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  • ends at night with a bang just like their shows
  • ends the same way it starts (circle, goner 2012 kind of thing, i’m sure you’ve heard this theory)
  • tyler mimes drumming throughout the video therefore
  • “can you save” is directed at josh and you can’t tell me otherwise
  • josh doesn’t get out of the way of the car because he’s the boy who lives and breathes plan a and he’d totally follow tyler even if his life turned out to be a total… …wait for it… … …….. wreck
  • the car misses josh because tyler can never intentionally direct his anger, jealousy, anxiety caused by mental illness at josh because how could he hurt a person who’s “important to [him]”, who’s “the love of [his] life”
  • josh’s drums go on fire because his problem is anxiety that has been probably flaring up because of the fame that his friendship & partnership in music making with tyler brought him
  • tyler’s in the backseat because blurryface driving is like having your life out of control because of mental illness and once you realize that you’re sick you have to take your life in your hands. but once that happens in the vid blurryface is gone from the driver’s seat because he’s a fucking coward nowhere to be seen. and what’s sad is that tyler doesn’t go to the front seat to try to save himself but he lets the car fall to pieces. (”i wanna crack the door so i can just fall out”…) it is a miracle that he has josh to carry on even without that metaphorical car.
  • at one point tyler makes a move like he was putting on a mask, also at the end he’s banging a metaphorical tambourine against his chest idk if this is relevant

I decided to write this post to help people who doesn’t know what exactly it is. So let’s go:

MCLENNON - Noun Definition:

Mclennon is the name given to the relationship of John Lennon and Paul McCartney by the people who believe they were involved romantically and/or sexually. McCartney + Lennon = mclennon. 

IMPORTANT: Mclennon is not exactly Lennon/McCartney. Lennon/McCartney is only the musical partnership, Mclennon is the ship name. 

Why do people believe in mclennon?

Because in some people’s point of view (including mine), there are “gaps”, “plot holes” in The Beatles’ story. That’s why we believe in this theory. Some people can say this theory is just like ‘Paul is Dead’, but unless ours make sense. 


One of Paul is dead’s “clues”

“Abbey Road album cover as symbolising a funeral procession, where Lennon, dressed in white, symbolises the heavenly figure. Ringo Starr, dressed in black, symbolises the undertaker, George Harrison, in denim, symbolises the gravedigger, and McCartney, barefoot and out of step with the others, symbolises the corpse”.

Wow, 4 guys crossing a street means a funeral, it totally makes sense *sarcastic mode on*.  Y’know, it’s super easy to find someone who really looks like you, sounds like you, is left-handed!!! 

One of Mclennon clues

John was jealous of Paul because:

“I remember I had a girlfriend called Celia. I must have been 16 or 17, about the same age as her…we went out one evening and for some reason John tagged along, I can’t remember why it was. I think he’d thought I was going to see him, I thought I’d cancelled it and he showed up at my house. But he was a mate, and he came on a date with this Celia girl, and at the end of the date she said, ‘Why did you bring that dreadful guy?’ And of course I said, ‘Well, he’s all right really.’ And I think, in many ways, I always found myself doing that. It was always, 'Well, I know he was rude; it was funny, though, wasn’t it?’” — Paul McCartney (Many Years From Now, Barry Miles)

*Sarcastic mode on* Yeah, I see that he probably forgot Paul had cancelled with him.

“One time Paul had a chick in bed and John came in and got a pair of scissors and cut all her clothes into pieces and then wrecked the wardrobe. He got like that occasionally [because of the pills]” — George Harrison in The Beatles, Anthology, 1995

*Sarcastic mode on* Yeah, the pills.

“I came for dinner, and I was the only girl there. John definitely didn’t like that. He didn’t like me being there at ALL. He was mean and sarcastic. As far as he was concerned, I had no business being invited to dinner with the four of them. For him this was an exclusive boys’ club. He was purposely making me feel uneasy. At one point, the boys were handing around a scrapbook – looking at pictures of that first tour. John made some snide comment like, “What is SHE doing here?” I got the idea that he thought Paul was an idiot to take a girl so seriously he’d actually invite her to dinner, when all he really needed to do was fuck her AFTER dinner.” — Peggy Lipton

*Sarcastic mode on* Yeah Peggy, he was annoyed just because there was a girl with them, I see it. What a coincidence that Peggy was Paul’s girl.

