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“Me & You” by B.O.S.S - a reggae influenced R&B tune with lyrics and vocals by Natalieq, Guitar by Mike P and DJ ABBY AB on Bass, Keyboards, drum programming & Productions. Featured on the EP “Tricky Kinda Love”.

Music video directed by Abdul Malik Abbott

Photos by Abdul Malik Abbott and Mark T. Laurent
MIND - B.O.S.S (Official Video)
Directed by Abdul Malik Abbott (Director of JAY-Z's "Streets is Watching & State Property) Vocals and Lyrics by Natalieq Music Produced and performed by DJ A...

B.O.S.S  - “Mind” - Music video Photographed, Directed, Produced and Edited by Abdul Malik Abbott. A Blue Music Productions Joint! Featured on the B.O.S.S EP “Liquid Leather”.

“Come Again” (instrumental) version of the first single of the soul band B.O.S.S Produced & Composed by DJ ABBY AB

Music video (with vocals)  Directed by Abdul Malik Abbott

Photo by Abdul Malik Abbott