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The AP exams, explained


Environmental Science







Computer Science  




Physics C: Mechanics

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

United States Government and Politics


Human Geography


Art History

United States History

European History


Music Theory


Comparative Government and Politics 

World History


In conclusion, to anyone who is suffering through the AP exams:

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💋❤️ mars in Scorpio vibes❤️💋
Rihanna - skin
H.E.R. - say it again
Prince Royce - encanta
Eric Bellinger - reminder
Teena Marie - square biz
Case - touch me tease me
Jacqueese - feel it
Usher - nice n slow
Chance the rapper - juke jam
Dave luxe - Tinashe//vulnerable remix
Luis fonsi - despacito ft Daddy Yankee
PND - temptation

🌹songs that help my mars in Scorpio ass bring all the boys and girls to the yard 🌹

2016 AP Score Distributions

AP Macroeconomics:  5: 16.1%; 4: 23.4%; 3: 16.2%; 2: 17.5%; 1: 26.8%.

AP Microeconomics: 5: 15.3%; 4: 27.3%; 3: 23%; 2: 14.4%; 1: 20%. 

AP Calculus AB: 5: 24.4%; 4: 17.4%; 3: 17.6%; 2: 9.7%; 1: 30.9%.

AP Calculus BC: 5: 48.4%; 4: 15.5%; 3: 17.6%; 2: 5.9%; 1: 12.6%.

AP Environmental Science: 5: 7.4%; 4: 23%; 3: 14.8%; 2: 26%; 1: 28.8%.

AP Human Geography: 5: 11.9%; 4: 20%; 3: 19.8%; 2: 19.2%; 1: 29.1%.

AP Chemistry: 5: 9.7%; 4: 15.1%; 3: 27.5%; 2: 25.3%; 1: 22.4%. 

AP Physics 1: 5: 4.3%; 4: 13.6%; 3: 21.3%; 2: 30.7%; 1: 30.1%.

AP Physics 2: 5: 8.5%; 4: 16.7%; 3: 34.3%; 2: 32.3%; 1: 8.2%.

AP Physics C: Mechanics: 5: 30.2%; 4: 27.4%; 3: 18.5%; 2: 13.9%; 1: 10%.

AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism: 5: 32%; 4: 22.6%; 3: 13.5%; 2: 19.3%; 1: 12.6%.

AP US Government & Politics: 5: 12.4%; 4: 13.5%; 3: 25%; 2: 24%; 1: 25.1%.

AP Comparative Government & Politics: 5: 20.6%; 4: 21.2%; 3: 20.4%; 2: 21.5%; 1: 16.3%.

AP World History: 5: 6.5%; 4: 15.5%; 3: 29.2%; 2: 28.9%; 1: 19.9%.

AP Studio Art Drawing portfolio: 5: 16.8%; 4: 27.2%: 3: 38.9%; 2: 14.7%; 1: 2.4%.

AP Studio Art 2D Design portfolio: 5: 14.3%; 4: 33%; 3: 35.1%; 2: 15.4%; 1: 2.2%.

AP Studio Art 3D Design portfolio: 5: 13.2%; 4: 25.8%; 3: 35.7%; 2: 22.3%; 1: 3%.

AP Chinese Language & Culture: 5: 62.1%; 4: 16.6%; 3: 14.7%; 2: 2.7%; 1: 3.9%.

AP Japanese Language and Culture: 5: 52.9%; 4: 7.1%; 3: 19.8%; 2: 6.2%; 1: 14%.

AP English Literature: 5: 7.4%; 4: 17.7%; 3: 29.5%; 2: 33.4%; 1: 12%.

AP Psychology: 5: 19%; 4: 26.1%; 3: 19.1%; 2: 14.2%; 1: 21.6%.

AP Statistics: 5: 13.9%; 4: 21.7%; 3: 24.7%; 2: 15.7%; 1: 24%.

AP US History: 5: 11.7%; 4: 17.9%; 3: 22.5%; 2: 23.4%; 1: 24.5%.

AP Seminar: 5: 6.6%; 4: 12.8%; 3: 53.7%; 2: 21.6%; 1: 5.3%.

AP Research:  5: 11.7%:  4: 16.3%;  3: 39.7%;  2: 30.7%.  1: 1.6%.

AP French Language and Culture: 5: 17.3%; 4: 26.5%; 3: 32.6%; 2: 18.7%; 1: 4.9%.

