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Somebody I Used To Know Back In The 80s...
Literally what it says on the tin: Gotye's contemporary classic "Somebody That I Used To Know" remixed so that it sounds like it's straight from the 80's. Basically the best thing you'll ever hear -- just play this in a continuous loop at my funeral, folks.
You have to stop all of this mourning for everything:
velvet dresses that cling, Italian soda, broken record players, 
banana pudding, violet lipstick, men. The 90s in general.
You wear your hair wild down your back, mascara smeared
all Clockwork Orange on your cheeks. Aren’t you
a fever dream we’ve all had? I wore too many layers here,
clapped for a stranger who chugged a keg,
separated my split ends and left a pile of them
behind on the makeshift bar. Everyone here
shows their teeth so obviously I’m going home alone.
So obviously I need to stop being so heavy-handed
with the blush. When you want so much it is hard 
to be rational. It is hard to pretend to be so unaffected
when the music the stars the plum dark night slice away
at me. Love has me bent over. I cry over everything.
I’m full of rainwater, preservatives, music puns, gum.
I want a eulogy while my body is still warm.
—  Kristina Haynes, “I Am My Own City”

Hanukkah commemorates the reclaiming of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem during the Maccabean Revolt. It is not some kind of Jewish Christmas.

Still, with lights, prayers and gifts in December, Hanukkah tends to get wrapped up in the ball of snow and tinsel as Christmas. But Hanukkah has its own songs — though maybe not nearly as many as Christmas.

On Saturday, the eve of Hanukkah, NPR’s Scott Simon took the opportunity to open up the songbook with Josh Kun, co-founder of the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation. They talk the history of the Hanukkah song — from its 19th-century rebranding to the rethinking of old standards today.

Beyond The Dreidel: The Songs Of Hanukkah — And How They’ve Changed

Photo: George Pickow/Getty Images

Obsidian by inklessmask
Gender: No gender
Pronouns: him/her/them
Height: 5’4
Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Weapon: Can shapeshift forearms into weapons, but will occasionally summon her sias.
Gem Type: Obsidian
Likes: Being alone in quiet places, evening walks, stormy weather, music, spicy foods, and desserts.
Dislikes: Loud environments, incompetent (if not obvious) questions, crowds.
Hobbies: Reading, art, music, preserving fauna of Earth’s creatures in jars, scrap booking flora.

Talents/Skills: Telepathy, telekinesis (she has yet to work on that…)
Personality: Obsidian can be rather blunt. Sometimes even disregarding others feelings, a fault she has grown accustomed to, but not one everyone appreciates. Once she feels she can trust you, she may grow close to you, but do not take advantage of her trust. Her emotions can be surprisingly volatile.

Fusion Preference: Someone with harmony and unity to even out her volatile nature.

April 16, 2015

  1. Cancer
     Lightly pickled vegetables

  2. Scorpio
     Air cleaner

  3. Capricorn
     Trench coat

  4. Pisces
     Herbal tea

  5. Taurus
     Aromatic goods

  6. Aquarius
     Culture school

  7. Virgo
     Classical music

  8. Sagittarius
     Preserved flowers

  9. Libra
     Brown rice

  10. Gemini
     100-yen shop (place)

  11. Leo

  12. Aries
     Information magazine