music says what you cannot say

There’s a place between seeing and dreaming, a boundary in reality where longing and wanting swim inside eyes.
And it’s a trick of the light, a slowed heart that projects things on a lazy gaze.
You come like the sun at the end of may, fleeting but warm and trying,
trying so intensely hard to just shine. Your edges are blurred despite how solid you seem, I’ve never met someone so real, and maybe it’s the tint of sunglasses or maybe just because you’re made of nothing but softness.
The thing is, you’re too good for a life like this, I know you’ll end up tearing me apart.
I’ve always been drawn to self destruction,
this might be the most fatal yet.
It goes like this,
you appear within me even when you’re not there beside me, appear with a smile that has my heart pounding out a beat to the soundtrack of your laugh that sets the wind on fire.
There’s something wrong about being addicted to a pair of eyes.
I’m not supposed to be able to see a past I should remember but don’t, I’m not supposed to see a soul dancing in colours, I’m not supposed to see home.
And when I’ve conjured you up again in the darkness from words sent on a lit screen, you ask me questions I can’t answer.

What would sirens sing to you?

There’s only one answer.

A composition made of your eyes and your smile, the bridge of a requiem played by strings set on laughter. The sunlight filtering through frozen parts of things kept locked away.
The way your voice sounds when you say my name.

across the river, into the sea

a halloween story dedicated to @starlithorizons and @hurricanesunny

Michael is seventeen when the monster takes Jeremy.

There are bloodstains on the streets and screams filling the air. There are not as many voices in this town as there used to be.

The monster leaves a trail of claw marks and burning smoke that lasts miles, its hunger unending. It wails like a siren calling to a sailor, like a banshee heralding the loss of a loved one.  It does not look back, not even once.

Michael, who has neither sword nor shield, who is seventeen and foolish and so deeply in love that he is drowning in it, follows.


If this were a fairytale, the monster would dwell deep in a forest and keep its cursed prey high up a tower. If this were a fairytale, a hero would challenge the monster and slay it, freeing the land from its terrible reign. If this were a fairytale, all it would take is a kiss.

But this isn’t a fairytale.


The pursuit is long and hard but never once does Michael lose his way. The stench of death is enough to keep him on the right path.

“You can’t take back what is already gone,” a girl tells him. Her hair and eyes are dark as a moonless night, and her words are shooting stars, dying spots of hope in an endless black sky.

Michael knows this. He knows, but if he closes his eyes, he can still see the afterimages of bright light against the dark, can smell the whiff of wildflowers and cotton buried under the rotting stench, and the hope is a cold, hard thing in his chest. A stone that he cannot break.

“Still, I have to go,” he says. Because he is a fool. Because he is in love. Because he would follow the boy with blue eyes and starlit smile to the end of the world, if he must.


“You don’t love me,” Jeremy had once hissed, his eyes brimming with tears, his nails digging into Michael’s cheek.

“That’s not true.” Michael had been almost seventeen, foolish and so desperately in love that he would do anything to prove it. “I love you. I love you.”

Jeremy had closed his eyes, the tears spilling over. “Then prove it.”


The journey is long and hard but Michael has traveled worse paths. His white sneakers are stained red and black and his headphones are worn and battered from constant use. There are less screams these days, but the wails still echo across the land. Like a tiger’s roar, like a dying animal’s cry.

“If you go, you won’t come back,” a boy tells him. His hair and skin are red-stained forest fires, and his words are burning cinders, hot flashes of pain branding inside an empty chest.

Michael knows this. He knows, but if he closes his eyes, he can still feel warmth instead of a cold, hard stone in his chest, can hear his heart beating miles away in the chest of the boy he loves, the only home that he can ever have. A bond he cannot break.

“I made a promise,” Michael says. Because he is a fool. Because he is in love. Because he already followed Jeremy this far, and turning back was never an option.


What nobody told Michael was this: monsters are not born but made. They are created, shaped by the hands that hurt them. By the hands that love them.


The chase is long and hard but it eventually ends. High up by the seaside, Michael catches up with the monster that wails like a boy lost in the dark. Even when Michael announces his presence, it does not look back, not even once.

“What you love is no longer here,” the monster tells him. Its feet and hands are a mess of bloodstained claws and the rest of it is enshrouded in a crawling, living darkness that slithers like snakes. Its words are cold and hollow, reverberating in Michael’s bones.

Michael knows this. He knows this, but if he closes his eyes, he can remember the promise he made against Jeremy’s tear-stained mouth. An oath he cannot break.

“I’m here to keep my word,” Michael says. Because in the end, this is the price he must pay.

The monster turns.

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Inspiring Quotes from Musicals

“People come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn, and we are led to those who help us most to grow.” Glinda Upland, Wicked

“I’m through accepting limits ‘cause someone says they’re so. Somethings I cannot change but until I try I’ll never know.” Elphaba Thropp, Wicked

“I am not throwing away my shot.” Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton

“I am the one thing in life I can control.” Aaron Burr, Hamilton

“What do you stall for? If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?” Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton

“Mean what you say, and say what you mean.” Seussical The Musical

“Even if you’re little you can do a lot, you mustn’t let a little thing like ‘little’ stop you.” Matilda Wormwood, Matilda The Musical

“If you find that life’s not fair, it doesn’t mean that you just have to grin and bear it. If you always take it on the chin and wear it, nothing will change.” Matilda Wormwood, Matilda The Musical

“I’ve got a lot of living to do.” Conrad Birdie, Bye Bye Birdie

“Being true to yourself never goes out of style.” Vivian Kensington, Legally Blonde The Musical

“Impossible things are happening every day.” Godmother, Cinderella

“Don’t dream it, be it.” Dr. Frankenfurter, Rocky Horror Picture Show

“Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.” Maureen Johnson, Rent

Imagine dating Sam and quarreling with Dean like siblings

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean

Wc: No idea (between 200/300)

Warnings: None

A/N: I’ve had this one on my draft folder for like a month and I decided to post it today… Tags under the cut.