AP German Language and Culture:  5: 20.7%;  4: 22.3%;  3: 27.1%;  2: 20.9%;  1: 9%.

AP Italian Language and Culture:  5: 21.8%;  4: 18.9%;  3: 31%;  2: 20.2%;  1: 8.1%.

AP Spanish Language and Culture:  5: 28%;  4: 34.8%;  3: 26.9%;  2: 9.1%;  1: 1.2%.

AP English Language & Composition:  5: 10.6%;  4: 17.5%;  3: 27.2%;  2: 32.1%;  1: 12.6%.

AP Biology:  5: 6.3%;  4: 20.6%;  3: 33.6%;  2: 29.2%;  1: 10.3%

AP Latin:  5: 12.8%;  4: 20.7%;  3: 32.2%;  2: 23.1%;  1: 11.2%.

AP Spanish Literature:  5: 8.7%;  4: 24.3%;  3: 36.7%;  2: 22.6%;  1: 7.7%.

AP European History:  5: 7.9%;  4: 16.2%;  3: 29.5%;  2: 34.2%;  1: 12.2%.

AP Art History:  5: 11.1%;  4: 22.6%;  3: 27.7%;  2: 27.6%;  1: 11.0%.

AP Music Theory:  5: 18.1%;  4: 17.2%;  3: 24.2%;  2: 26%;  1: 14.5%.

AP Computer Science A:  5: 20.7%;  4: 20.4%;  3: 23.2%;  2: 12.5%;  1: 23.2%.

(All from @AP_Trevor on Twitter!

Story Time

So my house is haunted.
This all started as a joke a few years ago, to explain things, like why a door closed, what a noise was.
You know the usual.
And ever since the beginning we have called my ghost George.
I don’t know why, it was just the first name that felt right.
Recently, my friend and I have decided that my ghost is King George III.
Now I know what you’re saying, why the fuck would the ghost of a king from Great Britain be haunting my house?(I live in bumfuck of Kansas) I would like to know that as well.
We decided that is was him however, whilst listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.
We connected my phone via Bluetooth to my Beats Boombox (Look at that product placement) and started the album.
Everything was going good, and we made it through the whole soundtrack once with no problems.
And then the songs would skip words, or speed up in the beginning.
Things that don’t normally happen.
And then it began skipping songs completely.
To the point where the only songs that would play in full, would be all of King George’s songs.
And so that how we decided that my ghost, whom I conveniently named George, was actually King George III.
And he’s a gigantic asshole.
Carry on.

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💫🌌Jupiter in 8th house vibes🌌💫

Ibeyi - Exhibit Diaz (better in tune with the infinite)
Iman Omari - energy
Ab-Soul - pineal gland
Princess Nokia - brujas
Ibeyi - river
Celia Cruz - Baba Lou Aye
Ibeyi - oya
Billie Holiday - strange fruits
Oshun - sango
Abbilona - oshun III

🐍 songs that help me meditate, cast spells, and make magic 🐍

5 things tag!

thank you @gostudyamy for the tag! this one is cute!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. earphones
  2. pencil case
  3. journal
  4. eyeglasses case
  5. wallet

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. books
  2. lots of trinkets
  3. string lights
  4. pictures
  5. tapestries

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. explore the louvre 
  2. go to a warriors game (I DID THIS AHH) 
  3. visit the libraries of the world 
  4. meet tom felton hahaha
  5. go to sdcc!

5 things that make me feel happy:

  1. f o o d
  2. good times with friends/family 
  3. when other people are happy
  4. finishing or accomplishing something i worked hard for
  5. music

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. overwatch! doing my lucioball placements now!
  2. music production 
  3. porter robinson’s “worlds” album 
  4. journaling (again! yay!) 
  5. cinda williams-chima’s “flamecaster” book

5 things on my to do list:

  1. renovate my room 
  2. celebrate my 2 year anniversary! 
  3. clean my apartment all the way through 
  4. answer questions on tumblr
  5. figure out how a go pro works so i can start yt videos?
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👑🎈sun in 11th house vibes 🎈👑

Ayo & Teo - Rolex
Nef the pharaoh - big tymin
Elvis Crespo - suavemente
J Balvin - ay vamos
Overdoz - tongue ring
Juvenile - back that azz up
Jenn Morel - ponteme
Beyoncé - party
Rihanna - rude boy
Dj Quik - pitch in on a party
Destiny’s child - jumpin jumpin
Usher - u don’t have to call

