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♫ The Venus Signs as Sapphic Songs ♫

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Aries: “Girl” by The internet

Taurus: “Sorry” by Be Steadwell

Gemini: “Girls” by Beatrice Eli **Sexually Explicit Lyrics**

Cancer: “She Keeps Me Warm” by Mary Lambert

Leo:  “Look Good In Leather” by Ceci Bastida **Sexually Explicit Lyrics**

Virgo: “2shy” by Shura

Libra: “Sick of Losing Soulmates” by Dodie

Scorpio: “Explosion” by Zolita **Sexually Suggestive Video**

Sagittarius: “Cliff’s Edge” by Hayley Kiyoko **Sexually Suggestive Video**

Capricorn: “Love You Anyway” by Ji Nilsson & Marlene

Aquarius: “Boyfriend” by Tegan and Sara

Pisces: “Horizon” by Luna Blake

This post is bi, pan, ace/aro, nonbinary, and transgender inclusive x♡x♡x

Dark/Anti inspired music playlist

Ok, so I looked around tumblr a bit to see what i could find, and with the musics i know myself (so the styles of music i like are heavily represented here), i decided to make a big playlist, along with some piece of lyrics from them, that suit Dark and Anti pretty well in my opinion. Some of them are not there for the lyrics, but of the ambiance of the song, that are Anti/Dark-ish to me. 

In bold are the songs that i think are AMAZINGLY ANTI/DARK-ISH like… It’s almost that they were made for them. So here we go! 

And do not hesitate to suggest other songs I missed, i may update this post from time to time when i find more songs! :3

@darkiplier-support-group @anti-support-group

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Songs That People Should Really Listen To (with links)

So I did these on my last blog, so might as well continue the tradition!

Songs for Solas, Fen’Harel, and the Dread Wolf.

Dread Wolf Playlist - Listen Here


Chaos is Getting Old

Songs to fuck shit up  

8tracks: Chaos is Getting Old 

Tough Guy// Cyberbullly Mom Club
Violet// Hippo Campus
She Said// Sundara Karma
Wavves// Heavy Metal Detox
The Feud// The Front Bottoms
Helicopter// Bloc Party
Wake Bake Skate// FIDLAR
Yeah Yeah Yeah// New Politics
Bedtime // The Moms
Something Good// Alt-J


Shepard’s struggles, and the crew that’s beside her all the way back to Earth.

Hello! This is my @masseffectholidaycheer gift for @mishikaiya, and I hope that you like it!! It was my first time doing a fanmix, and I actually really enjoyed doing it, so I might do some more in the future. 

In this, I tried to show Shepard’s journey through the games, her struggles alone and with her crew. I hope that that comes across well! 

Please enjoy, and happy holidays!!

Playmoss | Youtube 

(Song list and lyrics under the cut!)

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Touken Playlist Pt. 1』  requested by Anonymous


 ╱ Within Temptation - Memories 
 ╱ Linkin Park - My December (Symphonic Remix)
  Daughtry - Home 
ⓣ ╱ Eowyn - Unfinished Memories
  Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles 
ⓣ ╱ Aimee Blackshleger - Release My Soul 
  Red - Pieces
  Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest
  Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don’t Fall


━ ━ ━
*  ╱  Kaneki 


Samhain Island’s Halloween Radio on Spotify (4+ hours long) 

She Wolf - Shakira / She Wolf - David Guetta / Dead Man’s Party - Oingo Boingo / No One Lives Forever - Oingo Boingo / Weird Science Oingo Boingo / Zombie - The Cranberries / The Vampire Club - Voltaire / Day of the Dead - Voltaire / The Swamp Girl - Frankie Laine / Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett / Thriller - Michael Jackson / I Put A Spell On You - Annie Lennox / Black Magic Woman - Santana / Monster - Kanye West / Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon / A Nightmare on My Street - Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince / This is Halloween - Nightmare Before Christmas Cast / The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band / (Don’t Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult / Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell / The Monster - Eminem / Ghostbuster - Ray Park, Jr. / Ghostbusters - Fall Out Boy / Monster - Paramore / Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast / Science Fiction Double Feature - Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast / Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band / Come Little Children - Erutan / Munsters Theme / Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez / Remains of the Day - Danny Elfman / Beetlejuice Theme - Danny Elfman / Cannibal - Kesha / Secret - The Pierces / I Was A Teenage Werewolf - The Cramps / The Addams Family Theme / The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley / Witch Doctor - David Seville / Scary Monsters - David Bowie / The Twilight Zone Theme / Feed My Frankenstein - Alice Cooper / Spooky, Scary Skeletons - Andrew Gold / Disturbia - Rihanna / Halloween Theme / Witchy Woman - The Hollies / Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie / Grim, Grinning Ghosts - The Melomen / Witchy Woman - Eagles / Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran / Season Of The Witch - Donovan / Walking With A Ghost - Tegan and Sara / Exorcist Theme / Castin’ My Spell - Johnny Otis / They’re Coming to Take Me Away - Napoleon XIV / Ghost Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash / Highway to Hell - AC/DC / The Graveyard Shift - The Ghouls / Everyday is Halloween - Ministry / Tears to Shed - Danny Elfman / Devil Woman - Cliff Richard / Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson / Ghostly Music Box / Over At the Frankenstein Place - Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast / Haunted - Evanescence / Freaks Come Out at Night - Whodini / Day-O - Harry Belafonte / Mad House - Rihanna / Krampus End Theme 

(Picture by Oliver Banks)

Cancer and Pisces Playlist ♋️❤️♓️

Edward Sharp& The Magnetic Zeros- Home

Lana Del Rey- Lucky ones, Without you, Video games, Honeymoon

Halsey- I walk the line

Band of horses- No ones gonna love you

David Bowie- Lady grinning soul

Selena- Dreaming of you

Regina Spektor- Samson

Moldy Peaches- Anyone else but you

Ingrid Michaelson- The way I am

Beyoncé- Halo

The Beatles- Something in the way

Best Coast- When I’m with you

Blink 182- I miss you

Miley Cyrus- When I look at you

Bruno Mars- Just the way you are

Adele- Make you feel my love

Amy Vachal- Dream a little dream of me

The Weeknd- Can’t feel my face

Plain White T’s- 1234

Faith Hill- This Kiss

Jewel- You were meant for me

Never Shout Never- Can’t stand it

No Doubt- Don’t speak

Nirvana- Heart shaped box

The White Stripes- We are going to be friends

The Temptations- My girl

Katy Perry- Unconditionally

Semisonic- Secret smile

Goo Goo Dolls - Come to me

~pisces forever
Draw what you hear, Art challenge

This is something I decided to make up, out of songs I randomly picked, and a
Couple songs I actually like.

Rules: 1. You can only choose a song randomly, so close your eyes while you choose. 2. The songs must be shuffled after 2 songs, 3. You can only use two pages and will have to add on to one of them. 4. You can only replay a song once. 5. Have fun.

If you have an other questions, please let me know.