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Imagine dating Sam and quarreling with Dean like siblings

Heading back to the bunker after a successful hunt with the boys is has to be one of the best in the world,that and purposely doing things you know Dean hates 

“Hey, hey! Muddy boots off the seat!” He adjusts the rearview mirror you snort as you get the reaction you were waiting for, but roll your eyes at him all the same.

After kicking your shoes off you show your socked feet to him by putting them on the back of the front seat. “Jeez, take your stinky feet from my face,” Dean exaggerates and pushes you with his elbow.

“I don’t stink!” you retort, taking one foot to your face, the smell hits you before you reach your nose. “Ugh. Dibs on the shower as soon as we got to the bunker.”

Dean opens his mouth to argue deciding to give you the evil eye instead. Sam gets in the car last, taking his spot on passenger seat and shutting the door. You lean forward and place a kiss on the back of his ear which makes him smile and you can finally relax. 

One of Dean’s old tunes blast through the speakers as soon as  baby roars back to life and since you don’t get a say in the music selection you start to loudly sing along, just to mess up with the driver. 

There’s no rule for that…

“Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper

Baby take my hand, don’t fear the reaper

We’ll be able to fly, don’t fear the reaper

Baby I’m your man”

And of course the whole verse is off tune.

“Y/N?” Dean tries to say above the music but maybe you cannot hear him.

“La, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la, la”

“Y/N!!” he shouts.

“What?” you stop singing and sit up to hear him better.

“Don’t you ever quit your day job, sweetheart,” he jokes

“What’s that supposed to mean?” with both arms hanging from the back of the seat you get closer to him.

“I mean, stick to hunting. It suits you better.”

“Don’t you think I’m a good singer,” you ask sarcastically, adding a little pout.

“Umm… Nope”

You scoff, and turn towards his brother. “Saam” you whine looking at him.

“What,” Sam asks, distracted by the ancient lore book he got to keep.

“Babe, do you think my singing is great?”

“Yeah, baby I think you’re the best at everything!” he answers with a big smile and his eyes quickly go back to the book.

You then stare at Dean, cocky smirk on your lips.

“No, he doesn’t count. He’s your boyfriend. He’d say anything while you’re putting out to him.”

“Ew, Dean! Anyway I know you love my singing. You’re just jealous, because you don’t have my amazing voice, right Sam?” Sam nods sticking by your side as always and you give his brother a wide grin.

“Yeah Y/N you caught me… I wish I could kill every song like you!” Dean says rolling his eyes and focusing back on the road.

“That’s right, no one can kill songs like she does.“ Sam agrees without realizing what he’s saying.

"Sam!” you shout and smack his arm.

“Ha I knew it!” Dean chuckles.

"But I mean it in a good way, babe!” Sam tries to fix it.

“You better!” You roll your eyes, “Wanna make it up to me when we get back and jumo in the shower?” You bite your lowe lip suggestively. Sam nods with too much enthusiasm. 

Dean shakes his head and mumbles something under his breath while you llean back singing the whole ride back to the bunker.

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Author: @imaginationworlds
Pairing: Tom Holland x Actor!Reader
Request: the reader challenging Tom to LSB (his second time being on the show) and it’s actually the first time they meet (but they’ve flirted over twitter). So the reader does really sexual songs trying to beat Tom
Warning(s): heavy grammar mistakes

Words: 888


“Maybe I shouldn’t dance in front of thousands of people.”, your small voice, filled with concern as you were inspecting your suit in the reflection of the large mirror in front of you, realising that the apparel definitely showed more skin than material. In contrast to your best friend that was here to support you and cheer for you for the whole night was blown away how you and especially your curves were looking that evening.

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When someone says “dear, …” I cannot help but to think any of the following
- Dear diary, I believe I’m a good person, you know, I think that there’s good in everyone…

- Dear Theodosia, what to say to you?

- Dear Herr Stiefel, Moritz I’ve spent the entire day thinking about your note

- Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a good day…

We are driving home from church.
We are driving home from church,
Mother and I,
country station on.
The country station’s on, but for a moment
there is static.
A breath of silence
in between the whooshing sounds
of passing lights.

I feel my soul fill
welling up with words. 
“Mother,” I say.
“Mother, they are killing people in the streets.
They are gunning down unarmed men
because of the color of their skin.
They’ve admitted it in closed circles
Down with the minorities but
Hands up.
Don’t shoot.
They are erasing their history
tearing their past from the walls
reducing faces to graphite smudges across pages -
Mother turns and looks at me,
uneasy smile I am too used to,
as she reaches for the volume of the radio.
Mother says racism isn’t real.
Mother says slavery wasn’t all that bad.
Mother says, “If they had done what the policeman said
They wouldn’t be dead.”
Mother turns the music up until the silences fill.

I still cannot find it in me to be silent.
“Mother,” I say.
“Mother, they’re forcing women into a box.
They’re placing burdens on our shoulders
and saying sexism is the way of things.
they blame the victim for what she’s wearing
let the villains off,
Scott free,
they keep telling me to learn my place
with tasteless jokes that come in tidal waves,
Mother says I take things too seriously.
Mother says it’s a lot better.
Mother says, “I was like you, once.
Then I grew up.”
Mother twists the dial until our ears ring.
I cannot stop, not now.
The words keep spilling out
the crux of the conversation:
“Mother,” I say.
“Mother, they are telling people they cannot love.
They are ripping wedding bands from fingers
ripping children from their homes,
Mother, they are banning heartbeats 
on moral grounds,
But, Mother.
Mother says freedom of speech.
Mother said this country was founded on Christian beliefs
Mother says, “Homosexuality is an abomination
and a sin.”
Mother turns up the music until Texas twang is shaking the foundations.

But I say,
Then what does that make me?

Mother, please.
Please - 


But, Mother does not hear.

The music is too loud.

