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The signs as Heather C. quotes (musical)
  • Aries: " showing up here took some guts, time to rip them out :) "
  • Taurus: " you've come so far, why now, are you pulling on my dick? "
  • Gemini: " hello, slut :) "
  • Cancer: " Myriad? Nice. "
  • Leo: " for a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure "
  • Virgo: " well fuck me gently with a chainsaw "
  • Libra: " I'm feeling nice, here's some advice, listen up, BIOTCH "
  • Scorpio: " sHUT UP HEATHER "
  • Sagittarius: " [shouting] IT'S NOT A PARTY WITHOUT CORN NUTS "
  • Capricorn: " I got paid in puke! "
  • Aquarius: " Jesus! You're making me sound like air supply. "
  • Pieces: " I'm like oxygen, I'm everywhere. "

I thought of the power.
The gods would be terrified.

@broadway I have some ideas for the mean girls musical I think you should consider!
1. Every mean girl had a signature color
2. Instead of two new friends, the main character just has one old friend.
3. The main character’s love interest is much edgier + has major mommy issues
4. The mean girls all have the same name
5. Murder happens
6. It’s Heathers. Literally revive Heathers.

We’re the Losers


  1. Losers by Chosen Jacobs
  2. Flares by The Script
  3. C'Mon by Ke$ha 
  4. The Kids Aren’t Alright by Fall Out Boy
  5. Wild Things by Alessia Cara
  6. Hall of Fame by The Script
  7. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
  8. Secret by The Pierces
  9. Home by Phillip Phillips