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I love how A very Potter Musical is the exact opposite of what jk rowling represents.

Dumbledore is gay, but she isn’t going to actually give us the represantion? Fuck that, Dumbledore is the “Move, I’m gay” type. Also Remus and Sirius are dating and they travel together after A very potter sequel. Seamus and Dean got married.

Voldemort can’t love? Mmm, no. Change that. Voldemort leaves his evil plans and his desire to kill Harry to live a happy life with Quirrel, because he loves his husband.

Slytherins are bad? The houses are against each other? Bullshit. In the end, the four houses support Harry and fight together against Voldemort.

Snape died as a hero and Harry names his son after him? In this universe Snape is portrayed as the “nice guy”. And also we have Remus saying to him that he’s sorry for everything that happen when they were kids, but Snape shouldn’t treat his students like this. Also, Albus now is Albus Scarfy Potter, named after the Scarf of sexual preference, husband of the Sorting hat.

Draco doesn’t have a redemption arc? What if, instead, Draco helps Harry, Ron and Hermione in the end and they team up together to save Hogwarts?

Jk Rowling doesn’t let her books go and still tries to get more and more money from the franchise? A very potter senior year goes about how everything ends at some moment, and Harry has to deal with the fact that, someday, he’s going to have a normal life, without dark lords to destroy.

Also, we have a poster of Zac Efron, Umbridge being ICONIC, and the whole saga being writting by Gilderoy Lockhart.

What I’m saying is go and stan A very potter musical. Jk doesn’t get any benefit from these musicals. That musicals aren’t perfect, they have mistakes, but are magic too.



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