—  Collected Car Conversations with Mother

zimmerdouche  asked:

fic prompt: nurseydex, arguing over what to play on the radio while in the car o:

Nursey was going to educate his boyfriend on music if it broke him. He loved Dex, he really truly did, but he didn’t love Florida Georgia Line, or Brad Paisley, or even early Taylor-fucking-Swift on some days (but ONLY her first two albums, Dex would insist, like that somehow made it better). Dex seemed to think that there wasn’t a situation that didn’t call for a country soundtrack, and Nursey, who’d been raised on New York alternative thanks to his pretentious big sister’s pretentious band, was about to start bleeding from his ears if Dex put on a Carrie Underwood song on in the bedroom one more time.

Therefore, Nursey had decided, it was time for him to make a playlist. Not just any playlist, oh no, the ultimate playlist. The playlist to end all playlists. The playlist that perfectly mixed the sweet longing in those classic, angsty, just-shy-of-emopunk tracks with the upbeat, poppy style of more modern bands, and Nursey’s favorite: a band that remixed conversations between marginalized New Yorkers with Rat Pack songs from the 20s. There’s something delicious about two Black teens re-appropriating Sinatra’s stuff, and they were just so damn talented. Nursey was sure Dex would love it.

He slid into Dex’s truck, and gently placed his hand on Dex’s when he reached for the radio.

“Hey babe,” Nursey said, trying to put all his charisma into the two words. “Can I pick the music today?”

Dex smiled, bright and easy, and put his hand on the wheel.

“Course. Just no instrumental stuff, okay? I don’t want to fall asleep while I’m driving.”

Nursey snorted, his hands fumbling on opening up his CD case. He looked across the car at his boyfriend’s smirk.

“Hey babe?”

“Yeah Nurse?”

“I can’t flick your ear right now cause you’re driving, but know that that’s literally the only reason why you’re living un-flicked.”

Dex grinned again. He popped open the CD player without taking his eyes off the road, and gestured at Nursey.

“Just play your music babe, I want to know what you like to hear.”

Nursey hit play.

The first bit of fighting came because of the angsty songs.

“This is fucking depressing Nurse. I’m honestly concerned for this girl”

“I cannot believe you said that. You listen to sad country, that’s literally all just white guys whining.”

“Yeah, I’m aware. When you’re singing about your dog dying, it isn’t as depressing as a song about the AIDS crisis, so it’s more appropriate as driving music.”

Nursey turned as far as his seatbelt would let him to glare at Dex. Dex glanced back at him, more concerned than angry.

“So there can’t be any meaning to songs? They all just have to be about a tractor to be any good?”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying. That’s a good song, I’m not saying that it’s bad. I just don’t like depressing shit, you know that.”

Nursey sighed and crossed his arms as he looked out the windshield.

“This is The Revenant argument all over again.”

“Babe!! I thought that that movie was an Aliens reboot! I thought it would be fun, and instead you made me watch Leo get torn up by a fucking bear! I love Leo!!”

Dex’s voice was starting to get extremely high pitched, which Nursey knew meant he was hitting a nerve.

“Chill, Dex. I’m not trying to fight, I just wish you put a little more effort into appreciating the things I care about sometimes.”

Dex glanced at Nursey again, taking a deep breath. He glanced down at his hands on the steering wheel in a white knuckled grip, and took a deep breath.

“Yeah. You’re right Nurse. I’m sorry babe.”

Nursey pulled his shades down and smiled at Dex, turning he music up as a more upbeat song came on.

“It’s okay, Dexy. You’ve got this.”

Dex laughed and put a hand on Nursey’s, steering with one hand.

“Tell me about this band, babe?”

Nursey squeezed Dex’s hand and launched into a huge rambling talk about his perfect playlist. He almost missed how soft Dex’s eyes had gotten as he looked at his beautiful, excitable, passionate boyfriend. The boy might not like all these hipster things, it’s true, but god. He really fucking loved his hipster boyfriend.

10 years. Thank you Taylor.

I cannot believe that I have been a Swiftie for 10 (nearly 11, duh) years now. That is half of my life.

Taylor has been with me through my darkest and hardest times when I thought that life was not worth living anymore. 
Whenever I felt down, I put on her music. Her songs helped me through a lot. All of her songs reflect a situation in my life. My first boyfriend and soon heartbreak, bullying and calling me names and other. My time at school was not the easiest - I think. I spent most of my breaks in the bathroom, locked in one cabin, since nobody wanted to talk to me or even see me. I cannot remember one day at school where I was not crying in the bathroom or feeling sad and even useless. In the end it led me to self-harm and I got depressed. I was bullied for being different, for believing in something and for dressing different/listening to different music.
I never was one of those girls who went to parties each weekend, got drunk and slept with some random guy. I never did that - I was different. I was writing songs (like Taylor) about situations I’ve experienced… and it helped me. Taylor inspired me to just be my true self - no one else. Even though my childhood and my teenage years were hard, I never gave up in the end. Taylor helped me through everything even though it sounds hilarious “She doesn’t know you!” That’s what I normally get as a reaction when I talk about stuff like this. Yes, she doesn’t know me. But her music helped me through everything that happened in those nearly 11 years and I am so thankful for having her in my life. 

This new era is starting right now and I cannot wait to listen to the first single and those meaningful lyrics. Her lyrics are always the best - they make me smile, laugh, sometimes even cry. She has so much to say and she inspires me with every word she says or sings. I am so thankful. I cannot describe what I feel in words but I am so happy to have her in my life. One day, I want to meet her - and get a tattoo of her handwriting. She’s been with me for half of my life and I want to capture it forever. I am so thankful for everything you have done, @taylorswift  Thank you so much. Really. I cannot thank you enough.

Here’s to the new era. I cannot wait.


