brain. Whoever was behind this melody was truly his weakness; not information you would use against the prince, but information that would help you understand him more.

He shuffled on the piano bench, a sign showing he was a little uncomfortable answering such a question. Of course he was uncomfortable, he never told anybody how he truly felt about his mother’s death, and he didn’t have too, out of all of his brothers, he adored her the most, and everyone knew it. On another topic, no one has ever heard the melody, besides himself, and the spirit of his mother, as he just figured out due to your power revealing her spirit from the shadows.

“ My mother… its for my mother”, he said looking at the piano keys, a small smile escaping his lips as his mind drifted to his mother’s spirit being by his side only minutes ago. He always believed his mother was there watching over him and his brothers, and now knowing she truly was gave him a sense of confidence and strive to carry out her legacy.

“ You and your brothers cherish your mother very deeply”, you stated, a dreamy tone in your voice, catching the attention of the prince as he looked you in the eye. His turn to now read your true thoughts. You smiled softly at him, “ I think it’s beautiful… not only the song, but the way you and you brothers depict your mother as a precious flower”, you chuckled softly at your next remark. “ Every woman should have a man… or men, who cherish her as you do your mother”.

The prince taken back by your statement, your honesty and sincerity throwing him off guard. “You are close with your mother?”, he asked. Truly curious to why his relationship with his mother made you feel bliss.

Your eyebrows furrowed at his question, there was no doubt that you loved your mother and father, they were the ones who brought you into this world… but they weren’t exactly angels.

“Everyone has their demands my prince”, you said as you looked down at your hands. “My parents were mine”, you said as you looked him in the eye, tears threatening to spill but you tried your best to hold them back.

He only looked at you, examining your features, his way of trying to understand you. He cocked his head to the side slightly as his hand lifts to gently cup your cheek to comfort you. You rested into his hand, your next statement tugging at his heart. “I am forever grateful to you and the prince’s for taking me away from such people”.

To your surprise, the prince pulled you into a hug, holding you for dear life, allowing you to unfold into his arms. “Forget about the past princess, forget about those who have done you wrong, forget the pain, the sorrow, the agony you endured before being brought here”, he whispered into your hair as you silently let tears fall down your cheeks. “You are here now, and we will protect you from harm’s way”, he said, earning a nod from you against his shoulder.

To see the change in personality of the prince was shocking to you, no doubt. But every man has a weakness, to the woman they love.

The two of you pulled away slowly, looking into eachothers eyes. You let a weak smile cascade your lips as he let a pitiful/reassuring smile on his. In that moment he felt a spark in his heart as the two of you looked into each other’s eyes. He felt like it was his duty to protect you, to cherish you, and love you as he did his mother; and that he would do.

He stood up from his seat holding out his hand, you looking up to him, a bit lost. He chuckled sligtly at your ignorance, something he found quite charming. “ Let’s take you up, we could both use some fresh air”, he said, waiting for you to grab ahold of his hand.

You stood up, not taking his hand but locking your arm with his, him relaxing at your symbol of trust towards him. “Thank you”, you whispered softly, him obviously hearing you.

“For what princess?”, he asked, not knowing if you meant it by him escorting you back into the castle.

“For being the first person in a long time who let me release my feelings with such genuine meaning”, you said, gripping onto his arm tightly as if saying thank you again. Earning a smile from him, he led you up the stairway, whistling the tune the walls made, almost like a duet. As the two of you reached the top of the stairway, the prince knocked on three different bricks, a pattern you would not likely remember as you watched the door open for the two of you to step into the main hallway.

“Princess”, he began, stepping in front of you.

“I know my prince”, you said, him looking at you a bit lost at your statement. “There is no need to feel sorry for the way our first encounter turned out”, you continued. “ It was our way”, you chuckled softly, “ A quite unique way I might add”.

“That was my first time touching a piano”, you said, the prince’s jaw dropping at you comment.

“She really is the one i’m meant to be with”, the prince thought to himself as you laughed at his shock.

DING… DING… DING. The clock rang again, the prince’s neck snapping towards the clock as yours did.

“Three 4 o’clock already?”, you said out loud.

“That’s how it appear’s to be”, the prince said, now looking at you.

“How the day goes so quickly”, you stated as your gaze met Yoongi’s once more.

“ I suppose it is your turn to vanish, taking care of business as the other prince’s have done after our meeting”, you said with a smile.

“Sadly, that is true my princess”, Yoongi said as he bowed to you, you curtsying in response.

He then gently grasped your hand, leaning down, leaving a gentle kiss on it; a smile spreading across your face at the action that always seemed to make you melt in the prince’s hands.

“ Friends?”, you asked, as you remembered the comment Yoongi made about you never being his wife.