“The first time I saw [Linda] was after that press conference to announce Apple in America. We were just going back to the airport and she was in the car with us. I didn’t think she was particularly attractive, I wondered what he was bothering having her in the car for. A bit too tweedy, you know. But she sat in the car and took photographs and that was it. And the next minute she’s married him.” - John Lennon

No comments needed…


It’s funny that there are books which say Paul and Yoko had sex, and there’s no proof about it either and nobody says it’s disrespectful, even if it was probably not true. Now nobody thinks about their family, “Hey, your grandpa f*cked his bandmate’s wife!!!”. This is called heteronormativity. People can say The Beatles had sex with all the girls in the world, but if someone assumes the hypothesis of two of the male members have had sex with each other, “You’re not a true fan!!!!!! You’re RUDE and STUPID, okay???? I DELETE you of Beatlemania”.


Some people claim that Mclennon shippers are here only to fetish their idols. Look, there are erotic content indeed such as fanart and fanfictions, but there’s the whole theory thing too. 

Also, in my unpopular opinion: There’s nothing wrong in reading slash fanfiction/appreciating fanart. It’s not disrespectful towards gay men since you don’t pop up to a real life gay couple like “HEY, KISS NOW, YOU’RE HOT!!!”. Reading fanfiction is something very personal that you do in private, usually at your room or in your phone. It’s only entertainment. Also, if I wanted only fetishize gay men, I’d watch porn, don’t you think? 


I don’t want to force anyone to believe in mclennon. If you believe it, it’s alright! If you don’t believe it but respect who believes it, it’s alright too!


April 3rd?, 1985 (Soho Square, London): Paul talks on German television show Exclusiv about the breakup of the Beatles and his personal breakup with John. (Note: All my gratitude to @aceonthebass for helping with the fiddlier bits of the transcription!)

INTERVIEWER: [inaudible] —in particular, the breakup?

PAUL: Yeah. I know we all had similar feelings. I know John, I remember him saying to me, “What am I going to do with my songs now?” You had a feeling you wanted to know how you were going to exist if you didn’t have the Beatles, how you were going to do. And so it was difficult for all of us, I think. But um, time heals your wounds, you know, as they say, and I think that’s what really happened. After a while, we got used to it. But nobody was happy when the Beatles broke up. I mean, it was just one of those things that just seemed to happen as an explosion, you know. It was there, and it was done.

INTERVIEWER: But your relationship with John, in every way, as a Beatles— [inaudible] —as a band, you were very very close. I mean, that must have been very painful in that respect, not only the Beatles breaking up, but I mean that particular relationship breaking up. [Note: The German overdub, translation provided graciously by @pivoinesque: Your relationship with John was not just that of a musical partnership. It must have hurt you quite a bit that your special relationship [with him] broke apart.]

PAUL: Mm. It was, yeah. Um, in our songwriting, I had signs that the group was gonna break up, because… I mean, I think really what it was, really all that happened was that John fell in love. With Yoko. And so, with such a powerful alliance like that, it was difficult for him to still be seeing me. It was as if I was another girlfriend, almost. Our relationship was a strong relationship. And if he was to start a new relationship, he had to put this other one away. And I understood that. I mean, I couldn’t stand in the way of someone who’d fallen in love. You can’t say, “Who’s this?” You can’t really do that. If I was a girl, maybe I could go out and… But you know I mean in this case I just sort of said, right – I mean, I didn’t say anything, but I could see that was the way it was going to go, and that Yoko would be very sort of powerful for him. So um, we all had to get out the way. I don’t blame her. You know, you can’t blame her for being the object of his love.

A Boat Lies Waiting
David Gilmour
A Boat Lies Waiting

The lyrics are a tribute to Gilmour’s Pink Floyd bandmate and keyboardist Rick Wright, who died in 2008. “(My wife) Polly (Samson) wrote those words which sort of bring Rick to mind really.”