Some words about “Wonderful, Wonderful” (sorry it’s a long shit)

I’m so happy about Wonderful, Wonderful, it’s just what i was expecting since i heard The Man and Run For Cover, i knew it will be a wonderful album. Anyway i was expecting at least 2 o 3 songs more lol (because it was 5 years of wait!!! but anyway). It’s a different album, every Killers album it’s different and that’s the thing i love from this band, you cannot say every album it’s the same. I have to say this album passed Battle Born in many aspects, the lyrics are more deep and musically it’s more great and strong. I can heard Mark in every song from the bass/ guitar-bass lines to the backing vocals and Brandon’s voice oh my god is better than ever. Jacknife Lee’s guitar parts (such a shame Dave decided not to collaborate in this, but i don’t wanna talk about it anymore) are great, he made such an incredible work putting together and collaborating in all these songs. We know the making of this album was a hard work as a Brandon and Ronnie said in many interviews, but it was worth the effort. They made one of the best Killers albums. I’ve read some fans saying this looks like a Brandon solo album, I don’t wanna argue with those people, everyone has their opinions but i have to say just some things about it: this album could have never been a Brandon solo album. The album has a strong presence of Mark (who’s a fucking great musician) and Brandon decided to nude all their personal experiences with their family as a inspiration because i’m sure he felt better doing it with his fellas, their bandmates. These songs would have been never as a Brandon solo album. Brandon loves The Killers so much. Brandon it’s a their best because with The Killers is when he can give all their best work. If you can’t see this that’s just another problem. I’m such a little bit sad Mark decided not to tour all these great songs he colaborated to make, but maybe it’s for the better because he concentrated in making this album with the band and it ended up in a such a wonderful work. Ted and Jake will be doing justice to the songs live as we have seen in the latest live performances. We’ll miss Dave and his moves during Mr. Brightside live, but to be honest musically Dave was under Ted the latest years. I think he’s even a better guitarist than Dave, i’m sorry of saying this because i love Dave but this the truth, everyone has their opinions. This is mine. Maybe Ted doesn’t have the hair and charisma that Dave has, but give him so time, it’s the only thing it’s missing but i don’t care so much because he’s an absolute great guitarist and musician and that’s the important shit ok. Dave abandoned (musically talking) the band a long time ago for me (to be more especific after Day and Age, there’s one Dave before and after Battle Born and i prefer to remember the Dave before Battle Born) And in another honest opinion Brandon is the charisma of this band. This band would be nothing without Brandon. If Brandon decides to never come back to The Killers, that’s maybe the band end. But he’ll never leave. Even if Ronnie decides to leave, i could NEVER NEVER imagine another person as the baterist, he’s unique and such a great baterist. So Brandon it’s on board, Ronnie it’s on a board, Mark it’s on board (at least he make an amazing work in this album) there’s still The Killers for me. I’ll support them and even more with this incredible new album that deserves to do great. And yes i love Brandon, is that a problem? He’s a voice of a generation. He’s the lead singer and lyricist of the band of my life. He wrote the songs that means so much for many of us. How many frontmans uses their personal experiences/ family as an inspiration to do write songs? Many. So what’s the problem? I don’t see a problem in seeing the singer of my favorite band being nude spiritually to giving me a great song. So i’m thankful Brandon shared all those stories because after read all their interviews all these songs have another meaning for me. It’s difficult to choose a favorite song and it’s rare i love almost all the album, but that’s the case for me. I love almost the 80% of this album (except the remixes lol). They have already hits like The Man and Run For Cover but i see a great future live for Live To Come, Tyson vs. Douglas, Out Of My Mind and The Calling. But i wish they play all the songs live, i repeat it’s rare in these days to like all the songs in one album but that happened to me and i’m so fucking glad.

The World Isn’t Ending Today

I saw a post going around that I can’t find now about how great the old, pissbaby Nihilist Castiel was. So I wrote a drabble about it.

Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Setting: College professor AU
Rating: T

“Thank you for doing this, Dr. Winchester,” Naomi says crisply, guiding him at a clip down the cavernous hallways of the university towards the history department’s wing. “Dr. Novak has been begging to go on Sabbatical for two years, but we haven’t found anyone suitable to fill the block. I realize you both teach very different specialties, but it’ll fill the same requirements for the students.”

“It’s no problem,” Dean assures her, finding it surprisingly hard to keep up with her long stride. “This’ll give me something to do while I’m researching here. Lucky strike for both of us.”

“Indeed.” She stops in front of one of the imposing dark oak doors. “This will be your room. Class is over in a few minutes, so feel free to step in and watch. Dr. Novak is very excited to meet you. And he’s also one of the most popular professors here, so take notes.” She winks and Dean chuckles.

“Thanks. I will.”

Naomi leaves, and without further ado, Dean opens the heavy door silently and slips into the lecture hall. There are about fifty students since it’s an intro class, each sitting in the first few rows of the raised bench seating. The seminar room at capacity is 150. It’s impressive. Dr. Castiel Novak is standing at the lectern, commanding the room with his deep, gravelly voice and wearing what looks like the same navy blue suit as he’s wearing in the staff photo on the university’s website. From five years ago.

Dean lounges back against the wall by the door, taking his fill of Dr. Novak since he doesn’t seem to have noticed him. Damn, he’s hot, Dean thinks. Tall, broad-shouldered, styled brown hair, hooded blue eyes, perfect amount of beard shadow, and a bedroom voice. Too bad he was going on Sabbatical and wouldn’t be around for Dean to flirt with on campus. He allows his mind to wander over the timbre of Castiel’s voice alone, but gradually - very, very gradually - the actual words start to sink in.

“So, I think we’ve found in the round table discussion today that humanity is doomed to repeat its mistakes ad naseum until… well, until we’re all long dead and buried, thankfully,” he says with deep resignation.

