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some weird experiences i’ve had in theatre
  • my friend sean sneaking up behind me whispering “shhhhh! guess who it is” while putting a cat blindfold on me
  • being onstage during beauty and the beast and having my skirt fall down so the entire audience can see my batman underwear
  • during a show, someone was backstage and their mic was still on and they said “fuck me daddy” – which the entire audience heard
  • in a production of the lion the witch and the wardrobe, all of the creatures who had been turned into stone were frozen mid-dab
  • a giant circle of my friends and i started chanting “memes! memes! memes! memes! memes!” and jumping up and down
  • in the same production, my friend put me inside a giant trashcan on wheels in our school and wheeled me around backstage until my entrance
  • listening to the fitnessgram pacer test background music in the dressing rooms to get pumped up
  • once we did a musical number for a showcase where my friends had to tap dance, but none of them knew how so they just stomped really hard
  • wheeling my friend (who was supposed to be an old man) around the school in a prop wheelchair so he could go to the vending machine before the show started
  • ALWAYS twerking, grinding on each other, and dancing seductively behind the curtains during a ballad or sad song onstage
  • we had a little kid in a show once and he pooped his pants during dress rehearsals and his dad forgot to put a diaper on him that day
  • my friend’s shoe flew off during a kick-line once and hit someone in the audience
  • my friend sam, who played cogsworth in beauty in the beast, always had the giant clock on his costume set to 4:20

music artists posters: axl rose (Guns n’ Roses)

Davey Jacobs (Musical) is Probably on the Autism Spectrum and These are Just a Handful of Reasons Why
  • The handshake issue: Davey refuses to spit shake at first then later does it but is uncomfortable (most other characters seem fine with it). This can be related to a sensory issue regarding feeling and texture and/or related to black and white thinking about germs
  • Davey vs. Les: Davey is shy and quiet while his little brother is clearly extroverted, louder, and very good at navigating social situations. Though of course siblings are usually not exactly, the same such a big difference, and in these specific areas, can be a sign of neurodivergence
  • Davey and Les: though at first Davey seems to not want anything to do with the newsies he seems very attached to his brother beyond the "well I have to look out for this kid" reasoning we usually see with siblings in media. People on the spectrum often have very very strong loyalties to those they are attached to. We also see in other lines that Davey seems to be attached to the rest of his family as well.
  • Distrust of strangers: when Davey meets jack and the other newsies he wants to know why jack would want to team up with him (I feel the average person who was more sociable or just shy would jump at the chance to have someone who knew the ropes show them around) he also seems distrustful of Katherine and other characters upon first meeting. This can be evidence of issues with social skills and a history of being bullied or often tricked which are common occurrences for those on the spectrum because people notice them as easy targets
  • Race and Davey: this is less so in the filmed version, more so in the obc production but, when race has his "look they got a mudda" line Les seems to automatically realize that this jabbing is just how the newsies talk and calls back to race. Meanwhile Davey seems much more offended, not realizing this is just a newsie thing. This seems like a problem in his ability to read social situations
  • Logic: Davey seems to be by far the most logical of the newsies with his questioning of the strike plan and trying to stop the newsies from beating up scabs and really a lot of instances in the show. Thank goodness they have him.
  • "My father taught us not to lie": Davey does not see the upside of lying about the paper's contents, he sees "lying is wrong= don't lie". This relates to the black and white thinking often found in those with ASD
  • Over explanation: when Davey and Les show up late Davey explains that they were helping their mom with something even though no one really cared. This shows he doesn't understand what would be expected of him in that social climate if he was late
  • -
  • Of course Davey develops over the course of the show but I think it's mostly that he is finally in a group that sees his value and because of that he becomes more comfortable with the newsies and himself
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little tlt musical things that relate to the tlt book

including but not limited to:

•if you’re going to save the world im the best person to save you from screwing up, seaweed brain
•say sorry to the squirrel vs. say hello to the poodle
•nancy bobofit
•annabeths hat!
•perry johnson
•some weird guy in a hawaiian shirt
•the e x a c t prophecy
•annabeth wants a quest!
•six schools in six years
•silena and katie!!!!
•"we’re usually about to die"
•"if i try to sing i’ll probably cause an avalanche"
•blue food
•you drool when you sleep
•percy thinking annabeth is the prettiest girl ever
•percy just wanna be a smol good child
•adhd!! dyslexia!!
•look i didn’t want to be a halfblood

•athena always has a plan •what belongs to the sea can always return / the sea does not like to be restrained
So this is an old story...

Back from my days as an orchestra student. 

Well, orchestra, music theory, third band-related thing that escapes me now, you get the gist… 

Our highschool was originally a school of the arts (the football team was added a few years after the school was built, and is lauded by the person that added it as one of the biggest mistakes of their career) and had a SUPER decked-out band room. Well, towards the end of my sophomore year (probably a month after they said that they were cutting the music program and letting the music teacher go) the teacher would just let us go into the practice rooms that had keyboards in them and goof around and learn songs on the keyboards. 

A couple of my friends and I shared that class, and we were all decent at music, coming from respective aspects of music before joining the theory class. Thus, we learned the exact setting for the keyboard and key to play (and how long to hold it) to perfectly imitate the dismissal bell. 