🥂🎉 songs that make me wanna shake a little somethin somethin 🎉🥂

some much needed music au’s

• you’re the first chair first violin and i’m the first chair second violin and you need to stop insulting my section au

• i’m the biggest orch dork and you’re the biggest band nerd au

• you play classical piano and i play jazz piano and you need to take the stick out of your pretentious ass au

• i’m a soprano and you’re a tenor and no you’re the bigger diva au

• you’re my niece’s piano teacher and i have to pick her up from her lessons and hey you’re kind of cute au

• you told me my technique sucks and i threw your reed across the room au

• you saved my instrument from falling and now i owe you my life au

• you’re my accompanist and you’re just going too damn slow au 

• i’m the second chair cellist and you’re the first chair violist and all we do is make snarky comments behind our conductor’s back au

• we both take from the same teacher and they told both of us that we were the best student au

• we’re the romantic leads in a musical and our director says our kiss scene sucks want to practice after class sometime? au

• i just really needed to use this practice room and i come in and you’re playing your instrument naked oh my god why au

• you’re a math teacher and i’m the choir teacher and you keep telling your students that my class is useless so you will sit here and listen to every piece and movement i can find until you admit that you were wrong au

• i’m an alto and you’re a bass and we’re in a quartet together but i told our soprano she was flat and you had to pull her off of me au

• i’m a child prodigy and you’re just started a few years ago but you’re already competing for my chair placement au

So - American Wizarding has gotten a lot of feedback in the last couple months both in expectation of and in reaction to JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I won’t lie to you, loyal followers, we have been sort of dreading the release of this movie for a lot of different reasons. While we have never claimed any sort of ownership of Harry Potter or the vast, wonderful, wild world of its Fandom, we hope you can understand that we’ve spent years working together to build what we think is the most accurate and “realistic” interpretation of what the magical population of the United States of America set in the Harry Potter universe would look like – for probably more than a decade before this blog even got off the ground. It’s been a labor of love, and I hope you can understand and forgive how we have grown very attached to these ideas and head-canons. And why, after viewing Fantastic Beasts, we won’t be giving any of them up.

So I guess that’s the first official announcement: American Wizarding will not be altering any of its head-canons to fall in line with Fantastic Beasts. This blog will continue more or less unaffected by JK’s new Canon, and will stand as an alternative for anyone who wants to join us in our sandbox, or use our ideas along with some invented by JK or other fans to create their own marvelous, wonderful worlds of American Wizarding (we certainly hope you will share with us in turn).

The rest of this post will be a response drafted by yours truly (Admin. John – Laveau Academy – Class of 2006, Juris Doctorate of Magical Law, The Randolph-Poythress Institute, Class of 2010) to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Please note this review will be about as SPOILERIFFIC as you can possibly imagine – hence the jump cut below and the tags. Please also note that this will not be a critical review of the film on the merits of cinematography or from a filmmaker’s perspective – I greatly enjoyed the movie for its own sake, and thought it was a lot of fun and well worth seeing and discussing.

No – this review will be solely a response to JK’s new canons about American Wizarding Society and the new magical elements for the wider world introduced in the film or, more specifically, the many, many reasons we won’t be adopting them and what we disliked, and liked, about the ideas. This will, of course, touch on what we consider some plot holes and problems with storytelling, but as I feel there are a hundred critics better equipped than I (including my own co-mods whose opinions were of course taken into consideration when drafting this)  to give you feedback on the film itself, I won’t be doing so.

So! Spoilers beneath this lovely cut.

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chromsai  asked:

refia i gotta ask... what's your top 5 fav tracks off the arc v soundtrack??

askin all the important questions thank you sai

edit: i am so sorry for this i never meant for it to be so long i am just a wordy hoe

soundtracks for visual media are always important to me because i’m a longtime musician myself, and while arc v isn’t my favorite yugioh ost it still has a lot of gems and tracks that i’ve bookmarked and listen to regularly.

Originally posted by yuyafrenchfries

for anyone that hasn’t listened to the soundtrack i’ll tell you that it greatly enhances the arc v experience because the show is lazy in its musical execution and draws from very little of the soundtrack Nakagawa scored for the series. don’t let his work go to waste! it provides great entertainment.