The song opens with a recording of Rick Wright talking about death:

It’s like going into the sea… there’s nothing…

Gilmour told Mojo: “The rolling piano was a bit like waves, and Rick’s big thing was sailing. He practically lived on his boat, sailing across the Atlantic. He was an old salt by nature.”

anonymous asked:

Can you explain how "Two of us" is a mclennon song? I know it's about John but can you please give me a full explanation of the song and what it means. Thank you.

Paul explained that this song was about his fondness for getting deliberately lost in the country with his future wife Linda. I partially agree with him, because I think that he wrote this song for Linda just in the first couple of verses, and as he always used to do, he then projected his feelings for John into other people, in this case Linda. I’ll explain you how.

George Harrison is an example. When Paul talks about John and how much he cares and loves him, he always mentions George, even if he literally has nothing to do with the question asked. When he admits how jealous he was for Stuart, he doesn’t talk for himself, he says that George was jealous, and then add something like “we all were” to include himself in the group, when in the end he’s just talking about himself.  That’s because it’s his way to express his feelings for him: projecting them onto another person.

For his songs he does the same, or sometimes he can be more creative, like write a whole song about an invented character that never really existed, and it’s a simple projection of his feelings towards John. Example: the song “Yvonne’s the one.” Yvonne is John. “Hey jude”: Jude is not Julian, it’s John. In “Oh!darling”., at one point in the song, you can clearly hear him singing “Oh!Johnny”. He justified that saying he was simply singing with an “Irish accent”. What a liar.

He does the same in Two Of us. The song is for Linda, but just the first couple of lines, when he mention their habit to ride in the countryside for the weekend:

Two of us Sunday driving

not arriving

on our way back home

if you read the next lyrics there are some stories and experiences that have nothing to do with her:

You and I have memories
longer than the road that stretches out ahead

In 1969 he had just met Linda, they knew each other during the Sgt Pepper era in 1967 but got to really know each other in 1968, 1 year before this song. Memories longer than the road that streches out ahead sounds weird for someone you’ve met one year ago. That’s because he’s talking about John, not Linda. Just like their habit to write postcards and letters quite frequently during the 60s, both to parents and friends, but also to each other:

Two of us sending postcards
Writing letters
On my wall

While the first part is more nostalgic, reminding all the good moments they shared and that now Paul misses, the second and last part is more critical. He mentions all the business issue that leaded their life in the last period 1968/69, when they spent very little time playing and more time debating about money and lawyers and who was right and who was wrong:

You and me chasing paper
Getting nowhere

There are a couple of tapes (listen here and here) in which they both admit how this song, as oh!darling and don’t let me down, make them look like they are lovers, a couple who was splitting after years and years of that special bond who brought them to be the greatest music partnership ever.

They sang and recorded this song together, with just one microphone, like the beautful old days, probably the very last moment they shared such an intimate moment before the split. This is the video, the audio is not the original though, cause in the original there’s Paul who mimics Elvis and John follows him, but Youtube removed it and this is the only one available:


There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed 

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you 

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

In my life I love you more.

60 years ago today John Lennon met Paul McCartney. From then on, everything was set in motion. Their love and deep respect for one another helped establish the dynamics for The Beatles and without it, I believe the world would truly be a different place. And not necessarily a good one, either. 

These men have changed my life, and many thousands of others. So let’s take a moment today to appreciate the strong bond between these two lovely souls and celebrate their lives, music, and partnership. 

Happy Anniversary John Lennon and Paul McCartney.