He cocked his head to the side as he straightened up again, about to depart.

“ Maybe a sort of…  friends with benefits could be arranged”, the prince said a with a smirk, sending a wink towards you before turning and walking away, leaving you speechless and a bit anxious. Unholy thoughts exploring your mind… thoughts that the prince was able to see as he walked away due to his vampire power.

“Your wish is my command my sweet princess”, he whispered to himself as the arotic images you imagined flowed through his veins.


 Authors Note!

Ugh! Another exhausting day with almost no time to write! I really hope you all like this chapter and I cant wait to hear what you all think! I have yet to write the next two and the chapter I still have to write for tomorrow but I will try to upload them as soon as possible!

Happy reading!

Inktober 2016: Day 23 - Horror

“Don’t hide, My Angel… There’s music inside you I wish to set free!”

(Outlast au, because we needed some more scary stuff for the roster! For those that don’t know, Outlast is an absolutely awesome and terrifying game. This is more based on the DLC, Whistleblower, however. The main antagonist in that is similar to Erik… if he went off the deep end and umped up the crazy to 600%)


Set You Free - Rain910

Be A Song For Me

For the music prompt of @carryon-countdown

Bites on my shoulder, marks like inverted piano keys.

Scratches on my back that he creates like sheet music. Simon whispers in my ear, “This is better than music, isn’t it?”

This is better than music, better than music //

I hate that he’s right. When he’s dead and gone, I won’t be able to listen to music without remembering what it was like to hear it live. To feel music on Simon’s skin, freckles scattered across shoulders I think about whenever I pick up my violin.

Be a song for me //

Music isn’t a thing, music isn’t a place, music is Simon. He is Julliard, he is a priceless Stradivarius. His voice is the first melody I hear in the morning and his good night whispers are my lullaby.

You are my zietgeist, set me fucking free //

“Stop thinking,” he teases in the darkness of our bedroom, hand sliding down my back as I arch my spine up. I relish the pain of contorting my body underneath the black shadow of his wings and the lightness of his smile.

I have never felt more like a cello, more like a harp, more like an instrument, as my body sings beneath the pads of his fingers.

Of course he’d tell me not to think. That’s what he does. Music never thinks, it acts. It echoes around the room, and fuck, does he echo. His violent, wonderful bursts of existence that used to make me think of fire and doom but now they are a symbol of what life is supposed to look like.

Set me fucking free, stop these fucking thoughts //

He is a rhythm that thumps in my veins, he makes me want to get up and move my feet to the beat.

I’ve fought, I thought, stop these fucking thoughts //

“Stop writing music,” his tail seems to tell me, as it coils around my left ankle. Our bed feels like it’s suspended in a place where time doesn’t exist.

You are my zeitgeist, set me fucking free //

I used to only have that feeling of timelessness when I went to a really well-done orchestra performance, with an ornate stage and well-trained musical masters.

But now I find it here too, with Simon, in all his recklessness. He somehow creates an entire album every night, in the moans that escape my throat and the rustle of the comforter falling to the floor. The sharp slam of the bedside drawer, the silent movement of those fucking wings, the smirk on his face that creates dimples. 

This is better than music, this is almost abusive //

He makes the music without realizing, he is the music without realizing, and I write the lyrics. I can’t help it, it’s something intrinsically compelling that forces me to match his actions with my words. That’s what we’ve always done, first as kids, then enemies, and now as everything we are.

Please read my mind, stop these fucking thoughts //

“You aren’t immortal,” he whispers, and I huff into the space between his shoulder and neck.

He knows I’m always thinking about that. A yawning, stretching infinity that I won’t be able to handle without him. I can’t do it without Simon, loudly and recklessly making music, becoming music, no matter where he is.

I whisper, “I can’t help it.”

Be a song for me //


Much later, when his body is a crushing weight above me, suffocating my worries until the morning light, I end the night the same way I always do.

I press a kiss to Simon’s temple, tangling my fingers in his curls, and close my eyes with the ghost of a fully written song write behind my eyelids.

I never write them down, but I never forget them. I don’t truly know if I’m immortal or not, but if I am, I’ll always have these.

Simon is music, and I can’t stop listening.

You are my zeitgeist, set me fucking free.

Show room

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2k

A/N this is like so ridiculously late that it doesn’t even count, but here you are anons! (also I couldn’t write just the script for a philisnotonfire so it’s a little more windy, I hope that’s okay!)

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I like violins because you can never truly tame them. you can try, create orchestration that has a safe and comforting string section, but even then, the violin can still wail and wander and float on the wind and you can never, never pin it down. in the right song it can be the happiness that remembers and has not forgotten or pushed aside sadness. it’s the way you feel standing on a cliff looking out at the ocean with the wind blowing, looking up at the city around you at night, closing your eyes at dusk with the last sunlight warm on your face. you can love it in the moment but it will never last, and that’s what makes it beautiful.