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thoughts on the #jackgilinskyisoverparty

i just wanted to share my view on the earlier occurrence, i know i haven’t been active at all recently so if you feel that this is irrelevant feel free to scroll by. so as many of you know there is a video trending of a drunk jack gilinsky verbally abusing madison beer, it is to my understanding that madison, as a joke, said that jack’s music is shit, now jack as he is drunk seems to not take this well as (in the video you cannot see anything but the voices are easily recognizable) he is saying that just to piss madison off he is not going to touch her but he will stand there and talk. he calls madison a slut numerous times madison threatens to call the police and jack asks what he’s doing madison says she will tell them he’s annoying her (i think she meant he was harassing her, which he was) and he mocks her for it. as a person who loved and supported both jacks for many years, but also a feminist* i think that the behaviour he has displayed is totally unacceptable. yes i know he was drunk, yes i know alcohol blurs your judgement, but how much of this are we actually going to blame on the alcohol? especially when this isn’t the first time jack has gotten abusive due to alcohol (there is also a trending video of gilinsky arguing with johnson and g hits j) also why does jack get this drunk when he knows what happens later? does he not have control? i believe that there should be a consequence set up for jack. be it rehab or whatever. but we cannot just let this go and do nothing because “oh, he’s cute.” or “but he can sing.” no. it’s not okay. i don’t care who it is it’s not okay. *no i do not hate men, i want equality, i would hold madison just as responsible as i would hold jack sorry for the long post but i didn’t want to seem like another person excusing him for his actions because i think he’s attractive or because i like his music. abuse is abuse. if you are being abused i urge you to find help. abuse isn’t just physical. it can be words, or threats too. if there’s any mistake i’ve made or anything you need me to clarify please let me know.

My Best Friend’s Brother Pt. 4

Originally posted by x-mutation

Part 3


Warnings: SMUT! SO MUCH SMUT! And some really romantic fluffiness in there too but there are TWO MAJOR SMUT SCENES!

Relationships: Romantic!Pietro x Reader, BestFriends!Wanda x Reader, Side!Romantic!Wanda x Vision

Summary: It’s Pietro’s turn for revenge now…When you get up for a midnight snack, you end up getting a midnight treat ;) and he asks you out afterwards. Will you finally give into your desire for the speedster’s heart? Or will you still try to push him away because of how Wanda might react?

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I’ve been adjusting to college life and let me tell you it is amazing! I love it so much and I’ve made lots of new friends! I hope the extra smut makes up for my inactivity ;) but don’t worry I added lots of fluff too as usual! I am so inspired for Pietro tonight and I think this part will be really good! Enjoy! :)

You woke up at around 2 am, groggy and hungry. You groaned when you looked at your phone and saw what time it is. You sighed. Might as well get up and grab a snack. You thought to yourself as you got up and left Wanda’s room and made your way down to the kitchen to find a snack. When you walked inside you saw that someone had beat you to it. Pietro. You groaned when you saw him taking all of the good food out of the freezer. “Seriously.” You whined and he picked his head up from the fridge. “Do you really need all of that food?”

“Yes actually.” Pietro says and sets his food down on the island. “Because my metabolism is so fast I need to keep eating in large amounts to satisfy it.” 

“Damn.” You say and watch as he makes himself a sandwich. “Is there any left for me?” You ask and make your way over to the fridge. Your hopeful smile falls when you see that there’s no food left for you. 

“Sorry Printsessa…” Pietro says softly, then you feel two hands ghost your hips and move up your sides. “Perhaps there is another way I can make it up to you…” He says and you blush. 

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Thoughts from the Tony Awards

(that I forgot to post last night whoops)