On this day in music history: July 23, 1966 - “Let’s Go Get Stoned” by Ray Charles hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also peaking at #31 on the Hot 100 on July 16, 1966. Written by Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson and Josephine Armstead, it is the eleventh and final chart topper for the legendary musician known as “The Genius”. Having met each other at the White Rock Baptist Church in Harlem in 1964, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson become bonded by their love of music, quickly becoming friends and songwriting partners before a romance blossoms between the pair. In 1965, they become staff songwriters at Scepter/Wand Records in New York City, then located in the building that becomes the future home of legendary disco Studio 54, often collaborating with their mutual friend, singer Jo Armstead. While hammering away at song ideas but not coming up with anything satisfactory, Nick blurts out to Val and Jo, “let’s go get stoned” (meaning drunk), making all of them laugh. But at that same moment, they begin spontaneously singing what becomes chorus of “Let’s Go Get Stoned”. The next day, their publisher Ed Silvers asks them if they have any new songs, and they play him the uncompleted “Stoned”. Silvers tells them if they can finish the song, that he could get Ray Charles to record it. Not believing he is serious, they complete the song and record a demo. The publisher passes the song on to Charles, who loves it and agrees to record it immediately. Ray records “Let’s Go Get Stoned” on December 5, 1965 at his studio RPM International in Los Angeles. Released as a single in May of 1966, the bluesy, swaggering “Let’s Go Get Stoned” becomes another smash for Charles. Entailing a bit of irony, it is Ray Charles’ first major hit since kicking his years long addiction to heroin. The song is also Ashford and Simpson’s first hit as songwriters, beginning one of the most celebrated musical partnerships (marrying in 1974), that lasts more than forty years until Ashford’s passing in 2011.

anonymous asked:

Proof that 1967 was their best year

in 1967 the beatles became FREE.

Free from their iconic and teen image they gave themselves for the screaming fans and magazines. They were not 4 cute lads anymore. They literally could do what they wanted with their image, body, clothes, and life. Also, they grew up, they became independent. Each one of them got a new house, an independent life. They stopped touring. They could handle their public and private life as they wanted. That’s why I love how it’s even more blatant that John and Paul spent countless time together, in London, full of fans who turned out to be their paparazzi, taking candids and following them everywhere.

First proof, look at this:

This is my favourite photo of them of all time. It was late night, they were going to abbey road recording sgt pepper, coming from Paul’s house. They look like a married couple to me. They spent more time together than with their supposed girlfriends and wives. 

v This was taken by a fan. John in front of Paul’s house v

Alwayss together. Always.

This looks like a peaceful sunday afternoon to me.

In his interview, Paul likes to tell how many times they wrote songs in the evening, and spent the night in the studio, recording.

John going to Paul’s house, writing songs with him, have dinner together, having fun with Martha. Domestic bliss.

^ ^ ^ Another favourite of mine. ^ ^ ^

This was taken by a fan who saw them getting out Paul’s house together to bring Martha at the park. They look like today rockstars in LA. Look at Paul, he looks like he was born in 1992. Sneakers, tight jeans, a shirt and a stylish jacket. And John? He’s wearing Paul’s poncho. Or John’s. I still haven’t understood, since they both shared their clothes. And in 1967 we’ve got many proofs.

1967 is also the best year for their look. 

Paul has always been beautiful, but in my opinion nothing will ever beat 1967.

And John?

Wasn’t he damn beautiful? Finally expressing his true self and look. The iconic glasses, the hair. And that smile.

Tell me there’s something better than this, I won’t believe you. It doesn’t exist.

Here you are. The greatest music partnership of all time. My secret desire is to see a David Bailey photoshoot remade in 1967. How beautiful it would be.

1967 was their first and last year of free marital bliss. Before India arrived, before Yoko arrived, before the end.

On Arca and synergistic, ego-defying musical partnerships

“It’s the strongest musical relationship I’ve had. I hope this doesn’t sound too megalomaniacal, but I’m gonna blush now and just be brave and do it. My favourite albums are Hejira and Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, where Joni Mitchell worked with Jaco Pastorius, and you can tell they’re doing the tango. It’s that synergy when two people lose their ego.”

Björk on Arca, Dazed (2017)

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idk if ur still doing these but, opinion: mclennon wasn't real ☕️

strongly agree. and yes, i’ll take more opinions !!

time to blow cannons into your ship.