@witch-of-ghosts Happy and Blessed Yule! Here are your sigils, advice and guided meditation for the digital gift exchange! I hope you are pleased! :)

When preparing for astral travel, see that your environment is tidy, quiet and ensure (as much as is possible) that your solitude will not be disturbed by visitors or sounds. Astral travel or dreamwalking can be used for a variety of reasons - to heal yourself or others, for divination (to more clearly see aspects of the past, present, or future), to rescue lost souls, to travel other worlds, for distance vision or communication. Before you commit to the process, be sure that your intent is clear in your mind.

There are several types of incense that can assist in achieving the mental state required for astral travel. Some suggestions include amber, lotus, opium, and nag champa - the latter is my personal favorite. Conversely, if scents or the presence of smoke will distract your mind, feel free to dispense with them. Astral work is a deeply personal branch of magic and your preferences matter more than any tradition.

If you are a theistic witch, there are deities from any and every pantheon that can be invoked to aid you on your journey. Some suggestions include Morpheus and Nyx. I have a spellbook that also invites the caster to call upon Archangels from Judeo-Christian beliefs - for example, when using a dream state to heal others, the angel Raphael may be invoked; or Gabriel to send a message. The deity you invoke may change with your intent so be sure to consider it carefully.

Because crystal magic is such a wide-ranging and versatile branch of magic, I am hard-pressed to narrow down the options for use in astral travel. I find that for divination, amethyst is reliable and relatively powerful - not to mention easy to find. For astral travel as opposed to astral vision, you could try celestite or angel aura quartz; something bright with a high vibration. Avoid crystals with a lower frequency such as obsidian, hematite or red jasper, as these may serve to ground you rather than set you free.

You can also use music to help aid your concentration. I enjoy using binaural beat meditation music or music intended to realign the body’s energy centers. Here is an example:

All this in mind, and without further ado:

For Astral Travel or Dreamwalking

1) Set up your sacred space as you prefer it, with soft music playing if desired and your various aids arranged around you as you like them. Ensure that you will not be disturbed - this is important so do your best to make sure you have privacy.

2) Lie back, preferably flat on your back with a pillow beneath your head and your hands at your sides or folded over your abdomen. Measure your breathing in deep, even breaths. Count them. Take your time. Empty your mind of other concerns. Do not even focus on your objective at this moment. Just relax and allow your mind to drift.

3) Clench all the muscle groups in your body in five-second intervals, starting at your toes. Move from your toes, over your feet, up your legs, over your abdomen and down your arms into your hands. Flex each area in turn and let it relax. This will help to alleviate the buildup of tension that we all carry in our muscles daily. Remember to keep your breathing deep and even.

4) When your body is relaxed, imagine a staircase. The staircase can appear in any manner you like, any architectural style. The only stipulation is that it has ten steps. In your mind, slowly, count backward from ten. With each number, descend another step on the staircase, into the welcoming twilight of your mind.

5) At one, picture your body, lying still and silent in the dark. Open your mind’s eye - but not your physical eyes. Imagine yourself staring up at the ceiling, growing lighter, less detached to the form that tethers you to this plane. Imagine yourself lifting from your body like a feather on a gentle wind.

Some people have trouble at this part. The urge to hold fast to one’s physical form is a strong one. The most common technique to overcome the mind’s grip on the body is to imagine a silver rope or ladder leading upwards from one’s own body. Visualize the rope or ladder, again in the form you like best. Inch by inch, pull yourself up and out of your body.

The process takes practice. If you do not succeed at first, don’t give up. You may need to practice this quite a few times before you begin to experience results. Don’t worry - meditation is excellent for body, mind and spirit, and is anything but a wasted effort.

Once you can rise from your form, you should be able to look down with your mind’s eye and see your body slumbering below. Leaving the physical form behind is the hardest part - once your consciousness has broken free from the illusion of a stationary presence, travel should be easy for you. Explore areas you are familiar with - your home, your neighborhood, perhaps your school - and when you gain confidence, strike out for new territory.

Astral travel is an exciting and unique experience that differs for everyone! It is experienced by religious and atheistic people, both with and without the ritual of magic. With the steps above I have tried to outline the bare minimum and most common denominator of practices used to induce a trance state. You are welcome to ritualize the steps as you like, or keep them simple. No one knows your mind better than you, or can tell you exactly how to achieve your goal. However, with patience and practice, I am confident you will succeed! I wish you luck in your endeavors! Have a blessed Yule!