  • Okay so the opening number was…cute, but I feel like it just went on for a little too long?? Idk idk
  • “Gee, Whoopi, how long have you been in the closet?”
  • I feel like Stephen Colbert emerging from a bed dressed as a groundhog is something that’s definitely happened before in my life
  • Honestly the best parts of the show was when the camera would cut to Ben Platt in the audience for some reason and he always looked vaguely afraid for his life
  • I’m just putting this out there but Josh Groban…is more powerful than he appears. I truly think Josh Groban is just a cover-story for an ancient deity that just wants to sing these days.
  • My mom, upon seeing Christian Borle with no hair: “He looks like that little animal from that Kim Possible show you used to watch!”
  • Listen Andrew Rannells and (goblin king of my heart)Mike Faist both deserved the Tony but…I truly forgot Gavin Creel existed for a bit and seeing him win had me so over come with emotion so like I can’t complain I’m proud of my man
  • I’ve never been a fan of Miss Saigon and I have no idea who that girl performing was but like…we’re getting married and she’s serenading me at our wedding reception this is cannon
  • Come From Away like…I’m sorry. I feel like it’s trying too hard to be #Edgy or something?
  • “Dicks out for Falsettos” - Andrew Scott Rannells, 2017, the Year Of Our Lord
  • It was a great performance though like 1) Put Tracie Thoms in anything and I’m a fan and 2) I never knew I needed to see Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells as Sporty Boyfriends™ but now I can’t imagine living in a world without it and 3) everyone was so talented don’t touch me
  • Lmao they finished their performance and my mom’s only comment was “That Andrew boy has great legs”
  • “We’re gonna announce this next performance as the cast of Dear Evan Hansen, but the gag is….it’s actually a solo performance by Ben Platt™”
  • I mean was I sobbing the whole time??? Yes. I still would have picked a different number idk. ‘Waving Through A Window’ is great but it’s getting overplayed at this point
  • Lmao the second he finished his performance and me, and the rest of the audience both live and watching elsewhere, were freaking the fuck out- my mom just calmly took a sip of her wine and said “Oh, he won the Tony.” 😂
  • Okay listen…I truly think Spacey gave it his best. He wasn’t awful. I did notice something that didn’t exactly help though- He really went for the impressions. Like, whatever, but most of the other Tony’s usually involve the hosts having some singing skits???? Why did none of that happen?
  • I don’t know who the hell the guy singing from Groundhog Day was but like…that was a VOICE.
  • Leslie Odom Jr. and Cynthia Erivo. Nice.
  • Ben’s reaction to the Hilary Clinton email jokes tho
  • “All award shows have to give out food these days!”
  • Hello Dolly’s weird one-man performance was apparently caused by Bette Middler refusing to perform in the theater where they host the Tonys??? Like she wanted it pretaped???? Wild.
  • My mom refused to accept it all night like for the rest of the show she was like “When’s the Hello Dolly number” and I kept telling her it already happened and she was like “No that was Kevin Spacey in a wig it was a bad joke when is Bette going to sing” omfg
  • “You’re not even Christian Borle, you’re the understudy!”
  • When Colbert came out to present an award he had more stage presence in two minutes than Spacey had all night so I’m not saying Colbert for Tony’s 2018 but like….#Colbert4Tonys2k18
  • “My edible nephews”
  • Honestly Ben Platt’s entire acceptance speech quite literally cleared my skin and healed my soul that beautiful boy is so gentle and pure and I do not understand how I can feel so proud of him when he’s never even graced me with his presence
  • Also- Ben Platt, barely holding back tears, declaring “I’ll fight you” on national television: Big Mood.
  • Bette Middler’s speech…what in the fuck
  • Like no???? You cannot just tell them to shut the music off???? If everyone else can keep their speeches short than you damn well can too??? Everyone in that room is talented???? You aren’t The Special One there???? There’s people trying to make a show run smoothly and there’s time constraints???? Just say thanks and get off the stage oh my GOD. Also what the fuck with the ‘Hello Dolly never went away because it’s always in our hearts’ bit like find me ONE person who can unironically say Hello Dolly is their favorite show??? It’s a lame show high schools perform a lot because the script is cheaper calm down.
  • My mom, who had finished her fourth glass of wine and fallen asleep 15 minutes ago: *jolts wide awake the second she hears Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voice* “Finally.”
  • When Spacey came out doing the president gag like…Lin truly looked like he hadn’t been warned about it beforehand lmao like I’m sure he was but the poor boy looked so confused 😂😂
  • I know there was a lot of debate but personally I was not shocked Dear Evan Hansen won best musical and I was pretty excited about it lmao
  • (The Great Comet had a cool performance though I hope I can see that show someday; Also, since I realize I forgot to type it earlier in this list- Falsettos was robbed)
  • The big finale number he did with Patti felt…too lowkey. Idk. Just a very mellow ending to the award show like I’ve already forgotten what they sang.
  • All in all: There have been worst award shows but this was not as lively as the Tony’s have been in recent years. For all the jokes about NPH and Corden not being there, like…it just calls attention to the fact that they did in fact host way more entertaining shows??? That kinda backfired on him. I’ll give it like a 5/10. Can’t wait to see what this upcoming season/next years awards will hold!
Central Maryland Gothic
  • The people are whispering. There is a Walgreens here now. Have you heard? There is a Walgreens here now. The people are screaming. There is a Walgreens here now. You drive, and see something out of the corner of your eye. There is a Walgreens here now. It hungers.
  • You do not remember entering the parking lot. There is no exit from the parking lot. You loop, and do not recognize the sigils carved into the asphalt. You loop, and see black liquid pooling beneath your car. It is not gasoline. This is your home now.
  • The Costco’s gas line has spilled into the street. They are unmoving. They will always be unmoving. You think that once, you entered the Costco’s gas line. You look at yourself in your rearview mirror and do not recognize the creature staring back at you.
  • There was a fight at school. Which school? It does not matter. There is a video on Twitter, but you can only hear screams. No one notices the fear in the eyes of the students. They cannot cease. It will not let them.
  • There is another pothole in your neighborhood’s road. It is filled with asphalt. When it reappears, it is filled with blood. They do not touch it again.
  • The MSAs are here. Several parents have kept their children home. Home from what? The students cannot tell you. The teachers try, but all that comes out is screaming.
  • The RenFaire is back. The RenFaire never left.
  • Let’s go to the Inner Harbor, says a visitor. You agree. You make the sacrifice at midnight and await the next visitor. You are safe, for now.
  • There is a creature roaming Merriweather Post Pavilion. The screams punctuate the music, in time with the beat. You cannot turn from the stage. You cannot block out the screaming. You wonder if you will be next.
  • Thirty minutes out of Baltimore, you say. Twenty if you are being followed. Ten if you cannot comprehend the physical existence of the thing following you.
  • You are filing taxes. One of the pages is splattered in blood and written in runes that you have never seen before. It’s for the schools, you tell yourself. 
Passion: An Analysis of the Discovery of Jenny’s Body

I just want to look at how Angelus set up that scene and the possible significance of it. First of all, he set it up as a romantic scene only to hit Giles with a corpse in the bed. Obviously Angelus was going for maximum cruelty there. He placed Giles in a position where he would feel safe, happy, in love, secure and then ensured that that soft spot is where he would stick the knife. That isn’t enough for Angelus though. He has to turn that knife too and he does this through the use of music. 

This is the second, and to me, most interesting thing that Angelus did. You see, the music he chose was from Puccini’s La Boheme. It tells the story of two lovers, Rodolfo and Mimi and it’s spot on. When Giles arrives, he’s a bit nervous, but hopeful, when the Italian lyrics play:

“Already I taste the spirit/ The heights of tenderness/Love trembles in our kiss.”

Then, Giles enters the room and his nervousness rises,  because where’s Jenny? and the lyrics echo this with an argument between the lovers who say:

“No, please!”

“You are mine!”

“Your friends are waiting.”

“You send me away already?”

The last line echoes Giles’s worries,maybe things won’t work out, but then he sees the rose and the note and just as he opens it the lyrics say, “Tell me,” and the note says “upstairs.” These lyrics are just so spot on! The timing is astounding.

The music continues as Giles looks towards the upstairs:

“Oh lovely girl!/Oh, sweet face/bathed in the soft moonlight.”

Giles walks up the stairs:

“I see you in the dream/I’d dream forever.”

Then, Giles  sees Jenny’s corpse and the bottle shatters and the music says:

“Ah, Love, you rule alone!” 

I kid you not. That’s what it says. As he stands there, once again, the music sings, “Ah, love, you rule alone.” 