☕️ please don’t hate on me for this. this might upset some people. i just don’t want certain people flooding my asks. please respect my opinions. welcome to the ‘mclennon is bs’ train. there simply isn’t enough strong evidence to suggest they were in a relationship. it’s unlikely. i honestly see mclennon as a music partnership. certainly close and platonic but not in any way sexual. and this is me being nice. though i am convinced that john may have had bisexual tendencies. if any of you want to see me constructively debunk mclennon then i gladly will. i can’t exactly do it right in this ask so i’d rather make a separate post on it. ☕️


Right now.. I’m riding down.. my side of town.. I’m high as hell.. You fly as hell.. you hold me down! Imma hold you down. 😉

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Another akuma, another attack that blew both her and Adrien away, rolling on the ground to end up in an all-too-familiar position.

Adrien’s grin was the one he gave whenever he found himself on top of her, the one she grew to love for its silliness – flatteringly amusing. Normally, Marinette would’ve playfully set his sights on the task at hand, but today, a different sentiment overwhelmed her, an echo of past musings and daydreams fueling her present adoration.

She didn’t think twice of the words formed in her mind before she released them, too caught up in a haze of emotions as she gently pulled Adrien’s head down, pressed their foreheads together.

“Marry me,” Marinette breathed against his lips, hopelessly enamored. “Will you marry me?” she repeated, this time as a question instead of the demand her heart insisted on.

Of course, the akuma chose that exact moment to interrupt, but not before she glimpsed the look of pure, dazed joy in Adrien’s eyes, spelling a heartfelt yes.

Watch: Jay Park, Sik-K, And pH-1 Drop Teaser For New Collaboration

Watch: Jay Park, Sik-K, And pH-1 Drop Teaser For New Collaboration

External image

Global hip hop label H1GHR MUSIC has released a teaser for its newest track, “iffy.” The 20-second teaser showcases the song’s bright rhythm and vibrant colors, and is a collaboration of rappers Sik-K, pH-1, and Jay Park, with producer GroovyRoom.

The track is also part of H1GHR MUSIC’s new partnership with Dingo. Dingo is Korea’s largest mobile media company and has aired shows such as “Off the…

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can you post your fav mclennon quotes?

  1. Q: “If John Lennon could come back for a day, how would you spend it with him?”. Paul: “In bed.”
  2. “I have had two companions in my life. Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono. That’s not bad” – John Lennon
  3. “We were each other’s intimates.” - Paul, The Beatles: A Biography
  4. “Paul and I know each other on a lot of different levels that very few people know about.” - John 
  5. “I’m sure that in the case of Paul there’s that feeling that I’m the woman who took away his partner – it’s like a divorce.” - Yoko Ono
  6. “On March 12, Paul married Linda Eastman at Marylebone Register Office in London, amid scenes of hysterical grief from his female fans. None of the other Beatles was present. The news reached John as he and Yoko were driving down to visit Aunt Mimi in Poole. Yoko’s divorce decree had become final a few weeks earlier, and, in a resurgence of Beatle copycat, John told her they, too, must get married as soon as possible.” - Philip Norman, John Lennon: The life 
  7. “John never looked at anyone the way he looked at Paul.“ - Cyn
  8. “I thought John was cheating on me with Paul” - Yoko
  9. “Paul was the first love of my life, Yoko was the second”. - John
  10. “He used to say, ‘Everyone is on the McCartney bandwagon.’ He wrote ‘I’m Just a Jealous Guy,’ and he said that the song was about me. So I think it was just some kind of jealousy.” - Paul McCartney about the song “Jealous guy”
  11. “Paul talk[ing] a lot about the fabs, and how John had always been the one of them to wear his heart on his sleeve” - An old friend of Paul’s remembers the Christmas of 1980. (From the book “McCartney”)
  12. “At the beginning I was annoyed with John, jealous because of Yoko, and afraid about the breakup of a great musical partnership. It took me a year to realize they were in love.” - Paul
  13. “I can’t tell you how much it hurts to lose him. His death is a bitter cruel blow. I really loved the guy.” - Paul (Dec. 1980)
  14. “After a late lunch, Linda launched into a long paean to the joys of living in England. When she was finished, she turned to John and said “Don’t you miss England?”, - “Frankly”, John replied, “I miss Paris.” - May Pang, Loving John (and we all know what THAT MEANS JOHN!)