  • all of the following are from the Japanese OST composed by Kotaro Nakagawa. for links to the audio click the numerals/titles!
  • also i’m not including any of the op/ends (because all of them are gorgeous within their own right and have their own rankings).
  • i’ll include sound duel 4 tracks using their unofficial titles because a certain multinational corporation hasn’t released it yet 👀 #marvelouslyhackkonami
  • also i’m including hella honorable mentions that no one asked for because upon re-listening to the soundtrack it turns out i appreciate a lot more tracks than i originally thought.

so buckle up and get your headphones,

Originally posted by cumlelerinruhu

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anonymous asked:

What placements can indicate someone's taste in music? And are different placements accurate for taste in melody and lyrics?

2nd House, Mercury, Venus and I would say maybe 3rd house for lyrics.

It’s hit and miss sometimes which is why I also look at asteroids to help fill the missing pieces but overall it does make subtle if not accurate connections

I love Aquamarine so much. Her voice, her personality, her weapon, her theme music, her Gem placement, her expressions, just almost everything about her.

And Aquamarine’s design has really grown on me once I saw it in animation, which is always great. Still not one of the better designs they’ve ever given, but it works and I like it. I also still like Topaz’s design. 

I also really like what they did with Topaz. Her character is that she doesn’t have a character. She doesn’t have a personality, which is the point. Aquamarine is more of an individual because Blue Diamond hasn’t been as much in control out of grief. Yellow Diamond, in the other hand, is leading probably even harder than before the War and is the type to go “shut up and just do your job”.

It’s very clever to do that contrast between Aquamarine’s personality and Topaz’s “personality,” and it was clever to put Topaz under Yellow Diamond’s court and Aquamarine under Blue Diamond’s court. 

Unrelated note: I’m trying to finish a bunch of drawings to post, and Aquamarine and Topaz are part of those drawings.

tangled ribbons, ch13: reverance

on Ao3 | on ffnet

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Wow. Ok, so, here we are. Before we start, a few things:

(this note is super super long so the full thing is on ao3!!!) 

THIS is the inspiration for Mari’s solo. It’s more contemporary than I imagine but it gave me a jumping off point. THIS isn’t the inspiration for Adrien’s because I didn’t have one but it’s really amazing. THIS I’ve linked several times and again I had no real inspiration for the duet but I used this for a few reference points 

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented and reblogged and left kudos! Thank you to everyone who created something for this fic because every time I saw anything in this tag I cried for hours. Thank you to readers who have been here since the beginning, who joined along the way, who jumped on now, and who will read in the future <3 

Thank you to the @ml-network​ and @mlfanfiction​ for your endless support. For being such fantastic friends and providing me with so many laughs and so so much love. Thank you to @matchaball​ for listening to me ramble and for giving me your lovely thoughts. Thank you to @ladriened​ and @reyxa​ for promising to cry with me. Thank you Rey for inadvertently giving me this deadline. <3 Sorry it’s not a coffeeshop au, but I did my best. Happy birthday!! Thank you again to @zoenightstars​, @chassecroise​, @adastrabella​, and @chatstronaut​ for being with me since the beginning. 

And finally, thank you to @gabzilla-z​. Thank you for inspiring me with your art because and thank you for supporting this fic <3 Without you, we wouldn’t be here 

I hope you all enjoy~

Marinette carefully makes her way through the class of younger dancers who are milling about in the lobby while waiting for their costumes. One of the girls gasps, her eyes sparkling.

“You’re so pretty!” she coos, clapping her hands together.

Marinette thanks her and can barely keep the smile off her face as everyone else starts chiming in. Marinette turns pink as she ducks inside the studio, leaving the group to talk loudly and excitedly about their own costumes.

“Finally fight your way through your adoring fans?” Adrien jokes as he chaînés out of a turn. He spins to face Marinette and his eyes go wide in surprise.

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anonymous asked:

One hope I have for Season 3's OST are maybe softer songs, whether like Aots2m#3 and 4, or predominately choir or vocal pieces, like Vogel im Käfig. I think choir related pieces may play at Historia's coronation, or other awesome scenes she has in Uprising, and other softer ones may play when Eren finds Armin's charred body, or maybe during serum bowl. Idk. More of those would be nice lol.

All of those scenes the deserve the dankest of tracks by Sawano. I imagine the same, honestly. Sawano himself said it that he tries to make awesome scenes even more awesome, and sad scenes even more sad. I think he will definitely deliver. So far, the music placement in Season 2 has been outright flawless unless you want to complain about the tracks themselves, but it turned out great nonetheless.

Let’s hope that’s the case!