Needless to say, this information was then passed to every student in our class. A keyboard played at max volume next to the teacher’s office was spot on, and when everyone gathered near the door at the end of class  to leave for lunch or to go home, someone would just slip into a practice room and play that note. The amount of people who raced out the door before the teacher even processed that it was fake was incredible. 

ID #18720

Name: Erika
Age: 18
Country: Italy

hi everyone, i’ve never had a pen pal but i find it very so interesting to connect with people around the world and i wanna give it a try. So i’m attending my last high school year ( in Italy we’ve got 5 years of HS) and next year i’m hopefully going to study psychology or international relationship. I love Learning languages ; i’m studying spanish, english , french and russian. i’m pretty interested in anthropology. I love music, i play piano and I listen to music all the time. I love all kind of music , from mumford and sons to radiohead and 2cellos. I also love reading , my current favorite book is “Remember me like this” . I love discovering and learning new things so i’m interested in everything you want to share. I love watching movies, lately i’m into Martin Scorsese and Xavier Dolan but i like literally everything. I love tv series : from game of thrones to how i met your mother, criminal minds. i’m a pretty goofy person. I adore travelling . I don’t want to bother you with any more information just know i’m interested in everything you wanna say. ( by the way big sorry for any mistakes i made) 

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ship similarities! (I wanted to do this for a long time now =3)

Sorry I couldn’t find all ships…

A lot of ships being canon, almost canon or non canon have this similarity in the show of them being related to music/ artistic things, it can be them singing together,dancing or even create art together. 

We all know the importance of music in Steven Universe so I made a little recap of what we have seen so far for some of these ships. 

(Sorry sometime I don’t have a lot to say but feel free to add your own remarks about your ships like what they represent to you? What do you like in this ship? Why do you like this ship?)

-Greg and Rose are canon, they both sang and danced together.

-Steven and Connie are the closest to become the next official canon ship they both danced (and sang if your counting the short videos) together and have created Stevonnie.

-Lapis and Peridot both danced/ played instruments together and they regularly create meep morps

-Pearl and Amethyst have dance together multpile times, they also have a fusion Opal and are often paired together by characters (Garnet,Steven)

-Pearl and Rose, well even if Rose’s feelings toward Pearl can be debated, we all know how much Pearl love(d) her. I hesitated before including them because it’s their dance fusion but I decided to put it anyway because of how strong Pearl’s feeling for Rose were. Anyway They dance and fused as you know it.

-Pearl and Mystery Girl, as you know when she finally could speak with MG, Pearl was at a concert of Mike Krol. And you may have heard the song playing while she was talking to her was the same as the one playing in the car scene, it could be seen as their song for this reason.

-And of course I couldn’t end this post without talking about the most famous canon couple of the fandom, Ruby and Sapphire. Not only do they have a fusion we all know and love (Garnet), but they also have their own song and they danced of course. And they had all of these in the same episode, The answer.

Sorry if your ship is not here, I actually have more but it would have been too long so I choose my favourite without a special order.

DevBlog #2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! Thanks so much to all our fans for yesterday’s wonderful response. We’re glad that you’re all excited for the game - we’ll try our best to match the enthusiasm! Since we’ve been receiving a lot of questions, we’ll actually just do two devblogs back to back and answer some of the more popular ones.

Q: How is the online multiplayer?
A: RoR2 was built from the ground up with networking in mind, and therefore it’ll be a much smoother experience.

Q: Will we still need to port-forward?
A: We can’t say for sure until the functionality is done (working on it this week, actually) but it’s a pretty good bet that port forwarding won’t be necessary. We’re striving for one-click connection via Steam.

Q: Will all the characters be coming back?
A: No - we haven’t decided on who’s coming back yet. Some characters (Commando, Engineer, etc) will be back because they have cool gameplay, while some might also come back because they’re fan favorites (HAN-D, Acrid maybe? If he works well enough in 3D.) A lot of abilities are being reworked so they work in 3d as well, so there may be some spiritual successor classes.

Note: The unified character system mentioned in the first post isn’t a replacement for classes. There are some exciting things we’d like to do with it this time around now that we have it, however. We’ll talk more about it soon.

Q: What engine is this being developed on?
A: It’s being developed in Unity, which has been great to work with so far.

Q: What’s the team size?
A: In office we have a team size of three, up from our previous of two (so its like a 50% bigger team!)

Q: Is Chris coming back for the music?
A: Yes! We are very excited to be able to work with Chris again on the RoR2 OST. You can check out his twitter for all things music related: AstronautDown

Q: Will this run on my toaster?
A: It’s pretty early in development so we’re not sure what the real performance requirements of RoR2 will be like yet. We’ll be doing our best to make sure it runs well on as many machines as we can.

Q: Will it have split-screen co-op?
A: At this point in development we can’t say for sure. Having said that, we would love to be able to bring split-screen back and we know a lot of fans really enjoy it - we just don’t know how that works in Unity yet. From what I’ve seen of other games, it seems like 4 player co-op might be too taxing for consoles, but 2 player is likely.

Q: Will artifacts (Glass, Command, Spite, etc) be coming back?
A: Yes - We will be bringing back some fan favorite artifacts as well as experimenting with new ones that we think would work well in a 3D environment (fun balls may or may not already be in the game..)