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What was the best thing that happened to you this year, besides going to Number One?
Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. I have a house by the sea, and I spent three weeks there this summer. I just went swimming every day. It was the best feeling in the whole wide world, being turned around by the ocean.

What was the oddest thing you bought this year?
I bought a book about standing stones in southern England.

Like the ones at Stonehenge?
Yeah. There’s a lot of these stones around my way. I got quite heavy into it. I’ve also been reading this book about Egyptian pyramids and temples and their relation to the stars – which is very unlike me, to read about that sort of thing. But I’ve been getting heavily into ancient cultures.

What is the thing you would most like to see change in the coming year?
I think the music corporations should stop f***ing with the way people listen to music, stop trying to fit everything in a f***ing box, start taking some f***ing risks.

That’s a lot of f***ing.
Yeah. You can edit those out if you like. I get into trouble with my mum.

Rolling Stone, circa 2000

Do you ever find yourself really wanting to be in a band and then you remember you have no musical talent whatsoever

what music the signs should listen to

Aquarius: Foster the People

Pisces: Foster the People

Aries: Foster the People

Taurus: Foster the People

Gemini: Foster the People

Cancer: Foster the People

Leo: Foster the People

Virgo: Foster the People

Libra: Foster the People

Scorpio: Foster the People

Sagittarius: Foster the People

Capricorn: Foster the People

we should just kiss like real people do - a clarke/lexa fanmix ( listen )

breathe me » sia, landfill » daughter, so contagious » acceptance, hardest of hearts » florence and the machine, another love» tom odell, holding a heart » girl named toby, shattered » trading yesterday, can’t help falling in love with you » fleet foxes, like real people do » hozier

People should stop judging others based on what music they listen to. You’re into pop? Cool. You like Iggy Azalea? Go for it. You’re into rap, dubstep, and metal? Awesome.

It irritates the fuck out of me when people make fun of you if you like a certain musician or genre. You’re allowed to like, or dislike what you want, but keep that shit to yourself. You don’t go around and judge someone because they enjoy something. Let them fucking enjoy it. It doesn’t affect you.


Wintersleep- Jaws Of Life. 

More people should listen to this band.  They make fantastic music. 

And are amazing live. 


Shiina Ringo - Carnation

Just two more weeks to wait.

Here's the thing

People really shouldn’t really be so upset that Twenty One Pilots got big over Stressed Out. You know what you do once you get hooked on a band? You listen to their older music. People should be proud of them because of how far they’ve come. Stressed Out is an amazing song and I can listen to it all the time. Just because someone you dislike likes your favorite band doesn’t mean they’re your band and it sure as heck doesn’t give you a right to judge them harshly just because they became a fan later than you. This fanbase is supposed to be a family and we are supposed to stick together and welcome new members of the Clique with open arms. And for those of you who don’t like the Blurryface album just because of it’s popularity, shame on you. You know as well as everyone else that the album is great but you don’t want to admit it because you want to stay hipster and like their old music since it’s not “mainstream.” Why don’t you just support your favorite band? Tell them how proud you are of their hard work and how far they’ve come for a change instead of getting pissy when you hear what you call a “fake fan” say how much they love Stressed Out? Because that’s what I’m doing, and that’s how it’s going to stick.

All the time, people ask me what music they should listen to. I can tell you know that Karma Wears White Ties are going to be all over my recommendations for the next few months.This is their newest single, Thick Frames.

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The Cure - The Lovecats