The knife twists.

Here’s the thing though. This cannot have been a coincidence, because I looked up the opera that this is from, and read through the lyrics,  and all of these lyrics come from different places in the script. This means that the song was deliberately altered to fit the scenario. The writers probably did this for impact, but I think Angelus did it himself deliberately. Angelus, as we know, likes things like operas and ballets. He’s a lover of the arts and he understands Italian, it would have been nothing for him to do. Initially, given Jenny’s skill with the computer, if Giles had noticed the differences at all, he probably thought she’d been the one to alter it to better suit their story, which also highlights how, exceptionally, cruel and cunning Angelus is. He’s toying with them. Not just Giles though, because the opera he chose, is not about passions like Angelus has them. It’s about innocent first love that ends in death. Thus, he is sending a message to Buffy here as well. He’s not just taunting Giles, his end goal, is to taunt Buffy.

Giles, who is a music fan, probably recognized this. The cruel brilliance of Angelus’s choice. The implications behind it: Everything. He’s gobsmacked. Jenny’s death was awful to deal with. Finding her body was horrible, but having Angelus taunt him and his Slayer over it? It’s no wonder he cracked…

(It’s honestly worse than I initially realized…)

dancing on the bed ♡ grayson

–requested by anon

You shoot up from the bed with a gasp, tears brimming your eyes. You realized when you looked around frantically that you were safe in your bed, next to a snoring Grayson. Even though you knew nothing that just occurred in your dream was real, you felt scared to be in the dark room with nothing but your thoughts to keep you entertained.

“Grayson,” You say his name loud and clear, making him jump up, suddenly alert.

You felt bad for waking him up in the middle of the night, but you needed someone and you knew he was the only one who could manage to make you forget about the horrible dream you just had.

“What? What Happened?” He asks and you sigh,

“I had a nightmare, Grayson.” You admit and he frowns, climbing back onto the bed and sitting next to you.

“You want to talk about it?” He asks, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“Your tired Grayson, you can go back to bed,” You decide, feeling disappointed and embarrassed at yourself for waking him up for something so stupid.

“Woah, Hold on, ” He stops you from rolling over, “Come here, i’m fine. I’m completely awake, tell me about your nightmare.” He looks at you with concerned eyes and you relax a little bit. He pulls you in so that your head is on his lap and he’s playing with your hair.

“It’s really stupid,” You mumble and he shakes his head,

“Just because it’s stupid doesn’t mean it isn’t scary.” He shrugs and you sigh once more,

“I was being chased by this really scary guy through the dark woods and at the end he caught me and I was screaming so loud but nothing came out and I was so close to the house and if I screamed everyone would have heard me but no one did because I couldn’t scream” You explain quickly, recalling the dream you just had, “I was panicking because I felt like I was screaming, I was screaming for everyone I knew was in the house but nothing came out of my mouth and then right when he was taking me away I woke up and it’s all dark in here…” You trail off and Grayson frowns a bit.

“It was just a dream baby,” He comforts you and continues to play with your hair, “Do you feel better?” He asks, referring to your feelings.

Oddly enough, you did feel a little bit better when you told him about your dream. It felt good to tell someone about it, made it seem less real than it did before. Although you felt a little better, you were still a bit shaken from the nightmare.

“A little,” You reply honestly and he raises his eyebrows,

“I know what can make anything better!” He says and his eyes lit up with excitement, “late night dance party!” He says in a girly voice and gets up, starting to dance on the bed to no music,

“Grayson! It’s late!” You giggle but shush him at the same time, and he stops suddenly,

“Y/N, you cannot leave me dancing on the bed alone.” He says with a stern look on his face, offering his hand and you groan but take in anyway, “That’s my girl!” He says.

He starts to dance terribly on purpose to make you laugh and soon enough, you both were dancing to invisible music.

“Oh! Hear that? I think there’s a slow song coming up next!” He says, looking genuinely surprised so you decide play along.

“Seriously! Aw man, slow songs are my favorite! Too bad I don’t have a good enough partner,” You tease and he gasps,

“Are you insulting my dancing, Y/N?” He asks and you look away innocently,

“What makes you think that!” You ask and suddenly you feel yourself being lifted off the ground, making you gasp, “Grayson if you drop me-”

“If I drop you what?” He laughs and you playfully punch his back,

“Grayson!” You giggle and he gently drops you on the bed. You lay in the middle with your eyes closed, trying to catch your breath from laughing you just did.

You feel Grayson hovering on top of you and your eyes flutter open to reveal Grayson’s handsome face.

“Hi.” You smile and he grins back,

“Hi, beautiful.” He replies, leaning in for a slow, passionate kiss.

Your lips moved together in sync and when you broke apart you were breathless yet again, and feeling very sleepy.

You yawn and Grayson smiles adoringly at you, “Tired?” He asks and you nod, cuddling closer to the pillow.

You hear him shuffle around the room and suddenly feel his strong arms wrap around your waist as he places soft and gentle kisses to your collarbone.

“Thank you Gray,” You yawn before shutting your eyes, quickly falling asleep in Grayson’s arms,

“Your welcome, Princess.”

a/n – terrible TERRIBLE ending but you know what it’s all good. GOOD NEWS - i’m doing a part two for my ethan break up imagine haha yay! I got lots of requests for that so (: AND I HIT 600 FOLLOWERS WHAT!? that’s insane, you guys are amazing. like, actually amaze-balls.

Go on and Kiss the Girl

HOLY FUCK @breezycheezyart

Here’s your present! I hope you like it! Also… lol, me and @braincoins worked to get you these two fics at the same time.

Summary: Five times Shiro and Allura almost kiss… 

Sleep is, as usual, painfully elusive.

Luckily, there are plenty of places in the castleship an insomniac can wander without disturbing anyone. The Castle of Lions is vast and sometimes labyrinthine, and Shiro, just to shut his hollering brain up, imagines himself as some sort of futuristic Indiana Jones. The whole ship is certainly old enough to belong in a museum.

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I just saw ghostbusters and let me just start with holy Christ. First of all everything was so much better than I was led to believe and you guys are totally underselling it. There are a few things I want to talk about (and as I do keep in mind that this movie may not be the first to do it, but it is the first time it is done by such a big movie, that will reach quite so many people).
1) The Slo-Mo fighting sequence Kate McKinnon got.
Ok the first thing is that gun lick. That was pure seduction and had me melting in my seat. Now that that’s out of they way, lets talk about the actual fighting. This is the first time (that was cool enough to stick in my mind) that I can remember seeing a woman have a fighting scene in a movie that was just a woman (not fighting with a man) 1, in slow motion, 2, not sarcastic, & 3, not sexualized. Although I do love black widow, she is a side character at best to the Avengers, and has yet to get her own movie, and I find she is almost never not sexualized. Another honorable mention is the implied fight scene in Serenity (River all killing reapers), and though it was incredibly epic, it was not actually shown, so it doesn’t count. I read somewhere (I don’t remember where but please assign credit where it is due) “the slow motion fight scene with Jillian Holtzmann was the scene I never knew I needed”. You wouldn’t think it makes such a big difference to have a woman filling in the role of ‘super kickass hero that is smart, funny, beautiful, and saves the day in slow motion with epic music’, but oh lord it does. When I saw it my heart exploded, and I might as well have been a little girl the way I squealed to my hearts delight. Kickass✔️
Flirty af✔️
Saves the day✔️
Slo mo fight scene with epic ass music and an orchestra✔️
Girl to pine after✔️
All that and on top of that she’s gay. This is literally all the representation I ever wanted now I just wish it were all like this.
2) Kevin (spoiler alert at the end of the paragraph)
This wasn’t the usual 'we’ve got a dumb guy’ act; they stuck with it the whole time. Usually when there is a stupid man there is a montage where he magically gets good at everything, or he gets trained by the women in 2 weeks and then suddenly he’s way better at fighting then they are and he beats her in the end, or he just magically gets smart in the end without the explanation, or sometimes he doesn’t get smart, but one of his stupid comments or exclamation leads the women to the right answer and then they 'couldn’t have done it without him’. They didn’t do any of that and all the glory, and all the credit goes to the women in the end. They even made a joke about it, when Kevin tried to say that he somehow helped and that it was all five of them who saved the city, him included. This was written to seem very laughable and point out the absurdity, and I though it was perfect.
3) The music
The soundtrack to this film was great. I don’t know what more to say other than it hit all the right spots and really amplified the mood and set the tone well. Also special shout-out to whoever did the music in Holtzy’s fight scene; Kudos to you that shit was great 👌👌👌
4) The girls
I’ve heard it said before, but this literally cannot be said enough, THEY WERE SO NORMAL. Sure they were super geniuses hunting the supernatural, but they were also normal people who DID NOT NEED TO BE WEARING SEXY COSTUMES AS WOMEN IN ORDER TO KICK ASS. They ate normally and they dressed comfortably. Sure it may seem like an easy simple thing, but if it is then why isn’t it done more often. Why don’t the women alway get practical eating habits and normal food which is not eaten in a super sexualized way. Like how hard is that to do, thank you for doing it for once.
5) The attraction
It would probably be stupid to have a character like Kevin who is basically a supermodel and not make some jokes about his looks/have somebody lust after them, but what I really appreciate is that it never got in the way of their work. It would have been really easy to make a cheap joke, and have one of the women get totally slimed because they were distracted by Kevin. Instead they made a few jokes and cracks at it here and there, but when it came down to it the women were professional, and while they were fighting/kicking ass they were allowed (by the writers in a sense) to focus on they fighting. ***

All in all, the new ghostbusters film was a great movie, with just about everything I need. Sure it has its problems (Holtzmann should have been explicitly gay because I went with my family and apparently none of them noticed and now think I’m crazy for seeing the gay everywhere, and I wish they’d chosen another character to pine after Kevin because to me it seems like they chose Erin to be a sort of no-homo between Erin and Jillian), but all in all I was really pleased with this movie. I think it’s a step in the right direction for big budget/large audience action films, and if for no other reason than to encourage Sony to make more films with nice female representation and more (and more explicitly) queer characters

Is It Wrong to Write Cross Culturally? by Kat Rosenfield

Hello, Auntie!

I am an aspiring author who has been writing for forever. I am also a half-white, half-Hispanic girl (who passes as white) who loves world history and international cultures, and I want to travel the world someday. Thus, some of my stories take place in other countries and have multicultural characters.

A friend and I have been having a disagreement because of one story I’ve been writing lately. Long story short, it’s a Romeo and Juliet-type story that takes place at the Indian/Pakistani border where a Muslim Pakistani man falls for a Hindu Indian woman. Also, one of the main characters is an LGBT character that struggles with being LGBT in India. I’ve been researching the histories behind the two countries and the cultural divides that they have, and I’ve been working on this story for two months.

My friend told me that it’s not my place as me, a person who passes as white, to be writing a story that is so judgmental of two cultures (pointing out the xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny in both cultures) that have been oppressed for decades by the British and are now dealing with high levels of poverty. She told me that even though I was doing heavy research on both cultures and wasn’t just making caricatures of both, it isn’t my place to tell a story about a culture I have never lived in or experienced—I would personally have no idea what it’s like to be brought up in that culture, and I would be telling the story from the inherent perspective of a Westerner.

So I wanted to ask your opinion, Auntie. Would my inherent Western upbringing not make an accurate portrayal of the feelings and thoughts of an Indian or Pakistani person? I’ve always been so curious and enthralled by these two countries’ cultures yet were repulsed by how they view each other, their women, and their LGBT community. I don’t want to be racist, but I also want to give a voice to the people who don’t have one in those cultures. Is it not my place to write a story involving cultures that I have not personally experienced myself?

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